Jason Stone – Influence to Affluence | 469

Jason Stone – Influence to Affluence | 469

Influence to Affluence

Listen to today’s episode with Jason Stone; an investor, a social media influencer, and a marketer, and discover the cruciality of influence to affluence! Jason Stone is widely known as a Millionaire Mentor on Instagram. He was recognized for his e-commerce success with Treadstone Performance Engineering Inc, he has co-founded the Impact Billions Movement, and also created the Gentleman’s Mafia Instagram Network. Learn the best way to attract people on social media, why content is no longer king, and what ideas Jason has for real estate investors who integrate Instagram into their marketing strategies.

Influence to Affluence

What You Will Learn About Jason Stone – Influence to Affluence: 

  • Jason’s proudest title
  • Why influence to affluence is his most significant victory
  • The importance of social media for Jason and his business
  • The best way to attract people on social media and;
  • How the same approach can be used for podcasting
  • What content strategy Jason has used to blossom his business
  • Why every business has to be on social media
  • What methods Jason would use to get his followers back in case he loses them
  • Why content is no longer king
  • Shout-out prices on Instagram
  • What ideas Jason has for real estate investors who integrate Instagram into their marketing strategies
  • How Jason uses real estate as a side hustle
  • A bit of advice that Jason has for newbies
  • The books that influenced Jason
  • How social media and the cryptomarket can be integrated

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Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Jason Stone: You can have a startup and on social media and go from zero to multimillion in less than a year. It’s just, it’s incredible because you can reach people around the world. It’s a worldwide app. Everybody’s attention is on Instagram. And if you could just harness that attention somewhat a little bit with your phone, you know, the world is yours.

Matt Theriault: Hello, I’m Matt Theriault of Epic Real Estate and today is another episode of Thought Leader Thursday. Okay. So today I’m joined by an investor, influencer, mentor, growth hacker, strategist, consultant, brand master, and viral marketing expert who is widely known by celebrities and almost 2 million people around the world as Millionaire Mentor on Instagram. He has successfully launched multiple six and seven figure Instagram and internet platforms as becoming a well known social media influencer and marketer. He’s known for his e-commerce success in the automotive industry in his early years with Treadstone Performance Engineering Inc. He is a mechanical engineer, a real estate investor, car enthusiast, startup investor. He has co-founded The Impact Billions Movement, and also created Gentleman’s Mafia Instagram Network, which culminates relationships and success among the thousands of its members worldwide and utilizes his experience and passion as a motivator, mentor, teacher, and social media influencer to help others create success.

So, please help me welcome to the show Mr. Jason Stone. Jason, welcome to the show.

Jason: Thanks for having me.

Matt: You bet. You bet. You’ve done and are doing like, so much. I’m not quite sure where to begin and congrats on the success, by the way. But yeah. Let me ask you this: with so many deserved titles like investor and influencer and mentor and growth hacker, strategist, consultant, all that stuff, which one are you most proud of and why?

Jason: Oh, man. I’d have to say the word influencer because influence is such a strong word and it dates back to advertising history. You know, advertisers have to be able to influence the world. You know, one of the greatest books of all time is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and I think it that’s the author.

So influencer, and being able to influence people, whether it’s your friends, your family, or people you need to sell to or in business relationships, you’re, constantly selling yourself and that’s a way of influencing people, whether you’re making friends with somebody or your girlfriend or your wife, you know, the term influence goes a long way and that word right there is so powerful and can make or break a business relationship if you don’t have some power of sales or influence over somebody.

Matt: Right. I mean, life is, it’s a people business, right? And every piece of business is going to be with another person and influence has a great deal to do with one’s success in business, so I get it. With that said, what would you say is your greatest victory to date as an entrepreneur?

Jason: Greatest victory. Amassing 3 million people on Instagram.

Matt: Explain to me what is the impact on, and how does that impact you?

Jason: It has impacted so much of my life. It has opened up so many doors. It’s unbelievable the number of opportunities that have come my way because of social media. You know, I praise social media because it’s allowed me to conduct business on a whole another level from my early years of just being a mechanical engineer and you know, building a traditional business, slowly through the years, 10, almost 20 years in the making. That business is still running and then you’re going, you can have a startup on social media and go from zero to multimillions in less than a year. It’s just, it’s incredible because you can reach people around the world. It’s a worldwide app.

Everybody’s attention is on Instagram. And if you could just harness that attention somewhat a little bit with your phone, you know, the world is yours.

