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Turnkey Real Estate - Why Wait?

Turnkey Real Estate – Why Wait? The appropriate headline for our youngest clients’ adventure! They thought it would be complicated but having realized that they spent years saving without coming nearly as close as they made through their investments in the last couple of months, Lauren and Nestor were excited to speed it up. They are a couple who is in the process of acquiring their 3rd property this year! Hear their story, learn how Cash Flow Savvy helps young newbies achieve their dreams, and discover why they would advise you to start investing as soon as possible.

Turnkey Real Estate - Why Wait?

What You Will Learn About Turnkey Real Estate – Why Wait? The Journey of a Young Couple…:

  • What former Epic Intensive participant has to say about his cooperation with Matt
  • Where to look for the real estate investing solution of the future
  • Who Lauren and Nestor are and how they found Cash Flow Savvy and Epic Real Estate
  • What attracted them to the idea of investing
  • Why they choose to work with Cash Flow Savvy over other turnkey providers they interviewed
  • How many properties they have closed
  • Their experience acquiring the 1st property
  • The main reason they went for their 2nd one only a week after closing the previous deal
  • Why Mercedes advised against their 3rd choice and what made Lauren and Nestor trust her
  • How fast they got their first tenants
  • What they learned on their real estate journey
  • Why you should not be waiting to start investing

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Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

So you want to be a real estate investor but you don’t want to do the work? If there were only a way where someone else could do it for you. Now there is. Tune in here each and every Tuesday on The Epic Real Estate Investing show for Turnkey Tuesdays with your host Mercedes Torres.

Mercedes Torres: Hello and welcome. Welcome to Turnkey Tuesdays, brought to you by Epic Real Estate Investing. My name is Mercedes Torres, your turnkey girl. And I am privileged enough to be partners-in-crime with Mr. Matt Theriault, the gentleman who created The Epic Real Estate Investing empire. For our repeat listeners, welcome back. Good to see you again. And for those of you who’re just tuning in to Turnkey Tuesdays, I created this show to really help that busy person who understands the importance of real estate, just doesn’t have the time or the desire to learn every single nuance there is to learn about acquiring real estate investment properties. So on today’s show, I invited a very young couple to join me to share their journey. As I truly believe, they are my youngest couple. Now, they’re two very busy people. He’s an electrician. She is an office manager. And they’re sharing their journey about acquiring their first real estate investment property. Now, this husband and wife team agreed and came on the same page about a year ago. And I actually want to say nine months ago. And as of nine months ago, and today, they’re acquiring property number three with Cash Flow Savvy. I invited them to share their journey and their thought process of how they did it and what got them to step over the edge to make their first step towards financial freedom. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, help me welcome Nestor and Laurie Carlos to the show. Guys, how are you?

Lauren Carlos: We’re great.

Nestor Carlos: Good, thank you.

Mercedes: Fantastic. Well guys, so tell me all about your journey. Tell me all about you first. So why don’t we start off by introducing yourself? Ladies first. Laurie, introduce yourself, please.

Lauren: Well, my name is Lauren Carlos. I’m 28 years old. My husband and I live in California. We are doggie parents of two very active dogs. I’m a full-time office admin assist –

Nestor: My name is Nestor Carlos. I’m a full-time electrician and on the side, I have way too many hobbies.

Mercedes: I love it. What, way too many hobbies. I want to hear about one hobby, the most exciting one.

Nestor: The most exciting one is a car that I’ve built since I was in high school, and it’s still in the garage and it’s still not running.

Mercedes: That sounds like a problem. That doesn’t sound like a hobby.

Nestor: [inaudible 00:04:37] one.

Mercedes: I’m sure Lauren would agree with that. Awesome. So tell me, how did you guys find Cash Flow Savvy and Epic Real Estate?

Nestor: So I found your guys’ podcast after a co-worker would not stop talking about the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. So after he talked about it so much, I asked him to borrow it, I read it in less than a week. Then I sent on Spotify and I just typed in real estate on the search engine and your guys’ podcast came up and then for some reason after, there was a couple of other ones on top of you guys and for some reason I clicked on yours and started listening and couldn’t stop talking about it to Laurie.

Mercedes: I love it! So, see it’s contagious.

Lauren: And so [crosstalk 00:05:21].

Nestor: Yeah.

Lauren: Yeah. So after he [inaudible 00:05:22] reading about The Epic podcast, I wanted to check it out for myself. So I started listening to a couple of episodes and I came across the Turnkey segment and that one really intrigued me. And this concept of turnkey was completely new to me. And it made starting to invest a lot more achievable for us, I kind of talked about it before, and I didn’t have much interest from Nestor because it seemed like a whole other world for us, like where do we start? And so, once I got this idea, turnkey, I started doing my research, I found out about [inaudible 00:05:59] and we came to the conclusion that this might be our way in, that this was going to be how we are going to start investing.

