15 Methods for Finding Off Market Deals Before Your Competition | 442

15 Methods for Finding Off Market Deals Before Your Competition | 442

Finding Off Market Deals

Matt Theriault and Epic Real Estate are proud to present 15 sure-fire methods for finding off market deals before your competition! Learn how to be successful with direct mail, discover new technology to help you find deals and follow up with leads, get Matt’s best tactics for networking at REIA meetings, and much, much more!

finding off market deals

What You Will Learn About 15 Methods for Finding Off Market Deals Before Your Competition:

  • 15 sure-fire methods for finding off market deals
  • The leader in attracting motivated sellers to call you
  • How to be successful with direct mail
  • A low-cost and effective deal finding strategy
  • How to determine when your direct mail campaign has been successful or not
  • How to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed at networking events
  • A tactic Matt used to network at REIA meetings
  • What to write on your Bandit sign for maximum effectiveness
  • New technology to help you with finding off-market deals
  • Three things to use social media for

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I just want to have an impact on what you’re looking for. I’m grateful for you being here each and every week. I don’t want your time here to go to waste and so if you want this, I’m going to provide no shortage of avenues and resources for you to get it.

Today I’ve got a great show, a special show. I’m going to be sharing with you 15 sure-fire methods for finding off-market deals before your competition does. We’ll just dive into it. Enough of the intro let’s get into the meat of today.

Number one, I thought I’d just get this out of the way. Direct mail. Still probably the leader in attracting motivated sellers to call you. Having said that, for this to be your number one source for finding off-market deals, you need volume. You’ve got to send out a lot, and you gotta be consistent with it. You have to have a long-term vision in mind. It can’t be … I mean it can be. You can certainly make some money and pull some deals by just sending out one batch of postcards of 500 and you might get a deal out of that, but if that’s what your budget allows and that’s all you can see yourself doing, I wouldn’t use your budget that way. Not for just those 500. You need to project into the future and envision yourself doing this long term.

This has to be a good three to four-month run, and I need to be sending out at least a thousand a month and plus. For the direct mail, to really get the results, that’s got to be your vision. What do you send? You can send postcards, you can send letters. We’ve been sending offers lately to a smaller list, but we’ve been sending signed offers. We’ve had great results with sending the three option letter of intent that we use inside of the Epic Pro Academy. Yeah, postcards still work. Letters still work, but it is marketing, and you’re marketing with your marketing. You should always be testing it.

You’re just going to find frequently, what’s new can be old very quickly and what was old can be fresh all over again, so just make sure that when you do that though, when you’re testing … This is going to go with everything I’m talking about on today’s episode, but just make sure that you give your approach, give it some time before making any drastic changes. Give it some time before you say, “That didn’t work.”

If you tried it for a week or two, or you tried it even for a month or two and it’s like, “Oh, nothing here.” It takes time. Okay? It takes time. All marketing takes time for you to get real results. Especially this type when you’re dealing with peoples homes and you’re dealing with their distress. All of that. Okay? It takes time. People’s lives don’t happen instantly. Sometimes it does, but then sometimes you could have contacted them today and they’re not really ready for you until three months from now, but if you stay consistent with your messaging, who are they gonna call? They’re going to call the one that’s fresh in the top of mind and if you’re consistent with your marketing, that’s going to be you. That’s number one, direct mail.

Number two, live events. Live events are going to be your meet up group. Could be your REIA meetings. Could be networking groups. Chamber of Commerce. Anything like that. Live events and when you go to these live events, and this is one of the ways that I’ve built my business from the ground up with zero marketing budget, was going to live events. That was becoming a person of value at those live events. That’s a real generic way, when I say a person of value, what does that actually mean? It means that when you go, you focus more on what other people need than what you need.

A big reason I think people don’t like to go to networking events is because they see a hundred people there and they’re overwhelmed, “Oh my God, I have to talk to these hundred people, and they all have to know what I do and they all have to want to help me, and none of them are going to want to help me because I’m just meeting them for the first time and it’s just awkward and strange and weird and blah, blah, blah.” Yeah, you’re right, that approach won’t work very well, but if you go in with that initial mindset of being a person of value. You’re there to help people. You’re there to find out what they need and see if you can provide it for them.

