Romacio Fulcher – The California Kid | 388

Romacio Fulcher – The California Kid | 388

Romacio Fulcher

This Thought Leader Thursday, Matt is joined by Romacio FulcherDouble President Millionaire, #2 earner in North America, and #136 on the Top Worldwide MLM earners list. Today, he shares how he got his start in real estate investing, why he left a multi-million dollar business to begin multi-level marketing, his beliefs about success and motivation, and much, much more! Hear it all with Matt Theriault and Romacio Fulcher on The Epic Real Estate Investing Show!

Romacio Fulcher

What You Will Learn About Romacio Fulcher – The California Kid:

  • How and why Romacio got his start in real estate investing
  • The one question he asked that began his lifetime of success
  • The importance of mindset for real estate investing (and everything else)
  • Romacio’s beliefs about mentorship and how it helped him progress on his journey
  • Why a multi-millionaire real estate investor would one day switch to multi-level marketing
  • The #1 foolish thing you could do according to Romacio
  • How Romacio inspires other to get optimal results
  • The two places success comes from (and which one is more effective 90% of the time)
  • What Romacio is most excited about in the near future

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Romacio Fulcher


Matt Theriault: Welcome to the Epic Real Estate Investing Show. Today we’re going to talk about a multi-million dollar mindset. Help me welcome to the show Romacio Fulcher. Romacio, welcome to the show.

Romacio Fulcher: Hey, thanks for having me Matt, and congratulations to all the success that you have been able to produce as a result of this show both online and offline.

Matt: Appreciate it. Thank you very much. I’m glad you’re here. I know that you’ve got your hands in a few things, and I wanted to talk about each and every one of those things, but you did essentially get your start in real estate. Can you tell me what you were doing before you got involved in real estate?

Romacio: I dropped out of college early twenties. About 20 years old. I was broke. I come from East Oakland. That’s where I grew up, and I moved to Sacrament to go to Sac State. I dropped out of college after a year, year and a half or so, and long story super short, I literally … I found a guy one day. I was looking for trying to figure out a way to get my life on track, right? I met a gentleman who was the CEO of his own real estate and mortgage firm. I’ll never forget the number one question that I asked this guy when we met in a burrito shop is I said, “Listen, what do you do, because you are looking clean?”

He was dressed in a pinstripe blue suit. I mean, this gentleman, he was cleaner than the Board of Health, Matt. He was clean. He was clean, and there I was. I was dead broke. College dropout. He gave me his real estate card and told me what he did. I followed up with him. Long story short, he hired me as his assistant. I was his assistant on all commissions, and I was a telemarketer. That’s where I started. I was the guy that would hit the phones back in the day when you could telemarket. I would call the farms list. If these are real estate investors, you guys should know what a farms list is. Comes from the title company. Literally people were hanging up on my face like … Man, it was crazy. Within the first two seconds. I was dead broke, but I was determined.

When we talk about mindset, this is very important for all of you. Don’t care who you are. You need to understand this. That if you’re going to be successful at anything, real estate, parenting, whatever it is, you’ve got to have a burning desire to be successful. What I have found with all entrepreneurs that I’ve interviewed and taken the time to pursue and learn about is, like you, I always love to know where people come from. I don’t like hearing about how successful you are now. I want to know what is the storyline from where it all originated from. Take me back to the root. What I have found, guys, is that literally you have to have a burning desire to be successful. Success is nothing more than the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. That’s it. If you don’t have that mindset, it is going to literally evade you.

In other words, it’s kind of hard to give a man or a woman a dollar if you really don’t believe he should have it. Again, for me, I wanted to be successful. I never put a number on it. I just wanted to make progress with my life. The first thing you must do is identify the right mentor.

I believe, Matt, that mentorship is wisdom without waiting for it. Many of us have all said, “I wish I would’ve known then what it is I know now.” The only difference between then and now is wisdom. Wisdom comes from two places: your own personal mistakes and it comes through mentors. Mentors can actually teach you not only from their successes but obviously their failures as well. Throughout my journeys in life, Matt, the mentorship aspect has served me both in real estate and mortgage and also in my current endeavors as well.

