Mastermind Monday – Tim Mai and Tom Krol | 472

What would you do if your property was ruined in a disaster? Find out on today's episode with the real estate experts Tim Mai and Tom Krol! Learn what the unknown equity list is, how to pay off the house with an insurance...


School of Cold Calling – Alyssa Rispoli | 438

Today on the Epic Real Estate Investing Show, Matt Theriault interviews Alyssa Rispoli, a cold calling specialist! Find out why cold calling is the primary deal-finding resource for her team, who they call, and how they f...


Scale – The Fifth Level of Real Estate Investing | 426

Matt Theriault and Epic Real Estate are proud to present The Six Levels of Real Estate Investing! Today, Matt shares the fifth level of real estate investing: scale. Learn the traits of investors on the fifth level, how t...

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