That could be a referral. It could be some business, like you doing business with them, or it’s finding out what their looking for investment wise. What are they doing with their business? If you’re at a real estate specific meeting, what is their biggest challenge? Is it finding the money? Is it finding properties? Is it finding buyers? And taking note of that and being able to start connecting those dots for people. That’s going to create some really powerful relationships for yourself, and this is a people business, right? You’ve got to talk to people. I mean everything I’m talking about today is all different ways and approaches for you to get in front of people so you can actually talk to them. At these live events, they are there. They are ready to talk. They’re there very much for the same thing as you.

Most of them are there with the wrong mindset thinking about what’s in it for me, and if they meet someone like you that’s thinking about, what’s in it for them too, just like they’re thinking about what’s in it for them, then boom, magic can be created. Live events, and one of the strategies, if we want to get real tactical, one of the strategies I would always take was, I would always take a property flyer with me. Whether it was my property or someone else’s property. I just take this property. This is what I’m working on, this is what’s in it for you. That’s been a really good one.

Number three, bird dogs. I wish they’ve come up with a different name other than bird dogs. Maybe I should think about coming up with a different name and moving that forward in the conversation. Anyway, bird dogs are people that will give you leads or the inside scoop, or make introductions to key contacts and motivated sellers for you. These people could be newer investors. They could be wholesalers, fellow investors. Professional relationships. It could be someone looking just to make some extra dough on the side. You can call through the classifieds. You could go to events like we just talked about. Meetups and REIA meetings, and you can meeting bird dogs there. You can place ads.

Inside of REI Solutions, the CRM that we use and the marketing system that we use inside of our REI Solutions, they have a little portal called Property Finders and it’s a little website and we’ve had some really great success with it. Jack and Josh in Fargo, they’ve done brilliantly with this. They are getting deals this way. The reason they’re getting deals, and I don’t have a lot of other stories, is because most people don’t work it consistently and with the intensity that they do.

What they’ve done is they’ve placed ads in online classifieds. Looking to make some extra bucks? It sends them to a website and that website has a little video on it. It explains to them exactly how being a bird dog works, they opt-in for it, and then there’s an autoresponder that trains them exactly how to do that. All of that is built in right into REI solutions. All they have to do is place the ad and put the right link in there to take them to their web portal and all that gets done for them. They’ve really embraced that and done extremely well with that. Bird dogs.

Let’s see what else. Bandit signs. Tried and true. Place signs around your market. It’s an effective and low-cost deal finding strategy. Like all lead generation strategies though, this too needs to be consistently performed, and you can do it in different ways. You can approach this in very different ways. You can do it on the weekends, 20 to 30 at a time. You can do a few each day. Put out three or four each day. Just make it part of your errands. Have your trunk full of signs and when you stop at the Home Depot, make sure you just put a sign or two out on your way out, or you can have someone else do it for you, which I think is probably … once you get to the point where that’s going to make sense for you financially I think is what you should do. Make sure whoever you hire though, they document and take pictures of your sign placements to make sure that they’re actually putting it out.

On the sign, you’re going to want to use one of your business lines. Don’t put your cell number on there, but you want to use one of your business lines from your call capture service. A lot of different cities and counties, they frown on this practice and so it’s up to you. Based on how you feel about it you can do it or not, you don’t have to do this, but it is an effective way that people use every single day and none of them ever go to jail. If you use one of your business lines from your call capture service, it’s really difficult if impossible for them to track. They can’t serve you with any sort of notice if they can’t find you.

With all that said, if you do get fined, it’s just the cost of doing business. You’re closing five, ten, fifteen, twenty-five thousand dollars per deal, then just maybe paying those fines, is just a cost of doing business. That’s up to you. Not every city is that aggressive with it, but some are, so I don’t know. Move forward at your own discretion and your own judgment. Then just take the signs, place them at busy intersections, shopping malls, in front of your existing house that you may have for sale. Just anywhere where you think eyeballs are going to see it, and it could just be as simple as, “I buy houses cash. Fast and easy.” Or it could just be, “Get a fair offer for your house. Any condition.” And put your phone number there. There’s four. Banner signs.

