Creative Financing Masterclass

  • Creative Financing Basics of “equity sharing” to “options” to “seller carry back” to “subject to” to “wraps” to negotiations. Fill your investing toolbox with all the tricks of the trade.
  • How to Find Creative Deals: Every creative deal’s foundation lies within the seller’s motivation to sell. If you can’t find motivated sellers, that’s a problem. Problem solved!
  • Advanced Deal Structuring: Maximize the use of more than 20 creative terms to minimize the amount of money you need to bring to the closing table and when you need to actually bring it, if ever.
  • How to Create Creative Offers that get accepted at 3x-5x the industry average with a multi-offer approach.
  • Creative “Anonymous” Paperwork: When you start building a portfolio of creatively financed real estate, people start to notice, and frankly… it’s none of their business. Do your paperwork the right way, keep your deals a secret and protect what you’ve built.

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Bank Bypass Blueprint

  • Easily Find Money That’s Unbelievably Actually Looking For You – Fact!
  • Get Access To Secret Options That Most Investors Don’t Have Or Even Know About
  • Receive Access To A Little-Known Network Of Lenders That Will Compete For The Right To Give You Their Money
  • Close More Deals By Avoiding Canceling Contracts And Leaving Money On The Table
  • Discover The Secret The Pros Use To Always Have Funding Available For Their Deals And Their Business Operations…at 0% Interest!

Epic Invested

  • Creative strategies, systems and tactics
  • Systems, checklists, resources, SOPs
  • Marketing and business growth strategies
  • Community of real estate investors
  • Real estate tips, tricks and hacks
  • Avoid COSTLY amateur mistakes
  • Learn how to select the best offer
  • Step-by-step crash course

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  • Attract: If you’re lacking leads, you’re lacking opportunity… and the quality lies in the quantity. And nobody wants to chase leads. So, we attract them, a lot of them!
  • Convert:If you can’t convert your leads to contracts, you have zero control. When you have control, you can cherry-pick the best deals for yourself.
  • Exit: You make your money when you buy real estate, and you get paid when you exit. The more exit strategies at your disposal, the more potential for “pay days!”
  • Speak with and REI ACE strategist to get on your path to financial freedom, today!