No Walmart Greetings from Me! – Brian Campbell [REI Ace Case Study] | 502

No Walmart Greetings from Me! – Brian Campbell [REI Ace Case Study] | 502

Brian Campbell

Meet Brian Campbell, one of the very first REI Ace students and Matt’s great friend! Discover what Brian wanted to achieve, what 3 parts of the REI Ace program had the biggest impact on him, and who should join the REI Ace program and why.

Brian Campbell

What You Will Learn About No Walmart Greetings from Me! – Brian Campbell [REI Ace Case Study]:

  • What markets Brian is in
  • When Matt and Brian met, what Brian wanted to achieve and what problems he was facing
  • What 3 parts of the REI Ace program had the most significant impact on Brian
  • What results Brian Campbell has achieved from the moment he started to work with Matt and,
  • How these results have impacted him personally
  • Why Brian almost did not join the REI Ace
  • Who should join the REI Ace program and why

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Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Matt Theriault: Yeah, what’s up? Hello and welcome to The Epic Real Estate Investing Show, where we meet here each and every week, to help everyday people escape the rat race using real estate, so thank you. Thank you for listening to the show. You can stay connected with us here by hitting the subscribe button, you’ll never miss an episode. We’re here six days a week now. You can stay connected with us on Instagram. I invite you to go find us over there at Epic Real Estate and check out the new and improved YouTube channel, by going to where the video versions of the podcasts are uploaded each and every week as well.

All righty, got a very special episode for you today. It’s very special to me, very near and dear to my heart, as my guest is one of our very first REI Ace clients. He was right there at the beginning where we decided, hey, they say knowledge is power, but it’s really, knowledge is just really potential power. Not until you apply that knowledge does it really make a difference, right?

We kind of just turn the whole approach to creating badass real estate investors upside down, and started, it’s just focusing more on the doing, less of the learning and it was a little bit of an experiment in the beginning, but it’s turned out to be just a gosh, an unbelievable success far exceed our expectations, as we’ve been able to share so many more successful case studies since then, and this is one of the very first people that put his trust in us to go ahead and let’s do this the right way, and I think the interview is long overdue.

I felt he was very successful, pretty much right out the gate, but he didn’t feel that way. He really experienced some real success, some real results before he really wanted to share. He needed to feel it himself as he’ll so freely admit. He’s pretty hard on himself when a business fails to meet his expectations, but he grinds it out. He sticks with it, he stuck with it and because he did, and because he does and continues to do, because he has a great story to share, and he agreed finally to join me on the show and share his story with you, so please help me welcome to the show, Mr. Brian Campbell. Brian, welcome to Epic Real Estate Investing.

Brian Campbell: Hey Matt, thank you. It’s great to be here. I feel like I’ve really arrived. I’ve listened to your podcast for a long time and now I’m being interviewed by you. That’s pretty special. Thank you.

Matt: Yeah, it’s always special when I get to have these conversations, because I just enjoy talking to people that do what they say they’re going to do, what they’re committed to doing, and my favorite thing is just to help people that want to help themselves and that’s you, buddy, so congratulations and I’m honored to be with you as well.

Brian: Yeah, so if I was one of the first, then that means I’m old.

Matt: Yeah, right? But you brush your hair for the occasion, you put on a clean shirt, you look fantastic.

Brian: Well, you should have seen me a little bit ago. I came from a rehab and I was priming drywall, so you can imagine what I looked like, with a [crosstalk 00:03:30].

Matt: Right. Brian, what market are you in?

Brian: Well, I’m in two markets. My local market is here in Mason City, Iowa, the Midwest, it’s the northern part of Iowa. We are right in between Minneapolis, St. Paul or two hours south of Minneapolis, St. Paul and two hours north of Des Moines, so that’s my local market. Then I also am investing in Des Moines, a market two hours away with a partner, so.

Matt: Fantastic. Fantastic. When we met, I … I don’t know, it was about 18 months ago now I guess, right? About a year and a half ago?