Now relationships and referrals. I talked a little bit about that with the live events and that’s exactly what you’re going to be creating at those live events. You’re going to be creating relationships. Relationships take time to nurture. Just because there might be a relationship that you found online, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen faster. Think of the person that you would do something for right now. It’s not some stranger you just met, it’s someone that you’ve probably known for a while and you’ve got a connection there. You’ve got to build relationships. You gotta let people know what you’ve done. As we mentioned before, you gotta become a person of value, especially in your newer relationships. Do that first.

Even your existing relationships. Just treat people right. Give them what they’re looking for. Be helpful and then let them know, this is what I do and should you find anyone that’s looking to sell a house fast and they’re in a situation where they don’t have time to hire a realtor, think of me, give me a shout. I’d be happy to help them. Relationship and referrals. A lot of this stuff that I’m going to talk about here can really help you go fast and get deals fast, especially if you have a marketing budget available, but the relationships and the referrals those are going to help you go far, and it’s going to get you to the point where you don’t need a marketing budget.

We do very little. Our marketing budget is probably just 20% of what it was … I don’t know, maybe four years ago, five years ago. It shrunk dramatically because we just don’t need to do it, and it’s because we’ve created those relationships and referrals.

Let’s see. Online classifieds. Now online classifieds. There are so many different ways that you can use this information but just think about it. All these classifieds that people have got as their people that have houses for sale, and they’re people that have a need for housing. You can approach this in so many ways. You can place ads of your own to inspire them to call you or reach out to you, or you can call the ads or you can email the ads. I think you should do both. Call people with properties for sale and make them offers and build relationships, and then call people that are looking for properties and share your deals and build relationships.

Your whole goal is to be talking to people. If you’re not talking to five, ten people a day, it doesn’t matter what else you do. This business is going to be a real struggle for you. You may think you sent out some direct mail, but if nobody called you, then nothing’s going to happen. If you go to a live event, and you don’t talk to anybody, even though the rooms full of people nothings going to happen. You put out bandit signs and no one calls those bandit signs, or they call and you don’t call them back, nothings going to happen. You have to be talking to people.

Online classifieds is way that if you’re out of people to talk to, you’re never out of people to talk to because you have access to online classifieds where it’s just filled with people that are hoping that you have the solution to what they’re looking for or else they wouldn’t have placed an ad. Then you could also place ads that solve peoples problems. You’ve got the solutions that solve their problems and inspire them to call you as well. It can go back and forth. Online classifieds. A lot of different ways to work those.

Let’s see. Voice broadcasts. It’s a newer … that’s not really a new technology, but we all receive those phone calls where you can tell it’s a recording. They just start talking and we all instantly hang up. Right? That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a newer technology over the last few years called ringless voicemail. Slybroadcast. slybroadcst.com was the first service that I stumbled upon that offered this. I don’t know if they were the first, but I think they were the first that got it really popular and several copycats have come out since.

What this is, you record a message. You broadcast it to a list of phone numbers and it doesn’t ring their phone, it goes straight to their voicemail. It’s a ringless voicemail, and so it goes straight to their voicemail and then it shows up on their cell phone as a missed call. Has a super high open rate and if you record your voicemail right, they won’t know that it’s a recording. It also has a higher level of authenticity. It’s kind of I guess an oxymoron, it’s still a recorded voicemail, but it feels a little bit more authentic to the person that you’re sending it to and more likely to get a response.

Like I said, Slybroadcast is probably the pioneer of this technology, I think. Several copycats have come out. REI Solutions, by chance, even has this capability now inside of the software so you can incorporate that as a broadcast, or you can incorporate it into your follow up system as well so it can those out automatically for you.

What you do is you gather up a group of phone numbers, you record a message and you broadcast it. These could be numbers from your existing database, or it could be a list of phone numbers that you buy. It could be a list of missed calls from past marketing efforts. People that you haven’t gotten back to, or just an old list. Who was telling me this? Parker was sharing this inside of the private Facebook group that we have at the Epic Pro Academy, how he loaded of his all up, but I think he pulled two or three contracts out of these numbers that were just dead through ringless voicemail. Or you can go out and that mailing list that you’re sending your direct mail to, go ahead and you can get that skip traced. Pull the phone numbers from there, and then you can broadcast that to that, and the numbers as well. So you’re hitting people with mail and you’re hitting people with a ringless voicemail as well. We did an episode on skip tracing a couple weeks ago, and if you missed that, the link there that we shared was epicskiptracing.com. Epicskiptracing.com. They’ll do it all for you, but that’s how voice broadcasts work with the ringless voicemail.

