ROI Multiplied with Stuart Gethner | EREI 327

ROI Multiplied with Stuart Gethner | EREI 327

Make 2018 the year to get your ROI multiplied for Financial Freedom with Epic Real Estate Investing!

Today on Financial Freedom Friday we share insights from special guest, Epic Real Estate Investor Stuart Gethner, on how to get your ROI multiplied. Find out how Stuart was able to scale to a full time real estate investing business having developed consistent deal flow using proven strategies for creative financing.

ROI Multiplied

What You Will Learn About ROI Multiplied with Stuart Gethner:

  • How you can grow your real estate business for more success

  • Where you can access even more knowledge and resources

  • What it means to “move at the speed of instruction”

  • How your get your ROI multiplied

  • The benefits of buying and holding properties for cash flow

  • The strategies that work best in each type of market

  • How to build sustainable cash flow

  • Buy & Hold strategies you can use

  • Creative financing strategies to access money for your deals

  • How to find private money to finance your deals

  • When and where to meet Stuart Gethner and Matt Theriault to pick their brains

  • Why you should consider attending the January 2018 Epic Intensive

  • What you need to be proactive and get more done next year

  • Exactly how to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing

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ROI Multiplied


Matt Theriault: It is my favorite day of the week.

Announcer: It’s time for Financial Freedom Friday with Matt Theriault.

Matt: Hello, and welcome to Epic Real Estate Investing. This is the show where we show you how to create massive and passive streams of income using real estate.

It’s often been described – or how I think of it – this is a money show disguised as a real estate show, ’cause it really is just the final frontier where the average person has a legitimate shot at creating epic wealth. And just the vehicle of real estate makes it attainable by just about anybody that wants to go after it.

So, glad you found us. Glad you’re here. It is going on our eighth year, almost. I can’t even believe it, and just want to thank you for that, ’cause we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, and you sharing this with your friends and your family, ’cause it’s kind of how podcast grows – really just kind of a word-of-mouth thing. There’s no real place to advertise it or promote it, so we’re here just because of you, so thank you very much. Eternally grateful.

Today, I’m joined by one of my clients who has taken what he’s learned inside of the Epic Pro Academy, and also accessing the multiple streams of support. He’s gone out there into the real world and he’s put his own little twists and modifications and he’s become, really, a badass real estate investor in his own right, and I owe a lot of that – I don’t owe it, I credit – a lot of that to his own intuition; his own resourcefulness. Really a smart guy.

And so, please help me welcome Mr. Stuart Gethner. Stuart, welcome to the show.

Stuart Gethner: Hey, Matt. Glad to be here. Thanks for having me.

Matt: You bet. You bet.

So, let me ask you: What were you doing just before you found Epic Real Estate?

Stuart: Well, I was in real estate. I was trying to be a full-time real estate investor. And I thought I had the keys, the solutions, the insights. Read the books. And bought the books and tapes in the back of the room. Attended the seminars. And I was doing a few deals a year. And so, not really making it, per se, but having enough success to keep me going.

Matt: Got it. Okay, cool. So, in what ways has life and business overall changed since working with Epic?

Stuart: So, I’ll tell you, Matt – I’m kinda new to podcasts, although I’ve been listening to yours for a couple years. When I got introduced to podcasts, I went on there for education-based and I started looking for real estate. And that’s how I stumbled across yours and a couple other podcasts as well.

And I gotta be honest, man – you were spot on. When you would talk about the different problems or trials and tribulations, challenges, that we have as investors, you were spot on. I was experiencing exactly what you would talk about. And you would provide solutions. Just free – like try this, or try that, or download my Epic worksheet, or attend this. And I would show up, and I would download it, and I would start working some of the strategies that you had.

And I gotta tell you, I wasn’t far off, but with a lot of your insight and wisdom and knowledge, it really exploded for me. My business has become full-time, and I give you a lot of credit. So, thanks.

Matt: Great. You’re welcome, you’re welcome, and thanks for sharing that with me. It’s always nice to hear that, ’cause sometimes podcasting can be a lonely business, ’cause you’re sitting there in a room all by yourself recording and you have no idea how those words are landing for people and how it’s impacting them, so thank you for sharing that. And thanks for getting out there and doing what it takes, ’cause it’s pretty simple in that regard.

So, help me understand and describe your current business.

Stuart: [inaudible 00:03:35]

Matt: Say again?

Stuart: I love when you say, “Follow with the speed of instruction.” Because that’s something [inaudible 00:03:42] picked up from you, and you’ve given out a lot of instruction. And I’ll tell you, the first time we met, I felt like I had known you for years. You’re like an old friend because I’d listened to you for so long, and you’re probably looking at me like, who’s this guy?

