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New Lead Generation Strategies

If you are worried that the new marketing challenges are going to leave you behind, we have a solution! Today, we are talking about the new lead generation strategies, which are going to fuel your business. Learn how to do direct mailing differently, why you should be a helpful professional, and how to use Facebook to get your leads.

New Lead Generation Strategies

WhatYou Will Learn About New Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate Investors:

  • What the REI Ace Framework is
  • What the lead is
  • Why hunting for leads is a big deal right now
  • How to fish for leads
  • What your new letter should say
  • Check out our new channel for the extended series on the new lead generation strategies
  • Why you should educate the market
  • Why you want to be a helpful professional
  • How a free book does wonders
  • How to use Facebook to get your leads
  • Why you should commit to this strategy for at least 30 days
  • What the 3 new lead generation strategies have in common
  • Where you can get the framework that we’re using to create these strategies

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All right, I got a great show for you today. I’ve got some new lead generation strategies for you today and really this is the future of lead generation as we know it. Here’s what I mean by that. You see, with more advertisements and marketing being thrown at consumers than ever before, and with Facebook and the Google, that big company, you might have heard of it, the email delivery challenges, the FCC regulations. They’re all really hypersensitive right now to privacy and maximizing the user experience. It’s really getting, it’s getting tougher and tougher for marketers and advertisers to cut through, to cut through all the noise. I mean, everywhere you go, there’s an advertisement placed in front of you. You’ve got to cut through that and you’ve got to be able to navigate all these regulations that are being thrust upon us, just to penetrate the evolving BS detector of the consumer. There’s another challenge, right? The consumer is getting more and more sophisticated, they’re getting smarter. Your marketing has to change with everything. It’s got to evolve with the times or you’re gonna get left behind?

This right here, this is the future of lead generation as we know it. It has always worked, but as we move forward, it’s shaping up to be the only way that’s going to work. These new lead generation strategies, they come from the most recent discoveries in our REI Ace framework. It’s this REI Ace framework that we use to help frustrated and unfulfilled professionals, overall, people just tired of their jobs. We use this framework to help them build part-time and full-time real estate investing businesses. Now, when it comes to generating leads, it’s gonna be the fuel that drives your business, any business for that matter. Real estate is no different.

There are two ways that leads have always been generated. First of all, what’s a lead? Well, a lead for us, it’s someone that owns the property and you’ve got a phone number and an email. That’s a real lead. Okay? You have a way to contact them. They have to own a house and you have to have a way to contact them. There’s your lead, right? There have always been two ways to find leads. The first I like to call hunting for leads. Like knock on doors, maybe networking, cold-calling. That’s a big deal right now. It’s amazing to see how this has come back so recently in such a strong and robust way. I mean when I got started, this is what we did, but that Do Not call List came along in the middle of that. It was such a thing of the time to be scared of. Everyone’s, ooh, ooh, the Do Not Call List, the Do Not Call List. Essentially just everyone’s stopped cold calling. Now, I guess that fear has totally dissipated. Everyone’s forgot about the Do Not Call List. With the advancement of the robo-dialers, they say in mid-2019, more than 40% of all phone calls made are going to be made by a robo-dialer, a random cold calling robo-dialer.

That’s not gonna last too much longer, by the way. I don’t know if you’ve been watching the news, but the FCC is all over that right now. I think it’s the beginning of the end for this type of marketing. It’s the beginning of the end of the robo-dialer. It’s beginning and the end of, I don’t know, I think cold calling as well. Just because, I mean, there was such resistance against cold calling, what was it, 11, 12 years ago when they came out with the Do Not Call List. Now people have just, they’ve just forgotten it and then they’ve thrown cold calling back into the mix with such intensity that I think that resistance is going to be matched with that same intensity.

