Ashlee Nycole – International Investing Expedition | 457

Ashlee Nycole – International Investing Expedition | 457

International Investing Expedition

On today’s episode of Thought Leader Thursday, Matt speaks to Ashlee Nycole, a co-founder of Freedom Lifestyle Investments. Find out how she went from working at Domino’s to being an entrepreneur, follow up with her international investing expedition, and discover what she has learned from it.

International Investing Expedition

What You Will Learn About Ashlee Nycole — International Investing Expedition:

  • How Ashlee went from working at Domino’s to being an entrepreneur
  • Why “freedom lifestyle investor” is a very proud title for her
  • How Ashlee merges traveling and real estate investing
  • How you can build properties with less money and still have the luxury feel
  • Ashlee’s opinion on where to invest outside of the country
  • What Ashlee has learned from her international investing expedition
  • Why less is more for her
  • Why it is important to invest your money consistently

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Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Ashlee Nycole: There’s always a solution, no matter what the situation may be. And even though you may not think of a solution, there’s someone else that may have that solution. Whether it’s your mentor. Whether you have a real estate investor coach. Maybe you want to google on YouTube, you know, some answers. You have people available out there that’s going to give you valuable information.

Matt Theriault: Hello. I’m Matt Theriault of Epic Real Estate Investing and welcome to another episode of Thought Leader Thursday.

So, today I’m joined by a co-founder of Freedom Lifestyle Investments. An investor herself, author, real estate investing coach, Shopify coach, NLP Lifecoach, also dabbling in the world of Crypto and Forex, so please help me welcome to the show, Miss Ashlee Nicole. Ashlee, welcome to the show.

Ashlee: Thank you. Thank you, so much. I’m honored to be here.

Matt: Yeah. I’m glad to have you here, as well. And sounds like you’re doing a lot. We were talking a little bit before we started recording. You’re traveling the world and you’ve got all of these titles that are very respectful. I want to know about all of them. But, what were you doing just prior to taking on your entrepreneurial ventures?

Ashlee: Oh, wow. Well, what I can say is, I’ve always been an entrepreneur since the age of 18. I just had little hourly jobs here and there. Working from Domino’s, then I end up … I’m a licensed hair stylist. I was working almost every hair salon you can think of. Then after that, I decided to get a job with Amazon working from home. So that was pretty awesome. But then I end up getting a property management job at a big property management company in Atlanta that my husband actually was working for as a real estate agent.

That was actually the job that really got me involvement to real estate, a little hands on. And then I decided to become an entrepreneur full-time after I was begging for a dollar raise and I didn’t get it. I was like, “You know what? If I’m begging for a dollar … like, this is ridiculous. You know what? I’m just going to go full throttle.” And I made a decision to just go full throttle being an entrepreneur. No looking back. And I haven’t looked back since.

Matt: Sweet.

An investor, author, real estate investment coach, Shopify coach, NLP Coach, which title are you most proud of, and why?

Ashlee: I would say I’m most proud of being a freedom lifestyle investor. I’m really proud of that because the word freedom lifestyle goes way beyond just being free, financial freedom. It goes way beyond that. It creates legacy. It creates everlasting wealth. And freedom can go … mentally freedom, it can be physical freedom, not limiting yourself. And so for me, that is really powerful for me because I remember being captive.

You know, I thought about entrepreneurship. I didn’t know how far I was going to go. I didn’t know how deep it went as far as really the self-awareness and the mindset that you have to go through. And so for me, the word freedom just really screams at me. And that’s also my mission with my family. We really go forward in having a freedom lifestyle. So for me, that title is more important than any of the other titles. They’re great and all. They’re nice credentials, but a freedom lifestyle investor really just speaks of who I am as a person and also as a business owner as well. That’s my very proudest title that I have.

Matt: That’s great.

What’s your investment of choice that you believe is going to fulfill and provide that freedom for you?

Ashlee: What I could say, real estate was the thing that actually created a freedom lifestyle for me and my family. And so that was the major one. As far as the other things that you listed, life coaching, NLP, and also Forex, cryptocurrency, those things are great investments to invest in, but as far as creating financial freedom, I would just believe that real estate’s definitely the key to that.

