A Sample Real Estate Investing Plan That Works

A Sample Real Estate Investing Plan That Works

Today, I’m going to share a sample real estate investing plan that works.

Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of people walk through our office door, email us, call us, and tweet us. They’re all asking for the same things – help, fulfillment, something new and exciting, a fresh start, or advice on how to take their business to the next level.

This REI Ace real estate investing plan has helped hundreds of our successful investing students and, if applied correctly, it will work for you, too.

A Sample Real Estate Investing Plan That Works

People seeking help from us at Epic Real Estate are looking for all sorts of different things – some of the very same things I’m sure you struggle with. You probably have limited options for bringing in the type of income you’re looking for or you’re frustrated with someone else having control over what you’re doing.

And, ultimately, everyone is afraid of NOT taking advantage of a big opportunity and being stuck in their current situation forever.

Sound familiar?

The ultimate goal is fulfillment. You want to make an impact on your own life and have confident in your finances. Who doesn’t? Imagine what it would be like to never worry about running out of money at the end of the month again! Having a bank account that grows every month is the key to independence – doing what you want, when you want it. Really, like everyone else, you probably just want an exciting life and to be compensated handsomely for your efforts. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

For successful real estate investors, it certainly isn’t. We’ve had plenty of them walk through our doors – Brad Donley, Corey Kendig, Makenzie Kelly, Parker Stiles, Nathan Price, Jeremiah Johnson, Justin Fairbanks, Josh Miller, and Brian Campbell, to name a few.

So what does it take to become one of these badass real estate investors?

What is a Badass Real Estate Investor?

It’s no coincidence that badass real estate investors have three major similarities amongst them:

  1. They have confidence in their real estate, strategy, systems, and abilities. Confidence is what gets a badass investor up and out of bed each morning. They KNOW they’re going to get results from their efforts, they’re going to be compensated fairly for it, and they’re going to make an impact. Confidence happens when an investor knows how to generate leads and turn those leads into a payday, whether it be one big check or continuous paydays over a period of time.
  2. They know how to make money. It’s been said countless times that you make your money when you buy real estate. A badass investor knows how to buy right. They can generate a lead and secure it under contract at a discount. If you make your money when you buy real estate, you don’t get paid until you sell it.
  3. They enjoy freedom. Getting paid from your real estate efforts and knowing how to generate income from every deal that comes your way creates the freedom everyone aspires to have. In the world we live in, nothing can replace money. It puts food in our stomachs, clothes on our backs, and roofs over our heads. It pays for hospital bills, travel, recreation, and relaxing. Money allows us to do all of these things with the people we love and care about. That’s true freedom.

A Sample Real Estate Investing Plan That Works

Do You Want to Be a Badass?

Confidence, money, and freedom make up a badass investor.

So, is that what you want? Do you want to be a badass real estate investor?

Of course, you do! Don’t even stop to think about it. That’s why you’re reading this blog post right now and spending your precious free time educating yourself on real estate investing. You saw the words “real estate investing plan” and were interested enough to open this article – that says something!

You’re looking for the confidence to begin/continue,  make money, and, ultimately, achieve freedom.

Your word for this might not be “badass,” but it is what you want to be inside of your real estate investing. And get used to it because an ancillary benefit of being a real estate investing badass is being a badass in real life. When you’re making that much income from your business, it just comes with the package.

A Sample Real Estate Investing Plan That Works

Our badass real estate investing plan has three primary pillars backed by nine profit accelerators.

Pillar #1: Attract

You need to be able to attract leads. If you’re chasing leads, you’re doing it wrong.  You’ll have very limited opportunities that way.

When you get your lead generation right, opportunity knocks. To get leads to chase you, you have to first find property owners who need you.

Finding Problems

The reason any property owner would need you is because they have a problem. So you need to know how to find problems.

Where there are problems, there’s profit. Where there’s crisis, there’s cash. Where there’s chaos, there’s cash flow.

You’re looking for personal, financial, and property problems.

Our society tends to reward people who can solve problems, and the bigger the problems, the bigger the rewards.

A property typically represents a large problem for most people, whether that property is directly or indirectly the problem itself. Therefore, a badass investor is rewarded in a big way. People will happily exchange equity for peace of mind.

With that being the case, you need to let property owners with problems know that you provide peace of mind. That way, you can get the equity in exchange.

A Sample Real Estate Investing Plan That Works

Attracting Leads

The second part of this is attracting leads. You need to promote solutions – your solutions. It’s your solutions that troubled property owners will give you their equity in exchange for.

So, you have to ask yourself: What are your solutions? What do you bring to the table? What do you have to offer as a real estate investor?

Here are a few of the biggies to get you started:

  • Bring a quick sale to the table
  • Make it easy for them
  • Offer them cash
  • Spare them from having to do any repairs
  • Save them time
  • Save them effort
  • Eliminate a realtor and their fees
  • Provide discretion and privacy to preserve a property owner’s dignity

Above all, you can bring the seller what they want most: competence from a real estate investor. They want certainty of a clean closing. They want you and need you to follow through.

Clearly, you bring a lot to the table as an investor! It’s for all these reasons that people will sell you their property at a discount.

Lead Machine

The third thing you need to attract leads is a lead machine. A lead machine will automate and delegate the entire process so leads are attracted and chasing you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The most important part of any business is its customers. Without customers, there is no business. A business that can create a steady flow of customers is going to be a steady business, and that’s what an automated and delegated lead machine will do for you.

You probably thought you were in the real estate investing business, but first and foremost, you’re in the marketing business. Second, you’re in the problem-solving business. Finally, third, you’re in the real estate investing business.