Brian: Yeah. It’s June. A year ago June. I think so.

Matt: We’re pretty close to that, exactly. When we met, what did you want to achieve at or what problem were you facing?

Brian: Well, I was just retiring from a 34 year teaching career and I had gone through a divorce a few years ago that caused me to cash out my Ipers, my teacher retirement benefit, so I was faced with a financial situation that was looking pretty bleak, so that’s the main driving force behind connecting with you Matt, was trying to get my financial future in a better position.

Matt: Got it. What would it have meant to you if you were unable to change that?

Brian: Looking at working at Walmart, or something, doing something that I probably, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed as much as I do real estate investing for sure. All the things that come with the financial benefits that the real estate provides us, I wouldn’t have that, so. It was looking pretty bleak.

Matt: Yeah. I can actually relate Brian. I wasn’t even expecting this. I don’t know if this has ever happened before, but it took me back immediately to where I had to start over in life and when I went out and looked around to see what my options were, it was bagging groceries, and that took me right there a second ago, and actually, I feel it emotionally, so I’m glad we crossed paths, I’m glad we were able to find each other.

Brian: Yeah.

Matt: What three parts of the REI Ace program had the biggest impact for you?

Brian: Well, the first thing I guess I’d say, listening to podcasts and being a researcher and an analyzer, that kind of thing, the systems aspect of my business, I was investing, I started investing in 2006, really didn’t have much of a clue other than a lot of education with books and podcasts and that kind of thing.

When you hear about how important systems are and I’m one that spends a considerable amount of money on education and until I came across you and the Epic team, I really didn’t fully understand systems, so I would say that would be the first thing was helping me develop the systems that I needed to run my business.

The second thing, just your team I guess, how you guys welcomed [marilee 00:07:22] and myself and how you guys were responsive to us and what we needed, so that really stands out as it just, we knew we were at the right place when we sat down with you guys for our couple of days, and then as we continued on in communicating after that.

I guess the third thing Matt, would be you. I don’t want to give you the big head, but you know-

Matt: Too late.

Brian: Yeah. It’s clear to me that you want me to be successful, and you clearly communicated that to me. We don’t spend as much time near like we did when I first got started, but you’ve made it very clear to me that you want to help me and that we’re friends, and that really means a lot to me.

We don’t communicate as much is because through working with Epic and through the kind of a journey that I’ve been on, is I don’t have the questions. I know. I mean, I don’t know all of the answers, but I know a good deal when I see one, and if I do have a question, I know I can ask, but as a result of this journey I’ve been on, I’ve kind of been able to figure some things out and I’m really grateful for that.

Matt: Yeah, it’s kind of how the typical flow works. There’s a lot of interaction in the beginning and then you become self-sufficient. Some of the conversations that you and I have had along the way have been more around … I don’t know, a lot of our conversations Brian, I mean you seem very up and chipper today, but we’ve had some conversations when you were kind of down and depressed and maybe not depressed, but discouraged, a little frustrated and I was always walking away from our conversations like, “Why is he so discouraged? He’s doing amazingly well, he’s having great success,” so what results have you achieved since we’ve been able to work together?

Brian: Well, I think part of those, going back to your comment, part of that is because I get comfortable and I get lazy and when that happens I get hard on myself. I know there’s so much more I could be doing, so that can be a real challenge for me is that comfort level, where the bills are paid, there’s some money coming in and I’ve worked hard all day, working on a rehab, and I just kind of want to chill. That could be not always a good thing when you’re doing real estate.

Matt: Right. That is the goal though and that’s where you’ve gotten, so just share with me what your results have been and what does your business look like today?

Brian:  The business today is I have my local market here in Mason City. We’ve got, since working with Epic, I don’t know how many deals that we’ve done here locally, but we’ve done quite a few and those are primarily bought and holds here in Mason City. I just took a purchase agreement to the bank today for three bedrooms, one and a half bath that I was able to negotiate a $10,000.00 decrease in the purchase price.

