The Key to Getting Fast Results w/ Joey Stant | 382

The Key to Getting Fast Results w/ Joey Stant | 382

fast results

Today on The Epic Real Estate Investing Show, Matt interviews Joey Stant, an Epic student who achieved fast results in his first 60 days of REI Ace training. Learn what the mindset shift was that changed everything for Joey, how he eliminated his fear of phone conversations with sellers, what clicked for him after 30 days of working with Matt, and why he describes now as “the most fulfilling time of my life I’ve ever had!”

fast results

What You Will Learn About The Key to Getting Fast Results w/ Joey Stant:

  • How Joey got his start with fix’n’flips (and why it didn’t bring him ultimate success)
  • Why partnering with a wholesaler eventually drove Joey to call Matt
  • The downsides (and upsides) of investing in real estate in an employee capacity
  • What drives Joey’s wealth goals
  • The mindset shift that changed everything for Joey
  • How Joey eliminated his fear of having phone conversations with potential sellers
  • What clicked for Joey after 30 days of working with Matt
  • The difference Joey felt listening to The Epic Real Estate Investing Show podcast vs. Voxering with Matt
  • The invaluable advice Joey got from Matt during his first deal
  • The deals Joey has made in the past 60 days working with Epic
  • How Joey handles investing in two different states
  • The reason why Joey almost didn’t join REI Ace
  • The type of person Joey thinks would excel in the REI Ace program
  • Why Joey describes this as “the most fulfilling time of my life I’ve ever had”

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Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Matt Theriault: Hello, and welcome to Epic Real Estate Investing. This is the show where I share the strategy, tips, tricks, and insights of mine and my guest to reaching financial independence through real estate. The Epic Intensive, it’s coming up quickly now, May 31st to June second in Indianapolis Indiana. So, to reserve your seat, go to With regard to the Intensive, one of the more common questions that I and my strategy team receive, and we’ve been, actually, really focusing on answering this question for people, and getting them the type of answer that they want, that question being is, how long is this going to take? Because everybody wants results. But, what’s better than results are fast results.

My answer, it’s always the same. It depends. As people come from different experiences in life, have different resources available to them, different work ethics, and ultimately different reasons why they want to be successful in real estate in the first place. But, the one thing that levels the playing field, regardless of resources, regardless of experience, regardless of talent, regardless of intelligence, what levels the playing field is the work. If you focus on the right activities and perform them consistently, and you do all of that with persistence, everybody gets the results that they’re looking for, everybody. I haven’t had an exception yet. The more work you do on a consistent basis, the faster your results will come.

For example, very new members of the [REI-Ace 00:02:48] Program, Mara McGraw, she just closed her first two deals after leaving my office less than 90 days ago. Erin Smith became an REI Acer at the same time, four new deals under contract within that same time period. Then, Jack and Josh, who became REI Acers … I guess that’s the new name for it. I just came up with that, REI Acers, at the last Epic Intensive. That was just three months ago-ish.

If I shared their success with you, you probably wouldn’t believe me. If you did, you probably wouldn’t get any sleep tonight, ’cause I had Jack and Josh on the show recently. I’ll have them on again. I have to have them on again. As what they’ve accomplished between then and now, which is just … that’s just like six weeks apart, is worthy of … Yeah, that’s worthy of a second appearance to bring them on.

I’m confident they could become a more epic success story than Brad Donnelley. Yeah, if you’ve been following the show for any length of time, he’s been on the show several times. He’s one of my very first coaching clients. Starting from a dead stop, he did over a million bucks in revenue last year. You know why I’m confident that Jack and Josh have a shot at becoming the top success story? Is because I haven’t seen anyone embrace the Daily Success Report like Brad, since Brad, until Jack and Josh came along. I mean, they are crushing it. They’re gonna continue to crush it if they continue to use the Daily Success Report in the way that they’ve been using it. No doubt in my mind.

