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 If you’d like to move faster then you’ll want to check out our REI Ace Program. 

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If you have the desire to leave your 9 to 5 and really really make it big in real estate, then keep reading.

When you join us — you get access to the proprietary REI Ace Model and everything it includes, like our vault of investing blueprints, resources, checklists, paperwork and more. The exact process to build your own lifelong passive income through real estate is documented, explained, and proven.

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We do a ton of the upfront heavy-lifting for you so you can start investing in real estate faster.

Even with all of that, we know you’re bound to get stuck every now and then. That’s why we provide an unlimited amount of around-the-clock support, including a private text channel, daily zoom sessions, and on-demand one-on-one attention to answer your questions, analyze deals and help you get stuff done. All you have to do is meet us halfway and follow the path in front of you until you have your own profitable real estate portfolio or investing business or both.

A little about myself… I’ve closed more than 1,000 real deals. I’ve watched my team close over 5,000 deals in the last 3 years alone.

We have thousands of members from every corner of the country that are freeing themselves from the chains of a 9 to 5 using our Epic systems and processes to close deals and make profits right now as you read this (see the Income and Earnings disclaimer).

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