Matt: What inspired you to go for real estate. It was the guy that was looking really sharp, right? You made that transition. He kind of threw you into the fire to start making those calls. We’ve all been there. We all started, and some of us are still very much doing it. I think it’s a really healthy muscle to develop.

Romacio: Well said. Well said, Matt. Absolutely. Healthy muscle.

Matt: You know what the one thing I was really interested in talking to you about because we kind of had reverse lives or reverse journeys in the sense that I got started in multi-level marketing. I had a good venture in there. What was sold was real estate investing education. That’s how I ended up being … I consumed the product as much as I sold it. Glad I did, because it’s turned into quite the venture for me.

I look back and a lot of my teachings right now have to do with the lessons that I learned inside of that environment. Inside of mentorship and personal development and just getting out there and working those muscles. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have that experience. You kind of went the other way around. What was it that had you go from real estate, of which you were very successful in initially, to go look for something else? You kind of went into the multi-level marketing type thing, or the network marketing, which I left. Tell me about that.

Romacio: You are the first person, sincerely Matt, that in less than five minutes you picked that up. Most people typically pass through the multi-level marketing arena. If they don’t make it big in MLM, it becomes a springboard that actually, like you said, those skillsets and things that they learn in that training ground, aid them into being successful in other areas.

In my case, it was the opposite. That’s right. For me, your question was is did I target real estate? No. I was broke. I literally was broke, and I always believed that the number one question you can ask any man or woman is, “What do you do?” I was in a burrito shop in Sacramento, dead broke, and I saw this gentleman, Brent Peterson, and I said, “Hey, what do you do?” It just so happened to be … My broke butt, living in an apartment, barely could pay my rent, I knew nothing about a mortgage, and I dang sure didn’t know nothing about no real estate.

This is what I want everyone to understand who’s watching and listening to this. Mentorship. Mentorship. I always say the only thing then mentor can’t give you is the burning desire. Once you have a desire for more in your life, whatever more is, once you have that reason why you have to have more, the next best thing you can do is find an expert. Find a mentor, someone that has already achieved what you’re trying to do, and learn from them. That’s the shortcut. For him, he was that guy. Unbeknownst to me, I wasn’t looking for real estate. I was looking for a mentor. It just so happened to be the man was in real estate.

For me, when I realized that this gentleman was giving me his time and energy on how to learn the profession, man I wasn’t going to disappointment myself nor him. I didn’t take it for granted. Again, I was broke. That’s another. Valuing the mentor, which is a whole nother mindset that we can get into later. Basically, I started with real estate, mortgage and real estate, worked at the bottom as a telemarketer. Worked my way all the way up to owning my own brokerage firm. Had two of them both in real estate and mortgage. Then I also had a real estate investment company where obviously we bought distressed properties at a discount, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. That was my journey through real estate.

Then, I received a phone call from a very wealthy real estate friend of mine. This guy was work about 40, 45 million bucks, all from real estate, liquid. He called me, and he introduced me to network marketing. I was so negative, Matt, I always tell people I was so negative when it came to network marketing that if you were to put me in a dark room I probably would’ve developed. That’s how negative I was. I wanted nothing to do with MLM because I was literally locked and loaded on real estate. I was a multi-millionaire at the time.

Of course, let’s not forget because I don’t want to get all these kudos like I’m the man, I got involved, Matt, at the right time. I got involved in real estate we’re talking 1998-99. We all know if we can turn back the clock, that was a premier time specifically if you were living in California where we live.

Matt: You were doing well in real estate, and you decided to go pursue something else. Want to talk about little bit more about mindset again, but I want to get your whole story.

Romacio: I believe that the most foolish thing any one person can do honestly is have one stream of income. I’m going to tell you why. I don’t read a lot as much as I should. I’m more of an audio person, so I’ll listen to you. For me to read, it’s too slow. I like to hear, but there’s a book called, “Who Moved My Cheese?”

Matt: Love it.

Romacio: For those of you that don’t know, cheese is a narrative referring to money. If you only have one stream of income, the moment your cheese gets moved, uh oh. You now get caught with your pants down. That’s what I saw a lot of wealthy people. I saw a lot of intelligent people do it, and I felt like I wasn’t so smart if I didn’t take on that mindset.