Matt: I totally agree.

What’s your primary focus today? We talked a little bit before we started recording, as I had mentioned. And you’re traveling. Right now, you’re in where?

Ashlee: I’m in Bali, Indonesia actually, right now. I’ve been here for almost 30 days. I’m actually leaving on Sunday to go to the Philippines. I came here from Thailand. I was in Thailand for six months, and we had so much fun there. It was really great to meet different people. I met a lot of builders. We’re actually interested in doing an investment with a condominium there. We wanted to build. We thought we had all these great ideas and then we realized the laws aren’t in our favor. So it kicked us back just a little bit. But in the meanwhile, we ended up meeting a lot of connections, and actually found builders that we think would be great for our project that we’re thinking about building in Atlanta. And just a lot of different things that they have in Thailand that really just gave us an open perspective of building and creating legacy. Because in Thailand they build to carry on. And so you don’t want to build something and then it’s gone in a few years. You want to continue to have that as long as you can.

And so, we’ve been traveling. Of course, we were all over Asia. We are leaving to go to the Philippines. I’m so excited about just the different agriculture, different type of a feel towards energy. And also, you know, people have different work ethic. And so we’re looking for a great work ethic, especially because we have a bigger company and we want to go even bigger, and just really getting key components to be able to build successfully in the United States. So we had to travel outside to see what they’re doing that’s causing great trends and move forward.

Matt: Got it.

I get the emotional drive and how it’s making you feel going outside the country like that. But, is there something a little bit more strategic or tactical about you looking outside of where you live? Where it was originally via Atlanta. Here, stateside is what I’m talking about.

Ashlee: Yeah. Of course. The real technical or the really step-by-step of what I was looking for when I came out here was a different way to do things. Of course, when you are in the United States, you hire a construction company. You may go ahead and start building. It’s different ways that you can build. Of course, you can do a fix and flip, you can build from scratch where you have to purchase the land. And sometimes with the United States, we overspend.

We overspend in a lot of different areas versus a minimalist country. They can’t really spend as much money but they still get the job done. So I was interested to figure out, “How do you get the job done with less money and still have the luxury feel?” And sometimes, building luxury, of course, is even more money. And then not only is it more money, it’s more planning and it’s very thorough. So you have to go through a lot of the city laws and negotiate with the city, especially when you’re trying to build something that’s out of the box.

And so, because Thailand has built something that’s out of the box, I wanted to kind of try to take what they did and replicate it into the United States. However, I had to go to the actual Thailand to see how they did it, meet their builders, figure out as far as the numbers, how much, how they’re spending on products. I just really wanted to see how they did it in a minimalist budget, and also building minimalist condos. I mean, it’s crazy how Thailand has conquered with just building studio condos. So I just wanted to know how they did that, and you know, they had their little tactics. So that was the technical part that I wanted to learn.

Matt: Sweet.

Ashlee: Yeah.

Matt: So, what have you found to be … through the various countries and everything that you’ve experienced, I mean, shoot, sounds like you’ve already experienced a great deal, what have you found most surprising from the countries that you’ve visited?

Ashlee: The most surprising, I would say, is the country’s receptiveness to me. Of course when you’re going to a different country for the first time … it’s my first time coming out the country, and so you never know how they treat Americans, and that’s just a specific thing because sometimes they have this outlook on Americans that we’re super-rich and we have this great life, you know, they have a different mentality towards you. Which is a lot different than what I get in the United States. When you’re in the United States, everybody is from the United States so you really-

Matt: Right.

Ashlee: … don’t get that extra attention or explanation, or respect. I feel like, as soon as I touched down in Asia it was an instant respect level. And then, the energy. Because they are a meditation country … especially here in Asia, they meditate a lot. They focus really on their inner peace and their self-awareness. I feel like that’s a little bit of a difference.

Besides that, it’s definitely the agriculture, the architecture of a lot of the buildings. A lot of things are handmade like I said. And so, that’s a lot different. We have cement over there. We have poles and stuff. We have machines for every little thing. And they don’t really have that. I saw it with my own eyes, they had like, three machines, and it was only for a few days and it was to carry the most heaviest things ever. Other than that, there was a team of people in trucks. Maybe like, 20 Thai people carrying and putting in the foundations with their hand. They’re putting every little piece in by hand, securing it by hand.

