How to Quit Your Day Job the Right Way

How to Quit Your Day Job the Right Way

If you’re wondering how to quit your day job for bigger and better things, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Quit Your Day Job the Right Way

How to Quit Your Day Job

If you’re unfulfilled, overworked and underpaid, or hate your boss, you’ve probably had the thought to quit your day job more than once, even if the fear of setting out on your own held you back.

But if you could overcome that fear, imagine the potential freedom of working for yourself. It IS possible to feel inspired every morning, to enjoy the people you work with, and to discover what truly limitless income opportunity is.

Total freedom to do what you want, when you want, without any regard to the price tag is a completely feasible goal, and it can be achieved in three steps.

1. Prepare to Quit

How to Quit Your Day Job the Right Way

Conduct a Self-Interview

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What specifically about my current situation is frustrating me?
  • Am I willing and able to forego benefits like health insurance and retirement contributions?
  • Have I timed this appropriately?
  • What should I expect? (Right now you are an employee, not an entrepreneur. You must be prepared to temporarily work for free, aim for higher goals, and embrace your mistakes.)

Maximize Your Money and Credit

First, make sure you won’t mess up your 401(k) or any other incoming funds.

Second, check your ability to access institutional money.

Third, use as many purchase loans as the bank will approve you for BEFORE you quit, and maximize your credit lines. Applying for is a great way to do this all at once.

Gain Family Support

Quitting your job won’t just affect you. Have an honest conversation with your family first.

12 Months of Reserves

Commit to saving 12 months of reserves in the bank to support both your family and business.

How to Quit Your Day Job the Right Way

2. Plan Your Escape

Add up your monthly living expenses and business expenses and combine them. You must generate this amount of money for four months straight OR save up 12 months of reserves before quitting your job.

3. Never Go Back!

Along with consistent lead generation, complete these four tasks daily:

  • Contact leads
  • Set appointments
  • Submit offers
  • Market properties

Keep track of them with a Daily Success Report.

How to Quit Your Day Job the Right Way

Your 5 Immediate Action Steps

  1. Calculate your monthly living expenses and set your real estate income goal
  2. Plan out your marketing budget
  3. Have a sit-down with the family
  4. Get pre-approved for investment property purchase loans and fill out the 60-second application at
  5. Become an Epic Pro Academy member (if you’re not already) and go through the Fast Start section ASAP

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