Mercedes: I love it. So, when you said, investing was a whole new world. It really is a whole other world, it’s a lot of digging, it’s a lot of due diligence, it’s a lot of everything. But it was so new to you because when you guys first came on board, this was a first interaction that we had and then you had when it came to Real Estate Investing. So, why were you so interested in Real Estate Investing? And I’m gonna start with you, Lauren, because in the transaction with you, I work with you more than I do with Nestor and it’s probably because you might have an office job and Nestor is more hands-on, I would assume that that’s the case. But, tell me a little bit more about that.

Lauren: Well, as my younger child self, I saw the success that my landlord had and has many assets. And we rented one of a very large number of properties that he rented and my idea of investing in properties and rent outs was very hands-on. We would be the landlords, we would take care of everything and it would be a full-time job like it was for him. He didn’t have any other streams of income, he didn’t have a full-time office job that he went to every day. And so for me, if we want to start doing that, that will have to be our full-time job.

Mercedes: Wow, okay, so that’s a clear picture. I didn’t know this about you. And Nestor, for you, why were you intrigued? So you had just read the book Rich Dad, you couldn’t stop talking about it at work, and then you talked Laurie’s ear off, but what made it so attractive to you?

Nestor: The main thing was how you guys are always talking about streams of income, instead of trying to make one giant pile of cash. Which makes so much sense, because everybody thinks it’s all about saving pennies and saving this, saying that, when really you could just invest, which you have and make you more money. Which just made a lot of sense.

Mercedes: Yeah. It absolutely makes so much more sense. Okay, so fast forward, you found a podcast, it made sense for you. Did you interview other turnkey operations? How did you go about choosing Cash Flow Savvy?

Nestor: So we did some Google searches after we listened to you guys. We did find some other ones that we interviewed, we emailed Weipa, Weipa would respond way faster when it came to emails, especially phone calls also, but mostly they emailed. Some people wouldn’t email us back for two or three weeks. We would totally forget about them and then they would answer our questions. And you guys were just, it would be a day, maybe two, you guys would get back to us, answer everything all that we had.

Mercedes: I’m a little anal on communication if you can tell. So yeah, I always feel that I’d rather over-communicate than not communicate enough. So in fact, I just disclaimed that I was a little behind on email. So to our listeners that are listening, if you email me, I’m a little behind on getting to you, but I’ll get to you. Awesome, so we answered all of your questions and then I was introduced to Laurie afterward. So, was it difficult for you, Nestor, to tell Laurie, this is what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it? Or tell me what that conversation was like because so many people don’t have a partner that’s on board. So how, Nestor, did you encourage Laurie to consider what you wanted to do?

Nestor: So that was actually the easy part because ever since knew her, she always wanted to invest in real estate. And back when we met, that made no sense to me, and I was like, why would you want to buy a house, why would you want people to be living in yours, and she had that rich dad poor dad mentality way before I did. And I just never really paid attention or gave it too much thought or just thought she was just talking nonsense. And then after I read the book, I was like, she had been talking about this forever. So, the easy part was telling her, let’s start doing some. [crosstalk 00:10:13]

Mercedes: I love it. So it was the other way around. So, Laurie, I’m going to ask you the same question. How did you get him to read the book and just to start thinking outside the box, so to speak?

Lauren: So, I really loved that he would come home and relay these conversations that he’s having at work with his co-workers about real estate investing and when he read this Rich Dad Poor Dad book, and he started to come home like “okay, let’s look into how we can start investing”. That’s when even though, I’d always wanted to do that, like I said before, it felt like it had to be a full-time job for us. So I was blown out, how are you going to pinpoint the location we want to be in, we have so much research like it’s years away and when I got onboard with the podcast and I found out this turnkey, it blew my mind. Because I was like, we can do this now.

Mercedes: Yeah, awesome [crosstalk 00:11:08]

Lauren: And we don’t have to [inaudible 00:11:09] and we have the guidance.

Mercedes: Yeah. I do spend a lot of time making sure that you understand the step-by-step process. So I hope I was able to achieve that. So, tell me guys, how many properties have you acquired through Cash Flow Savvy?

Nestor: We currently have two properties with you guys, and are in line for another or looking for the next one.

Mercedes: Yeah, you guys are in the queue for property number three. So, walk me through the process of property number one and number two. What happened, what was that like for you?