And so for me, it’s a little bit different because we have a lot of machines. And you know, there’s a lot of different ways we could do it which is quicker. And it is stable, but as far as having that handwork, it just makes it a lot different in the agriculture. I just think it was a lot of differences but those are the two major ones for me.

Matt: Got it.

Ashlee: Yeah.

Matt: Of the countries that you’ve visited thus far, and you’ve researched the investments of real estate there, which one are you most optimistic about so far?

Ashlee: Well, I say Thailand because I really enjoy Thailand. Even though I’m in Bali, I love Thailand. It just really spoke to me. In Thailand, especially in a lot of the Asian countries that are on the bottom of Southeast Asia, they have little islands on the outside. And so, to me, it was optimistic for me to invest into an island because an island, you’re able to build on top of it.

They had a lot of islands where it’s a tourist area. You’re able to go from the mainland to the islands. And so they build upon it. They have a lot of hotels, maybe condos. And then you have people travel there on a boat. It takes about 20 minutes to get there. It cost us 30 baht, which is like 75 cents in U.S.D. to travel to an island.

And so, when I went there to go look, it had gorgeous water, and also it had a lot of building. It didn’t have too much to where you’re overlooking the island part. So I was very optimistic about purchasing an island and building from there and seeing what we can do with that. And so, that was really optimistic for the course with the island. And just land, you’ve got to think about the actual land itself with the water being around all sides. Then, also, working with that country or wherever you’re trying to build, or where that island is located, working with that as far as business and taxes and making sure that it’s flowing consistently. Also, with the groundwork, is it even possible to build on? That’s always a question. How are you going to build on it? How are you going to bring income in on that island?

Matt: Right.

Ashlee: And so it is creating that. It’s a little bit optimist and a lot more work. But I’m very optimistic about it and I think I may move forward. So we’ll see.

Matt: Awesome.

What’s next? Where are you heading off to next before you come back home?

Ashlee: I’m going to the Philippines next. I leave on Sunday to go to the Philippines for 30 days. I’m interested to go there. I’ve never been there before. They have a lot of different building of course, in that area. Especially in Manila. And that’s where we’re flying into, which is one of the main cities there. They’re building the cities up really quickly. They have a lot of malls, a lot of tourist areas. People are starting to visit that area a lot more. They’re trying to change it up to be more available and different options for tourists to visit.

I’m not really interested in real estate investing there. However, I’m open to it. And I’m only saying that because I’ve never been there before, number one. And number two, they have a lot of different building already going on and I don’t feel like it would be lucrative for me to do that. And also, their laws are a little bit different as well.

I’m excited about it.

Matt: So it’s off to the Philippines and then you’re coming back to the United States?

Ashlee: Not yet.

Matt: All right.

Ashlee: We’ve got some more places lined up.

Matt: Okay.

Ashlee: After the Philippines, we may go to Cambodia, then after Cambodia, we may visit Thailand just one more time since we want to try and do some business there. Then after that, we’re probably going to go somewhere in South America. Maybe Peru or Panama. Then after that, we’re really not sure yet where we’re going to go from there. But that’s kind of like our plan for next month.

Matt: Got it.

So still, a lot more to see, a lot more to learn.

Ashlee: Of course. Of course.

Matt: Up to this point, let’s try and get really practical so that we can give the people listening to something that maybe they can implement.

Ashlee: Sure.

Matt: Are there two or three things that you can think of that you’ve learned over there that you’ll definitely deploy when you return home to [00:12:15] on your investment?

Ashlee: Yes. First I have learned that less is more. Of course with real estate investing you try to throw yourself … especially when you’re new like I came into real estate investing by doing wholesale real estate. And then when I went through wholesale, I end up starting finding other avenues to do real estate as well. Like, lease options or fix and flips. And then, I went outside of that and said, “Oh, well now I have a little bit of money. How can I invest this in real estate?”