So if you’re using a robo-dialer right now, I don’t know, double down on it while you still can. Also, while the other thing to consider, is doubled down on it while the public is still somewhat receptive to it. I know personally, I’m at the point if you call me and your name isn’t in my phone, it’s not getting answered because I know most likely it’s one of this robo-dialing, cold calling, recording machines. Yeah. I think the window is very narrow on this. If you’re using it and you’re still getting good results, keep doing it. Do it as much as you possibly can because you’re not gonna be able to do that too much longer. My opinion. I’m just reading the news. So as long as it’s not fake news, I’m gonna tend to agree with that just because I know the frustration and the annoyance that it is. When you get into the group of people big enough that share that same annoyance, things are going to be done about it and it’s being done. All righty?

That’s the first way to generate leads, hunting for them. The second way leads have always been generated, I like to call fishing for leads, where you have your fishing pole, you put some bait on it, you throw it in the water. You dangle some sort of bait in front of your prospect, enticing them to call you, and you do that through marketing. You do that through advertising like online classifieds or the newspaper, direct mail, bandit signs. Nothing new there either. Hunting’s been done forever, the fishing has been done forever. What is new is the bait for the fishing. It’s this bait that is the future of the lead generation. Based on everything I just shared with you, it really can’t go any other way. Times are really, man, times are just seriously changing. Just not the times, but people are changing as well.

As marketers, we have to change with it. If we don’t change ourselves, we are going to get left behind. If you don’t believe me, this advice is coming from someone that was in the music business and ignored that digital download. If you don’t believe me, go ask a taxi driver that’s transferred on to becoming an Uber driver, or the whole hotel industry on how they are fighting against Airbnb. Times are changing, all right? So the marketing is changing as well. The message that we have to send out has to change with that. I’m gonna give you some practical examples of this new bait. Okay? That’s exactly what we’re using right now to dominate our market for our clients, to help them find motivated sellers that nobody else is finding.

All righty, so I’m gonna walk you through three examples. All right? First one, let’s look at direct mail. Okay? Direct mail is, contrary to popular belief and what people are saying, yeah, direct mail response did take a little bit of a dip. Because it did and because that’s been in the ether that direct mail doesn’t work anymore, it doesn’t work like it used to, a lot of people have stopped direct mail. Every time someone says this doesn’t work anymore, that’s kind of a clue as to that’s why you should do more of it now when everyone else is gonna stop doing it.

Let’s look at direct mail though. I think it has to be done a little differently, even at that if you’re going to still do it. Instead of sending just the same old postcard or the same yellow letter that everyone is sending, consider a longer form letter but written from a more personal perspective. From a more helpful perspective. Imagine when you’re writing all of your content, all of your advertisements, everything, think of it very personally. Think of it as if you were sitting across the table from a really good friend and you’re letting them in on, I don’t know, a secret, or you’re letting them in on some important information that could really help them.

Just that one to one, face to face type of communication. You’re sitting at a table up with a good friend at say a Starbucks, and you’re discussing the sale of their home and how they can make it happen easily and quickly. You’re just kinda having this one to one conversation over a cup of coffee. Put yourself in that mindset because most marketers, they’ll operate as if they were standing on top of that table and screaming at everybody in the store trying to capture everybody. If that’s been your approach, stop doing that. Stop doing that and do this instead.

We start our new letter off with a basic headline like this, and it’s very straightforward. If you need to sell your house fast, read this. So that’s the top of our letter. It goes on. Here, I’ll just read it for you. It says, “Hi, friends. Sometimes you’ve just got to sell your house fast, but then you’ve got all of these things to be concerned with like flashy real estate guys trying to low ball you, trying to steal your property from you, trying to convince you that your house isn’t worth anything, what have you. Well, you don’t have to deal with any of that. No one should have to. If you’re looking to sell your house fast and you don’t want to deal with someone that’s going to put all kinds of high pressure on you and try to trick you, then give me a call. I can’t guarantee I’ll buy your house, but I can guarantee I’ll offer you a fair price on it. I can also guarantee that our experience together will be beneficial to you regardless because you’ll get a good idea of what to expect going through the process. There’ll be no surprises.”

