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Do you know that Kylie Jenner is a billionaire with a staff of only seven people? You can surely follow her steps or reach any other goal if you educate yourself, learn from other people, and pay attention to the market, and general business culture. Don’t rely only on what real estate has to offer! Today, we are explaining why we are bringing amazing entrepreneurs from other fields to Thought Leader Thursdays, talking about changing atmosphere in the business world, and about the ways these episodes intent to help you think bigger about your business.

What You Will Learn about What You Don’t Know About Thought Leader Thursdays:

  • Why listening to others and learning from them is important for the development of your business
  • The reason why we do the Thought Leader Thursday episodes
  • The crucial question in the world of business
  • Why big and famous companies became successful so quickly
  • Why creative thinking matters more than execution
  • What the changing business atmosphere means for real estate and us at Epic
  • The questions to consider after listening to Thought Leader Thursdays

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Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Matt Theriault: Hey it’s Matt at Epic Real Estate. Did you know Kylie Jenner is a billionaire with a staff of seven even? Got a really interesting episode for you today on The Epic Real Estate Investing Show. It’s Thought Leader Thursday.

Okay, no guests today. No thought leader today just me, but I did just get back from a great weekend hanging out with a bunch of them, a bunch of thought leaders. I’m actually not too fond of that title by the way. I’ve never really said that, but the title thought leader I think it’s a little pretentious particularly when people refer to themselves as one. I succumbed to using the phrase for this weekly episode because I don’t know. One, it’s popular, and two, I really couldn’t figure out anything else to go with Thursday that would suggest it’s an interview episode so I just went with it.

So, the name though it wasn’t nearly as important as what I wanted this day of the week to represent, however. Here’s what I mean. Over the last ten years or so I’m approaching I don’t know a half a million dollars invested in my own education, my own coaching, and masterminds, and mentorships. I’ve even invested twenty thousand dollars just to spend one day with a person to get his consulting on a project, but that’s not the point. This is the point around these Thursday episodes. Of all the people and groups that I’ve interacted with in this type of mentorship or mastermind capacity, I’ve gotten the most from entrepreneurs that had nothing to do with real estate.

So, we’re all entrepreneurs first. We’re real estate entrepreneurs second, but we’re all entrepreneurs. So, that’s why Thought Leader Thursdays for you to listen to other backgrounds and experiences. To see what opens up for you with regard to new insights and lessons, ideally, break-troughs around your real estate investing. Anyway this past weekend I was in a room with some of the smartest people that I ever met, and the main conversation began with this. Kylie Jenner is a billionaire with a staff of seven. The article that we read in Forbes magazine it went on, and the tone around it was almost apologetic to other billionaires.

Billionaires who have spent lifetimes in building their fortunes, who have employed hundreds even thousands of people. And Kylie with a staff of seven in just a few years boom a billionaire, and the weekend conversation went on from there and raised the entrepreneurs equivalent of what comes first. The chicken or the egg, but this was rather what’s more important to a successful business? Is it the idea, or is it the execution?

Historically the execution has always won. I mean look at Starbucks as an example. It’s just a coffee shop, right? Nothing incredible about the idea, but incredible execution. Walmart, not the first department store. No amazing idea there, right? But amazing execution. Or I don’t know, maybe soft drinks. What’s great about some sugar, and water, and bubbles? A hundred billion dollars a year, that’s what’s great about it. Great execution of soft drinks creates that type of income every single year. The point, you don’t need a brilliant idea to win, but rather brilliant execution. Which in almost every case takes a company of countless choreographed people and systems and processes, so that brings us back to Kylie Jenner.

She too has brilliant execution, but it’s not her in charge of it, or her labor, or by even her design. Her brilliant execution is a result of piecing together systems of execution that are already in place. And here’s what I mean. Sales can be outsourced to Shopify. Manufacturing to Aurora. Distribution to Este Lauder. And there are these equivalents in every other industry. Execution has become the commodity of the business world. The internet has made the distribution on a mass scale possible for anyone with an idea. With that being the case the future no longer belongs to brilliant execution because anyone and everyone has access to it. Kylie showed us how. The future now belongs to the best ideas.

The future of business belongs to the creative mind. Before people would have to come up with an idea, and then they would try to figure out how to scale the business. But now the scaling of the business, how to scale that execution, that’s already known, and all that’s needed now is just the right idea to be plugged in, so the best ideas are going to win. So, I walked away from this weekend’s discussion wondering what does this mean for real estate, real estate investing, real estate business, the ancillary ideas and services, and products that are affiliated with real estate?

Plain and simply, retreats of immersion like this that I was in it causes us to think bigger. It causes me to think bigger. It emboldens me to think bigger and think differently. They give me the confidence that anything is possible. It’s these types of thoughts and ideas that are shaping up what we see here at Epic as the most creative and powerful marketing agency for real estate investors. And they give me the confidence that anything is possible. It’s these types of thoughts and ideas that are shaping up what I see here at Epic as the most creative and powerful marketing agency for real estate investors.

Running an agency for real estate investors wasn’t even a thought for me twelve months ago. It wasn’t even a blip on the radar, and I’m not speaking of just a simple PPC or Facebook advertising agency either. It’s much bigger when it comes to combining branding, direct response, and technology in an industry that is untouched with the type of stuff that we’re doing right here. The point being I wouldn’t be sitting on what I’m sitting on right now if I were solely concerned with what’s the next shiny automated lead generation system for real estate. Epic’s potential is far greater due to listening to and engaging with entrepreneurs of all types from all kinds of industries.

So, as I introduce you to my friends, and my associates here on Thought Leader Thursdays keep this in mind for yourself. Keep it in mind for what you are up to. Open up your mind around your business. What insights do you get? What lessons do you learn? What actions can be taken based off of those insights and lessons? Everything is something to consider. As a world we knew just a few years ago, a few years from now is no longer going to exist. So, I’ll see you next week starting with brand new guests right here on Thought Leader Thursdays. Hit the subscribe button, so you don’t miss out on The Epic Real Estate Investing Show. Take care.