We’ve got a rehab that I’m working on. Got another property on the market here in Mason City for sale, and we’ve got I think, right at 20 properties that we have as rentals, or that we have sold on contract. I talked to a guy today, his dad wants to sell I think 18 rental properties. He’s a landlord, his health is getting bad.

Then in the Des Moines area, I think since we’ve started with you guys, I think we’ve had 10 properties that we’ve purchased. We primarily wholesale or wholetail those properties.

Matt: Got it.

Brian: We’ve got one that’s being rehab and then we’ve got another one under contract. We’ve got quite a few in the pipeline there, so it’s fast and furious for sure.

Matt: Yeah, so I guess we count back, it’s what? 14, 15 months working together, that’s 30 deals that at least under a contract and the pipeline is full, right? Would that be fair?

Brian: The rentals that I’ve got here of the 20 some properties, I started acquiring them in 2006.

Matt: Got it.

Brian: Since working with you guys, I’m guessing 15. [inaudible 00:12:17] Des Moines and probably five here locally. Those I buy houses truck magnets are gold here.

Matt: Yes. I tell people about your story with your magnets all the time. So many people are afraid to put them on because they kind of mess up the look of the car. You don’t look good and that addiction to looking good gets in people’s way of success and Brian, you just go out there and you just do it. You get up and go to work every day and you’re getting the results.

So let’s see, we got 15 there and another five there, so 20 deals. 20 deals as a result since we started working together. How has that impacted you personally?

Brian: Well, Marilee and I have really started to get serious about a lake home. That’s our dream. It’s not really clear to me at what point I’ll be able to do that. I know we’ve had a conversation about that, but that’s what this has done for us, it’s moved us in that direction to where we’re not worrying about finances near like we used to.

Matt: Right. I remember that conversation. That wasn’t too long ago and we kind of ran down the numbers and what your options were and you’re actually not that far away, right?

Brian: Right.

Matt: Yeah, I know you’re really close.

Brian: Yeah.

Matt: Super. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of this journey with you and I just thank you for following the advice and just putting it to work and then coming on here and sharing the results of what that looks like. Can you complete this sentence for me? I almost didn’t join REI Ace because …

Brian: Money. The cost. I’ve made a lot of progress I think with money issues and money fears. That was, been a huge fear of mine for a long time. It was a significant investment to get started. That was the big hurdle. We had to find our way from Iowa to L.A. We pulled the trigger and we certainly don’t regret it.

Matt:  That’s awesome. Great. Who would you recommend REI Ace to and why?

Brian: For me, coaching is critical. I’m an ex-coach, I used to coach most sports in high school when I was teaching. I just know the value of a coach. Someone that can … who’s been there, done it. There’s a lot of people who say that they’re coaches and market themselves as coaches, but I think you got to be careful and I really spent a lot of time looking at different coaching opportunities and I tried some other opportunities before I found you guys, but the person that is, if they are, it’s clear to them that they are committed and that they will do what you guys tell them to do. If a person can sit down and come to grips with that and know that they’re going to take the actions that are specifically laid out, it’s for those people.

Matt: Right. Awesome. Well Brian, thank you so much for your time and tearing yourself away from your rehab and thanks for taking a shower for us. You look great. It’s been a pleasure in this journey and I know our time has officially expired together and I’m glad that you said what you said earlier. It’s come through loud and clear that we are friends and the door is always opened, the phone is always on for you. If you need anything, let me know.

Brian: Mm-hmm (affirmative). I appreciate that very much, Matt.

Matt: You bet Brian. All righty, so if you’d like to do deals if you’d like to build wealth, and create the passive income that’s going to provide for your future like Brian, keep listening to the show. We do this each and every day of the week now, and just stay tuned here and you’ll get what you get and it’s always available to you. If you like to go fast like Brian, you can go to I will see you next week. To your success, God bless. I’m Matt Theriault, living the dream.