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levels of real estate investing

Matt Theriault helps you climb the 6 levels of real estate investing FAST on this week’s episode of Financial Freedom Friday! Learn what the 6 levels of real estate investing are, how to determine which level you’re on, and how to get everything you need to start climbing the real estate investing ladder even faster.

levels of real estate investing

What You Will Learn About How to Quickly Climb the 6 Levels of Real Estate Investing:

  • What the 6 levels of real estate investing are
  • How to determine which level of real estate investing you’re on
  • How to quickly climb the 6 levels of real estate investing
  • Where you can find an action plan to help you progress faster

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Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Matt Theriault: Hey, Matt here and welcome to another episode of Financial Freedom Friday.

Speaker 1: It’s time for Financial Freedom Friday with Matt Theriault.

Matt: Okay, the question this week was how do I quickly climb the six levels of real estate investing? And I always thought, that’s a good question. How do we do this quickly if you wanted to do it fast? Everybody wants to go fast. Fast is better. Let’s go over it.

And if you’re brand new around here, you haven’t listened to the podcast before, or you’ve never been to an Epic Intensive and you don’t know what the six levels of real estate investing are, let me recreate that for you so you know, so we all start on the same page, and then I’ll show you how to climb these six levels quickly. So it looks like this.

So there are our six levels. We call this our real estate investing pyramid. And over here on the left, this is going to represent the amount of money you make on each level, and then on the right, it’s going to represent the amount of time that’s required for you to make that money.

When we start, we’re just getting started in real estate investing, we are making on this level no money. We’re just getting started. And then we’ll go ahead and we get some education. We go out and start putting our stuff to get into action and we start closing some deals, and so once we hit about $5,000 a month, that puts us in the first level of real estate investing, which is what we call the startup level. Got it? Startup level, between 5 and $10,000 a month.

And then you start getting some more experience. You’re closing some more deals and now you’re averaging somewhere between 5 and $10,000 a month. And this is our second level of real estate investing, and we call this survival. The second level of real estate investing is called survival. And you start doing some more deals, you start growing, and you get up to about $20,000 a month. Between 10,000 and $20,000 a month, this is what we call the stability level. The stability level.

Keep on growing, doing more deals. You rise up, and once you hit about $50,000 a month, you’ve graduated to the next level, and this is what we call success. Yes, you are successful at this level. You’re making between 20 and $50,000 a month, and you are in the top 1% of money earners in this country. Between 20 and 50,000, that’s the success level.

And you keep on going and you hit … you go from 50,000. Once you hit about $100,000 a month … can you imagine? $100,000 a month. Yeah, I can imagine. That’s why people get involved in real estate investing because this is what’s possible. You put enough time in, you’re consistent and you’re persistent and you’re operating with some really good tenacity and you have a good strong work ethic. This is very possible, and it’s not over a lifetime either. This can happen in a very reasonable amount of time with the right instruction, the right guidance, the right tools, the right plan, the right resources, and the right work ethic.

And so this between 50 and $100,000, we call this the scale level. And if you do the scaling right and you start making over $100,000 a month in real estate, you’ve reached the peak. You’ve reached the last level, the top level. We call that significance, and that’s right there.

All right, between 0 to 5 is a startup, 5 to 10 is survival, 10 to 20 is stability, 20 to 50 is a success, 50 to 100 is scale, and 100 plus a month, you have reached the level of significance. Now with each level comes a certain amount of time required on your part.

When you’re just getting started, you’re most likely working in what we call your spare time. You’re just working in the spare time and you might be reading some stuff and attending some workshops, given some things to try. You’re working in spare time. But now you’ve made some money and you’re averaging five grand a month, and you hit the survival level. Now it’s probably a part-time thing for you. It’s probably like a little part-time business on the side. You’re working part-time and you start doing a little bit better and you hit the stability level, and now you probably made this transition from part-time real estate investor to full-time real estate investor.

You’re working full-time and you’re doing well for yourself, and you start making between 20 to 50,000. You’ve hit the success level. Now you’re working overtime. Now you’re working overtime. And you’re working really hard and you’re working, and you get between 50 and $100,000 a month, and you’ve hit the scale level, and you start doing the scale level right, it starts to go the other direction. You start getting more of your time back. And you hit the scale right and you really nail this and you start making $100,000 a month. You reach this level of significance and this is where you get to experience free time. Free time.

Go ahead and look at these six levels of real estate investing. Look at the amount of money that you’re making. Look at how much time you’re spending in your real estate investing business. Just kind of identify where you are on the six levels of real estate investing.

And one thing that you might want to look at. Some people might be working full-time and making startup money. We don’t want to do that. You might have it flop the other way, as well. If you’re not really quite sure where you are, what I’ve done is I’ve put together an assessment for you. A real estate investor assessment to help you identify you where you actually are on the six levels of real estate investing.

You answer a few questions and then at the end, it’s going to tell you exactly which level you’re on and it’s going to tell you what to do to get to the next level. It’s going to identify what you’re dealing with right now. It’s going to identify what you’re probably feeling right now, and then it’s going to show you where you’re actually vulnerable. And if you don’t address those vulnerabilities, you’re in danger of maybe slipping down a level, and we don’t want that.

It’ll give you an action plan of what’s there actually is to do to make that you don’t slip back, and if you take those actions quickly, you can start climbing the six levels of real estate investing quickly, as well. And each level has a different set of actions to take to get there. If you’d like to take that assessment and go ahead and get your own little action plan, your own real estate investing climbing the 6 level action plan to-do list, go to realestateinvestorquiz.com. Realestateinvestorquiz.com. Go ahead, it’s totally free. Take your time to answer just a few questions about you and your business. It’s going to spit out exactly where you are on the six levels of real estate investing. It’s going to show you where you’re vulnerable, and it’s going to give you an action plan on how to protect yourself from those vulnerabilities and what there is to do to climb the six levels fast.

All righty, so hope you enjoyed that. My name is Matt Theriault. I’ll see you next week on another episode of Financial Freedom Friday. Take care.