I would’ve never gotten involved, Matt, in multi-level marketing if I had not received a credible phone call, this is key, from someone who I respected that was making, like I said, 40-45 million dollars. That’s what he was worth. When the call came from him, my initial reaction was, “I’m not interested, but I respect you. You must see something that I don’t see.” That’s when I laughed at him when he said multi-level marketing. He told me on the phone. He said, “Romacio, shut up. You sound stupid. You sound ignorant. You sound uninformed.” He said, “Listen, when you finally make more money than me, then you can laugh at an invitation I give you, but until then, hush your mouth and get on over to my house.”

That time, Matt, I swallowed spit. People don’t usually talk to me like. I went over to his house, and that’s when I was pleasantly surprised at a lot of the myths and misnomers that I had about the profession. I was clearly misguided and redirected. When I really saw that this was real, and I’m the type of person, Matt, listen … I don’t care if it’s real estate. I don’t care if it’s investing. I don’t care if it’s network marketing. If you don’t have what I’m looking for, you shouldn’t even call because you’re wasting time. I’ll never listen to any man or woman that doesn’t have the fruit on the tree that you’re trying to convince me is fruitful. You know what I’m saying? That’s just how I operate.

Matt: What do you do to inspire your people so they actually go out and they do the work, and they implement so they get better results? Is that just something that you either got it or you don’t? How do you handle that?

Romacio: I build relationships with people like yourself, and I find out what’s missing. What’s missing? What is it about your life currently that you truly want more of? That either will be better health, more cash flow, more freedom, whatever. I find out what’s missing. Frankly, if there ain’t nothing missing, and they’re perfectly content with their life, ta-da. Toodles. See you later.

Once we find out what a person is looking for, we show them how to obtain that through this particular model. Let’s back up here. I want you to understand that for me the thing that was most attractive to me about this model was two things. Residual income, which obviously I understand real estate extremely well. When you look at the residual income that I currently earn right now, I don’t know one real estate investor that can go toe to toe with me. I paid $1,300, and now I make hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands on a monthly basis of residual income in less than one year. I don’t know a real estate investment that does that. Although, I do have real estate investments.

The thing that caught my attention, Matt, was residual income number one. Number two the thing that caught my attention was leverage, because I do know small business owners. These are people that typically, nine times out of 10, the business generally owns them. Why? Because in a traditional business structure, there’s only 100 pennies in a dollar, and nobody is going to work as hard for your company as you are willing to work for it. As a result, the time that it takes you to produce your income is at the sacrifice of you don’t have as much leverage as we do.

Matt: Between this podcast, between what we have on our online education platform, within five minutes, every single person would know how to fill out a purchase agreement and present it to a seller. That’s the easy part. Why they don’t do that on a daily basis, now that’s on them. That’s between their ears. That comes from their burning desire or lack thereof. What would be the advice or … Yeah, I guess how would you point them towards finding that burning desire for themselves?

Romacio: I’m going to be honest with you. That is a great question, and I’m going to give you the best answer that I truly believe. I’ll never tell you something that I don’t believe. I believe success comes from either inspiration or desperation. Nine times out of 10, desperation more so than inspiration. Desire will be born when people are desperate for more. Not everybody is at that place in their journey. This is where professionals like you and I have to understand that. Just because someone raises their hand and says, “Yes, Matt. I want more cash flow. Yes, Mac, I want more,” doesn’t necessarily mean because their mouth said it that they really are going to put the elbow grease or work necessary to complete that desire. It doesn’t mean that. What that individual is going to learn about themselves is, “Maybe I don’t want it as bad as I said I do. Maybe I want the shortcut or some type of lottery ticket where I can just go throw a few dollars in a currency and watch it become a millionaire next week.”

I don’t know, but my point is it’s not until a person gets to that place of desperation that real desire is truly born. Again, remember my story. I said I was broke. Because I was broke, I aspired to fix it. I believe if something is broke, you should fix it. Ain’t nothing cool nor cute about being broke, but there are some people that are not driven by money.

