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how to leave your day job

Today on Financial Freedom Friday, Matt teaches you how to leave your day job by sharing the story of two investors who did it right – Russell Taylor and Greg Zytkowski. Learn how to determine whether or not you are in the “rat race,” how Russell and Greg made their business consistent and DOUBLED their results, and how to follow in their massive footsteps.

how to leave your day job

What You Will Learn About How to Leave Your Day Job:

  • A test to determine whether or not you are in the “rat race”
  • How Russell and Greg made their business consistent
  • Why organization matters for success
  • How Russell and Greg doubled their results
  • How to make your own rat race escape

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Matt Theriault: This is Theriault Media. Hey, Matt Theriault here at Epic Real Estate, and welcome to another episode of Financial Freedom Friday.

Speaker 1: It’s time for Financial Freedom Friday, with Matt Theriault.

Matt: So the general theme of what we talk about here at Epic Real Estate is all about creating cash flow, right? And there’s different ways we can do it. We can it buy and hold, we can do it through lease options, we can do it financing, and we’ve really placed a big focus this year on specifically doing it to escape the rat race, to create that financial freedom that so many people are looking for. And we use that term, rat race, like we through that around and like, what does it really mean? Well I think, if you don’t know whether you’re in the rat race or not, I think this is a good way to, it’s a good test.

If you’re doing something on a daily basis that you don’t really enjoy doing, maybe you even hate it, or if you’re doing something on a daily basis that you find unfulfilling, you know it’s kind of leaving you empty, and you’re doing it just because you need to make the money to pay the bills. if that’s what you’re doing and you don’t have any other options, then you’re stuck. You’re in this thing called the rat race, right? There’s a lot of people that just really want to get out of that, but there’s a few things, they don’t know how. They don’t know where to start. They lack the knowledge in getting started, and once they do get started, what to do.

The second thing is, they lack the time. We live in a very fast paced and busy world, and people are busy, and time seems to get smaller and smaller. At least the free time becomes more and more limited. And the third thing is, they think getting started, investing in real estate, it takes a lot of money. Or they’re so attached to their paycheck, they’re afraid to make that leap to take on real estate investing full time to escape that rat race that they’re in, because they don’t wanna leave the money behind, that paycheck.

And what it really all comes down to is fear. Not saying you’re a scaredy cat or anything like that, but you know were all fearful, and fear comes up, it shows up in different ways and has different tags, like lack of knowledge, lack of time, lack of money. Those are all just kind of excuses but that are all really just fear. And so, this past Epic Intensive, I was really fortunate enough to talk to a client that I’ve been working with, a couple of clients that I’ve been working with, over a year or so, and when they first called, this was kind of their situation. They didn’t have the time to really go out, they weren’t getting consistent results, they weren’t … the money was a big concern for them.

The knowledge, they kind of had the knowledge, they had maybe even too much knowledge. They didn’t know how to organize it and create a starting point and have an actual plan of how to put everything they knew together. You know they had closed a few deals, they were doing okay, they were making some money, but there was still always concern about money, and they had these day jobs and they wanted to just go do it full time.

So they called us up for one of our business acceleration sessions, and they said, “Hey Matt, you know we’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, we kind of get what you do there, we’ve heard your other success stories and your case studies, and I think we could be a good fit. So let us just, kind of share with you what we’ve got going on, and if you can help us, then we absolutely wanna work with you.” And I said, “Sure, break it down, like what’s going on with you?” And they said, “Okay, so we’ve spent a lot of money on our education, we’re kind of chasing all these different things, we’re all over the place, we’re super busy, but the results are kind of inconsistent, and we’ve still gotta manage our day jobs, and we’d just love to break free from that, and have the confidence in moving forward. So if you can help us do that, let’s work together.” And I said … that’s what we so here. We eat that stuff up for breakfast.”

So anyway, it was a pretty easy decision for us to decide to work together, and that was a year ago. And then at the Epic Intensive most recently, they were there, and I was fortunate enough to be able to interview them, I was fortunate enough to be able to capture it on camera, so I could share that with you. And they kind of just shared their story, so you can be a witness of their journey, from their mouth. From their perspective. So here, watch this.

