How to Find Motivated Sellers on Facebook (Proven Strategy)

How to Find Motivated Sellers on Facebook (Proven Strategy)

Finding motivated sellers can be a struggle, but this ninja Facebook strategy will keep you coming out ahead!

Find Motivated Sellers

I’ll be honest… it isn’t as easy to find motivated sellers as it was last year.

And it’s certainly not as easy as it was 2-3 years ago.

Yet motivated sellers are still out there! Events happen every single day that make people motivated to sell their property, and if you can just figure out where they are, you can exchange their peace of mind for equity (and make a tidy profit in the process).

Two Ways to Get Ahead

This is actually the type of market I started out in originally. Inventory was low and competition was high.

It was a struggle. You had to move fast, be resourceful, and you couldn’t rest! It was frustrating and scary, and it felt like the competition might push me out of the business entirely at any moment .

If you wants deals regardless of the competition, there are two things you need to do:


Be absolutely consistent with your money-making activities.

Consistency is everything! If you want consistent results, you have to have consistent activity on the front end.

The good new is, anyone can be consistent… and the even greater news is that hardly anyone WILL be.

So, boom! There’s your opportunity. Just be consistent, and you’ll already come out ahead of the competition.


The only thing that never changes is that things will always change.

So keeps your eyes and ears open for emerging technologies, new strategies, and new tactics. Be alert to new societal shifts in thinking. Never stop being resourceful and innovating.

How to Find Motivated Sellers on Facebook

We stumbled upon this strategy that allows us to find motivated sellers before anyone else.

It’s so obvious, I’m almost embarrassed to share it!

But before I do, I want you to understand that the amount of deals you do will be in proportion to the number of:

  1. Distressed property owners you interact with who like and trust you.
  2. Distressed property owners who value your solutions and hold you in high regard.
  3. Written offers you make to these distressed property owners.

If you do these three things consistently, you’ll do deals consistently and make a lot of money as a result.

Part I: Give Before You Take

Find Motivated Sellers

Before you do anything else, align yourself with the seller.

This is such a comfortable, easy, and effective way to do business. Make the market the bad guy and put yourself on the seller’s side. This essentially eliminates the need to negotiate.

Now it’s time to PROVE that you’re on their side by giving before you take.


Record a Video

Create something that the seller can benefit from. We’ve used videos that can easily be shared with titles like, “How to Sell Your Property Fast and For Top Dollar in Today’s Market.”

You can make these videos based on any topic you want as long as they are useful to the seller. They should feel grateful to you when they’ve finished watching.

Part II: Don’t Ask For Anything in Return

Everyone else gives, but then they ask for something in return.

Don’t do that!

Go against the grain. Give… and then give some more.

Post the video you created to your business page on Facebook. Boost the video to your market, and make sure to pick a broad audience.

Watch the ad and wait for likes and positive comments. (If your video is truly helpful, you’ll get a lot of these.)

Part III: Make the Offer

Now, let’s think about the people who liked and commented on the video.

What type of people would these be?

People looking to sell their houses, of course!

So by posting this video, you’ve eventually created your own pool of (potentially motivated) sellers that you can now contact through Facebook.

Second Round of Value

Now it’s time to give AGAIN.

Conversation #1

Find the people who liked and commented on your video and send them a helpful private message.

It could look something like this:

I saw that you commented on my post. I just updated my report on how to sell your property fast without a realtor. Would you like a copy?

You can offer them anything of value here. It doesn’t have to be created by you – it could be a book you recently read or a video you found helpful.

If they respond with a, “Yes,” go ahead and send them a copy!

Find Motivated Sellers

Conversation #2

The next day, message them something like this:

Hey, I was just thinking about you, and I’m actually looking for a property in the [your market] area. Yours wouldn’t happen to be there, would it?

Since you pushed the original video to your market, there’s a good chance they’ll say yes. And if they do, you can respond:

Would you be open to an all-cash offer?

No one will say no to that!

Next, ask:

Could I ask you some questions about the property to make sure I don’t waste your time?

And if they answer, “Yes,” ask:

Well, would it make sense for us to hop on the phone real quickly to discuss?

And boom! You’re on the phone with a motivated seller.

This won’t work with everyone, so don’t give up after three or four failed attempts! Give it a good 30 days before deeming it unsuccessful. Like any other prospecting, it’s a numbers game, so put in the numbers to make it happen.

Looking for Other Ways to Get Your First Deal?

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Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.