How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing – First Steps (the secrets)! | 605

how to get started in real estate investing

Do you want to get involved in real estate but you don’t know where to begin? Well, you are going to love this episode because we are here to tell you how to get started in real estate investing and to share some successful case studies of people who made it, so you can follow their path. We are talking about the 1st steps in more details, and along with that, our real estate newbies from last Epic Intensive are sharing their stories, their challenges, and the results they attained in just a little over a year.

how to get started in real estate investing

What You Will Learn About How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing – First Steps (the secrets)!:

  • Where to start
  • What different real estate businesses have in common
  • Brans Donnelly’s success story
  • What The Daily Success Report is, why it is important, and where to find it
  • Why you need to trust the process
  • How Tony and Cindy started
  • The 3 most impactful things they got and learned while working with us
  • What their business looks like today
  • Why Tony was reluctant to work with Epic at first and what changed his mind
  • Their future plans

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Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Matt Theriault: Hey, Matt Theriault here from Epic Real Estate. So, do you want to get started in real estate investing, but you’re just not sure how, you’re wondering what those first steps should be? Well, you’re in the right place because right now, today, I’m going to share with you how to get started in real estate investing, and I’m specifically going to focus on my most successful newbies successes, and specifically, what they all had in common, so you can copy them, so you can walk in their footsteps. We’re going to that on today’s episode of Financial Freedom Friday.

Check this out, Brad Donnelly first check inside of 30 days, and this here this is Jack and Josh’s first Follow Through Friday post inside The Epic Pro Academies private Facebook group. I’m going to show you, like I showed them, how to get started in real estate investing. I’m going to reveal their secrets as to what has them both being, you know, two of my most successful case studies to date, all in the interest of you, so that you can duplicate their results by walking in their footsteps already.

All right, so step number one. Ready, fire, aim. Just make the decision and go. Don’t overthink it. Real estate, it works, don’t doubt it. And as far as I can tell, if you apply yourself, all programs out there and the strategies that they teach, they all work too. So, just start with what appeals to you. Is it single family homes, multi-family, vacant land, mobile home parks, storage facilities… Just pick the one that you find the most interesting.

There’s a program, at least one, for each of those strategies. So just go to Google. Start searching pick one and just go. And if what you pick turns out not to be the thing that you thought it would be, you will have still progressed forward and you’ll have knowledge that you don’t currently have right now and you’ll be better equipped to correct the course. Because you just can’t steer a parked car.

So just start. Make the decision, just make the decision and go, and regardless of what you do choose, they all have this in common. You got to generate leads, you got to set appointments, you got to present offers. That’s where you got to focus. That’s why I gave Brad Donnelly this little worksheet. This one right here. I told him, “Just do what’s on here. Those three specific things I just mentioned, among some other stuff.” He said, “Okay,” and he committed to doing what was right here on this sheet, and that commitment paid off in less than 30 days, that first $5,000 check that I showed you earlier.

And seven years later, he still uses this to bring in six figures at least every month, and here is his secret. He made the decision to be successful investing in real estate. He picked an educational program to follow, and then he started, he didn’t waste any time getting ready to get ready. It was just ready, fire, aim with Brad, and that’s how you start. If you’re having trouble deciding on a program, I’ve got a free pilot program that I’m currently running with a bunch of new investors, they’re all looking for their first or their next deal, and you’re more than welcome to join us there if that’s going to be a good starting point for you. You just go to

All righty, so, step two. Make a daily plan and track your activities, and coincidentally, that’s exactly what this worksheet that I gave to Brad was. This is the daily success report. It’s an itemized daily plan of the right activities, specifically the money making activities. There’s a method here to track those activities. So each day he started with a clean daily success report, he started right here from the top, just worked his way down, tracking as activities, completing his daily plan.

As well as being step two, it is the secret to success. Consistently performing, money-making activities, and tracking those activities. Two of my newer clients, cut very much from the same cloth is Brad, Jack, and Josh, they attended The Epic Intensive, they made the decision to become clients, I gave them the exact same daily success report seven years later, and they use it in the exact same way is Brad. There have only been two weeks out of the last 52 weeks, where they haven’t closed a new deal. And they, just like Brad, they give a great deal of the credit to their daily plan. The daily success report.

Listen, if your activities, they don’t get tracked, your business is not going to grow. The daily success report, it’s available to all of those in that pilot program that I mentioned previously, or you can just get a quick free copy for yourself at All righty, so, step three. Detach yourself from the outcome and trust the process. Here’s what I mean. The people that I see getting started in real estate investing, the ones that don’t make it, they quit way too soon because, when they interact with a little more rejection than they’re used to, I guess, or a little more frustration and they’re used to, and their expectations aren’t met as often or in the way that they’re used to, they quit.

