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4 apts set. This has changed my life!

Closed a $4k deal yesterday.

Biggest deal yet! $25k profit!

My biggest deal so far! ($72,546.40)

First official close! ($6,729.93)

DOUBLE CLOSE on a single-family home (check below) ($12,771.50)

$312,197 on first flip.

2 single family houses under contract for $90k total with $1400/mo income

$70k at the closing table today, couldn’t believe it!

Sold 2 properties w/ total net monthly cash flow of $795 for 10 years

Just got my first wholesale deal. $20k profit. Stoked!

Going to close out this month with $145,979 in gross wholesale fees

$37k in wholesale revenue this week while in Mexico with the family!

“Closing 4 to 5 deals a month!” – Aaron Smith


Bought a fixer upper $15k. Hard money $20k purchase and start repairs. Needs 10-15k about a month of work but ARV $60k. Will rent for 800!

Closed on my second flip sale today, hired a VA, got another house under contract

Closed on our second property and put a family in it to lease it from us until their mortgage gets done

Closed 3 wholesale flips for $42k and bought a light rehab flip that should net $45k

Got deal #5 under contract! Closing 2nd deal this coming Tuesday