Epic Freedom Experience

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Epic Freedom Experience

The Live Virtual Event that reveals… The Real Estate Opportunity That NOBODY Is Talking About (NOT Foreclosures Or Crashing Prices) And How the Rigged System that’s Designed to Steal Your Money Can Actually Make You Wealthy Over the Next 12-24 Months! Believe it or not, now is actually one of the BEST times to profit from real estate.

However, you must know…

… what to buy

… where to buy

… and what strategies are most profitable in 2023.

Which is why at the Epic Freedom Experience we will reveal what Epic students are doing to create record breaking profits.

Not only that, you’ll discover…

  • Worried about inflation? Rising gas prices? Don’t be! It’ll be revealed why it’s good news for property investors. 
  • What rising interest rates mean for you… and how to turn them into an advantage… while everybody is scared we’re quietly snatching up bargains!
  • Should you sell your investment property? Surprising answer revealed and it’s NOT what you think
  • How to uncover hotspots – before everybody else piles in – with the potential to at least double your money in the next 36 months
  • ​3 types of properties nobody should own during times of high inflation and rising interest rates.
  • Get ready to raise the rents! The secret reason landlords are getting a LOT richer. These income accelerators have the potential to DOUBLE the rent on your next investment property
  • ​Invest without borrowing. Tell the bank to “shove it ” using this no-money-down trick. It’s so simple, it’s easier to buy without a loan than buying a house the conventional way
  • ​Matt’s predictions for the future of the property market in 2023. Will there be a meltdown or another huge surge up?
  • How to engineer equity on each deal so you become wealthier without waiting for the market to move. The perfect way to get richer even in flat markets.
  • And so much more…

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