What that means is that the better you are at marketing and problem solving, the better you’ll be at investing.

So find the problems, promote the solutions, and then automate and delegate the process. That’s how a badass investor attracts leads.

Pillar #2: Convert

Second, once you have leads, you must convert them to contracts. A contract represents control in real estate. Once you have a contract on a property, you’re in a position of power. The deal is now yours to do what you want with it. It’s yours to lose, give back to the seller, or close. You have the power to choose which outcome you want so, for all intents and purposes, at this point, you have purchased the property. In other words, you’ve made your money – and this is why they say you make your money when you buy real estate. The better you are at putting properties under contract at the right price and terms, the more money you’re going to make.

So how do you get a complete stranger with a problem to do business with you?

It’s very simple. You need a deal driver system.

You’ve likely heard before that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. That’s very much the case here, but there is a twist – the seller doesn’t know you first. That part comes last.

A successful deal driver system works in this order: They have to like, trust, and then get to know you specifically as a competent problem solver.


First, it begins with building rapport. The fastest path I’ve discovered for this is being genuinely interested in the property owner’s problem and the solution you’re going to find for them.

You can do this by asking questions – lots of them! Take your time and listen to the answers. This may sound simple, but it’s amazing how many people get this part wrong.

Going off of that, here are some general rules of thumb for quickly building rapport:

  • Listen twice as much as you talk.
  • Relate to the seller by drawing attention to common ground.
  • Be likable. That’s what makes you likable!
  • Align yourself with the seller. You must be on their side to solve their problem. You’re the good cop. The market is the bad cop.

A badass investor adheres to these rules. They don’t rush this process. They know that slow is smooth, smooth is fast, and a fast contract is better than a slow one.

Presenting of Price and Terms

Next, after building rapport comes the presenting of price and terms. A badass investor is always thinking about this because they purchase property in one of two ways: by either their price and the seller’s terms, or their terms and the seller’s price. They know if that as long as they can control one of the two, they can create a deal.


Finally, the real magic of presenting the price and terms lies within the positioning. If you position the price and terms in a way that it’s the seller’s idea, the third step of this process – the seller signing a contract – will be simple. If the seller believes the price and terms are their idea, they will, of course, gladly sign the contract!

Once you have the seller’s signature on the contract, you are in control. This is now your deal. You have successfully converted a lead into a contract. You’ve made money! It’s practically in the bank.

You might be thinking, “Wait – made money? I haven’t made any money yet.”

But remember, you make your money when you BUY real estate, and although you’re not obligated to close this deal, you technically bought it. So you HAVE made your money.

A Sample Real Estate Investing Plan That Works

Pillar #3: Exit

Lastly, it’s a good exit strategy that brings this real estate investing plan together. If you get the exit wrong, there’s no profit, but if you get it right, you put money in the bank – the type of money that provides the independence and freedom real estate promises.

So, what is the right exit?

It depends on two things: the deal and what you need.

Based on these two things, a badass investor know how to pull out the highest and best profit of every deal.

But how do you know what the highest and best profit is?

Initially, you don’t. Not until you conduct your due diligence and analyze all the exit strategies available to you.

Contrary to popular belief, real estate investing is not wholesaling or fixing and flipping. Real estate investing is holding property.

However, not every property you come across is going to make a good hold for you. That’s why the BEST exit strategy is different for every deal.

Your needs may also differ from deal to deal. What do you need at that moment? It could be cash, cash flow, tax shelter, a piece to upgrade your portfolio or diversify it – anything!

To determine the best strategy for a any given deal, you need an ROI maximizer. Here’s how it works:


First, if you need cash for marketing, business expenses, personal expenses, or buying that next income property, you’ll want to consider a flip because you can:

  1. Flip the contract by either assigning it or conducting a double escrow for a profit,
  2. Flip the property by closing on it, cleaning it up a bit, and putting it right back on the market for a slightly larger profit, or
  3. Flip the property by closing on it; increase the value by upgrading the interior, adding square footage. or changing its use; and putting it back on the market for an even larger profit.


An alternate exit strategy – the one I prefer – is to hold property. It’s not the most exciting path to financial freedom, but a badass investor is disciplined. They understand that it is the FASTEST path and, therefore, the primary intent for every property that crosses their desk is to hold it.


That said, just because a property isn’t a good hold doesn’t mean you should throw it away. Not only can you still make money by flipping it, but you can also consider closing the deal and getting paid via a seller finance.

This is closing on a deal and then reselling it. You can either fix it up or not, but ultimately, you’ll resell it by holding a note on the property and receiving payments from a buyer.

With this exit strategy, you get paid not by being the owner of the property, but rather by owning the note on the property – by financing it.

In short, you’re the bank, and you get paid just as a bank would – some cash in the form of a down payment and cash flow in the form of monthly payments. You get to call the shots with regards to price, terms, and who qualifies for your loan.

Every time you get a deal under contract, you’ll want to evaluate for flip, hold, and finance. Lay out the numbers side by side, factor in what you need most at the time, and pull the trigger on the exit strategy that represents the highest and best profit. This is how a badass investor exits every deal.

Are You Ready to Execute the Plan?

This is a badass investor’s real estate investing plan. They ATTRACT leads with an automated lead machine, CONVERT those leads with a deal driver system, and EXIT those deals with an ROI maximizer.

This is why they have the confidence to take their lives into their own hands. They have the money to provide and care for their families and they have the freedom to live life on their own terms.

Does this sound appealing to you?

Do you want to be a badass real estate investor?

If so, check out EpicCaseStudies.com. You’ll find stories of people just like you who applied this real estate investing plan to their businesses and changed their lives forever. Find out what’s possible for you and get started today!

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Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.