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Choose financial freedom through passive income cash flow to build Epic Wealth with the Epic Wealth podcast featuring Matt Theriault and the Epic Real Estate Cash Flow Savvy investing teamsChoosing the path to financial freedom begins with one single step – away from the much-desired pile of cash and towards the overlooked streams of passive income. Shift your focus and build your portfolio for long-term wealth. Discover how to avoid the struggles that keep most people chasing active income and find out how you can get more out of your time and energy. Choose financial freedom with Epic Wealth and enjoy the power of cash flow.


What You Will Learn About Choosing Financial Freedom Through Passive Income:

  • Choices you can make to change your financial future
  • Why the pursuit of active income that keeps us trapped in the rat race
  • How financial freedom is available to all of us
  • Why epic wealth is available to everyone
  • How detaching the dollar from gold standard guarantees inflation
  • Shift your focus from making piles of cash to making streams of cash
  • Why most people struggle with the pursuit of active income
  • How passive income provides real financial freedom
  • The decisions that you must make to change your financial position
  • Why a shift in focus is the first step to changing your fortunes
  • Specific strategies you can employ to build your passive income portfolio
  • How to get results to give you confidence to keep you moving
  • Three major types of passive income that you might pursue
  • The most dependable vehicle for passive income
  • How you can capitalize on demand for housing

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Matt Theriault: Today's episode is sponsored by the Epic Wealth Experience, a live event that presents a revolutionary philosophy for understanding the building of wealth through real estate. You know how some people want to get involve in real estate investing but they don't have the time, they've already got a full time job, they've got family obligations, and/or they're running their own business already. You know how some people want to get involve in real estate investing, but they don't have a know-how, they don't know where to begin, they don't know what market to invest in, they don't know what type of properties to invest in, and you know how some people want to get involve in real estate investing but they don't have the money. I mean, they're already living paycheck to paycheck, they think they're max out on their credit, their monthly overhead is just so high there's nothing left at the end of the month. And what all that really comes down to is fear. When any of these conditions are present for someone, fear sets in and it stops them dead in their track, and they do nothing, and tomorrow is the same as it was today.

At the Epic Wealth experience, there's a system in place that helps people get involve in cash flow investment properties from all across the country. There's also a system in place where an expert will hold you by the hand and walk you through the process from beginning to end. There's also a system in place that kind of arrange for people cash flowing investments of zero to no money down. What these systems do is give people the confidence and the ability to move forward and create multiple streams of income so that they can escape the rat race once and for all, living a life of options. I mean, imagine waking up each and every morning getting out of bed because you want to, as oppose to you having to. That's the type of life the Epic Wealth Experience can create for the busiest of people. Go to EpicWealthExperience.com for more information, and to reserve your seat for the next event. EpicWealthExperience.com. Go to EpicWealthExperience.com

Narrator: Now, back to creating your Epic Wealth.

Matt: Now, if you had passive income working for you like it is now for Michelle, what type of impact would that have for you? I mean if you go back and you think about all of the time that you haven’t had passive income working for you to where creating passive income just hasn’t been your focus, how much has it cost you? Because right now you’ve got a choice to make. I’m going to keep asking you to make choices, that’s really my job here. I want you to be better after you’re here than you are before you’re here. It’s my job to help you make some really good choices right here.

Here’s the choice you have to make: You can keep going about creating your financial freedom in the way you’ve been or you can try a new way, a way that’s actually going to get you there to your financial freedom. This new way, it’s passive income. If that’s not the way you’ve been doing it, that’s the way you got to start doing it now. It’s the only way you’ll ever escape the rat race.

Let’s talk some more about that. We talked about it a little earlier in the rat race just being a metaphor for you know a person’s situation, their circumstances in life in which they find themselves financially trapped, they’re stuck, they’re out of options, they got to get up and do the things that they don’t want to do every single day just to maintain their position. I mean regardless of the amount of effort they put forth, the best they can do and the best that they seem to do is just stand still. Because those financial obligations that we collect over our lifetime like mortgage and rent and cars and doctor bills, student loans, daycare, insurance, all that stuff and countless other expenses, the list is seemingly endless -- all of those expenses can render us enslaved to our jobs.

