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How Wholesaling is Killing Your Financial Freedom | EREI 281 EpicIntensive.comDid you know that it will take you twelve times longer to get to financial freedom flipping properties than with buying and holding?

Shift your mindset from making piles of cash to building streams of cash, then remove the limits and labels holding you back. Get deals under contract with the intention of holding every property, then analyze the deal for every potential exit strategy.

Get to your financial freedom faster with Epic Real Estate Investing!


What You Will Learn About How Wholesaling is Killing Your Financial Freedom:

      • What it means to truly be financially free

      • Why flipping houses might not be the best approach to real estate

      • How financial freedom will remain out of reach to most wholesalers

      • How you can shift your mindset for cash flow

      • Why flipping properties is a much longer path to financial freedom

      • How wholesaling is a far less likely route to wealth

      • How to buy and hold a portfolio for long term wealth

      • Why every house you flip prolongs your journey to financial freedom

      • Why you should not think of yourself as a wholesaler

      • How to focus on getting the deal first

      • Why you should make it your intent to hold every property

      • How to analyze the deal for every exit strategy