Epic Team Builder | Financial Freedom Friday

Epic Team Builder | Financial Freedom Friday

1. What is an Epic Team?

Building a strong real estate investment team is critical to your long-term success as an investor.  But epic teams don’t come together by accident; they are made of hand-selected power players who serve specific purposes in the growth of your portfolio.  They provide advice, mentoring, strategies, honest feedback, and labor, as well as leads.  In part 1 of this video series, you’ll learn what makes a great real estate investing team.


 2. Why Do You Need an Epic Team?

No truly successful real estate investor is an island, and if you desire epic success, you must have an epic team!  Not only does it remove the stress of you learning all of the ins and outs of every single aspect of real estate investing (lead generation, marketing, contracts, local real estate law, financing, repair, etc.), it frees up your time, the most valuable of all assets.  In this video, Matt will discuss the benefits of having a power team and what types of tasks you should be delegating to them.


3. Who Makes up Your Epic Team?

If creating true wealth through real estate is your goal, you must have effective teams. So now we get into the fundamentals: how to put those teams together. Matt has spent several years refining his team structure, and now it is well-oiled machine that generates over 7-figures annually. Whether you’d like similar results or your goals are more modest, in this video Matt will teach you how to create an Epic team using his proven strategies.


4. Where Do You Find Your Epic Team?

If you are ready to pound the pavement and start growing your real estate investment team, this video can’t be missed! Matt shares his best practices for locating, evaluating, and developing a great team. From how to approach someone at your local real estate investing group to how to use LinkedIn to find the highest-quality leads, this video is full of practical tips for establishing your Epic team!


5. How to Build Your Epic Team

In this video, Matt shares his 10-step system for efficiently building an Epic team. As you’ve learned up to this point, a power team is essential to a thriving real estate investing business. Therefore, you cannot compromise your standards or cut corners when it comes to building your team. By implementing Matt’s proven system, you can work smarter – not harder – and allow yourself the time and financial freedom that others only dream of.


6. How to Maintain Your Epic Team

In the final – and perhaps most important – part of this video series, Matt discusses how to maintain your new team. He will also address what separates the people who become successful real estate investors (or other business owners) from those who just fizzle out: relationships and reputation. When you have positive relationships and a good reputation working for you, the world will seem to magically conspire in your favor; it is in this way that you create your own destiny.

“Money is overrated unless you have the time to enjoy it and loved ones to enjoy it with.” – Matt Theriault



What You’ll Learn:

  • What makes an Epic investing team.
  • Why your team should not be focused on lead generation.
  • How your role in the team is similar to that of a quarterback.
  • Why some people rise out of poverty while others do not; but
  • The reason there is no such thing as a “self-made” millionaire.
  • How being a lone wolf might mean sacrificing family and freedom.
  • What you should be doing and what you should be delegating.
  • The 4 groups that you should divide your team into; and
  • Why this approach is more effective than 1 big team.
  • The must-have group if you want your real estate business to experience indefinite growth.
  • The difference between a deal finder and a deal analyzer.
  • Which of your team members should be investing in real estate themselves.
  • The part of your team where you should be slow to recruit and quick to cut.
  • Which part of your team is a good source of funding.
  • Why the process of developing your team is so time consuming.
  • The essential tool needed to effectively manage your team.
  • Where to begin your search for qualified team members.
  • How to use social networks to build your team.
  • Why your investing database should include other real estate investors.
  • The two tips that made networking – which used to be a chore – to something enjoyable to Matt.
  • How to seem interesting to other people.
  • The difference in asking questions in interest and interrogation.
  • What Matt recommends as an answer to the questions “So, what do you do?”
  • When you should follow up with people that you meet at networking events.
  • The two questions you should ask every person that you meet.
  • What to do if team building seems like a grueling process to you.
  • How often to call the members of your team.
  • Why you should focus on giving referrals to your team members.
  • The two simple truths of successful real estate investors.



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Real estate investor and educator.