As I previously mentioned from Forbes magazine, you know 56% of Americans say that they have less than a thousand dollars in their checking and savings account combined. 76%, ¾ of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and they are at serious risk of financial absolute destruction should the slightest thing in their lives go wrong. The highest paying jobs in society is not enough to escape, no. It’s not about getting a better job. What happens as a result, people tend to stick with jobs that they dislike for their fear of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. With very few exceptions it’s our pursuit of active income that keeps us in the rat race. It’s the pursuit of active income that has us enslaved. It’s passive income that will enable us and empower us to escape. As I start the top of every show you just don’t have a chance in any sort of financial freedom unless you do figure out how to create passive income and maintain it.

Why are the challenge though? Why is it so difficult? Why do so many people struggle with creating passive income? Well, we really don’t have to look any further than our mindset really, than our personal definition of wealth, what our idea of wealth is. Most of us were raised thinking to be wealthy men that you would just have this big pile of cash somewhere. That’s what wealthy was to us. Now that may have been true awhile ago. Actually, it’s been sometime ago now when that was true but without getting too deep into the economics -- in a nutshell it’s like this, in 1974 when President Nixon took us off to the gold standard, took the US dollar off the gold standard, it essentially guaranteed inflation. It was from this day forward that the pile of cash people started to lose because it’s inflation that now causes savers of money to actually be losers of money. They change the rules on us. They pulled the rug out from underneath this and they never told us. You see, those today that work work work and save save save in accounts like 401(k), IRAs and other qualified retirement accounts, they are in for a very rude awakening when it comes time to do the retirement math.

Here’s the question: If saving money is a losing strategy, what is there to do? It’s actually very simple. You need to do only one thing just one time. Just shift your focus from making piles of cash to creating streams of cash. Make that one shift just one time and support it with quartet action and these new rules of money are going to work for you in your favor. You don’t even need to know what the new rules are, it’s just going to work indirectly. Let me explain. It’s rather ironic that we’re all taught to save a giant pile of cash with the end goal, the end game being creating a stream of cash. That’s the ultimate goal. We’re just taught to go about it in a funky weird way. We’re taught to go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a good job, work, work, work, save, save, save, live below our means, click the coupons, buy used cars, don’t take on any debt, limit our trips to starbucks because those daily lattes they add up. We’re basically told to wait to live our life until our pile of money is so high that it can then spin off a residual income, a passive income, a stream of cash of which will then allow you to live later, right around the age of 65, once the best and most active, most productive years of your life are behind you. That’s what we’re taught. It’s what we’re told to do. 99% of the population is failing with this approach.

I’ll show you in a minute but for now let’s try a different approach. Rather than focusing on the pile of cash to create the stream of cash, let’s flip that equation, let’s flip it around and focus on the stream of cash to create the pile of cash. We’re not going to do the pile of cash to create the stream of cash. We’re going to do the stream of cash to create the pile of cash. What do you get? You get the same result but way better. Meaning you still get to live later in life. At 65 you’re still going to have everything you need to survive then but you’ll also get to live now. Afterall, when is life happening? It’s happening right now, right.

Here, for the department of human services, when it comes to today’s 65 year olds, 54% of them, more than half of them are dependent either on their church, their family, or their government to subsidize their living. 36% are still working. Yup! They are still working. 36%, more than ⅓ of today’s 65 year olds are still working and we know what types of jobs are available to 65 year olds, right? 65+ year olds. May I take your order? Welcome to Walmart. Those are phrases that come to mind. 5% no longer with this, they are deceased. Some people consider them the lucky ones. 4% actually do manage to achieve a status of financial independence but don’t get too excited there yet, not about thsi 4% because per the government’s definition of financial independence, all that means is that your investments will spin off a minimum of $36,000 a year. $36,000 a year, that’s financial independence per the government. There aren’t too many places left in United States where $36,000 a year translates to independence. Now the last piece of this pie if you’ve been keeping track, we’ve got 1% left. This last piece of the pie belongs to the 1%. Only 1% of our population that hits the age of 65 are considered wealthy, having a networth of 5 million dollars or more. I’m going to show you what they did to get there in a minute but the point I want to make to you by showing you or as I’m sharing this with you is that 99% of our society is failing financially and the reason why is that they are playing by the old rules of money.