Anyway, from joining the REI Ace Program, at the last Intensive, the quick and dirty math that I’m putting together for them, from what they’ve posted inside of the Epic Pro Academy, I have no idea what else they have going on, but just my quick and dirty math of looking at their Facebook posts inside of our community, I see $100,000.00 plus of profit of which it looks like half of that has been realized, meaning that’s money in the bank already. They’ve raised more than $100,000.00 of private money, as well. And, they have so much in the pipeline. It’s very inspiring. I’ll have them on the show again shortly, to share the facts and the details of what that’s all about.

Another REI Acer that’s gotten super fast results is my guest on the show on the today. He was a part of that same group. That was just a really good graduating class there, where it looks like everybody is just absolutely on fire, all starting at the same time. I mean, this is one of the most recent … This is just a few months ago.

What I like about our guest today and his wife is, they listened. They took notes. And they took action. The common denominator, the most common traits of the most successful REI Ace students is, or just Epic Pro Academy students, overall, is that they are one, quick to implement, two, quick to ask for help, and three, quick to share their success. Today’s guest has been a perfect example of that. So, it’s no wonder that he’s getting the results that he’s getting.

Please help me welcome to the show, Mr. Joey Stant. Joey, welcome to the Epic Real Estate Investing Show.

Joey Stant: It’s awesome to be here. Thanks Matt.

Matt: Yeah, glad to have you as well. We just might, I don’t know, not too long ago. Did we meet at the Epic Intensive? Or did you come and Nick introduced us?

Joey: We met over the phone, I would say, first, where I grilled you with a thousand questions. But, basically, it was Nick, man. Nick was the-

Matt: Nick, yes.

Joey: … that pushed me over the edge. I can’t say enough good things about Nick. He really gave me the words of … not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. It was cool. I met you first at the Academy, though.

Matt: He’s good at that. That’s why I keep him around. Perfect. So, just before you found us, just kind of introduce us a little bit to yourself and what you were doing just before you found us.

Joey: Sure. What I was doing, I moved to Florida. My background was in sales, for the most part. I graduated college with an MBA, had no idea what was out there in the real world. I felt a little lost. I just picked any old job. I bopped around for a while, worked in corporate America a little bit, and mostly in the sales background. Then, I had a friend of mine approach me and say, “You want to get into real estate.” I said, “Great. We’ll do it.”

A guy in deep pockets, I picked up the family. I moved to Florida. Before I knew it, with his money and me being the gopher, we were flipping as much as 25 projects at a time. I learned a lot about Fix and Flip, and managing rentals. But, I wasn’t in business for myself.

Then we refinanced the portfolio of roughly 500 properties between Floridan and New York. They came up to me and said, “Joey, we got 40 million. We gotta move it very fast.” I said, “I can’t do this.” So, I just said, “With all due respect, I really appreciate everything. But, I can’t do this with you guys anymore.”

So, I [inaudible 00:08:05] job up to do mortgage sales, ’cause that’s where I felt like I liked. I was partnering with a wholesaler. That’s really where my interest was because I was buying from wholesalers for this company, seeing, “Wow, we’re putting up all this capital and walking away with 20, 30 grand. He got a 20 grand assignment fee, man. He put up no capital. That’s interesting to me.”

I really felt like they were the smartest out of all the moving pieces in this whole investing game. So, I partnered with the guy. Not to be too long-winded, but, basically, it wasn’t a good partnership, because he didn’t have the systems and things that you had. I hit a point where I tried to flip a deal for a 10K assignment, and I couldn’t do it. I was completely wrong about how I was going about everything.

I started looking things up, and obviously, I listened to your podcasts. I … just gut feeling, pick up the phone. I don’t even know how I found you, to be honest. I think I found something on Facebook. But, next thing I know, I’m talking to Nick. I’m flying to LA, and now I’m doing it every day. It’s been a complete life changing the experience.

Matt: Awesome. In what capacity were you working in real estate with the first person?

Joey: I was paid, basically, a salary. I was helping them build a big rental portfolio. At the same time, I was flipping houses to kind of pay for myself and pay for the office and all that. I was also the bookkeeper.

