VIDEO: Proven Way of How to Get What You Want

Wondering how to get what you want out of real estate investing?

Josh Miller did it and you can, too.

Proven Way of How to Get What You Want

Josh’s Rough Solo Journey

When I,Matt Theriault of Epic Real Estate, first met Joshua Miller of Pasadena, California, he was already a real estate investor… but he was struggling.

He started investing in Omaha, Nebraska in August of 2016 thinking he could do it by himself, but things didn’t go quite the way he had hoped.

I was somewhat successful, but I made just an insane amount of mistakes, and I kept reinventing the wheel. I was so busy trying to make this all work that I eventually got to a point where [we were] doing a bunch of deals, but we were losing more money than we were making. So, I realized I needed help.”

Proven Way of How to Get What You Want

3 Goals

Josh only wanted a few things out of real estate investing:

  1. Work smarter and shorter hours
  2. Have more time with his family
  3. Make enough money to retire young

This might sound like a tall order, but for someone like Josh who knows how to get what you want out of investing, it’s not too much to ask.

6 Times the Deals

Proven Way of How to Get What You Want

Josh came to me a few months ago and we started working together. After consulting with me and getting creative ideas from the weekly Follow Through Crew calls, he completely turned his real estate investing around.

“When I have a question, I can just come to [Matt] and [he’s] on top of it. That’s just incredible – just knowing that I’m making the right decision.”

His problems turned from having too few deals to nearly having too many:

“We went from losing money to making money – like, dramatic amounts of money. I mean, we were doing a deal or two a month, and now we’re doing two or three houses a week. I’ve got great problems. It’s like, ‘Oh, I’ve got too many great deals. What do I do?'”

What Josh Wants You to Know

Josh’s main advice to other struggling investors is this:

“I’m 100% convinced you need a coach. Every single person who’s serious about real estate investing… don’t try to learn it on your own. You can get there in 20 years, but if you really wanted to succeed and take [it] to the next level… For me, that most important thing is [getting] someone you can trust and somebody [who] knows he has your back, and that’s [Matt].”

How to Get What You Want out of Real Estate Investing

Josh is now killing it in the real estate investing game. All he did was follow our plan and ask questions until he had 2-3 deals per week.

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