Do-Not-Call Policy


Epic Real Estate, LLC Do-Not-Call Policy

This Do-Not-Call Policy pertains to Epic Real Estate, LLC (“the Company”) and is in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other applicable federal and state laws.

  1. Do-Not-Call Compliance The Company respects the wishes of those who prefer not to receive telemarketing calls. In compliance with the TCPA, the Company maintains a Do-Not-Call list to ensure that individuals who do not wish to receive telemarketing calls from the Company are not contacted.

  2. Requesting No Contact Individuals may request to be placed on the Company’s Do-Not-Call list in the following ways:
  • By directly informing a telemarketer from the Company during a call.
  • By sending a written request to the Company’s designated address or email for Do-Not-Call requests.
  1. Effect of Being on the Do-Not-Call List Once an individual’s request is received, the Company will promptly add the individual’s telephone number to its Do-Not-Call list. Thereafter, the individual will not be contacted via telephone by the Company for telemarketing purposes.


  2. Duration of Request A request to be placed on the Do-Not-Call list will be honored for a minimum of five years or as required by applicable law.


  3. Employee Training All employees engaged in telemarketing are trained in the existence and use of the Do-Not-Call list and will respect an individual’s request not to receive further telemarketing calls.


  4. Limitation of Liability While Epic Real Estate, LLC endeavors to adhere strictly to all requirements of the TCPA and this Do-Not-Call policy, we acknowledge that inadvertent errors may occur. Our process for managing the Do-Not-Call list is designed to minimize such occurrences, but we recognize that no system is infallible.

If an individual receives a call from Epic Real Estate, LLC after requesting no further contact, we request that this be promptly brought to our attention. Epic Real Estate, LLC commits to rectifying any such error as quickly as possible and taking appropriate measures to prevent future occurrences.

This acknowledgment is not to be interpreted as an assumption of liability for any inadvertent errors, nor does it imply automatic adherence to the claims or rights of any party who may allege a breach of the TCPA or this policy. Rather, it is a statement of our commitment to uphold high standards in our telemarketing practices and our willingness to engage in good faith efforts to rectify any lapses in compliance.

  1. Policy Availability This policy is available via public posting and to any individual upon request.