Lauren: So, after we got [inaudible 00:11:45] which was a breeze, we chose a property. Our buy first for us, that was in Alabama. Right then, that those steps started coming in, we got introduced to Stephanie in Alabama. She was great and we had someone updating us every step of the way, so I never had to, as me, I’m always like “okay how about this, what if we forget this”, and I’m always thinking about the next step, and working with Cash Flow Savvy, I never missed a step because then as soon as I’m start being like “what about the management company”, they stepped in and emailed me. I’ve never had to chase anybody down, they’re always there for you. So during the rehab process, we constantly got updates and they let us know what they were going to do when they were going to put floors in, how far out we’re going to be…

Mercedes: Yeah.

Lauren: And it seemed like there was this back-end happening, that we didn’t have to worry about either. So I was working with the lending property and they were helping me get all of the paperwork together so that we can close. And as soon as a property was done rehab, the lender knew before I did. The paperwork was already starting to happen and right when the property was ready and we got that inspection, we were basically ready to close.

Mercedes: Yeah, we go out of our way-[crosstalk 00:13:05]

Lauren: And everything just happens on purpose.

Mercedes: Yes, that is correct. We go out of our way to ensure that we inform you every step of the way but a lot goes on behind the scenes so that there is no wondering, I never want my clients to wonder “is this being done, when is this going to happen, what’s the next step”. I’m really big on making sure we over-communicate. Awesome, so Nestor, tell me, when you go the inspection report, since you’re an electrician, did you look through the inspection report, how was that for you? Because I’m sure, you’re picky.

Nestor: Yeah, I did look through it, and there were some questions on it, but I think, everything that I caught was already caught on there, so I agreed with how the inspection went and how it turned out basically.

Mercedes: Yeah, we do the inspection report and then we use it as a guideline to make sure that we dot every i and cross every t and make sure that we didn’t miss anything so that you don’t have problems with that down the line.

Nestor: Yeah.

Mercedes: Awesome. Okay, so then, you jumped into property number one. I remember, you guys closed and you were so happy, and then a week later, you were ready for property number two. Tell me what happened, what transpired in that one week, as usual, people wait several months and you guys didn’t wait at all. Before I knew it, you were knocking on my email, so to speak, saying “okay, we’re ready for property number two”. So what happened there?

Nestor: Ah you guys made it so easy and so smooth from beginning to end. And we were like, “why wait if we can jump into it now, let’s just do it now”. We knew that the interest rates were going up at the time, so we were like “well, let’s see if we can another really good deal before the interest rates go up too high and it’s not really worth it”.

Lauren: We really wanted to have our money work for us, and we had this money sitting there in our savings and we felt safe, but just have acquired our first property, we realized it could be doing more for us.

Mercedes: Absolutely. So, that made you jump into property number two and now you’re on property number three. I love it! You know, I do remember, you chose property number one and you chose property number two and then just recently, you chose property number three. And I said, “I don’t think it’s a good fit”. I thought about not saying anything but I did say something, because had I done investing all over again, I wish someone would have caught my mistakes before I made them. So I want you to share a little bit about that.

Lauren: Well, we loved the property and we were set on it, but I have a lot of confidence in you, and I love that hand-holding in the beginning, so I appreciate any input that you have and you always have a reason for everything. If we wanted to call and talk to you about it, you would definitely explain everything in detail. That we don’t have a sense that we’re wasting your time, we can always reach out to you. And that’s why I have this huge confidence in our working relationship and I do trust your judgment.

Mercedes: Thank you so much. When my clients get involved, I really go out of my way to understand why they’re investing, I really want to understand your goals. But on that third property, that you said yes to and I said, please, reconsider, is because you were branching out to another market. Nestor, you emailed me and I thought I might make them upset, and I gave you my opinion and it was basically, you were just starting to invest, and I don’t want you to spread out through so many markets. And I think it’s just too early in your investing career to have properties all over the place. What was your thought process when you read that Nestor?

Nestor: First, I thought why would I not want to be in all these different locations, just in case one house goes up or the market goes up or down and I just thought about why would we not want to be in it, but then the more I thought about it, I was like, you guys are the experts, so let’s just go with it, we’ll do what you guys say.

Mercedes: Yeah, on property number four, now you have another market to choose from but spreading yourself, like one property across five different markets, it is really a recipe for a lot more unnecessary work. But, we worked really hard on diversifying your portfolios within the market. So you have a very well-balanced portfolio, no doubt about that. You own properties that I would own for myself. So I love that. Cool. So, you are working on property number three. Tell me about property number one and two that you acquired. Tell me a little bit about your numbers, do you know them?

