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What No One Will Tell You About Raising Private Money for Real Estate Investing

Today We Share What No One Will Tell You About Raising Private Money for Real Estate Investing.

The way to raising private money for real estate investing should be more commonly understood.

There are many educators out there that would love to teach you how to raise private money… some of it’s good advice, some… not so good, but regardless of whose advice you do take… none of it will work unless you follow these 5 rules…

So, those are the 5 Rules of Private Money, and I commend you for watching them all the way through… raising money is the number one skill of an entrepreneur. Most people are afraid to raise private money because of the awkwardness of asking friends, family and associates for money… actually, nobody really likes doing that. There’s another way… a way in which you can gain more credibility and respect from your friends, family and associates, and where you can find an endless audience of people with money that want to lend to, or partner with you, so you can close more, and bigger, deals – whenever you want. At will.

Interested? Now, this is NOT for everyone. I’m only sharing it with you because you proved to me that raising private money is important to you when you watched these 5 Rules of Private Money in their entirety.

Why would I share this easier and faster way? Well… in my world, it’s just not cool to know something that would help somebody and then keep it to yourself… so, I share everything I know about raising private money… everything that has enabled me to raise more than $10 million dollars for my small little real estate investing company… and I share it at an epic 3 day workshop that I call the Epic Intensive.

I can’t go over everything right now that we’ll cover at the Epic Intensive… I mean it is a 3-day event… but one of the strategies I share gives “money-raising” results FAST, and here’s why… We found with this commonly taught technique that most people put the horse before the cart… of which makes sense with most things… but it’s precisely why most struggle with raising private money. The struggles of raising private money literally vanish with this technique of putting the CART before the horse… yep, the exact opposite of what you’ve been told to do you’re entire lifeWhat No One Will Tell You About Raising Private Money For Real Estate Investing Helps You Do Bigger And Better Deals Over and Over and Over... without begging your friends, family and associates for money.

Let me explain a little more about what’s covered at the “Epic Intensive.” The night before… we kick off with the Millionaire Mixer… a very casual environment of food, drinks, fun and rubbing elbows with 7-figure earners. Then first thing in the morning… we spend an hour or so preparing for mass production. Then we get right into the meat… and we stay there immersed for 3 full days arming you with “acquisition ammunition” “motivated seller sniping strategies” “Under-the-radar deal reveals” “ninja negotiating techniques” “double barrel deal analysis” “3 different action packed sessions on creative financing” and yes… raising private money for real estate investing… you’ll leave with 19 unique and effective approaches to making people with money want to give theirs to you… and then we wrap up with my team lifting the proverbial hood for you to see how our automation and delegation engine runs our business… with or without us.

And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll get at the “Epic Intensive“! Can you imagine what your investing will be like when you have the ability to raise all the private money you want… any time you want (or need to) – instantly?

Go to for more details… and reserve your seat. I’m not sure at this point how many more seats are available… the event will sell out, it always does. So, go check it out real quick to see… and when you act right now, you’ll also receive the “Epic Fast Formula to $10K in 30 Days, or less…“, that alone… a $997 value… and you get that for FREE. It’s a 4-part video course that gets all of the attendees on the same page… generating leads… and some even do deals… BEFORE the Intensive ever arrives. So… that you can bring your questions and challenges to the event and we can eat ‘em up for breakfast… together.

So… I know when you clicked PLAY… you weren’t thinking about attending a live event, but I’m curious… now that we’re here… what has opened up for you? What did you find most valuable? I’m thinking… Now that you know the 5 rules of private money, it might make sense to get the rest of the information about the Epic Intensive… so you can actually put those rules to work… for real.

Go to for the details… and reserve your seat. Pricing will increase the closer we get to capacity… so, don’t delay. See you there!

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