This is Russell. He and his partner Greg, they came to our office, they went through the process. They had some unique situations that they wanted to address. So what did your business look like, just before we met and started working together?

Russell Taylor: Focusing on flipping houses at the time, and there was a lot of inconsistency in our business. We’d go months without deals, and then get a whole bunch at once, then kind of be putting out fires left and right. We were doing things, we were operating but, we were looking for that level of consistency.

Greg Zytkowski: It was pretty shotgun, it was bright shiny object syndrome. We were jumping all around.

Matt: So how was this impacting you guys personally?

Greg: We were disorganized which can be very stressful, when you don’t really know, how do you make this all work? We kind of had all the knowledge, but we almost maybe had too much knowledge. We were jumping all over the place.

Russell: When I left my job too, is when you have one foot out the door, one foot in one place, so you don’t know how to allocate your time exactly, and that uncertainty leads to all sorts of anxiety when you don’t have the plan or the path, then you’re really just kind of lost. There’s a million things you can do in a day, and when you become focused and have a plan for it, that really clarifies everything, makes it easy to decide.

Matt: What was your favorite part about the process, and your favorite part about working with Epic?

Russell: You know we’ve gone through a lot of education. We have a huge real estate education background, I mean hands down, your program’s ability to take all the things that have to be done, and simplify it into one little chart, and say, “Just do this.”

Greg: Don’t think about it.

Russell: Yeah just do it, and that really opens up clarity, to be able like I said, to focus and act.

Matt: So how was last year, or the last 12 months, compared to the years before that?

Russell: Think we did 20 flips last year, some of those are like wholesales and stuff. We added a couple, four, five doors to our rental portfolio, and the year before that, it was about half, so and we’re always …

Greg: We doubled.

Matt: You doubled?

Greg: At least, at least.

Matt: Awesome. So you mentioned like what you see for the next level, you see for the future, what is that, that you guys see for yourselves?

Russell: Just really focusing on building the portfolio. We’re big in financing, as far as notes are concerned, and then buying and fixing them and then selling them on owner financing, or lease options, or whatever strategy we choose to do with it, and really just driving that home and holding more. So as the fluctuations in the market happen, there’s less pressure to keep going and doing the same stuff.

Greg: And I would say that the dream of independence is possible.

Russell: And I already feel like we won, where we’re sitting right now, compared to past jobs, and past pressures, and illusion of security a corporate life can give, at least from my perspective to where we’re at now. Controlling our own destiny, and working for ourselves is the greatest thing ever.

Matt: So whenever you’re ready to make a major move, and escaping the rat race, there’s a couple ways that I can help. I can help you one, by inviting you to the Epic Intensive. That’s our three day workshop, where we go over our rat race escape plan essentially. How to find deals, meaning real estate at a discount, how to lock that real estate up so you’ve got total control, and then how to exit those deals in a way that you maximize your profit, you maximize your ROI, so it gets you out of the rat race the fastest. So that’s one way. That’s at It’s coming up soon, we give the first 25 tickets away for free, so you might be able to grab one of those if you go check right now, so at

Or if you don’t wanna wait, you don’t wanna do the traveling, you just wanna get started like okay, time is now, I’m convinced, and you can go to and share a little bit with me about your business, and you can schedule a call right three. One of the business acceleration sessions that Russell and Greg had scheduled. You can schedule that very type of call. We’ll hop on the phone and see if there’s a good fit. If there is, we can go ahead, and I’ll share with you what the next steps look like, and if it’s not a good fit, we’ll go ahead and I’m gonna share with you some resources and different ways, or different areas that I’ll point you towards, that might be a better fit for you. Our ultimate goal there after we talk, is that you’re gonna be better off after that call than you were before it.

All righty, so you can go to if you wanna meet in person and work together for three days, or if you just wanna work together one on one right now, like you don’t wanna waste any time, go to All righty? So I’ll see you next week on our other episode of Financial Freedom Friday. Take care.