Next one would be, I don’t know. Can you guess? It’s another kind of broadcast. Tex broadcast. Really everything I just shared with you, but instead of sending a recording message, you’re sending a text message, and we do both here. On the first Monday of each month we send out a voice broadcast to all of our leads, and then on the third Monday of the month, we send out a text broadcast, and we just alternate that every single month.

Text broadcast. Let’s see. The point of it here is to reach out to people in a way that they prefer to be communicated with. Some people don’t like to answer the phone. Some people don’t want to return voice messages, but some people like to text and so that’s why we do that as well.

Let’s see, number nine. Pay-per-click. Pay-per-click advertising, online advertising through Google and other search engines. What you can do is you can place an ad using a very similar message that would be in say your online classified ad, and when people click it, that’s when you pay for it, so you don’t have to pay anything until they actually click on it, and when they click on it, you send them to your landing page, and then they opt-in and then now you’ve got a lead. That’s become a very good strategy for us, a very effective strategy for us here. We’re starting to do it in house for our clients. We brought all that service in house and it looks like we’re getting much better results in house, than we were with the company that we used to refer people to. Actually several companies. We’ve been through several of those companies of different ones that we referred people to and we brought it in here, and so for the initial results were like, “We should have done this a long time ago.”

Pay-per-click and what’s good about pay-per-click is these leads are going to be a little bit more expensive, but they’re people that are actually looking for you. They’re people that want your help. They want you to buy their house. They want you to buy it quickly. They want you to give them cash for it. They don’t want to deal with a realtor. They don’t want to fix it up. They don’t want to pay any fees. Those are the people that you’re looking for, but through pay-per-click advertising, although they’re a little bit more expensive for the leads, they are looking for you and they reached out to you, so consider pay-per-click when your budget allows. It’s a really good strategy.

Number ten. Social media. Social media … look at it for several different reasons. Definitely, you want to work on the brand of your company. You want to have a good strong brand online and be represented through as many social media accounts as you feel comfortable with and can manage. You want to build credibility, so it’s a good place to post your testimonials from sellers and buyers that have been happy with your service and happy with your performance, and then the other thing that you can do with social media, I think it is really important and often overlooked is just be helpful. Be a source of information for the person that you’re trying to attract. One of the best ways to attract people is to one, promote the solutions that you offer. That attracts people. What helps convert them is if you can help them before you even ask anything from them.

Don’t be afraid of giving too much. Just because you gave them a tip, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to go out and not need you. It’s probably going to attract them like, “Well that sounds great. They sound like they know what they’re doing, so I think I’m going to just call them.” Those are three different things to use social media for.

The other way it comes in organically which would be number 11 is search engine optimization. The social media aspect and the search engine optimization aspect with your website and videos, you can have those all working together. All going for the same thing. The search engine optimization still works. In fact, Kevin, and RAA ace client, just got a deal from his organic website reach what was it, two weeks ago I think. He shared that with us on the follow through crew call.

Writing posts that are helpful. Blog posts and just being helpful and doing that specifically with the search engine keywords in mind when you create that content. Then videos. Videos can rank even easier. There’s an example inside the Epic Pro Academy of how I got ranked for my keywords in under two minutes, and I walked you through the process and just let you look over my shoulder, follow on the screen and we just went through that. Videos can be a little bit easier. Actually a lot easier to rank than a blog post, but consider all of that, and if you don’t have the time for it, consider hiring it out and have somebody else do that for you. That’s number 11, SEO.

Number 12, driving for dollars, door knocking, and door hangers. I’ve put all of those together even though are all … could be individual methods all by themselves, but if you use all of those in conjunction with each other, they could be really effective. You could drive your neighborhoods. The neighborhoods that you want to conduct your transactions in. The neighborhoods you want to make your investments in. Look for the distressed houses. Maybe peeling paint, overgrown weeds, newspapers, or just something that looks … any sign of distress. You know what that looks like. It doesn’t look like the rest of the houses. It’s in a lesser condition than the rest of the houses in the neighborhood.

