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Our mission is to help people become financially free without sacrificing everything else in their life.


We are aware that the majority of people lead lives marked by sacrifice and betrayal. So, in order to prevent people and their families from experiencing a lifetime of financial stress, we have developed a system that gives people the chance to make their money work harder for them than they did for it.


We believe that discipline equals freedom. We are a community who are not afraid to put in the effort,  do the repetitions, and turn up to the big show, creating epic, life-changing, legacy wealth.

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You have a goal for your life and desire more.
You want to be in charge and have the freedom to follow your ambitions.
It can become a reality with just one deal.

The world does not need another ‘guru’ selling courses and coaching that rarely work. And that’s exactly why we’ve rebelled against the ‘guru game’. Everyone deserves a chance at the freedom investing in real estate promises, and the old way just isn’t getting it done anymore.

So guess what?

We created a better way to build a successful and thriving community-
A better network through a better framework.

Continue reading if you want freedom — to quit your job and genuinely succeed in real estate.

When you become a member of our REI Ace crew, you gain access to the REI Ace Model and all of its components, including our extensive library of investment manuals, guides, checklists, and many other documents. Our system is documented, explained, and proved how to establish your own everlasting passive income through real estate.

In fact, we do a lot of the initial grunt work so that you can get started investing in real estate more quickly.

We are aware that despite everything you will occasionally run into difficulties. For this reason, we offer limitless access to round-the-clock help, which includes a private text channel, daily zoom sessions, and on-demand one-on-one attention to answer your questions, analyze deals and help you get stuff done. All you have to do is meet us halfway and follow the path in front of you until you have your own profitable real estate portfolio or investing business or both.

We have thousands of members from every corner of the country that are freeing themselves from the chains of a 9 to 5 using our Epic systems and processes to close deals and make profits right now as you read this (see the Income and Earnings disclaimer).


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You might be brand new and just forming your dreams. Or maybe you’ve got a few deals under your belt. Or maybe you’re doing deals regularly and you’d like to do more. It’s all good, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the “real deal” in just three sentences:

Only you can stop you. The Epic community is stocked with all the tools and resources to go from “cloud-like dreams that slowly fade away” to “rock-solid buildings that bring you profits every day”.


Hundreds of videos where I share behind the curtain information about how I achieved financial freedom and so can you!

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