Ninja Facebook Strategy to Finding Motivated Sellers First | 448

Ninja Facebook Strategy to Finding Motivated Sellers First | 448

Finding Motivated Sellers First

On today’s episode of Financial Freedom Friday, Matt shares his ninja Facebook strategy for finding motivated sellers FIRST! Listen in to get step-by-step instructions to copy’n’paste Epic’s winning strategy into your own business. Plus, learn the 2 most important things to concentrate on to beat out your competition AND 3 things you can do consistently to find motivated sellers.

Finding Motivated Sellers First

What You Will Learn About Ninja Facebook Strategy to Finding Motivated Sellers First:

  • A ninja Facebook strategy to find motivated sellers first
  • Why there will never be a shortage of motivated sellers
  • 2 things to focus on to beat out your competition
  • 3 things to do consistently to find motivated sellers FIRST
  • An easy and smooth approach to business
  • Why NOT asking for anything in return is a good idea
  • How to use videos to find motivated sellers first
  • Step-by-step directions to copy Epic’s strategy for finding motivated sellers first
  • Where you can find free reports to send sellers
  • Exactly what to say to motivated sellers via chat

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Speaker 1: This is The Epic Field Report.

Matt Theriault: Hey, Ryan, how’s it going? Remind me again, what market are you in?

Ryan S. Nickel: I’m in Northern Sacramento. Or actually Northern California, about an hour north of Sacramento.

Matt: Okay, cool. So, I was looking in the private Facebook group. I saw and followed through Friday you had a great win this week, you bought a house sub2 for the price of a U-Haul rental, and three months storage, and 200 bucks. That sounds like an amazing deal to me.

Ryan: Yeah, man, yeah. It was a little bit more complicated, but that was my buy-in, that was my-

Matt: Got it, got it. How did you find this deal?

Ryan: Driving for dollars, believe it or not.

Matt: Okay.

Ryan: Yeah, I own a house on that street and I was just driving down, taking a new way to go look at it and there was a big old fat red tag on the property. I’m like, “Holy crap, that house has been red-tagged.”

Matt: So, what was your process for contacting the seller?

Ryan: So, I’ve been testing a new app out there called DealMachine. So, it’s a cool app. I met with David when I was at an event some other place. Anyway, so, I just stood in front of the house, took a selfie, snapped it, took it, it sent it, and forgot about it. We went to the beach, probably about 10 days later we were at the beach and I get a text message early in the morning, like at 5:30 from the lady that’s like, “Can you help me with my house? I need to sell it fast.” And that was it.

Matt: We love those calls.

Ryan: Right.

Matt: So, what’s your exit strategy with this deal?

Ryan: I’ve already got it sold.

Matt: You do?

Ryan: It’s pretty … I’m keeping it as a sub2 and the seller financed it to a family that they’re moving in next Friday with $10,000 down.

Matt: Sweet. So, you’re all in for a U-Haul rental, three months storage, and $200. $10,000 right off the top, so you got your profit right there. That’s fantastic, dude. So, Ryan, how are you gonna celebrate?

Ryan: You know, that’s a fair question. That’s something I should probably do a lot more of. I’ll treat my family to dinner tonight.

Matt: There yeah go, I love it. I love it. Well thanks for sharing, buddy, keep doing what you’re doing, stay in touch. You need anything, let us know. Okay?

Ryan: I appreciate that. Thanks, Matt.

Matt: All right, buddy, take care.

Ryan: You too, bye.

Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Matt: Hello, and welcome to The Epic Real Estate Investing Show. This is where we meet each and every week to help everyday people escape the rat race using real estate. So, thank you. Thank you for listening to the show. Thank you for sharing this with your friends and family, and if you haven’t done so already, make your way over to Instagram and follow us @epicrealestate.

All righty, it’s getting closer. Yep, I’m getting together with a medium sized group of aspiring investors to turn them into badass investors. We’re gonna do that at the next Epic Intensive in Boston. Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve never been, so I’m excited to go. And if you’d like to join us, go to for all the details, would love for you to be there. But only if creating cash flow and escaping the rat race is important to you. Because that’s the subject of this Epic Intensive of Cash Flow Conclave. How to create passive income through real estate. How to create residual income, how to create cash flow, and escape the rat race. All righty, so, you can go there and get all of the details.