Matt: You were flipping houses with them or on your own on the side?

Joey: With them. With them. So essentially-

Matt: In what capacity? What was your responsibility with their company as you were flipping and building this portfolio?

Joey: I would find the deals, whether it was a foreclosure auction, tax deed, other wholesalers, MLS. After the acquisition, I would manage the rehab process. I would budget it, and I had crews. From there, if it was a rental property, I’d put the tenants in, and then manage the rental from there. I was even doing showings for the tenants. I even did the back office. I did bookkeeping. I did end up hiring one assistant. She would help me with some of the advertising and some of the bookkeeping.

From there, I would also, like I said, flip properties. We didn’t list them ourselves. I worked with a realtor on those. As I said, my goal was to turn some sort of profit on the flips on a monthly reoccurring basis. And then just letting the cash flow be their cash flow that they were building long-term wealth.

Matt: Got it. What was your volume like? Your volume of production with them? Say, how many were you putting into the portfolio? How many were you flipping each month? Do you have an idea? Rough number.

Joey: I would say 70% rental, 30% flip, around that range.

Matt: 70% rental, 30% flip. So, what was the actual quantity, like the volume of that number a month? What would that mean in houses? How many?

Joey: When I was in Tampa because I went to Tampa first. I was in Jacksonville second. We did Tampa, where we started the business. We were very high volume. That was around 2014, 2015. We were doing it, I would say, upwards of 15 houses a month. I might be underestimating it. In Jacksonville, we scaled it back quite a bit. We were around five a month.

Matt: Okay, good. I’m asking these questions, ’cause, actually, there’s a part of this I never really asked you. Now, in this context, I’m actually curious, based off a couple things that you said. I see what my next question is written down here. And I’m like, “Hmm. Why … something’s amiss.”

You had a lot of experience. You were working in high volume. You were flipping, and you were adding properties to the portfolio. You were going out. You had multiple sources where you were acquiring your properties. I guess, I mean, I’m automatically thinking right now, why did you actually need me? It seems like you have a bunch of experience that you could … What was missing so you couldn’t just go out and do it yourself?

Joey: That is a fantastic question. I could tell you that working with those guys, the first model was … His name was Orin. I would say, “Hey, Orin,” he’s a great friend. He’s like a brother to me. I would say, “Hey, man. If I flip five houses a month, at minimum 20 grand profit, I’ll make 100K, right?”

And yeah, that sounds great on paper. But the execution and the management was a piece that I never really got quite a control of. There were certain factors that, because I was working within an employee capacity, I only had so much leash of which I was allowed to operate. I wasn’t allowed to make too many decisions that way.

So, in a way there, I don’t like to point the finger, ’cause it was my fault. There were managing contractors, I’m sure you’ve experienced this. It’s a management. It’s a babysitting job. It’s very, very difficult. It’s very people dependent. Overall, the percentages are much lower in that world. Not that it can’t be done. I know people are successful.

It didn’t work out that way. Even when I went out on my own, why couldn’t I do it? Well, I wasn’t practicing the next step of entrepreneurship. I wasn’t practicing finding the best deals in a more creative avenue. It wasn’t practiced raising capital. So, even though I had this experience, I had not yet done it for myself. I was always in a box where I was working for somebody else making a paycheck. I was never able to get the fattest, juiciest deals.

At the end of the day, when you’re on the auction, or you’re on the REOs on the MLS, and this and that, they’re not the best deals. They’re profitable. But, there’s not a lot of room for markup and, even if I did buy them, I would’ve needed the cash to buy them to then sell it to an end buyer if I was to wholesale it. I never had the money. I always had that excuse as well. That’s starting to go away, now that I’ve been involved with REI Ace.

Matt: Right, okay. So, you basically, you had their giant machine behind you. Everything was kind of easy to do. You didn’t have to exercise as much discretion with each deal as you might with your own deals.