“I buy houses pretty regularly, but I can’t buy them all. In the event I can’t buy yours, worst case scenario, I’ll give you some free advice on how to navigate the situation, what to expect, what to watch out. At the very least, let’s hop on the phone to discuss.” All right? So that’s the gist. That’s what our letter says. It doesn’t really need to say anything more than that. Can you tell the difference in that messaging? It’s just something very straight-forward. It’s transparent, it’s helpful, and it’s talking to them in the same way that you yourself would want to be talked to.

See, you and I, we both know that the only way, I mean if you talk to more than one motivated seller, if you’ve closed more than one deal, you know that the only way someone’s going to work with you is that if they sincerely believe that you are the answer to their problem, right? We’re problem solvers. They got a problem and the only way they’re going to work with you is because they sincerely believe that you’re the one for the job. If they believe you can actually help them, they’re going to do business with you.

Over the last 24 months or so, we have shifted our messaging to demonstrate that we can help distressed property owners by actually helping them. We have shifted all that messaging and we’re showing them, hey, we can help you, and we’re gonna show you that we can help you because we’re actually gonna help you right now writing. All righty? Here’s another example. By the way, if this is clicking for you, you want to know that I’ll be running an extended series on these lead generation strategies that we’re using here. I’ll be releasing them several every week on our YouTube channel. You can go to So it’s like Epic Real Estate Investing.TV, but the Real Estate Investing is abbreviated. It’s EpicREI, and it’s .TV. It’s not .com, it’s not net, it’s not .org. It’s .TV. All righty? So if you’d like to be first in line when I released these, go to, click subscribe, and then the click that little notification bell so that you get the memo as soon as they are available.

Here’s another one, and it’s based around a philosophy that Mercedes and I, we’ve been using this philosophy for more than a decade. Someone very near and dear to our heart, someone very valuable to us, someone very impactful and influential on our business shared this with us. Boy, it is just, I don’t know, I think it’s probably more relevant and effective today than it was back then when we started using it. It’s this philosophy. It’s the philosophy that says those that educate the market, dominate the market. Those that educate the market, dominate the market. One of the things that we used to do was we had a couple little meet-up groups on and we’d hold little events, and we’d hold foreclosure events. We would hold short sale events. We would hold how to sell your house fast without a real estate agent events.

We’d do these little types of events where people would come that had this problem or wanted our information, and we actually got to help them by actually helping them. We’ve got to show them how we could help them by actually helping them. We’d always get one or two people out of there that would become clients and the rest would just go about their business. They take the information, and who knows what they did with it. The whole point was being, is that those that educate the market, dominate the market. So we just held these little educational events. One of our favorite things to do has always been to hand out free books. We’d hand out these free books at these events. I mean, I’ve got stacks and stacks of some of my favorites in my office.

What we would do, is when we’d meet with a seller and say a deal there or like a deal wasn’t to be had at the moment, but you still felt like there might be something there. There was a connection that you should follow-up. What we’d do, is we’d always give them a free book, and it’d be a free book around the idea of what we’re talking about. I actually just wrote a brand new book called No Agent Needed. I just had the physical copies delivered here to the office, so it’s brand new. No, he didn’t need it. I wrote this book with a group of friends for this very purpose because that’s how well it works, and I got so tired of handing out everybody else’s books. You can use it to, for the very same thing. It’s a very helpful book for property owners that want to sell their house without an agent. In the book, it includes everything that they need to know to make it happen. We don’t hold anything back. There are no secrets. It’s not like, hey, you gotta go to this website to get the rest of the information or anything like that. It gives them everything that they need to know to make that happen.

But, it also shows the reader if you don’t want to go through all that work, here’s how you find an investor to buy your house quickly for cash, should they decide to sell their property on their own it’s still gonna be too much trouble. Right? Either way, the book is really helpful to the seller, which means you who gave them the book, is a helpful person. A helpful professional. They remember that. Because they remember you and like you for giving them the book and trust you because you really tried to help them, when they opt-out of the idea of selling their property on their own, which most of them eventually will do, and they decided to opt-in to looking for an investor to give them a quick and easy cash offer, who are they going to call? They’re gonna call the person that they like and trust, and that’s you.

