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Get Rich From Nothing

Today, we are giving you the most practical advice on how to get rich from nothing!  Listen to Matt’s personal story of rise and fall and learn how to pick a vehicle that will get you to your goal, the significance of practice, and how to promote yourself.

Get Rich From Nothing

What You Will Learn About How to Get Rich From Nothing:

  • Matt’s personal story of rise and fall
  • The 3 main ideas on how to get rich from nothing
  • How to pick a vehicle that will get you to your goal
  • The importance of being a person of value inside of the vehicle
  • The crucial skills that you need
  • Why you have to practice them a lot
  • The 2 ways to promote yourself
  • How to get The Free Real Estate Investing Course

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Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Matt Theriault: Today I’ve got the most practical advice about getting rich from nothing that you’ll ever hear, guaranteed, or your old life back.

After I made my first million in the music business, the digital download came along, and just really robbed me of building anything significant, but not only did it rob me of my life’s momentum, it reduced me to rubble, so to speak, leaving me with nothing. I was living in a friend’s closet. It was a walk-in closet, but it was a closet nonetheless. It was a cliché story of rise and fall. I mean, I did start over with nothing, but I did rise again, and I’m going to give you three ideas of how I made it happen.

Child’s Voice: He’s going to give you three ideas.

Matt: Number one, pick your vehicle. If your goal is to get rich, you’ve got to pick a vehicle that can actually get you there, that can actually make you rich. Now, I’m not speaking of the latest idea, or the latest trend where lightning just might strike, I’m speaking of a vehicle that can make you rich for sure, and make you rich permanently.

So real estate, that’s the only thing that I have found that checks both boxes for the average person, but if you’ve got something different, some different advice, let me in on it. Share with me in the comments below. But I’m going to ask you for no opinions. I’m looking for facts, I’m looking for stats, and that’s all that you should be looking for as well.

Two, you’ve got to practice your craft. You have to develop the necessary skills to become a person of value inside of that vehicle because society’s going to compensate you in direct proportion to the amount of value that you bring to society … Comes to real estate the most valuable skills that you can develop are those around finding deals and raising money. Those are skills that can be developed like any other skill, through lots of practice.

Child’s Voice: Practice, practice, practice.

Matt: It’s the same way that you practice your golf swing, or you practice playing the piano, or you practice a foreign language, through massive repetition. For example, I was a role-playing machine. I had phone scripts for the seller, I had presentation frameworks. I practiced until I couldn’t practice anymore.

Child’s Voice: Practice, practice, practice, and you might get this.

Matt: Massive repetition. That’s how you get good at anything. If you get good at the right thing, that’s when you become valuable, and when you become valuable, that’s how you get paid.

Child’s Voice: If you’re ready to commit to practicing your craft, give this video a like.

Matt: All right, step three. Now you got to promote yourself, and when it comes to promotions, there’s two ways that you can pay for it. One, you can pay for it with your wallet. The second way is you can pay for it with your time. Considering we’re talking about getting rich from nothing, that’s really all you got, so you got to get out there.

Here’s how I did it. Here’s how I got started from nothing. I pulled out the classified ads. I went to Craigslist specifically, totally free to do. You’ll notice inside of Craigslist, there’s a whole section for people that have properties to sell. Then there’s also another section that have people that are looking for properties. What I started doing, is I just started calling. I’d call five sellers a day, five buyers a day, and I started to play matchmaker.

What that really did was increase my value amongst that real estate community, and I started making a few bucks. I started making some connections, I started getting referral fees from both sides, and then once you’ve got a few bucks, now you can start paying for promotions in different ways. Now you can start promoting your value in different ways, but that’s at least how to get started from that.

Child’s Voice: So this is how you do it. One, pick your vehicle. Two, practice your craft. Three, promote your value.

Matt: If you’d like some new ideas around real estate investing, particularly having to do with getting started from nothing, go over to It’s the better-than-free real estate investing course, and it’s all around getting your first deal done using little to no money. When I say better-than-free, it’s because I’ll actually pay you to complete the course, and I’ll personally help you get things done, and get that first or that next deal done using little to no money, so check it out.