Why You Might Not Be Getting the Results You Want | 350


how to be successful in real estate investing

Everyone wants to know how to be successful in real estate investing, but many are afraid to get their hands dirty and do what it takes to become financially free.

Truthfully, there probably isn’t as much standing in your way as you think there is… and it might all just be in your head.

Today, The Epic Real Estate Investing Show shares what to do if you aren’t getting the results you want from real estate investing. Through personal and professional experience, Matt shares his tips for picking a market, “getting dirty” to get results, overcoming self-sabotage, and more.

how to be successful in real estate investing

What You Will Learn About Why You Might Not Be Getting the Results You Want:

  • What makes a great market for real estate investing
  • How to be successful in real estate investing
  • The truth about which market is best for investing
  • How you might be sabotaging your own results
  • What to ask yourself if you aren’t seeing the results you want
  • Why everyone wants a piece of the real estate investing industry right now – and why it won’t affect you in the slightest
  • Why you should “get dirty” in real estate – and what it entails

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Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Matt Theriault: Yeah welcome. Welcome to the Epic Real Estate Investing Show. Glad you found us. The Epic Intensive is coming up, The Cash Flow Conclave. May 31-June 2nd in Indianapolis. And free tickets are almost gone. We always give away the first 25 for free. So helps us with our hotel accommodations and just all of the logistics. So if you’d like to grab one of those last free tickets, go to epicintensive.com. Alrighty.

So last week we discussed virtual whole selling. And lots of chatter out there about that subject. And then that show, I led you to an opportunity that I thought was, and still think is in demand. And what that is, it’s an environment where people in the higher end markets can connect with more of the middle America type markets and create some mutually beneficial business relationships. And you know my clients from the coast, like both boasts. Like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Boston, and down to San Diego, maybe Miami. Those markets feel that they are at, they feel they are at a disadvantage because the prices of the properties in their areas. They’ve got an extra zero at the end of that price tag. And they want to invest virtually because of that. That extra zero is scary to them.

I can see where that comes from. I remember having that feeling before. But after so much water under the bridge with regard to my real estate experience I’ve come to learn that that extra zero doesn’t mean anything. It’s the exact same process. But nonetheless, they want to invest virtually because of that. And then I have those clients from middle America. They feel they are at a disadvantage because they can’t afford the marketing budget that they feel is necessary to really win in their market. And these are all just feelings. They’re all just thoughts and ideas and none of it is true by the way. Neither one is true. It’s just different perception of what is going on in their world and what’s actually so.

You know just like the story that I shared. I shared it last week about my client in Kansas. He felt he was at a disadvantage in his market. That real estate investing didn’t work in his market and he was looking in other markets. And just didn’t like his market. But then one of my other clients is mailing into his market, into his very city of what he’s trying to escape and totally crushing it. Did 88 deals last year in his market, in the market that he thinks doesn’t work. So I’m not calling him out, it doesn’t make him right or wrong, good or bad. THere’s no judgment here whatsoever. It’s just illustrating of how we can get inside of our head and be looking for a solution where you might not need the solution. You might be sitting right on top of the solution. And you might be creating problems that don’t really exist as well. And as I’ve been saying, you know real estate investing works in every market. I mean as long as there are houses there and there are people that live in those houses, real estate as a business will work there.

So I mean there may be fluctuations between the volume that you can get done there and between the equity spreads that you can get done there. And those things kind of ebb and flow, they go back and forth together. There’s a little bit of a relationship. I don’t know but maybe even not. But the opportunities, they’re the same give or take. And I say give or take because there may be some fluctuations but what I know for sure is they are not different. They are not opposed. It’s not one is good or bad, one works one doesn’t. It’s not black or white whether investing real estate it works or not in any given market. It works in every market. I mean who built the market? It was a real estate investor. And transactions continue to happen in those markets and they continue to happen with people. You know those transactions do not happen without people.

And the reason that we can do real estate at a discount is because people with that own property have problems and problems are created for people on a daily basis. So it just it works everywhere. You know last week I invited people to apply for the ground and pound school so that they could get certified and I would then feel comfortable giving them entry into this virtual environment where competent and committed people could meet and form their own business relationships and they could just go about and do what they want to do anyway. And so a number of you, a large number of you took me up on that invitation. Which I found very encouraging. Yet after, I don’t know fifty plus conversations or so, I and the team we came to the conclusion.

