Online Classified Lead Generation | 337

Online Classified Lead Generation | 337

Epic Real Estate Investing makes online classified lead generation easy.Are you frustrated that you don’t have enough leads…

Do you feel limited by your marketing budget…

Not receiving the income that you desire?

Don’t fear! We have a solution for you!

Epic Real Estate Investing makes online classified lead generation easy.

Start by listening to the podcast then continue working an array of online classified sites to generate leads. Listen, learn, and access a plan of action for implementing these low-cost lead generation strategies today!

What You Will Learn About Online Classified Lead Generation:

  • A systematic manner to create a low-cost (almost free) lead generation process

  • Why deal flow and income will increase with more lines in the water

  • How you will experience the financial independence that you signed up for

  • How you can generate leads consistently with little to no marketing budget

  • Implementing a strategy consistently for best results

  • Commit to answering the phone every time it rings

  • Why you should double down on online classified lead generation

  • How to delegate lead generation strategies to a virtual assistant

  • Why it makes sense to add this strategy to your arsenal

  • Where to go to get started with online lead generation

  • Ways to capture leads and followup consistently

  • How to write an Epic headline to attract more

  • How often you should reach out online for leads

  • An action plan for implementing the low cost classified strategies

  • An ideal tool for lead capture and follow-up

  • Where to meet Matt and his team to learn more about cash flow

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Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.