All right, got a great show for you today. As I promised last week, I wanna share with you this ninja Facebook strategy to finding motivated sellers first. And I’m sharing this with you because I’ve been in your shoes before. I know you might be struggling to find motivated sellers right now. It’s not as easy as it was last year. It’s certainly not as easy as it was two or three years ago. But they’re still out there. You know, motivated sellers are motivated because something has happened in their life that has caused them to be motivated. And those types of things that cause that motivation, they happen every single day. And they happen every single day to even people that own property. So, by the nature of potentially selling that property, it could solve whatever’s ailing them in their life right now. That’s what causes them to be motivated. And if we can go and give them some piece of mind for what’s troubling them, they can give us some equity in exchange, that’s the trade.

And so, there’ll never be a shortage, never be a shortage. Because there may be none today, but crap’s gonna hit the fan for a half a dozen of them tomorrow, or maybe hundreds of them tomorrow and all of a sudden, you’ve got a whole new pool of motivated sellers. And that’s gonna happen the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that. Unfortunately, it’s just the way the life works. And we can be there to help them out of that situation and take a nice little profit for ourselves in exchange.

Right, so that’s how this works. So, I’ve been in your shoes before in this type of market. In fact, I got started in this type of market where inventory was low, the competition was high, and it was a struggle. I mean you had to really move fast, you had to be resourceful, you had to be innovative, you had to … You know you just had to really move, you couldn’t rest. And so, I know you might be struggling to find motivated sellers right now, and that can be, I don’t know, it can be frustrating at least. And in some instances, it can be downright scary, you know, thinking that the competition just might be too much for you, it might push you right out of the business.

And, you know, all you really want, you just … You want some deals. You wanna succeed. You wanna get some deals done regardless of the amount of competition. That’s what you want. That’s what you signed up for. That’s what you’re aspiring to be a real estate investor, whether that’s part-time, whether that’s full time. You just wanna get some deals done. That’s all you wanna do.

And when it comes to competition, there’s a secret to beating … No, that’s not a secret, but there are a couple of things to focus on. Is one is being consistent, being consistent with your money making activities. Consistency is everything. If you want consistent results, you have to have consistent activity on the front end. And the good news is, anyone can be consistent. Anyone can do it. And the greater news is, not everyone will be. And why is that greater news? Because there, right there, lies your opportunity. You just have to be consistent because anyone can do it, even you, but just know that not everyone will. And right there, boom, that’s your opportunity. So, first thing required to beating your competition is being consistent with your money-making activities.

The second thing, when it comes to beating your competition, is to be resourceful and constantly innovating. You know one thing that we can agree on is that the only thing that never changes is that things will always change. So, keep your eyes and your ears open for change. Keep your eyes and ears open for emerging technologies. Keep your eyes and ears open for new strategies, new tactics. Keep your eyes and ears open for new societal shifts in thinking.

And here, at Epic, we’ve accidentally stumbled upon a strategy that’s enabled us to get in touch with some motivated sellers before anyone else. And it’s so obvious, I’m a little bit embarrassed that it was an accidental discovery. I feel like I’m smarter than that. I should’ve been intentional about this. I should’ve seen this a mile away. But it was an accidental and all of a sudden, it’s part of our repertoire, it’s part of our normal practice. So, I’m gonna share that with you.

And just before I do, you need to understand that the amount of deals you do, okay, the amount of deals you do are gonna be in direct proportion to these three things, to doing these three things consistently. Number one is the number of distressed property owners that you interact with that like and trust you. The number of deals you do is gonna be in direct proportion to the number of distressed property owners that you interact with that like and trust you. The second thing, the number of deals you do will be in direct proportion to the number of distressed property owners that value your solutions, that hold you in high regard. The number of deals you do will also be in direct proportion to the number of written offers that you make to these distressed property owners. Got it?

So, everything… The number of deals you’re gonna do will be in direct proportion to the number of distressed owners that you interact with and like and trust you, the number of distressed owners that value your solutions, and the number of written offers that you make to these distressed property owners. That’s it. Focus on those three things. And you do those three things consistently and you hold in that mindset consistently, you’re gonna do deals consistently, which means you’re gonna make money consistently. And you do it a lot, you’re gonna make a lot.