Matt: Right. Yeah, it seems that way. And I’ve got a bunch of questions here, but I’m going to skip over all of them since we’re here on this subject. Let’s keep it … We’ll stay incongruent with what we’re talking about right now. So when did you get on the platform Instagram and at what point did you notice that, wow, this could be something?

Jason: I was on the platform with a personal account, actually. Without going too much into the story of how Millionaire Mentor was birthed, I just realized when I started the account, you know, I just want to provide value. I realized that you know, providing value was a way to attract eyeballs and it was a way to … I had no idea what I was getting myself into, to be honest with you. I didn’t know it’s going to make money. I didn’t know I was going to balloon to 3 million people and be able to launch multiple startups and businesses from it.

And that’s kinda what I tell people to do. Like if you’re starting a business, don’t start a business to make a sale and to make money. Start a business to provide value to people’s lives and then they’re gonna pay you for that in the long run. They’re gonna want your practice for more than you’re selling it to them. So if you could just start off by just thinking of how you can impact people’s lives on another level, the money’s going to come right back to you.

Matt: So you know, I kind of have a similar journey with the podcast. We’re just starting our ninth year for this podcast and at the beginning, I could almost say the exact same words. I had no idea what I was getting into. It was just something to do. And there was a moment where someone just reached out and said, “Hey, I like what you have to say. Will you help me? I’ll be happy to pay you for it.” I just had a call, like, that’s where like at that moment hit me like, wow, I didn’t see that coming. Right?

Did you have one of those epiphany moments like, oh, maybe we should double down and take this a little bit more seriously?

Jason: I guess when someone paid me to post their advertisement. Can you pay me to mention … actually, it wasn’t even an advertisement. Can you mention me in your account? And I maybe had like, 50 to 100,000 followers at the time. People were wanting to pay me just to mention them, just to tag them. I’m like, really? You’re paying me to tag you and just type out a little, you know, name and my caption and I’m going to get paid for that? Right? That kind of blew my mind right there and was like, I need to double down on this.

Matt: How long ago was that, when that first happened?

Jason: Four years ago.

Matt: Four years ago.

Got it. So then, what was kind of your strategy or your way of going about how can I attract more people like this?

Jason: Just going back to that value. I figured out what people wanted and what people needed on their vision board and why they followed me and I just remained consistent and I tapped into the niche, the entrepreneur niche. 99% of entrepreneurs, they want the life, the women, the cars, the jewelry, the clothes, the vacations, the freedom.

And you know, I just started creating that vision board. And over time, I started putting quotes over that vision board. So you’ve not only got the luxury pictures, the lifestyle pictures, we got motivational, inspirational quotes that go along right with that. That was the content strategy. And I just, I figured out what was working, little tweaks along the way, of building an account, obviously helped, and learning along the way, how to build it up and what works and what doesn’t and you know, it blossomed into my business.

I started an agency out of it. People need help with social media. All businesses need help, you know? Businesses don’t have time to run their social media accounts. Social media, it’s still so new for a lot of businesses that they need help. They want help from a professional that’s been doing it for years. So you know, that business blossomed out of it, which is going good as well.

Matt: Yeah, you just mentioned that it is so new for a lot of businesses and it’s really kind of… Social media is in its infancy itself. Right? How important would you say the platform is to entrepreneurs or businesses? Is it something that they can do without, or do they have to be on there or is there somewhere in the middle?

Jason: Yeah, I believe every business needs to be on social media. It doesn’t matter what business you have. Your business and your presence need to be on a social kid because it’s another touch point. It’s another way to get to your customer. It’s another way of speaking a different language. Maybe they see your advertisement on Facebook and they’re scrolling through Instagram feed and they see behind the scenes of your business in action and they’re like like, oh wow, these are real people. This is a real business. This is a behind the scenes look at their business. Oh, I’m going to go to their stories now. Even more behind the scenes look at their business, so definitely it doesn’t matter what business you have, you’ve got to make a social presence.

A good example like Will Smith. He hasn’t made a movie in a while and he made a comment about the Rock and Kevin Hart powering off four movies in one year and Will Smith just opened an Instagram account on the Ellen show, I think at the beginning of this year. I don’t know how many millions of followers they have. So he hasn’t made a movie in a while.

I’m willing to bet because of Instagram, he’s got five movie deals lined up because of his presence on Instagram. He made a splash in the water. He blew up his Instagram page. He’s now relevant again. Not saying he was ever not relevant, but it’s just an example of someone that was not on social media. No YouTube channel. He started his YouTube channel now. Like, he’s just going to blow up from this.

