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Max Maxwell

Meet Max Maxwell, a real estate player since the age of 21 and a wholesaler who is well on his way to making 7 figures with his real estate investment company! He shares the secret of making 6 figures in a short amount of time, how a young wholesaler should approach business, and what constitutes a good buyers list.

Max Maxwell

What You Will Learn About Encore – Max Maxwell – The Real Maxwell:

  • When and where the next Epic Intensive will be held
  • What Max was doing before he started in real estate
  • When he realized that wholesaling is his thing
  • How he made 6 figures in a short amount of time
  • The tasks Max Maxwell outsourced first as his company grew
  • The biggest mistake most people make when starting in wholesaling
  • How a young wholesaler should approach business 
  • What expectations they should have 
  • One thing Max wishes he knew when he got started in real estate investing
  • What constitutes a good buyers list
  • What type of people Max Maxwell is cold calling

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