So, it’s like this, I’ve shared my negotiation strategy with you here several times before, right from the beginning. And it’s just been such an easy way to do business, a comfortable way to do business. And that’s by aligning yourself with the seller. Right? And you make the market the bad guy. So many new investors, so many, I don’t know, seasoned investors will go in and it’s just, it’s them versus the seller and they’re just gonna go back and forth, they’re gonna grind it out, they’re gonna handle objections, they’re gonna throw this back and forth until they reach a number that the buyer agrees on. And a lot of times the sellers … It’s just a tough way to do business.

You can do business that, it’s been being done for a very long time. I just prefer a more easy and smooth approach. And this approach by aligning ourselves with the seller and making the market the bad guy, this positioning, it’s extremely efficient and extremely comfortable. And it’s rewarding. And it’s just worked really well, it always has, and it still does for us. It basically removes the necessity to negotiate. It removes the necessity to overcome objections. Anyway, we’ve talked about that a lot on this show.

But with that approach being so effective when it comes to negotiating, we started to take this approach into our prospecting as well by showing sellers how we can help them, how we’re actually on their team … So, we’re showing them how we can help them by actually helping them first. Right? And so, I brought that up because the number of deals you do are gonna be in direct proportion to the number of distressed property owners that you interact with that like and trust you, that value your solutions. Okay, so, with that mindset, boy let’s just interact with more of them and so they get to like us, they get to trust us, and they get to value what we offer. They to value our solutions. So that’s the mindset behind this.

All right, so, we’ve gone out there and what we’ve done is we’ve recorded some videos. Nothing groundbreaking. We’ve recorded some videos that show sellers how we can help them. And we started off with showing sellers how to sell their property fast and for top dollar in today’s market. Right, so here’s a video, How to Sell Your Property Fast and For Top Dollar in Today’s Market. Right, so, here’s a video How to Sell Your Property Fast and For Top Dollar in Today’s Market.

And I don’t really think it matters much what you put in that video, just as long as it actually is helpful. It has to be helpful. That has to be the number one intent. You have to be helpful. The seller has to be able to watch that and say, “That is good, thank you for that.” You have to create that video with the intent that that person watching is gonna be grateful that they watched it. All right. It’s kinda like when I go out and buy birthday presents or Christmas presents for people these days. Like I know it’s a good present if I want it myself. Like if I feel a little bit of pain of giving it away. Okay, so, that’s kinda the same thing here. And then so that’s part one. It has to be helpful.

And the second thing is, I don’t want you to ask for anything in return. That’s what everybody does. Let’s go against the grain on that. If we want the opposite of what everyone is getting, we have to do what the opposite of everyone else is doing. So, you’re gonna be helpful and you’re not gonna ask for anything in return. Okay?

So, think about what you could put in a video that would help a seller. Now it might be something specific to your market, doesn’t have to be a marketing tactic on how to sell a house fast or anything like that, it could be something very specific to your market. And just record a bit of video about it. And then upload it to your business page on Facebook. You’re gonna take this video, this helpful video that doesn’t ask for anything in return, you’re gonna upload it to your business page on Facebook. And then, through Facebook’s post boosting feature, you’re gonna boost the video to your market, to your area. Select your city, you can categorize that by the county, you can categorize that by the zip code. I mean you get to make, however you define your market area, whether you do that by city, county, zip code, maybe you do state. I don’t know. I guess if you’re up there in Rhode Island you can cover the whole state. But you pick.

So, you’re gonna boost your video, and you’re gonna pick a really broad audience. You know maybe you could put the age in there, so this city of, I don’t know, Birmingham, Alabama of 30 years old and above. Okay, so you just got a really broad audience. And then you’re gonna let that video go. And you’re just gonna watch it. You’re gonna watch that ad every day and wait for likes and positive comments. If your video’s truly helpful, you’ll probably only get positive likes and positive comments. Positive likes, yes, a like is a positive thing. You’re not gonna get the little angry face. I see those on my posts every once in a while, and I think, “What’re you angry about? Did this really upset you that much?” Anyway, let’s go back. If it’s really helpful, you’re gonna get likes and you’re gonna get positive comments. Okay?