Matt: Yeah. Maybe initially, but you’ve certainly become… you’ve become family since, so it’s a pleasure.

Stuart: Thanks.

Matt: You bet.

So, what does your current business look like on a day-to-day business? Kind of bring me what you got your results at, and then what you’re doing right now and striving for.

Stuart: So, for us, and I say “us” – I’ve grown this business. We have an office.

When we started, I was working out of my wife’s condo, thinking that I was a professional. And then grew to have an office. And have had, now, an employee. Liz has been with me going on three years.

Now, we got a bookkeeper. Donna’s been going on with me for two years. And other ancillary staff and such. And what we do every day is, we do real estate investing. Depending on what… the seller who calls, depending on what the property needs and where it’s at, we might wholesale it, we might fix and flip it, and we might also do what I like to do, buy and hold for cashflow. Because that’s really what it’s all about: getting more positive cashflow.

Matt: Right. So, with regard to generating cash flow, what’s working best for you right now?

Stuart: So, when you wholesale a property or you do a fix-n-flip, it generates a whole chunk of change for you cash. And then, you’re living large, and then, as the bank account starts to shrink, you’re getting a little stressed, so the next project closes.

But if you can build sustainable cash flow where rents are coming in, it doesn’t matter where I am. I could be home here in Scottsdale, or I could be traveling with my wife. I could be on the moon. The rent checks come in, they come in, they come in.

So for me, generating more buy-and-holds is a strategy that we really want to focus on. Certainly, there’s a place for wholesaling and fix-n-flip in our business model, but the [inaudible 00:05:50] goal is to generate enough passive cash flow so that it pays for the bills and all the fun stuff that we want to do.

Matt: Got it. Got it.

So, when it comes to that, is it just a traditional buy-and-hold? Are you just finding a house, going to the bank, getting a mortgage, and then buying it and holding it that way?

Stuart: Yeah, that’s the old-fashioned way. That may have worked in previous generations. I’ve come to learn, especially through the last market crash, that banks aren’t our friends. As real estate investors, we operate outside the box.

So, certainly, there’s some strategies called subject two that you educated us on through past podcasts, that I learned and have done that as well. But really, working with investors who are looking for a reasonable return on their money is a much more favorable way because I could still come in with cash, close quickly, offer a cash discount, ’cause I’m not having financing, and still be able to give an investor a return secured by real estate and have the property cash flow very well.

Matt: Awesome. Yeah, I kind of teed that one up for you, ’cause I knew you weren’t using banks. I knew that you’ve been very good at raising private money, very good at creative strategies. And the next Epic Intensive, it’s quickly approaching, and I’m gonna be doing something that I’ve never done before. I think it’s gonna be fitting for the amount of successful case studies that I hear through our coaching programs, through the academy, through the podcast. They’re really starting to stack up, and it’s really becoming – not overwhelming … yeah, overwhelming emotionally, for sure. It’s becoming very apparent of the impact that we’ve been able to make here.

What I thought would be great is, I’m inviting a few students at this Intensive to actually train with me and take the… Obviously, there’s the lessons that we have inside of Epic Pro Academy, but each person, when you go out there into the real world, you find little tweaks and modifications, and you got your little nuances and idiosyncrasies of your strategies of how it works. And how you – maybe you even made it more efficient for yourself.

So, you’re gonna be doing this with us. So, you’re gonna be showing up to this next Epic Intensive. I’m looking very much forward to that.

Why should someone attend? What are they gonna miss out on that you’re gonna share that they’re gonna wish they didn’t miss out on?

Stuart: Well, the strategies that you teach. For example, you helped us get this [inaudible 00:08:07] on the fourplex that we just closed on. And the strategies and the tips of getting a fee for putting the deal together.

So, those that want to attend should be those that are looking to put deals together, and to really be proactive, and be doers, and, as you say, follow at the speed of instruction. Because when you put on these Epic Intensives, you just don’t talk about what to do. We talk about how to do it. And so you leave there with the information on how to do it. You could hit the ground running and take off from there.

Matt: Super. Great.

Well, I can’t wait for it. Tickets are still available. You can go to if you’d like to come and see Stuart and the other two fantastic students with their each individual strategies. We’d love to have you there.

And that is it. Any final words there, Stuart?

Stuart: You know, I’m looking forward to it. This will be a great opportunity for meet other people that have been helped buy you, ’cause I know, like you say, sometimes when you’re in the podcast, you feel like you’re all alone. But I know there are others out there, so I look forward to seeing you and meeting them as well.

Matt: Awesome. I’ve told them all about you. They can’t wait to meet you either. All right?

Stuart: [inaudible 00:09:16] peace.

Matt: Thanks bud. Take care.

Stuart: Take care.

Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.