Tips to Getting Low Income Housing to Perform | EREI 152

Today Matt is interviewing another special guest from his mastermind group, Mr. Joe Lieber.  Joe began investing in real estate in 1998 and, since that time, has bought and sold more than 700 houses.  Over the years Joe has b...


Getting More Offers Accepted | EREI 151

Epic listeners have started adopting the new daily goal of getting at least 1 offer rejected each day, and the results have been amazing!  Now Matt is sharing the simple tool that will help you to improve your results on the ...


Writing Offers that Pay | EREI 150

If you are stuck in your business or not doing as much business as you’d like, this podcast is the answer!  Matt explains how to focus on the activities that count (including an important new daily goal) in order to ensure yo...

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