Go knock on the door. Knock on the door, see if they’d consider selling it. You don’t need any fancy words or anything. You say, “Hey, I saw this house and I want to buy in this neighborhood, and just wonder if you’d consider selling your house.” If they don’t answer, leave a door hanger. Write down the address. Go back to your office, search the owner. You can send them mail. You can call them via skip tracing you can get their phone number that way. Epicskiptracing.com who I mentioned a little bit earlier, but using those all in conjunction. You can do all of those individually. You can just blanket a neighborhood with the door hangers if you wanted to. You could knock on the doors of the entire neighborhood.

You could drive for dollars only taking note of the address and then coming back and creating a mailing list out of them, or creating a calling list. A cold call list out of them. You could do all that, and that would bring us to number 13. Which would be cold calling. We just went over this in depth last week, on episode 438, and so go back and listen to that. If cold calling seems like something you might do, or you’d considered adding that into your arsenal. Go listen to that episode, number 438 and the link referenced in that episode was epiccoldcalling.com. There’s a lot of resources there that can help you get started. Epiccoldcalling.com. That’s 13.

Then 14. Car signs and clothing. Wearing your advertisements. Letting people see your “We Buy Houses” sign on your t-shirt. On your polo shirt. On your actual car, and I’m telling you right now, everybody that does that consistently, they all say it’s good for a few deals a year at least. Jeff Garner out in St. Louis that helps with me with the Ground and Pound Bootcamp, he says the wrap around his van that has his whole companies information, and I saw his wrap, it wasn’t that great looking. It was just some clip art and a phone number, and I had even teased him about it a little bit. I said, “Jeff, what’s up with the clip art on your van.” He says, “I know, I told them to do this, and they didn’t take direction very well, but then the paint job was already done, so I just took it, but you know what, I still get a couple deals out of it every single year and it pays for the car and a good portion of my marketing from those two deals.”

Consider car signs and clothing. Most people won’t do this though. Most people won’t do this because of their fear of looking bad. They think it looks silly. They don’t want people to see them actually in that vehicle or wearing those close with this advertising of their phone number, and so I just have something to say to that, and you don’t have to do this, but really consider if this is your business, don’t let that fear of looking bad, or what I like to call, your addiction to looking good. Don’t let that interfere with your money, right? You got into real estate because you want to make money. This is a job. It’s a business. You are working for yourself, and if you’re out working during working hours, you’d better advertise and promote yourself. You’re missing a grand opportunity at that moment because remember your job is to get in front of people and talk to your customers.

You’ve got to talk to people and this is just another way that it makes it really easy for people to talk to you when they know what you’re doing, or they know what you do, and they can come up and talk to you when you weren’t even in the mindset of looking for a deal right now. In line at the grocery store, or just driving to drop your kids off for their baseball practice, and you’ve got those car signs there, or you’ve got that shirt on. You’ll just create opportunities when you didn’t even know there was an opportunity to be created, or you weren’t even in a business mindset and all of a sudden, boom, you’ve got a deal in your hands. Right? Car signs.

Number 15. I talked about social media a little bit, but I gave Facebook its own. Its own category, because a lot of people have tried to break the code on finding motivated sellers on Facebook. Like it should be just an instant thing, and it can be, but like everything I’ve mentioned up to this point, you’ve got to be consistent with it. You gotta be consistent with a marathon type vision and Facebook’s ad platform is just so powerful in the way that you can get so targeted where you place your message and where you place your solutions in front of people with problems. It’s so powerful and it’s really affordable when you start looking at other ways that you could do this. You could do this on TV, you could do this on the radio. You could do this with billboards, but it’s such a broad reach that’s so expensive, that it’s cost ineffective, and it’s becoming less and less effective. That type of advertising and marketing is becoming less and less effective by the day and Facebook is still … I mean you can get really targeted with a fraction of the budget and get your solution right in front of the people that need it.

