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Several years ago I did something kind of crazy. I started and developed a habit of documenting the creative strategies, systems, tactics and hacks of my real estate investing business. After more than a decade of doing this, I’ve fully documented over 30 specific marketing and business growth strategies using checklists, templates, and standard operating procedures. As an example, I’m frequently asked if I lost everything, how would I start over? So, I documented that entire process from A to Z of exactly how I’d do that. I did it in a way that ANYONE could follow and get similar results; And that was just 1 out of the 30 processes I recorded. When I finished, virtually every aspect of marketing, negotiating and closing was documented in step by step detail for my company to see.

I then started to put these processes to the test by handing them to brand new team members, my employees and even selling a few licenses to aspiring real estate investors. My goal was simple.

I wanted to see if a newbie could follow the steps in these plans and achieve similar results. It took a little trial and error, but before long I had something that most real estate investors only dream of having. I had systems, I had checklists, I had resources, and I had standard operating procedures. In short, I had documented and systemize all aspects of real estate investing and business growth and as for our magic…

Well, they stayed locked up in the Epic vault. They were my secret sauce, my mystery ingredient. But recently, I made a very bold, and some might say even crazy move at Epic Real Estate.

When I quit the guru biz, I decided to take all of our systems and checklists, literally everything in our vault and open source them to other real estate investors. The goal here was simple, too.

I wanted to create a private community of fellow real estate investors so I could share and discuss interesting tests, ideas, new technologies and strategies, and our execution plan library was going to be the bribe we would use to encourage new members to join our ranks.

Well, I’m pleased to report that it worked. With thousands of members and clients covering all corners of the country, Epic Real Estate has become pound-for-pound the most successful community of real estate investors.

We show people how to invest in real estate inside the private members’ area of the Epic Pro Academy (Get FREE access here), and we invest for people to busy to do it themselves at Cash Flow Savvy (Get FREE information here).

God bless, and to your success…

Matt Theriault

CEO of Epic Real Estate



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