For those of you that inquired, for the most part, it wasn’t everybody. There was certainly some exceptions here but for the most part, and this may be difficult for you to hear but we as a team we kind of came to the consensus that, and you might want to consider this for yourself even if you didn’t inquire and we didn’t have this conversation with you. Consider that it’s not so much the markets that you have a doubt in, it’s yourself that you’re doubting. Consider that you don’t necessarily want to invest virtually because you think you live in a sucky market. Consider that you want to invest virtually because you don’t want to do the work. If you didn’t apply and we’ve never spoken, I don’t know just consider this. Try this on for size. Let’s try this on as a teaching opportunity here. And just try it on like it’s a new coat. And you’re gonna wear it. You’re gonna put it on in the store, you’re gonna look in the mirror and you’re gonna like the way it looks and you’re gonna go buy it or you’re not gonna like the way it looks and you’re gonna put it back on the rack.

My son, he just started his second season of little league baseball. And he’s six years old. And this year he’s got a totally different type of coach for his team meaning last years coach had these short little forty five minute practices and it was all about making sure that the kids were having fun. That’s what it was all about, let’s just keep it nice and short and make sure everybody has fun. This year though, Mateo’s coach his coach means business. Right he’s started holding practices six weeks prior to the season even beginning. I mean these are six-year-olds by the way if I didn’t say that. And he’s holding practices two days per week and although the schedule read a 90-minute practice, realistically they are rolling into two-hour practices every day.

And I appreciate that. I actually like it. I think it’s good for the kids in my opinion. And I think they all need a little bit of grit in their life, especially in today’s environment of marshmallow and bubblegum. But I share that with you for no other reason than I can only sit in the bleachers for so long watching six-year-olds play baseball before I kind of start to lose it. So I frequently I get up to walk around. I get up to walk around, I stretch my legs, I pass some time hoping that when I do return to my seat we’re gonna be that much closer to the end of the practice by just hoping that the time passes. It’s one of those things that if you’re at a job and you just keep looking at the clock, it’s kind of like that. I enjoy the first 45 minutes or so but then again it’s six-year-olds playing baseball.

Anyway, my son where he holds his practice, there are several fields there at any given time you’ll see a number of different teams practicing playing games. From six-year-olds playing their baseball and the four-year-olds playing tee ball to the high school teams to the girl’s softball. I mean everything has to do with baseball is going on there pretty much at all times during the week daily. So this past Sunday as I was on one of my leg stretching walks, one of the fields over there had some activity going on that caught my attention. And there was one middle-aged guy working with probably a half a dozen or so girls of what looked like they were probably members of the local college softball team.

They were older and they were good. And it was really fascinating. This coach really had his act together. He had the girls running through very organized drills. And he wasn’t taking it easy on them by any means. You know in as many years of baseball that I have under my belt, I was learning a thing or two by just listening to the coach. I’ve never heard some of the stuff that he was saying before and I was just watching him work with these girls. And I was like wow that’s good advice, no one ever told me that. That could’ve helped if I had that advice back in the day. And anyway, and during this one portion of the practice he was conducting these infield drills, and he was just really pounding the ball hitting it hard to the infield. You know calling out plays and hitting it to the second baseman. And go to first, hit it to the short, go to first, hitting it to third and going to first. And then okay infield let’s turn to.

And you know he was just running these drills. And this one particular ball that he hit, and he hit it really hard and he hit it to the girl playing shortstop. And it got by her. Just barely, but it got by her. And the coach, when it went by her he stopped the drill. And he asked her, “Hey did the ball get by you?” And she replied “Yes.” And then he asked, “Did you get dirty?” And she said “No.” And then he said, “Change one of those answers.” And it gave me chills, I’d never heard that before. He proceeded to hit the ball again right at her, seemingly even harder. Like he was pissed, of which she had to dive for it. And she indeed got dirty this time. And she indeed did stop the ball. She hopped to her feet and fired the ball to first.

