Why Your Yellow Letters Are Not Working

Brand new investors often hold many assumptions about the reason that one thing or another is or isn’t working. And the item known as the yellow letter, a kind of direct mail “silver bullet,” is not immune to these kinds of assumptions. That’s why today we’re going to talk about potential roadblocks facing a successful yellow letter campaign, also touching on the importance of running analytics for this type of campaign.

In case you’re new to Epic Real Estate, we strongly recommend the yellow letter as a marketing tool to fish for leads.  Be sure to sign up for our free course, How to Do Deals, No Money Required, to learn precisely how you can use this powerful letter to your advantage.



The Three Biggest Excuses

Allow me get right to the point: There are 3 assumptions excuses that you should remove from your thinking immediately. They are:

  1. My market is saturated with yellow letters
  2. Yellow letters don’t work in my area
  3. There aren’t enough deals (really?)

If you’re a real estate investor, the most critical aspect of your job is acting as a problem solver.  But you can’t help solve everyone else’s problems until you’ve solved your own!

Yellow Letter Example

The assumptions above are simply excuses, that’s all there is to it. Many investors use the yellow letter, make money, and do deals in every market. Would you like to be among them? If so, then you need to lose the excuses and examine the data.

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Yes, that is right.  The solution to a stagnant or failing yellow letter campaign is to run analytics on significant data points. Just like any part of a good business, your marketing strategies ought to be evaluated and adjusted as needed. So let’s look at the data that you need to be tracking and analyzing. If you aren’t getting deals done, then just zero in on the step that isn’t working and fix it.

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Data to Track & Analyze

  • How many letters are you sending out?  You need to send out at least 20 letters per day, but keep in mind that the more you send out the better your results will be.
  • How often do you send them? If you’re not consistently sending them out 4-5 days per week, you’ll get less than desirable results.
  • How long have you been consistently mailing your letters? You must send your letters for 3-6 months (3 minimum), so budget accordingly.
  • How many phone calls are you receiving? If you’re not receiving any calls, it’s time to look at what you’re writing on the letters and who you’re sending them to. However, if you’re doing the first three steps, your phone is going to ring, I guarantee it. I receive about a 13% response rate over a year’s worth of tracking. A YEAR. Some months it’s 5% and some it’s 25%. Results vary from month to month, which is why you can’t do it for only a month or two.
  • How many people are you actually talking to? I see so many newbies not answering the phone or returning messages. Now THAT is wasted marketing money! Come on guys, you’ve got to answer the phone and/or return their messages and talk to them. In fact, you should make a 90-day commitment to pick up that phone whenever it rings. You’ll see better success if you talk to the sellers on their time, and their time is when they are calling you. Answer the phone.
  • What are you saying to the people when you pick up the phone? If you’re answering the phone and still no deals, you need to examine what you’re saying. Anyone can send letters, but this part of the game is where skill comes in to play. You’ve got to practice your rapport building and communication skills. On the first call you need three (3) pieces of intel. Why they’re selling, what the seller wants from you, and how fast they will sell if you can give them what they want. (I give you these exact scripts in my free course here) The rest of the conversation is about building rapport.
  • How many appointments are you running? Are you talking to motivated sellers and NOT setting appointments? First, don’t do that. Are you setting appointments and people aren’t showing? If no-shows are becoming a pattern, you need to examine what you’re saying to set the appointment. You’ve got to make them want to come.
  • How many offers are you writing? If you’re not writing offers and leaving them with the seller, then you’re not doing deals. You write your offer and you leave it, whether the seller wants it or not. If they won’t take it from you, mail it to them when you get home.

Do yourself a favor and be honest here. Nobody is judging, nobody is even watching except you. So fess up!  If your letters aren’t working, the culprit can be found in one of those steps. Guaranteed.

Cheers to your success!



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