The free book has always worked wonders for us and I’m telling you, it’s more effective right now than it has been ever. So there’s two. We’ve changed our direct mail of it. Another thing about the direct mail is really look at your mailing piece. We all like postcards, right? We all like postcards because they’re cheaper and we can hit a bunch more people with those postcards. But start thinking differently about your direct mail and the way of how you’re going to stand out in someone’s mailbox. If everyone’s just gonna send the same sized postcard that’s amongst the three or four same colors, and of the same three or four designs, that’s not standing out. Right? Think about your direct mail, not only in changing your message, making it personal, and showing that you can help them by actually helping them. Think about what you can do to make it stand out.

Okay. We’re kinda shifting back towards letters a little bit, and just ’cause we can make letters and envelopes look a little bit differently than all the postcards and all the other mail that the people receive. All right. So there’s two. So one is the direct mail shift. Second is those that educate the market, dominate the market. The free book thing is a great way. The free events is another great way.

Here’s another one that’s working really well for us. It’s on Facebook and we record and publish a helpful video. I think I touched on this a little bit a few months ago, but we’re doubling down on it because it is working really well. These helpful videos, we’ve got a bunch of them, but one that is working really well right now, just as an example, is how to evict a problem tenant in five easy steps. Okay? How to evict a problem tenant in five easy steps. Nothing fancy. We just simply walk the viewer through five easy steps to evicting problem tenants. There’s no real branding on it, there’s no call to action. It’s strictly educational. It almost comes across as a public service announcement. There’s no phone number to call, there’s no link to click. It’s just a helpful video.

We post the video and then we’ll go ahead and we’ll just boost it for five, 10 bucks a day in the zip code that we’re working in. Then we just kinda sit back and just watch the ad to see who interacts with it. All right? Who’s gonna interact with how to evict a problem tenant in five easy steps? It’s probably gonna be an absentee owner, a landlord who’s got some problem tenants, who got a little bit of pain and would like to do it in five easy steps. Right? That’s where most of us are identifying and trying to mail to anyway, are absentee owners, right? This is how we’re finding them on Facebook, are they watched the video. Okay?

We just kind of check on it a few times a day and when someone likes it or when someone comments on it, and people, believe it or not, they’ll even tag their friends on it in the comment section. They might not be the frustrated landlord with a bad tenant, but they know someone who is so they share that information with us. Who would most likely be liking, commenting, or being tagged on this video? Right? First, it’s gonna be the people that appreciate the advice, people that would want to easily evict problem tenants. Landlords, right? Absentee owners. That’s a sign of distress and that’s who you’re looking for. Property owners with problems.

We’ve talked about that ad nauseam here. You’re a problem solver, you’re trying to find a property owner with a problem so you can solve it, and you get equity in exchange for giving them peace of mind. Like I said, you’re probably already mailing to absentee owners and you’re screaming at them with your postcards. So here’s an alternative angle, or I don’t know, a worst case. This can be an additional angle. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing, but it’s just another way to find them. With this approach, you’re finding a bunch of frustrated absentee owners in your market. Absentees that no one else is finding and particularly and they’re not finding them on this platform.

So now what? What do you do now? Now that they’ve watched the video, they’ve liked it, they’ve commented it, maybe they’ve tagged their friend or someone that they know that could be dealing with this issue. What do you do now? How do you contact them? Well, you’re on Facebook, right? You just click on their name and send them a message. Send them a message. Don’t get all creepy with it. Don’t be weird. Don’t be stalker-like. I share this with you because you’re gonna get a little bit excited when you see it start to work, and I just don’t want you to go in for the kill too quickly. Remember, you just hit … All they’ve done is identified themselves. Now for them to believe that you are the solution to their problem, you have to demonstrate that you can help them. We’re going to do that by first demonstrating that you can help them by actually helping them. It gets to be a tongue-twister when I keep saying that, but that’s what you’re going to do now.