Matt: Right. Yeah, it’s not that he was irrelevant, but we haven’t heard from him in a while and who knows what’s behind the scenes, whether it’s his choice or not, but that’s a way that he’s certainly got back into the spotlight. So yeah, I agree. I just wanted to hear it from someone like yourself who’s accompanying social media and yeah. Good. So, I got on the platform a little late. This is a little bit of a self-serving question. You don’t mind, do you, if I take advantage of that?

All right. So I got on like in 2012, but I think I’ve posted once a year since then and I didn’t really take it seriously until about a year ago and I was about six to eight months ago we really got serious. And from what I’ve been reading and hearing it’s a little more challenging to build a following today.

And so I just want to kind of ask a rather cliché question that you’ve probably gotten before, but I want to know. If you lost all of your followers today, what methods or strategies would you deploy to get them all back?

Jason: If I had no followers, how would I get them back? Honestly, I would implement the same content strategy I used on my personal page and Millionaire Mentor and one of the key terms that I use is, you know, everybody heard the word content is king.

I don’t believe that content is king anymore because if I needed to get all my followers back, I still have the best content in the world. I could put that all back on my profile, but who’s going to see it? How do I get the followers back? So I go by distribution is now king and what I call by distribution is distributing your content to the users that want to see your content and relate to your content and follow your content. So if nobody sees you, no one’s going to follow you. So you have to distribute your content to where the attention is and that’s where all the eyeballs are and that’s on all the other accounts that are right now. The big accounts, they haven’t lost their followers.

Matt: Got it.

Jason: The Worldstar Hip Hops, the travel pages, the motivation, the fitness pages, pages, those pages on Instagram? Millions of followers. These are what’s called like the dean pages. You can target celebrity pages, but this is what I’m getting at is you have to pay to deliver and distribute You have to pay to advertise your content.

So you can even pay for shout outs. And shout outs, I mentioned, where someone mentions your Instagram profile. That’s how I built my account up is with shout-outs. It all goes down to district distributing the right content in front of the right people.

Matt: So if you lost your followers, the short answer is you leverage other people’s followers.

Jason: You gotta pay. Okay, you got to pay for shout-outs and mentions.

Matt: You got to pay for it.

Jason: The same way I get paid $20 bucks from my first mention four years ago? You gotta pay hundreds of thousands of dollars if you want to get back to a million followers. A couple million.

Matt: I see. I was just going to ask you, but what is … Is there a rule of thumb or a market price out there per the number of followers someone has?

Jason: It really depends on the niche, as it depends on what niche they’re in and how niched down are they and what kind of type of content. But 100,000 followers? You probably can get $50 to $100 bucks sometimes, but nowadays maybe $20, you know? Nowadays for a 100k account? People sell shout outs for five bucks.

It’s finding those gems, negotiating the deals and figuring out which accounts give you the best bang for the buck and you can set up long-term campaigns with them. It just really depends on the niche.

Matt: Got it. So I guess it’s a matter of searching those accounts, searching hashtags finding accounts with followers, sending them DMs, and just starting that conversation?

Jason: Yeah, and just negotiating. Negotiating your shout out pricing. On my account, $400 or $500 bucks sometimes, like try something, sometimes a thousand dollars for a mention or a story endorsement.

Matt: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Sweet. And I want to talk about what you’re doing in real estate right now, but to make this a nice, seamless segue, what are some ideas you might have for real estate investors integrating Instagram into their marketing strategies?

Jason: Target the home pages, the house pages, the hotel pages.

Matt: Okay.

Jason: People that follow, you know, those types of pages are looking to be inspired by looking at houses and they might be in the market for a house. So you can get shout-outs from those type of accounts. Luxury accounts. Real estate, you know, I advertise for real estate. Like, Chad Carroll, he’s a big influencer on Instagram.

Matt: What’s his name?

Jason: Chad Carroll.

Matt: Chad Carroll. Okay.

Jason: I just advertised for him, the other day. That’s kind of popped in my head. He might have 100,000 followers, I think. But he pays for shout outs. He advertises his property listings on Instagram. I actually have a real estate page. It’s called RE Millionaires: Real Estate Millionaires. So @remillionaires. It’s like 100,000 followers and that’s all … I just post estate stuff. I have pictures of houses, hotels, and then I have a real estate info product in my bio.

Matt: Got it. Yeah, I didn’t know that one. I’ll have to follow that one. I was actually following you, Jason. I was following Millionaire Mentor and I had no idea you were the same person.

Jason: Really?

Matt: Yeah. Not until I started doing a little bit of research for this interview and what are some intriguing and impactful questions I could ask. And I was like, oh, this is the same guy. Sweet. So let’s talk about your real estate. It’s one of your titles. What is your real estate investing look like today?