Joey: Basically, yes. I was playing with their money to gain some good experience.

Matt: Got it. Got it. Okay. It’s all starting to make sense a little bit, or a lot of bits. As we went through this, and we had this conversation, what was it gonna mean for you, personally, if we had decided to work together?

Joey: Well, the biggest thing that I’ve been looking for is just that life-changing money, because I, even in that capacity, I never quite made enough. Right? Like, there’s two schools of thought I find out there when I’m listening to gurus if you will. It’s, you save your way and you cut up your credit cards, and you go that way.

But, you met my wife. I married a princess, right? So, she’s a good girl. She deserves the world. I just knew that we were never gonna be able to live a lifestyle. I don’t even agree with the philosophy anyway, that it’s gonna be I save my way to wealth. Right? So, I knew I needed to earn my way to wealth. What the difference was gonna be, and I’m starting to experience it already, is that, on a monthly basis, instead of making that salary that predetermined set of income, I’m in control over my own deal, and my own business to really leverage that into all the opportunity that real estate offers.

Matt: Got it. Cynthia is you why is what you’re saying.

Joey: Cynthia, my children, Derrick and McKinley, and a little bit of myself. I’m a very competitive guy. I wanna look in the mirror. I’d like to think I’m a badass, but my bank account doesn’t say so, right? What am I gonna do to change it? It was a big change, a shift in mentality, overcoming the price, which I’ll never, ever, ever thank you enough for making me put myself out there in such a way to where I paid the price. I have such a fire that I know I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I know it, because, when I partnered with that wholesaler, I didn’t have that same fire. I let leads go. I had the paycheck. So, I would work the paycheck job 10 hours a day. Then I would give them 30 minutes to an hour. It just wasn’t getting results.

Matt: Right, right. First of all, you made this decision yourself. I didn’t make you do anything. It was that the timing was right.

Joey: I stand corrected, yeah.

Matt:  I was like, I don’t make anybody do anything. I invite them, and it’s your decision. I’m glad you made the decision. So, since, again, we’ve only been working together for about three months. What are the three parts of the program that have had the biggest impact on you and your results?

Joey: Oh man, I think, actually, to correct you again, it’s only been two months. I actually came back from LA roughly two months from now. Even then, it’s been less than that. I would say that just listening to your podcast in the past, and knowing all of the different marketing machines and things that you can do on a day-to-day basis, we’ll start with that? The Daily Success Report, picking the phone up, and just calling strangers, like, “Hey, are you still in this house?” Even if that one person wasn’t for me, or what have you, it’s a good exercise. It built me more comfortable having conversations, to the point now, where, I think I have a batch of mailers that we did together as well.

Having all that automated, I’m getting all those voicemails coming in. Some still bleed through my phone. They’re calling me. There’s gonna be a conversation right? The first [inaudible 00:16:45] it’s like, “Oh, man. What do I say? It’s so weird.” Now, it’s like, “Yeah, I thought I was calling a voice message.” And I go, “Oh, yeah, it must’ve got through my phone. I was gonna ask you if you were looking to sell a house. Are you trying to sell a house?”

They go, “Yeah, actually.” Or they say, “No, I’m not trying to sell a house.” Either way, the fear is gone. I can engage with anybody, and it’s because of the amount of volume that your program just put on me right from the onset. Just that awesome repetition right from the beginning that I just found invaluable.

Matt:  It’s funny you just said that. No one has ever said that before. That’s kind of my response when everyone asks this question. Not everyone, but when people ask the question when we send their leads to an automated message service. They’ll say, “What if I accidentally pick up? What should I do?”

Joey: Right, right. Yeah.

Matt: You just say, “Oh, my bad. No big deal. Do you have a house for sale?” So, it was perfect. I love that you just said that. Couple months, in the first … I don’t know, 30, 45 days, we were on Voxer. That’s how we communicate most of the time. I think I had a Voxer from you every single morning for a while.