Now, you know the difference between active income and passive income. You now know that although passive income is not entirely passive, it’s still better than active. You know the new rules of money and you now know if financial freedom is to ever be yours. You have little option other than to create passive income. You’ve seen how those that don’t do it and you see how they end up financially dependent, but again I’m not concerned with them. I’m more concerned about you. I’ll ask you again, if you had passive income working for you right now what kind of impact would that have for you? If you think about all the time you’ve been pursuing piles of cash instead of streams of cash, how much does that cost you? You know right now you have a decision to make, it’s my job like I said every time we get together to help you make a couple of really good decisions and the next decision here is are you going to continue to focus on building piles of money or are you going to shift your focus to creating streams of money? Are you going to keep playing by the old rules or the new rules? The old way or the new way? The new way, right? Yeah, absolutely. For right now, all I’m talking about is a shift in focus, that’s all I’m talking about. Life isn’t going to change overnight with just a mindset shift. I”m going to get to what there is specifically to do but what I like just to consider right now is work fulltime on your active income for now and part time on your passive income. Do that and it won’t be long before the two are reversed. That’s how you will exit the rat race.

What did you notice here? What did you learn? What would you like to share? I think the big takeaway here is if financial freedom, financial independence, a life of options, escaping the rat race, whatever you want to call it, it goes by all kinds of things, if you aspire to having more free time to do what’s most important to you in life you just don’t have a chance unless you do create passive income for yourself and the more you create the more free time you will have. There is a connection there. Passive income is the only road to financial freedom.

Now, the vehicle you choose to travel that road, that’s another conversation because you do have options. There is more than one way to skin this passive income cat. We’re going to discuss those options right after this.

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Narrator: Now, back to creating your Epic Wealth.

Matt: Alrighty. Now that you know the road, the road to financial freedom, the only road to financial freedom, that passive income road, let’s talk about the vehicle that you’re going to use to drive that road. Imagine this: It’s late night. It’s just you and the computer. The rest of the family is upstairs fast asleep so you got CNN Money playing in the background. You’ve got that on the TV playing in the background. You are kind of half listening to it. Then you are also half searching, going through Google looking for a viable means of generating passive income because you’re getting the idea and you’re all about it so you’re ready to go that direction. While you’re going through Google, you’re seeing articles about dividend yield and stocks. You’re coming across articles on how to start an online business. You’re seeing lots of articles on rental real estate. You’re seeing others on getting rich with vending machines and coin operated laundromats and car washes. It’s all feeling a little overwhelming. It certainly can be because if you get this part wrong you can blow a lot of time, wasting the little extra time you do have. You can run through your savings before the ROI ever kicks in. It doesn’t take long before it starts to cause tension between you and your spouse. Then you start to wonder if you’re ever actually going to figure out how to create passive income. That underlying fear is that you could be enslaved to your job forever. Ohh, the horror, right?

All you really want is to know which vehicle is going to get you to where you want to go and get you there in a time you want to get there. You prefer to start receiving a return on your invested time and money right away. I mean at the very least you want to see some results of your efforts. You want to see some results because you want those results to give you the confidence to stay in the course knowing that the streams of passive income are in your imminent future so you can eventually take your foot off the gas a little bit and ultimately take your foot off the gas entirely.

There are many ways to create passive income, that’s the great news about this but they all really as many ways as there are, they fall under really three major categories. We’ve got royalties. We’ve got business ownership. We’ve got dividends. A few examples include rental income from properties. Properties specifically that other people manage and repair. You’ve got royalties from books and music and other creative works. You’ve got income from businesses you own but don’t operate. You’ve got inventions that you could license. You’ve got vending machines, laundromats, automated carwashes and other hands off enterprises with one or two employees maybe. You’ve got peer to peer lending. You’ve got dividends from stocks and other income oriented market investments. If you’ve got three million bucks lying around, and you invest in stocks with a 4% dividend payout you are going to make a cool 120,000 bucks per year of passive income. There is your six figures right there. You just need three million dollars, a pile of three million dollars. Put that in a nice conservative dividend paying stock at 4% and you’ve got your six figures.