With that said, remember you’re a problem solver. You have solutions. Facebook enables you to place your solutions right in front of the people that have the problems. Facebook also, another thing that Facebook does, because their ad platform is so amazing. You start getting through there and looking to see how it works. I mean you can just go Google and go to YouTube and how to place a Facebook ad. It’s not rocket science, but when you start learning all the features, and you start looking into what it’s really capable of, I mean Facebook makes it really easy for people with problems to raise their hand and identify themselves so that you can then follow up with them.

For example, next week I’m going to dedicate this entire episode. The Monday episode to a killer Facebook strategy that you can use and you can start using it the second that the episode ends. It’s so worth it. It’s working so well that I just want to give it its own episode. That’ll be next week, okay. There’s 15.

Number 16 I’m going to give you as a bonus, and this could be potentially the most important one. This bonus one is the follow-up. The fortune is in the follow-up. You’ve heard this before. If you don’t have a CRM with autoresponders attached with action sets in place with reminders for you, you’re really cheating yourself and this is why, because only 5% of the deals you’re doing right now are going to be made between that first and third contact. Only 5% of the deals that are available to you are made between the first and third contact.

80% of your deals will come after the 12th contact. The 12th contact, so if you don’t have a follow-up plan in place to touch your leads at least 12 times, you can see how much money you’re leaving on the table. You’re leaving 80% of your opportunity on the table. This is what I always say when people get started in this business and they give it 60 days and it didn’t happen for them and they quit and go look for something else. You didn’t give it enough time. You’ve got to touch these people 12 times to pull out 80% of that business. REI Solutions conveniently has all of that in place. It’s all built in. An entire follow up system for every single type of contact.

I mean there are lots of choices out there for this by the way. It’s not just REI Solutions. There are lots of choices, and it’s not so much which one you pick for yourself, then that you actually have a follow-up system in place and from every single strategy here we’re talking about. Every deals finding strategy through direct mail. You want to use a call capture phone number that drops them into your CRM so you can follow up. At live events, you’re going to collect business cards and meet people. Get their information, put them in your CRM so you can follow up.

Bird dogs, you’re going to have their information in place, so you can follow up. Bandit signs, anyone that calls those bandit signs, you want to make sure that you capture their information so you can follow up. Relationships and referrals. You’ve got to systemize that. You’re going to meet a lot of people. You’re going to have a lot of people in your database. Not all of them are going to be real estate related, but they could all be the source of leads and if you have the right follow up system in place, you can check in with them regularly and you can get deals. You’re doing to forget about people and you’re going to lose out on really good, valuable relationships.

Online classifieds. Anyone that reaches out and responds to one of your ads, has to go into your follow up system. Anyone that you reach out to and you get the information has to go into your follow up system. Same with voice broadcast. Same with text broadcast. Same with your pay-per-click. Same with your social media building, your social media campaigns. Also your search engine optimization with your websites and videos. Your driving for dollars. Your door knocking, your door hangers, your cold calling. Your car signs and your clothing, and your Facebook ad strategy. All of that needs to be captured. Every single person that ever responds to you. You need to capture their information and put them in your follow up. If you don’t, you’re only getting 5% of the opportunity that’s available to you. You get 5% of the opportunity that’s available to you through that first and third contact.

80% of your deals are going to come after your 12th, and you couldn’t possibly follow up with all of those people, all on your own, all the time. You need something automated in place that sends automated emails, automated voice broadcasts, automated text messages. Automated reminders to you, “Hey, you haven’t talked to this person in three months, you need to reach out to them.” You need all that stuff in place. Like I said, REI Solutions has it all in one place. There are lots of different choices out there. It’s not so important of which one you pick. I don’t care which one you pick. I suggest that you pick one. You’ve got to have that in place. That’s the leverage inside of this business that’s available to you that can really … That’s the game changer for lack of a better word and shamefully using a cliché, but that’s exactly what it is. If you’re not following up and touching each person that contacts you at least 12 times, you are missing out.

That’s it. Yup, that’s it for today. If you like what you heard, click subscribe. Share it with a friend. Keep doing what you’ve been doing. I really appreciate you and then next week, we’ll dive deep into the Facebook strategy that we’ve been using and how you can use it too right in your market.

God bless to your success. I’m Matt Theriault. Living the dream.

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