You’re asking a lot of questions. I was like, “Why is Joey asking me all these questions? I thought he had all this experience. He’s kind of asking me some basic questions.” But, that’s why I was there. We got everything answered. But then something just kind of clicked. I mean, 30 days later, all of a sudden, you’re off to the races. You posted your first closing. Now you’re in communication and contact with sellers. You got a pipeline going. What was the big switch? How did it happen so quickly?

Joey: Obviously, all of the credit goes to you. I would tell you that, it’s funny. I was at an investors’ meeting last night. I’m talking to another guy about it. He’s doing it the slow and steady pace. He’s working his job. He’s got a couple of rentals under his belt. I’m all excited, right? You know my personality. I’m a very bubbly, over the top guy. I can’t wait to tell you my story. I probably talk way too damn much, but that’s fine. That’s who I am.

Matt: I like it. I like it.

Joey:  I appreciate it.

Matt: I like it because of your personality, you do. You talk a lot. You’re big. You got a big personality. You’re fun to be around. But, you know what’s really nice about you is, you back it all up with work and effort. You go out and execute. That’s an absolute pleasure to work with, Joey. Just so you know.

Joey: Oh, man. It’s awesome to have you because basically, I was talking to Guy about the program I’m in. I’m like, “You know, it’s been a game changer.” He said … He’s challenging it. Right? I’m sure you get it all the time, the challenges and this and that. I go, “You know what’s funny? Everything Matt says in his podcast is everything he’s telling me on the damn Voxer.” I’m like, “It’s actually all of the same stuff. But the difference is, I got Uncle Matt hanging behind me now. I have this sense of confidence.”

Oh, but then, here’s the kicker. You don’t really do anything different. I’ll never forget the first deal. I’m trying to close it. You know what’s funny? I’m hearing on the other side, I’m like, “You know what? If this doesn’t work out, I just want Matt to say he’s gonna buy it for me. ‘Don’t worry, Joey. I’ll take care of it.'” And that’s not what you said. You said to me, “Dude, you can’t live and die by one deal. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t no big deal. You just move onto the next one.”

That was invaluable advice for me. As a sales background, I knew that already. I could’ve given myself that advice. But, when you’re in that position where everything’s new and you have this stupid fear in your gut, and you’re thinking, “Is this gonna work? Is it not?” I went to that closing. I remember, just basically saying, “This is what it is.” With the buyer as well, he was my only buyer. He doesn’t know that, right? He’s my only buyer. I’m like, “This guy doesn’t buy it, this deal’s not gonna work.”

I’m just kind of [inaudible 00:20:14]. I’m playing it cool. That was really hard to do. But, it was because of the advice you gave me to where it was just play it cool. To summarize it, it is having that … You telling me not what I wanna hear, but what I need to hear, has been huge. And basically, just being made to execute all the time. Because, it’s all on me, the systems are in play. All I have to do is answer the phone and respond. It’s not like I really have to go out of my way to make too much happen.

Matt: Awesome, awesome. Thanks for sharing that.

In two months, let’s just get to the nitty-gritty. What results have you achieved?

Joey: Okay. We talked about the one I closed. That was a $5000.00 deal, wholesale. Everything I’m doing is wholesaling. I’m just really avoiding shiny object syndrome. I laser focused on that.

Matt: Okay.

Joey: Did another deal in Philadelphia, which is a completely new market for me. Even though I’m an Eagles fan, I don’t spend much time in the city. I did that one for about a thousand bucks. It was fun, though. I learned a new one. It was below my minimum deal standard. It’s so early in the game, I’m just kind of not as disappointed in that regard as I ought to be. I’m kind of okay with it for today, because I know it means that I’m gonna be more experienced down the road. I’m willing to pay for experience a little bit.

Matt:  Well, that experience paid you.

Joey: Yeah, sure. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Matt: Usually it does go the other way around. The lessons come with an expensive price tag. But, that one actually paid you. Good. Okay, that’s two. What else?

