How to Get Your Dream Exponentially Faster | EREI 90

How to Get Your Dream Exponentially Faster | EREI 90

How to Get Your Dream Exponentially FasterYou can infuse your business with maximum efficiency by understanding and executing a single critical business strategy. This particular concept will make any business stronger, but in the real estate business it can actually help you create wealth faster, too!

On today’s episode, you will also discover how to find the right investments for you, plus you’ll learn Matt’s method for quickly and consistently making the confident decisions that get him the very best deals.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The primary focus that you’ll need if you want to “live the dream.”
  • The simple and sad truth about taxes.
  • What leveraging is.
  • How to leverage other people’s money; and
  • Why it is more beneficial than using your own money – even if you have it.
  • Why real estate has created more millionaires and billionaires than any other investment vehicle.
  • The different ways you can use leverage in your investment business.
  • The difference between manipulating people and leveraging people.
  • Which key individuals you will want to recruit to your team right away.
  • Why you want to find a Realtor who has experience with investment properties.
  • Where you can find money without using a traditional bank.
  • The roles of attorneys in your real estate investing business; and
  • How to find a good attorney.
  • Where to get referrals for a good accountant or CPA; and
  • Why you really need one!
  • The most important relationship that you want to leverage.
  • How to get everyone on your team on board with your goals.
  • How to leverage your time, which is perhaps the most valuable use of leverage in your business.
  • The next step in creating a profitable real estate investment business.
  • How to always know the answer to the question “Is this a good deal?”
  • How to avoid “shiny object syndrome” (how to stay focused on your goals).
  • What to consider before searching for leads.
  • The exact property criteria Matt recommends for first-time investors.
  • Why long-distance investing shouldn’t scare you.
  • The way in which leads are a numbers game; and
  • How to use this information to prevent frustration.
  • Why every lead should have the potential to cash flow positively.
  • How to increase the cash flow in a property.
  • What equity is and why you want it.
  • The difference in investing for cash flow and investing for net worth.
  • What the saying “you make money when you buy” means.



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