Nestor: I don’t know them off the top of my head. Well, I know we are around ten percent returning on both. So I think, that’s something that we shoot for first. [crosstalk 00:18:08]

Mercedes: Yeah. You guys are absolutely right, you’re roughly hovering between a nine and a half and a ten percent. And it’s because you guys locked these properties at a super low rate. You came in at just the right time, so you were just scratching the surface of a nine and a half, ten percent cash on cash return. And so, are your tenants already moved in? Tell me about that.

Lauren: For our first property in Alabama, we got tenants in within the first month. So, before we made our first mortgage payment, we had tenants. That was awesome, that was what I was aiming for and the property manager really worked with me, they kept me updated because they told me that it was winter time, it was the holiday coming up and usually, people stay put. They stay where they are, they’re not going to be moving in or looking for property and so we were so blessed that it happened for us, someone was looking and they moved in right around Christmas time.

Mercedes: I love it! [crosstalk 00:19:04]

Lauren: So that was my mindset moving forward, that hopefully we always get tenants within that first month.

Mercedes: Yeah.

Lauren: For our second property, we got tenants in the week that we closed.

Mercedes: Yeah.

Lauren: So right off the bat, we were getting cash flow.

Mercedes: And that’s how I like it. I like you guys to close with tenants, doesn’t always happen like that, but we do strive to place tenants generally, within the first 30 days of closing. So I love it guys, it’s no wonder that you are back in the queue for property number three. I’m honored that you have chosen us to walk you through your journey. So now, tell me, you guys have had the whole full-on experience from choosing a property that’s under rehab, waiting for the rehab to be complete, then the inspection, then closing, then placing of tenants. What would you say has been your biggest lesson during this whole process?

Nestor: I think the biggest lesson for me is how easy it actually is. Before actually doing it, everything sounded so confusing, the stats, I didn’t know what was first, what was next or does this happen at the same time as this… So after seeing how smooth everything goes, and how it goes from one step to the next, flawlessly, that’s been the one thing.

Mercedes: Awesome, so Laurie, what would you do differently? If you had to start all over again, what would you do differently?

Lauren: Honestly, it’d be nothing, I mean this whole process was so smooth and by property number two, I felt like an expert. It was a huge gap between my first month like “oh my god, what is going to come next”, just learning all these stats, and by property number two which is still a huge investment, still a huge step, we felt like pros already. So I don’t really have anything that I would change or go back on.

Mercedes: I love it! So Laurie, having said that, what advice would you give a new investor, considering doing a turnkey property? What would you say to them?

Lauren: I would say go for it. It’s easier than you think and I wouldn’t wait because these opportunities are going to slip by and if you have the opportunity and the money to do it, you should definitely do it now, because I said, we spent our whole lives saving and we didn’t gain nearly as much as we have just in the last couple months from investing.

Mercedes: That’s music to my ears, I’m actually so happy to hear that! And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why we do this. I absolutely love it. So, Nestor, I’m going to have you complete this sentence because you were the one that was brought in to this, really. I didn’t know this until now, but you learned this after Laurie has already been talking about this. But I’m going to have you complete the following sentence. I almost didn’t work with Cash Flow Savvy because…

Nestor: Because I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it actually was.

Mercedes: I love it! Need I say more? You guys were absolutely awesome, and I really want to thank you for coming to the show. I know that being in the spotlight is not your favorite thing to do guys and I really appreciate it. But one of the reasons, I interview our clients is because I remember speaking with Nestor the first time and it was so new, and you were so afraid, and you sounded like you were about to achieve the impossible, and you weren’t sure about it.

Nestor: Yeah.

Mercedes: But I hear you guys now asking me questions about the closing and the insurance, and property management, and tenant placement and it makes me so happy. It is the reason why Matt and I do what we do. It’s to make a difference in people’s lives and to create financial independence. So guys, thank you so much for opening yourselves, your homes, your phone lines and sharing with you because I know that this interview is going to resignate with at least one person and you’ve made a difference for that one person. So, thank you so much for joining us and for our Cash Flow Savvy people and followers, feel free to do what Nestor and Laurie did. Go to cashflowsavvy.com, download The Frustrated Investors Guide to Passive Income or shoot me an email, [email protected]. Well, Nestor and Laurie did say that I do answer emails and I really do. So, I really hope to make a difference for you and thank you so much for joining the show. Guys, thank you for being my proteges today, my partners, I look forward to helping you close your third Cash Flow Savvy property. Take care guys, thanks.

Nestor: Thank you. Bye.

Lauren: [crosstalk 00:24:06] Thank you.

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