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Scott Orbon

Find out why you shouldn’t wind down and take December off in today’s episode with Scott Orbon and Brandon Middleton! Brush up on the importance of dollar per dollar return on marketing, going full steam ahead with your business in December, and how automation can better organize your business.

Scott Orbon

What You Will Learn About Mastermind Monday – Scott Orbon, Brandon Middleton:

  • How Scott’s and Brandon’s real estate business has looked since the beginning
  • How they find deals
  • Currently, what trends Brandon sees in his market and how that changes the way he operates
  • The importance of dollar per dollar return on marketing
  • Why you should go full steam ahead with your business in December when everything slows down
  • What system or technology Scott Orbon has implemented in the last 12 months that has had the biggest impact on his business
  • How Brandon uses automation to organize his business better
  • The biggest mistakes Scott and Brandon made this year and what they learned from those errors
  • The book that Scott read, and how his biggest mistake turned out to be his biggest win
  • How stepping back into acquisition tightens up the system
  • Scott’s and Brandon’s future
  • Scott’s Multiplier’s Mastermind sessions
  • Brandon’s upcoming book about communication and working together

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