So, when you get those, I mean just kinda already think about this, and you might be starting to see how this is gonna develop. Who would be liking that information? Who would be giving you a positive comment on that information? It’s gonna be people that just found that useful. People that are probably wanting to sell their house. Okay, that’s who’s gonna be liking and commenting on here. So then what you do is you click on the names because on Facebook you can do that, you can see who liked it and you can see the comments, and you’re gonna send them a private message. You’re gonna be helpful here though. So, this is what we’ve been sending. “Hey I saw that you liked my post,” Or, “I saw that you commented on my post. I just updated my report on how to sell your property fast without a realtor. Would you like a copy?”

That’s it. Boom. So, we were helpful in the video and now we’re gonna be helpful again. We’re gonna show them how we can be helpful by being helpful first. So, we wait for the response. And for those that respond with a yes, we go ahead and we send them a copy. And no, we didn’t go out and write our own report. You could do that if you wanted to, and it doesn’t have to be that type of report, it could be anything. Hey, I just read a great book, would you like a copy? Or whatever it may be. You just wanna be helpful, you wanna give them something again.

But what we did is we just pulled the free report that comes right inside of our REI Solutions. REI Solutions has a bunch of free reports in there that you can send out. So, we just pulled that report out, it’s just a little pdf, and we sent that to them. And then we just let that sit for a day. Here you go, let me know if you have any questions. And let that sit for a day.

Then we come back with another private message, typically the next day, and we write, “Hey, I was just thinking about you and I’m actually looking for a property in the blank area.” How do you know … And that’s gonna be your zip code, it’s gonna be your city, it’s gonna be the county, however, you targeted your ad in the first place. Okay? So, if we said Birmingham, Alabama, “Hey I was just looking for a property in the Birmingham area. Yours wouldn’t happen to be there by chance would it?” You know it’s probably there because only the people in Birmingham saw your post, saw your video. Got it? Great, so, “Yours wouldn’t happen to be there by chance, would it?”

And then, on the next thing we ask, and this what we do with all our FSBO strategy too, we ask the same question, “Would you be open to an all-cash offer?” “Would you be open to an all-cash offer?” Nobody’s gonna say no to that. So, we’ve been very helpful with the video. We help with the, what you call it? The thing that we gave them, the free report. And then we said, “By chance, I was just thinking about you. I’m actually looking for a property in this area. Yours wouldn’t happen to be there by chance would it?” And then, “Would you be open to an all-cash offer?”

Great. Next is, next question they’re gonna say yes. “Could I ask you some questions about the property to make sure I don’t waste your time.” Okay, you be just very not unassuming, you’re not sounding like a salesperson, you’re not sounding like a vulture. “Can I just ask you some questions about the property to make sure I don’t waste your time?” And if they answer affirmatively, we say, “Well, would it make sense for us to hop on the phone real quickly to discuss?” And boom, now you’re on the phone. Take them through your questions and now you can give them an all-cash offer. So that’s it. Got it? Pretty simple.

Now that’s not gonna work with every single person. So don’t try this three or four times and say, “Oh that sucks, that didn’t work.” No. Give it a shot for the next 30 days and then let me know if it’s working for you as well as it has for us. But it’s the same thing. You’re still prospecting. It’s still gonna be a numbers game. But you’re reaching out to sellers that are identifying themselves, saying, “I’m a seller,” because they were interested in the information that you had. Nobody would be interested in that video unless they had a property that they were considering selling. Got it?

So the key things. You gotta be consistent with this, it’s a numbers game, commit to this for the next 30 days. The second thing is you have to be helpful, you have to be helpful first. You’re gonna show them how you can help by being helpful first. And third, you’ve got to make the offer. All righty?

So, we’ve got some other slick stuff that I’m gonna be sharing with you. Some other stuff that’s working really well for us. And I’ll be sharing all of it for the very first time at The Epic Intensive. So, if you haven’t got your ticket yet, we’ve got some still available. Go to to grab yours and you’ll hear all about it there. We’ll share some more here, but we’re just gonna kinda unload the whole thing there.

All righty, so that’s it for today. God bless to your success, I’m Matt Theriault, living the dream.

Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.