And so, coming out here, I learned that less is more. I felt like I was giving myself a lot; to projects, to people, a lot of my energy away and not receiving that energy back. And so, for me, less is really more and I learned that out here. You have less resources and still be able to do more. You don’t need more resources to do more. Work with what you have. It’s always a solution to every problem. I learned that as well. It may not be what you want. It may not look like how you want it, but it’s still going to get the job done. As long as you get there, it doesn’t matter.

So for me, having a freedom lifestyle, it can mean all different types of ways. As long as you get to the freedom lifestyle, you’re good. So if you want to take real estate there, if you want to have a Shopify store and get there, you want to do Forex in getting there, as long as you get to the freedom lifestyle, that’s so much more important. Because when you have that freedom lifestyle, you have unlimited wealth. That means you can do whatever your heart desires.

That’s why I’m able to do what I’m doing now. I’ve been away for seven months. I plan on probably even not going back for a few years, just traveling. But I’m able to do that with creating a freedom lifestyle and investing my money, as well.

And that’s the third thing I’ve learned, to invest your money consistently. You know, with me being an investor, of course you would think, “Oh, you know, I can invest consistently.” But I was just starting. Now, I’ve been investing three to four years, I’ve been investing consistently. At the beginning, I really didn’t know, like, okay, should I invest once a year? What projects should I invest in? Should I invest in startups? Should I not invest in startups? But as an investor, you have to kind of learn where you are. Do you want to invest in startups? Me, personally, I don’t invest in startups. I want to see a little skin in the game. I want to see that you went a little bit further and actually tried to do something. Now, as far as the numbers are concerned, we can work with that. I just want to make sure that you have that work ethic and that grind. And so I learned that you have to go a little bit further and be consistent in your investing style, whatever that may be. And also, do things that break borders.

For me, especially being a woman in real estate, I’m always creative. I have different ideas that may seem a little out the box. But I still go into the meeting headstrong. As long as you know for sure what you’re presenting, how you’re presenting it, and also the results that you’re going to get, you’re pretty much good to go. So just make sure that you’re creating new trends because the real estate industry is changing consistently. Every industry, every business is actually changing consistently. Especially with marketing and different avenues, it’s always changing. Just make sure that you keep getting that knowledge, educating yourself.

I feel like I’ve learned there so much. I think I got stuck in the United States, in the way that they do things and the way that they have taught us to think to where I really wasn’t being active enough. I felt like I wasn’t being active enough. Even though I felt like I was doing everything I could. I came over here, and these people are hustlers. They work every day, all day, from morning to night. They don’t sleep. They keep going and going and they will sell you a million times over on the same thing.

I’ve learned more on the negotiation practice of being over here. So there’s a lot of different things that I’ve learned that I can pass on. But my major thing would be always negotiating. No matter what you’re negotiating on. It can just be negotiating on a book. You know, somebody has a book that you want and you really need it, negotiate and get that book. You know, barter, do something. Nothing should ever stop you. There’s always a solution to every single thing.

Matt: That’s right. Sweet.

Ashlee, it’s been a absolute pleasure. I really enjoyed listening to you. You got a great energy. I’m so glad that we’ve crossed paths where we did. Thank you for showing up.

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, what would be the best way for them to do that?

Ashlee: Sure.

You can follow me on my Instagram @AshleeNycole, which is A-S-H-L-E-E-N-Y-C-O-L-E, or my website,, which is spelled the same way as my Instagram. Or, if you’re looking to invest or if you’re an investor yourself, and if you’re just simply just investing in yourself, you can follow us on our site.

You can actually create a profile there and we actually give you free tools. We give you a seven-day jumpstart program for real estate. It’s a detailed seven-day class being able to learn real estate investing if you don’t know. Also if you’re angel investing, looking for angel investing, all types of investing tools, we offer that as well. As far as the tools that we use to be successful and we operate on our site are free. You can just come there at So you always can see me on those three platforms.

Matt: Sweet.

Well, good luck with your travels, and I’ll talk to-

Ashlee: Thank you.

Matt: … you soon, all rightey?

You bet.

Ashlee: All right, perfect.

Matt: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Ashlee: Have a great one.

Matt: Thanks. Yeah, you, too.

Thanks for tuning in to Epic Real Estate Investing. God bless to your success. I’ll see you next week on another episode of Thought Leader Thursday. Take care.