So I share that with you in the spirit of if you’re not getting the results that you’re looking for out of your real estate, out of your business, I’m gonna ask you are you getting dirty? If not change one of those answers. And what a convergence of events that we had these slew of phone calls for the ground or pound school with the majority of people wanting everything that real estate promises but trying to get it by avoiding getting dirty. So I ask you right now if you’re not getting the results that you want out of your real estate investing, wherein your business are you not getting dirty? Or where could you get dirtier? Because if you want control over your business, if you want to be hands on. I mean you don’t want to pay someone else. Like a turnkey operation or a wholesaler a premium for their deals.

Meaning you want the deep discount for yourself, you’re gonna have to get dirty. There are no shortcuts. Here’s what you wanna get real comfortable with, real estate it’s hot right now. It’s a big deal. It’s really hot and everybody wants to get in yet nobody really wants to put the pieces in place or the training in place or make the investments in their businesses or their systems or the investments in their selves to weather the storm. You know one of the two things I’m proud of as an entrepreneur is I launched my two successes in life during very difficult times.

You know when I started my record label, that barrier to entry to do that it was really high. You know I didn’t have a lot of money, I actually didn’t have any. I was a professional sound and lighting salesman. I sold DJ equipment. I worked in this big warehouse and that’s what I did for forty/fifty hours a week. And I don’t know I made maybe $40,000 a year and that wasn’t too bad for a 25-year-old almost 25 years ago. But by no means was I a pillar of society or any sort of symbol of wealth. Nor did I have enough to live on and finance a record label. But I was able to do it because I was willing to make up what I lacked in finances, I made up for it in sweat.

You know I borrowed money from my fellow salesman, the guys that I worked with. And I borrowed money from them to press records and then I spent my two days off a week, I would drive in my little Nissan 200SX loaded with records in the trunk of my car. And I would drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco then down go East through Riverside. You know spending the night in my car there because that took a full day just to do that. And then driving from Riverside down to San Diego and then back up through Orange County to Los Angeles. You know if you’re not from Southern California, that’s a big trek. That’s two-day journey, it’s a two-day circle. And what I was doing was I was putting my records on the shelves of music stores. I was putting them on the shelves of stores on consignment and then reporting back to my day job for five straight days.

And then my two days off, boom I’d start the whole process all over again. I drove that same route to go and collect from the music stores for the records that had sold. So I’d collect my payment, my compensation for that. And then I’d replenish of what had sold. So I’d put new records on the shelf in place of the ones that did sell. And I did that for almost two years straight before I landed my big distribution deal of which ultimately led me to all the success that I had in music. And then what would become Epic Real Estate, that started just eighteen months before the big economy collapse in 2007.

And just when I hit my stride with regard to wholesaling properties even, almost every one of my connections that I was really kind of thriving in putting this business together. Almost every one of my connections they ran out of the business. They were all out of business, they left the business. And I kept going though because actually because I didn’t have a choice. I mean you know my story about bagging groceries. And I just learned how to do this real estate thing and so I didn’t feel like learning anything new. I didn’t want to learn anything new and even if I wanted I had no idea what that would’ve been. I didn’t have a choice so I had to hustle and create new relationships because there wasn’t a budget for marketing. I mean it was just straight earning relationships and earning the right to work with people.

You know and ten years later, I’ve had one of the more successful podcasts on iTunes for I don’t know the last eight years. I’m currently sitting pretty consistently at number two. And still striving for number one but we’ve been here for eight years, started our ninth year this year. And later this year I’m going to be releasing my new book of which I’m confident is going to shake things up a bit. And people they’re gonna come wondering “Hey where did this guy come from?” I imagine I’ll hear it is where did this overnight success come from? That’s how big this book is gonna be. And you know when I started both of these ventures that I just went through, the record business and then the real estate part of it, I started with nothing both times. I had no overhead, I had no staff, I worked out of my house going in and out of odd jobs, part-time jobs, temporary jobs.