Joey:  Again, I stand corrected. So, now I have another one down South Delaware under contract, where the buyer’s signing it today for $12,000.00 markup. Then, I have one in Northeast Maryland that I have under contract with another $12,000.00 markup. I’m expecting to make around 10. Then I have two to three more offers in the pipeline where I’m just waiting on a seller signature return, each with $10,000.00 markups.

Another batch of mailing went out today. I have about 10 voicemails I have to check on after this call. So, obviously, there’s more and more coming.

Matt:  Sweet. That’s what, that’s 60 days, right? Yeah, ’cause you were just about two months ago.

Joey: Yeah.

Matt: Super. Okay. One thing that just caught my attention is, you’ve got like multiple states and cities represented. How is that working out for you?

Joey: In Delaware, it’s like, I’m in the north part of the state. So, I’m within 15 miles of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. There’s something stinky about New Jersey. I just don’t go there. Sorry to anybody listening from New Jersey. I got good friends from there. They’ll get it.

It’s no big deal. I think Delaware’s an attorney state. Pennsylvania’s not. But, it really doesn’t make a difference to me. You just call a different person. Sometimes the same person does it for some reason. Don’t really quite wrap my head around it. But, it’s all good. They’re closing either way. So, I think Delawareans have a trouble going up north. I think they find Philadelphia intimidating. I would say that, with Delaware, it’s kind of an old boys’ club. I was most excited about getting this program because it’s very clear I have an edge on my competition. It’s very clear I’m doing things that nobody else in the state is doing.

Philly is a little more competitive, but, it’s a bigger pond, so there’s still room to fish there. And, I’m getting my own success, getting meetings with people out there. I thrive on being very transparent. I don’t really make it up. I say, “Eh, you know, I’m not really familiar with Philadelphia. Tell me a little bit about the area.” And typically, that adheres to people.

Matt: That’s good. Your one of the people that took right away at the summit where I said, “I’m gonna show you how to do all of this stuff. I’m gonna give you everything to do. You got full access to me. But don’t ignore your own intuition and your own instincts. Don’t ignore your own resourcefulness.” I think that’s really why you succeeded so quickly, is because you have a little bit of resourcefulness in you. You’ve got the good instincts, I think. And, you’re really good at just following directions. When you get stuck, then you ask for help. Then you go implement, again. When you get stuck, you ask for help. I think that’s just the perfect formula for getting the type of results that you’re getting.

We’ll go ahead and we’ll wrap it up here in just a second, Joey. Can you complete this sentence for me? I almost didn’t join REI Ace because …

Joey: Fear. Right? It was a big commitment. I was able to overcome it very quickly because I was just so tired of being intimidated. The old expression goes, “If you want unusual results, you need to do some unusual activity. I was ready to do something very unusual.”

When I talk to others about it, they kind of don’t get it. That’s fine, man. I love it, because already as you said, 60 days, I’m feeling results. I’m … I can’t sleep at night, ’cause I’m so excited every day. It’s really … it’s been, awesome man. But, fear was big. It was a really big time coming over the fear.

It was tough, because, you met my wife. I have two small children. It’s not just my decision. I’m accountable for a family. But, you know, you work through the worst case scenario. You know that’s not really gonna happen anyway. But, if you can live with that, you make the decision, and I pull the trigger based on that outcome.

Matt: Nice, nice. You are, less than 60 days, you’re … Basically, you’re well into the black after, probably, in the next couple weeks.

Sweet. So, who would you recommend REI Ace to, and why?

Joey: I think … It’s funny, ’cause we were Voxering about this. I understand that not everybody is successful in the program. I think that’s the law of averages with people, anyway. I know my background in sales, I loved an environment where I was ranked. “Here’s number one in the country. Here’s number four.” Always, the guys at the bottom say the same thing. “Oh, there’s no deals to be had. There’s no sales to be had. It’s already saturated.” You can think that when you put up your “I buy houses, cash,” between six other signs that say, “I buy houses cash,” right?

