Jason Hartman of The Creating Wealth Show | EREI 119

On today’s episode, Matt is swapping stories with fellow podcaster, Jason Hartman, of The Creating Wealth Show.  Though their stories of finding real estate were different, what they’ve learned as investors is strikingly simi...


How to Find the Money for Your Deal | 3rd Degree Thursday

Have you ever noticed how complicated it can be to buy a house “conventionally?” Whether you are working with a Realtor, lender, HUD, banks, auction houses, or buying from the courthouse steps, the seller has the deal, so...


How to Find Deeply Discounted Properties | EREI 117

It’s the goal of any investor: buy low and sell high.  Simple enough, right?  But as a real estate investor, how do you find deeply discounted properties that you can profit from?  It's a common question from our Epic listene...

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