Getting Your Fire Back

Getting Your Fire Back

Getting Your Fire Back

Hey, where’d the fire go? What happened?

I don’t understand why is it that so many aspiring real estate investors start their journeys with this great deal of enthusiasm.

I mean, they’re truly excited to go out there, take the bull by the horns, and just go out there and crush it…

…and then, so quickly, their motivation fades.

What happened?


It’s not some erratic feeling that comes over us when we least expect it or disappears when we most need it. It’s a feeling that begins and is sustained by a process that we control… a process that starts with – of all things – curiosity.

Because you were once curious about real estate, you sought out the information, and the more you learned, the more interested you became, the more excited you got, and the more you wanted to learn.

Getting Your Fire Back

The enthusiasm killer

What brings this self-perpetuating cycle of enthusiasm to a halt?

You know, at some point – and the time varies for everybody – you realize it was work.

Listen, the opportunity of real estate is no different than any other opportunity (other than that it pays the most).

But it’s still work.

Tragically, the probability of wealth through real estate is missed by most people because once the honeymoon is over, it shows up knocking on your door dressed in overalls, looking like work.

How do you maintain the motivation?


Continue to learn.

Before quitting, remind yourself of why you got started in the first place. Continue to learn and act on what you learn. That’s going to keep the cycle going.

Because I’ll tell you, everything real estate promised you in the beginning is still there.

Real estate did not break its word to you, so don’t break your word to it.

You’ve got to go meet it halfway.

You’ve got to go get it.

It’s the Epic way.

Getting Your Fire Back

Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.