I think it’s for somebody who’s not afraid to rub elbows with other people. The saying you have is, “Move at the speed of instruction.” Yeah, I live and die by that. Just keep working.

Matt: Sweet. All righty. So, the Epic Intensive is coming up. It’s actually pretty close to you. Are you gonna be there?

Joey: I am not, Matt.

Matt: You’re not gonna be there?

Joey: No, I wish. I’m booking the next one. I promise you.

Matt: All right. Well just know that the day before is the REI Ace Inner Circle, where all the REI Ace members get together. So, more of a mastermind environment. Let’s make sure that we get you to the next one after that.

Joey: Oh, 100% man. I’m onboard. I’ve been on the grind so hard, I didn’t know … I don’t have my crystal ball. I didn’t know how much success I was gonna get early on. So, when the time when I’m invited, I think it was late February, early March. I’m just like, “I don’t know. It’s too big of a commitment for me.” I don’t know man. I should’ve said yeah, now looking back. But, I don’t have that. I’m gonna be committed to really working the program.

I’m one of those guys where, it’s such an honor to be on this show right now, but, I don’t consider myself successful at all. I wanna be to the point where I 100% have so much more accomplished, and I can really maybe come back on, and be cool. Talk about what I’m doing longer from now, in that kind of mastermind.

Matt: Right.

Joey: But, I have a lot of work today.

Matt: Yeah, I think you got a lot to contribute to that type of group. The reason I did ask you on the show, Joey, is, yeah, you’re not where you wanna be yet. There’s a lot more for you to accomplish. Just one of the more common questions and the hesitations by people is, when they go to make this commitment to themselves, whether it’s financial commitment or a time commitment, or they’re just gonna change their mind and shift from one endeavor to this endeavor, those are big commitments in people’s lives. The question that routinely comes up is, “How long is this going to take?”

That’s why I wanted you on. If you do the right activities. You do them consistently, and you do it long enough, you’re gonna get the results. If you operate under what I think is the ideal formula, just be quick to implement, and quick to ask questions. No one was quicker at asking questions than you were. But then, you weren’t asking questions just for the sake of asking questions. You were asking questions for the sake of, “What do I do next?” Then you went and actually did it.

I think you’re a great example of that. That’s really why I wanted you on the show so quickly into our relationship.

Joey:  Thanks. That really means a lot. I really appreciate it. As I said, I always thought I had something in me. This is really the most fulfilling time of my life I’ve ever had because I finally feel like I’m living up to the type of success that I always felt like I could achieve. I couldn’t have done it without you. It’s an amazing experience. I’m so happy to be on this journey.

Matt: I’m glad to have you here. It’s a pleasure to work with you. Let’s check back in six months. We’ll reassess the size of your empire then. Sound good?

Joey: Sounds great. Thanks, Matt. Appreciate it.

Matt: All right man, take care.

Joey: All right. See ya. Bye-bye. Thank you.

Matt: Okay. And, whenever you’re ready, here are three ways I can help you become the healthy, wealthy beast of an investor God designed you to be. First, if you can make it to the Epic Intensive coming up here in Indianapolis, do it. Go to Grab a seat. We’ll work side by side. We’re gonna get you a rat race escape plan all set up for you.

Or, as we kind of discuss the theme of this show today, people looking to start investing in real estate for the first time, their big thing is, “How long is this gonna take?” Everybody wants those fast results. So much so, that I created a short course about the two easiest and fastest strategies to a paycheck in real estate. You can grab a copy of that course. It’s waiting for you, a complimentary copy, at that. It’s waiting for you at If you haven’t done your first deal yet, or it’s been a while since you’ve done your next deal, go ahead and go there to, just to make sure that you’re not missing anything. Reconnect with the basics. Make sure that you’re doing everything that you know to do. That’s at

Or, if you like to work directly with me on your business to help you get to that next level, go to share with me a little bit about your business and what you’d like to work on. Then I’ll get you all of the details.

All righty? God bless to your success. I’m Matt Theriault, living the dream.

Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.