Now if your name is Bon Jovi, hey you’ve got the songs you wrote remember you give love a bad name and wanted dead or alive. Those will certainly keep the passive income rolling in, right. If you say that you’re that guy that created Napster who helped from behind the scenes also create Facebook, say you’re that guy, you know that roaring river of income isn’t stopping at any time soon. Or if your name is Miley Cyrus at age 65 you’ll surely still be collecting royalties for -- actually we’ll go ahead and stop there. I think you get the point.

Real estate, that’s my primary passive income vehicle. I didn’t choose it solely due to my flagrant lack of guitar and twerking skills. There are more compelling reasons than just those but because I’ve built my freedom from real estate doesn’t mean I’m against the other avenues listed, no. I mean everything I’ve mentioned are actual vehicles for creating self-sustaining wealth. Passive income and overall freedom. Now, they all have their own timelines and of course some have an element of timing and each carries its own risk profile but sooner or later with some focused effort and some patients they’ll all get the job done. I mean I even dabble in a few of them myself but real estate was my first choice. If I were to start from scratch it would still be the first place where I’d get started to begin creating passive income. But Matt real estate, that’s not passive is it? Uh-ah. We start to buy the house. You got to fix it. You have to manage it. I mean that takes some work. I get that all time. I get this question all the time. I want to address that shortly don’t worry. Let’s look at why I would choose this as my passive income starting point everyday of the week and twice on sunday. Overall, this is why. It’s the most dependendable vehicle. It was the most dependable vehicle for me and it is the most dependable vehicle for you.

Here’s why. (1) We talked about this a little earlier. It fulfills one of man’s basic needs, the need for shelter and it’s the most important bill that people have each month. They don’t want to let go of that shelter. That’s the bill that gets paid first. Unless the need for a roof over our head somehow goes out of style, somehow goes out of fashion we all come accustomed to living under the stars if that happens. Unless that happens the passive income derived from this need will provide sustainable passive income for not only you but your future generations and their future generations. (2) The demand for shelter is not only in place for the foreseeable future, the demand is here but it’s also growing. This is what I mean by that. Each generation is bigger than the previous. You know the millennials who are just entering home buying age are the largest cohort in history. Don’t forget the baby boomers. No, you can’t forget them. They are still healthfully walking in the earth. Expect that they live at least a decade longer than their previous generation and more babies were born in 2007 than any other year in history. It won’t be long before they too are looking to seek shelter of their own. You know what they call that? They call that a crystal ball. Demand for housing is here to stay. It’s going to be growing. That demand is going to be growing long after we’ve created our own wealth and long after we’ve passed that batton down to our other generations. With built in demand like that there is no better investment or business to be in. (3) Unlike dividend yielding stocks and bonds, real estate is controllable. One of my more favorite aspects of real estate is that you have control. It’s real. It’s not just a number floating out there in cyberspace somewhere, no. It’s a tangible physical object that can be altered or improved instantly by me, by you. I mean I can improve the income. I can improve the property. I can change it’s use. I can force appreciation in real estate. Try doing that with the stock where you’re nothing more than this passenger, this passive passenger. With real estate you have control, you have the wheel. You are free to stir that in any direction you wish. If all these isn’t enough, there are five more reasons that very few of the aforementioned passive income alternatives can offer and none of them offer all of these benefits like real estate does, making real estate the ideal vehicle to drive to financial freedom. We’re going to go over those next week along with the rocket fuel to fill your tank with. That’s going to get you to your financial freedom goal faster and easier than any other option available. I’ll see you next week as we continue to create your Epic Wealth.

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Real Estate investments involve a high degree of risk, residential income or returns may vary and they’re not guaranteed. Past performance is no indication of future performance. Nothing herein shall be construed as an investment, tax, legal or accounting advice.

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