Whatever it took to help make ends meet during the low times, so I could keep the bigger dreams alive. And the point being, I really had to get scrappy and I really had to get dirty to keep things together. And that’s not to demonstrate, oh look how tough I had it. No, I didn’t have it tough, I mean shoot I live in America. We don’t have it tough. But rather just to show you that it took something to get where I am today. Right, it wasn’t an easy path. It wasn’t a straight line even. It was tough and there was a lot of times where I just had to do what was necessary. And what I really want out of today’s episode is for everyone to just kind of step back and think about how badly do I really want this? How badly do you really want this? I want you to think like am I afraid of getting dirty for the greater good? Is my addiction to looking good at the primary obstacle in my way? Is it really the market? Is it really my lack of time? Is it really limited finances?

You know I ask these questions because I think we were living through a very unique time and we’ve been living through this time for a while. Of push button this, instant gratification that. A shiny object this, a silver bullet that. You know real estate investing is really hot right now. Entrepreneurship, it’s really sexy. You know the whole side hustle thing is surrounded by a whole bunch of bling and glamour right now. And I think this era is going to come to an end at some point. The only thing that will never change is that things will always change. And I think this era’s going to come to an end at some point. You know whether it’s this year or five years from now, I don’t know. But it will, it’s coming to an end. And what I don’t want to see is you who has this dream of taking down everything that real estate promises has this dream of financial independence, this dream of financial freedom, this dream of escaping the rat race. I don’t want to see you not get there and when the world shifts, I don’t want you to find yourself having jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire so to speak.

I don’t want to see you end up working retail or being a fry cook or bagging groceries. Because I’ve been there, I’ve done all of them. I know that’s the alternative. For me, if I don’t get dirty during these good times that we’re living through. And so I’d highly recommend something that’s not discussed very much right now. I’d highly recommend that you get dirty and get good at this. Take advantage of this time to get good at it. Get good so you know how to make money, so you know how to take advantage of the market when it does shift. You know moving at half speed or half effort right now will not prepare you to thrive when the market shifts, because it will. So get dirty.

So what does getting dirty in real estate look like? Let’s talk about that. I’ve really made it as simple as I possibly can. And I’ve made it available to anyone that wants it for free, for zero cost. You know if you’re not a member of the [inaudible 00:19:53] pro academy, this is what you do. Go to dailysuccessreport.com and you can download the daily success report. There you’re gonna see a free web class that demonstrates exactly how to use it. Okay? And you’re gonna be opted into my email list and if you don’t wanna receive any more emails from me, just scroll down to the bottom of that email list and click the unsubscribe button and you’ll never hear from me again. But you’ll still have the daily success report. Once you grab the daily success report and you’re gonna see a little link or a little button to a way free web class. It’s gonna show you exactly how to use it. Now in that web class right now there is nothing for sale. I’m not gonna ask you for anything. Now in the end, if you’d like some additional help, I’ll show you how to get it. But there is nothing to buy in this web class.

It’s a free web class that shows you of the nine profit accelerators inside of the [inaudible 00:20:49] framework that I use to create badass real estate investors, its gonna show you which three to focus on for the fastest results. I mean you need all nine, but to get some fast traction and results you’re gonna see the three that are worthy of your immediate attention. And in this web class, I’m gonna walk you through the daily success report step by step so that you know exactly what getting dirty in this business looks like. So you know exactly what it takes to succeed in this business. So you know exactly what you have to do right now so that you are ready when this market gets difficult. Difficult for those that don’t prepare that it. Dailysuccessreport.com that’s my gift to you.

If you still want to go and apply for the ground or pound school, we have spots open. Groundandpoundschool.com if you want to re-have that conversation after today’s episode then go through and just opt in again. Fill it in and you can’t set another appointment. And we’ll take it from there. Alrighty? So now you know, no excuses. You know I remember in my late twenties I started going to a bible study. And I remember reading through the word and every time I went to a bible study then I would learn something. I would learn something that I didn’t know and then I was like “Oh crap.” Now that you know it, now God is holding you accountable. So it’s like well now that you know this particular thing is a sin you might’ve had an excuse yesterday because you didn’t know it was a sin. But today you know it’s a sin so now you don’t have an excuse. So if you actually commit that sin again, it’s a conscious effort.

And I just I share that with you because now that you know how to access what’s going to make you successful in this business and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it, if you don’t do it, understand that that’s a conscious decision. So now you know. Time to do. Alrighty, that’s it for today. God bless and to your success. I’m Matt Theriault living the dream.