Don’t go in and be all weird. Your job’s not done. All they did was raise their hand. Now you have to show them that you can help them and you’re gonna do that by actually helping them. What we’re doing is we’re sending this message. “Hey, I saw that you liked my video. I don’t know if this would be relevant to you, but I just jotted down five ways to increase my income property’s ROI. Would you like a copy of what I put together?” Okay? Something very cool. This is the type of information only an absentee owner would be open to. Only an absentee owner would appreciate. Like the direct mail example and the free book example, you are being helpful so they will naturally remember you. They’re gonna naturally like you, and they’re naturally going to trust you because you helped them and you haven’t asked them for anything in return.

Those are the building blocks of building rapport, right? Now they remember you, they know you, then they’re gonna like you and they’re gonna trust you. That’s your biggest objective when you talk to a seller anyway. You’re just now doing it very authentically. You’re doing it online instead of over the phone, right? You’re showing people that you can help them by actually helping them. Imagine that, you’re being helpful, right? In a day or two, what we do is we kinda just swing back around with another message. “Hey, I’m looking to buy a rental in, insert your zip code, so 90210, whatever it may be. I’m looking to buy a rental in, in your zip code or in 90210. Do you know anyone who might be selling?” What you’re doing right now is just planting the seed for them to sell. They’re thinking, hey, my property with the problem tenants is in that zip code.

They’re gonna respond however they respond. We get all kinds of responses. Mostly it’s either, no, I don’t know anyone, or it’s no response at all. But if you’re consistent with this activity, people do respond with stuff like, I might sell, what’d you have in mind? Or, I’m open to selling mine. Go ahead, what’s your offer? Make me an offer. Or, I was just getting ready to call the number on this guy’s postcard to sell my house, but since I’ve got you here, maybe I’ll sell it to you. We get all kinds of responses. All right?

An REI Ace client of mine, I think, yeah, Tony was here a few weeks ago, maybe. A few weeks ago, maybe a couple of months ago for Epic Field Reports. He’s doing really well. He’s in Dallas. He’s not deploying this particular strategy, but he and his wife are having a ton of success with this type of messaging. Being personable, being helpful. I just gotta say, this approach is a lot more of an enjoyable way to do business. It’s fun. By doing it on Facebook, you hardly have to leave your house with this strategy. Try committing to this one for just 30 days. Just try for 30 days. Like any lead generation strategy, you’ve got to be consistent and persistent with this but commit to this one for just 30 days. Just, I don’t know, share with me. Let me know how it goes, whether it’s in our private Facebook group or send me an email, whatever it may be. Let me know how it goes after 30 days. I’m telling you, if you commit to this for just 30 days, if you do that, this will be potentially the most valuable episode you’ve ever listened to on a podcast. All right? Mark my words on that one. But you gotta be consistent and persistent just like with any lead generation activity.

With all three of these new lead generation strategies, what they all have in common is, it’s the bait. You’re being personable and you’re being helpful. You’re showing people that you are the answer to their problems, that you can help. You’re showing them that by actually helping them. If you found this helpful, you can head over to and you can just grab a free copy of the very framework that we’re using to create these strategies. You can take this framework and you can apply it to everything else that you’re doing as well. It includes all of the essential building blocks that you need in a marketing strategy to find quality motivated seller leads, just like the very best real estate investors in the country are currently doing. Then once you have the building blocks, new strategies, they’re gonna start coming to you. You might be sharing some stuff with me. You might even have some new ideas based on these first three that I just shared with you. All righty? In the meantime, go to, pick up a copy to see what else you can put together. Then I will see you soon over on the YouTube channel with more lead generation strategies just for real estate investors. Just for you. All righty? God bless to your success. I’m Matt Theriault, living the dream.