They’re so attached to those initial disappointing outcomes in the beginning. It’s just, it’s too much for them to handle. So, that’s another secret. Trust the process. Detach yourself from the outcome and just keep going. I’ve noticed that amongst Brad, Jack and Josh, and the countless other successful private clients that I’ve worked with, those initial frustrations, they just roll off their back. That’s what they’ve all got in common, they just trust the process and they keep going.

They’ve got relentless tenacity and how they approach their real estate investing. And speaking of trusting the process, here Tony and Cindy from Texas. We worked together for almost a year before it really clicked for them, but they were relentless. They trusted the process. Here, why don’t we do this? I’ll let you hear directly from them, they were at our last Epic Intensive, and we were fortunate enough to capture it on tape.

Tony and Cindy, can you come up on stage with me for a second? We were working together for a little over a year. We’re in communication regularly. Before we met, what challenges were you trying to overcome?

Tony: Well, before we met, I didn’t know anything about the investor world and discovered you in a podcast like many people and mentioned to Cindy that, “This guy seems very genuine and very real.” So, I got hooked on your podcast and signed up for an Intensive, I was interested in starting to invest in real estate but really needed the path.

Matt: And what would that have meant to you personally if you would’ve found that?

Tony: I was planning to retire from a long career in banking to I knew the conservative banking way of doing real estate and discovered that this way is significantly different and it would have meant to be able to do some of the things that we have long-term plans for, generate cash flow.

Matt: What have you found to be the three most impactful things working with Epic?

Tony: System. We use a lot within REI solutions that was key. I was really struggling until we embarked on really REIAs. That was one. The amount of information you put out is tremendous just a collection of information that helped me to gather the thoughts that I needed to move forward, really, the whole entire process.

From How Do We Generate Leads, you mentioned in one of your videos to attend a local REIA I had no idea what a REIA was. And you said, “Go to your local REIA.” I had to google REIA and we went to a local meet-up, and the combination of that meeting with that some people locally, along with all of the information you had, I did join Epic Pro Academy, just really put us on the right path to where we wanted to go.

Matt: Here we are, 13 months later, what does your business look like today?

Cindy: It’s good.

Tony: We did some fix and flips, so we have some properties we did some wholesaling, but we made a decision a while back that every single property that we look at, our default position is to hold it. That’s just because of where we are, where we stand now in the season of our life. We will then make a decision once we do our deeper dive into it. So, the important thing is to get these houses on the contract. We have seven notes receivable that we’ve done, so seller financing. We’re not really flipping these days, we’ve done a number of those, we have a whole bunch of rental properties, we’ve embarked on a new area. So, we moved out … We’re in Dallas-Fort Worth.

We went an hour and a half south three months ago and since then we’ve been going to properties like crazy. We’ve picked up nine. We’re about to go on the contract with another nine, and we have no portfolio seven and we’re looking at, and it’s all building relationships. Our goal is to just have a stream of cash flow. And you talk a lot about exiting the rat race. Well, we did that, but now it’s just building additional cash flow to do some of the fun things and like we want to do.

Matt: But by the end of the month so that’s like more than 30 cash flowing assets? In a year. It’s awesome. Give us a round of applause. Cool.

Cindy, how’s that making you feel about right now and into the future?

Cindy: We’re in an exciting place right now, and we’re really moving forward, and I think a lot of what You have taught us is perfect’s good but done is better. And so, I think we get caught up in that perfection, and that’s really propelled us, for you give us the tools in which to go ahead and have those successes and those failures so we know which way to go.

Matt: Can you finish the sentence for me, “I almost did not work with Epic because almost did not work with Epic because …”

Tony: I almost did not work with Epic because there was money involved, and I’m a real cheapskate, and I thought, “Heck, I was 38 years in banking, I can figure this thing out on my own,” and Cindy convinced me. Just do it. Take the money, and do it. It really, I can tell you, it paid off immensely. Exponentially.

Cindy: Because it’s not how much it costs you, it’s how much it makes you.

Matt: That’s awesome. Now, you are where you are right now. You’ve got a lot of exciting things going on. What do you see in the future for yourself in your business?

Tony: Well, we just started in a new market two, three months ago. We’re going to get comfortable in those areas. We’re going to build up our portfolio. We’re about to enter into a joint venture with a close friend of ours who’s been a moneylender for us, and you’ve talked about this a lot. Money is always there, we have found that to be incredibly true, but we’re just going to continue to add to our portfolio.

Our goal was every two, three years, we just moved different locations, but we’re just going to continue to do that, enjoy the fruits of our labor because at some point you just can’t just always work. You got to enjoy what you’re doing, and that’s what we’re planning to do. Do more trips, we traveled a lot already, and continue to do that. We got a bunch of kids. You know, leaving a legacy is really important as well.

Matt: Give them a round of applause.