Tips for Analyzing and Selecting New Markets | EREI 224

Tips for Analyzing and Selecting New Markets | EREI 224

Analyzing and Selecting markets for building cash flow with passive income turnkey real estate investments for epic wealth escape the rat race fasterToday we tackle questions from listeners on analyzing and selecting new real estate markets. Sharing strategies for maintaining a strong cash flow portfolio in a shifting marketplace this podcast episode is a must listen for buy-and-hold real estate investors.

With sharp analysis and pointed technique investors can identify real estate investment opportunities and create leverage to secure strong deals. The goal is to create cash flow to escape the rat race and the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast is here to help map out the path. Building wealth through real estate investing has never been more doable.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to choose viable markets for your real estate investments
  • Why building a strong property management team should be your first concern
  • Other variables to consider when deciding on investment markets
  • When history is a predictor for future performance
  • Why supply and demand of real estate will remain strong over our lifetime
  • When relocating away from California is a smart financial move
  • How avoiding state income tax is like adding a percentage to your income
  • How to preserve the purchasing power of your dollar
  • Why you must analyze the merits each deal individually
  • Pros and Cons to finding a private money partner


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Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.