Jason: I mean, I do when one deal a year? My last. Ever since I was like, you know, maybe 20 years old, I started in real estate. I did the fix and flips. I’ve done the multifamily unit before. I’ve done the residential and then I did a condo. I did a little bit of everything. It’s just always been like a side hustle, I guess you could say. The money I’ve made from, you know, my businesses, put into real estate deals here and there.

Matt: Buy and sell once a year for, what’s that been, 10 years or so?

Jason: I’m selling actually selling the first house I’ve ever bought down here in Florida. I lived in it for five years and I’ve been renting it out ever since, for the last seven years almost.

Matt: Sweet. Yeah, no, real estate is a fantastic side hustle and you know, if you have another source for your active income like you do.

Jason: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah. Smart.

Jason: You’ve got to be knowledgeable in real estate. Every entrepreneur has to somewhat, you know if you’re in business, you got money, you make money in business. Learn a little bit about real estate. That’s my two cents.

Matt: Yeah. No, I couldn’t agree more. You know, whether it’s your full-time gig, part-time gig or a side hustle, something you just dabble in on the side. You’ve got to incorporate it in some capacity into your financial plan, right? That’s to show that you don’t have a chance unless you do. So I think that’s great advice. Speaking of advice, what piece of advice would the today version of yourself give to that teenage version of yourself?

Jason: What would I tell myself, if I was a teenager? Stop slacking off and smoking weed and drinking. [00:17:30]

Matt: Stop doing dumb shit. Right?

Jason: Doing dumb shit as a teenager. I got in trouble when I was a teenager. I got a late start in my entrepreneurial career. I went to college, all through high school. I wasn’t really driven. College is when I kinda started getting motivated. Started my first business at the end of college. That was Treadstone Performance. But high school, like kids nowadays, they’re making money in high school. I wasn’t doing shit when I was in high school.

I guess, you know, I’m 38 years old. So this is a whole different era of people growing up. And my advice would be to the young guys is, you know, don’t be that person they’re like, “Oh, I have my whole life ahead of me. I’m gonna golf and not care about making money or starting a business or soaking up knowledge or reading books or learning.”

Start early. Sacrifice your time. Sacrifice your time with friends and family. I did that as well when I started my first business. You know, I didn’t have a social life. So, all about how much time you’re willing to sacrifice is how much you’re going to be successful.

Matt: Right. So, some sacrifices in the beginning because of the rewards that you get to experience in right now?

Jason: Exactly.

Matt: Super. So you mentioned that the top of our conversation about How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie? What’s the best book you’ve read in the last month? How did it impact you?

Jason: You know, I start books. I start books; I never finish them. I end up skimming it.

Matt: I resemble that comment, actually. I see a lot of great titles. I get a lot of great recommendations. I get through a few chapters like, eh.

Jason: So many old ones. Gary Vee’s book. I’ve got Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. And then Becoming a Digital Marketer. [00:19:26]

Matt: That’s a great one.

Jason: I’d definitely recommend.

Matt: Super. So Jason, what’s in the near future that you’re most excited about?

Jason: Blockchain technology and the cryptomarket.

Matt: What about that excites you?

Jason: Just the technology that people really do not know about that blockchain technology is capable of and how we’re going to cut out a lot of middlemen from this type of technology and reward the end user. So the end user is going to be rewarded for actions that they take and be incentivized to take those actions on a certain platform. It could be an action … like any hobby, any, anything that you do on a daily basis? You can be incentivized by doing that.

Even as an influencer, I could be getting paid to post. There might be a platform to come out where I’m incentivized to deliver more content to you or incentivized to create more value and you’re gonna get a lot more people coming out of trying to do that and the advantage of this new model.

Matt: Thanks for sharing your time here. Sharing your wisdom. If someone was inspired about something they heard today, which there’s no doubt in my mind that they are or they were, what would be the best way for them to get in touch with you?

Jason: Drop me an email. You can go to my Instagram profile @millionaire_mentor. Click the email button or go to millionairementor.com. Our website is milmentor.com. Just a media news website right now. It’s not too personalized. I do have a blog dropping coming soon, but the best way is email. Direct message. Your message might get lost in the hundreds.

Matt: Right, right. No, I can imagine. Alrighty. Well, thanks. Let’s do it again. I stay in touch. Is that good?

Jason: Appreciate it.

Matt: Yeah, you bet.

Jason: Awesome.

Matt: So, thanks for tuning in to Epic Real Estate investing. God bless to your success. I’ll see you next week on another episode of Thought Leader Thursday. Take care.