This is the thing that I don’t like about some of us professionals. We talk about money, and yes money is a tool. It is the most important thing that I believe you should aspire to attain because you can’t live your purpose, your passion, nor make a difference without any money. You can’t help the poor if you flat out are one of them. You can’t. However, though, they don’t like to be baited with the money conversation. “Stop talking to me about money,” says some people. Talk to me about purpose. Talk to me about doing something. Helping make the world a better place. Talk to me about causes and things that they really can get emotional about, and then, Matt, you will find their desire. You will find their passion. If you just talk about, “Hey, do you realize the economy is all effed up, and you need to have more money because blah blah blah?” No … Of course I realize that, but money just doesn’t do it for all people like it does for some of us. The conversation’s got to change so that you can find out, once again, what’s missing.

Matt: There’s a quote out there says, “It’s not how much money you make or not the success that you achieve, but it’s who you become along the way.” I think my experience, and it’s been over 15 years now, but I think it really created who I am today. It’s who I became along the way by doing that. I know two things that we have specifically in common is it’s a people business. If you don’t like people, this ain’t the business for you. Right? I always say, “Every piece of real estate you buy or sell is going to be from or to another person, so you better figure that part out.”

Romacio: I love real estate man, I do, but like I said earlier, I love cash flow. Now, as of recently, you know the story. 12 months ago I found the company that I’m with now. Oh my God, it’s just absolutely epic. It’s amazing. I’m here in Las Vegas right now doing this interview with you. I’m at the CES show. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that. That’s-

Matt: Yeah. I was just in Vegas a couple of days ago.

Romacio: Yeah. That’s the largest consumer electronics show in the world, and we are the only network marketing company in 47 years to have our own booth at the show because the product that I represent today is technology. We developed a wearable device here that we have. It’s the first wearable in the world that monitors all of your health vital signs in real time. Just yesterday, we made a huge breakthrough announcement in humanity. This is the first device that now will monitor all of your blood sugar and blood glucose levels non-evasively. That’s gigantic.

Matt: My next question I would wrap this conversation up with was, “What’s in your near future that you’re most excited about?” Maybe that was it?

Romacio: Yeah. Listen, I’ve been here with my current company. I joined a year ago. This is a six year old publicly traded company. We market the latest and greatest in technology. That’s what we do. It’s network marketing. Toshiba came to us about 16 months ago, and they wanted to buy the rights for the technology from us. Toshiba’s a $100 billion company. Excuse me. $50 billion company. Been around for 100 years. We told them, “No.”

Our CEO was the very first man to invent the very first touchscreen computer. He told Toshiba, “No, you can’t buy us. I invented this product for everybody to enjoy, but I want average people to enjoy it. Hence, I’m choosing network marketing as a method of distribution.” I always teach people it’s the same stuff I taught people in real estate. The trend is your friend. I teach people how to spot the right trends. Hence, I made millions of dollars 1999. For many, many, many years in real estate. I don’t regret it. I love it. It made me who I am today, but at the same time one of the knacks that I try to keep my eyes open for is identifying trends. The wearable tech space, it’s just going crazy right now.

In one year I started with, it cost me less than a couple thousand dollars to join December of 2016, and December of 2017 I now have made literally, in one year, $2.3 million in commissions from this while also picking up another two million dollars in stock. Literally, that’s all reflected from helping a lot of people. Right now what’s got me most excited is right now literally I’m literally looking to help 75 different people earn an extra $10,000 per week. Per week. I earned 16,000 my very first week starting from scratching using our online system. That’s what I’m going to do is help literally 75 people earn 10 grand a week. They can find me by going to my landing page

Matt: Perfect. Well, you’re answering all my questions just seconds before I ask them. That’s good. We must be in sync. I can imagine that you’ve inspired some listeners. If they wanted to go and reach out to you, the best way to do that is

Romacio: That’s it. You got it, man.

Matt: All right man. Thanks. I really appreciate it. Thanks for being here. Good luck to you. Congratulations on all of your success.

Romacio: The same to you man. Thank you, and congrats to you as well.

Matt: I appreciate it. Thanks. If you want to do this again, let’s do it. All right?

Romacio: You got it man. See you buddy.

Matt: Take care.

Romacio: Bye.

Matt: Bye bye.

Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.