Finding Motivated Sellers and Building Your Cash Buyer’s List Online | EREI 62

Finding Motivated Sellers and Building Your Cash Buyer’s List Online | EREI 62

On this edition of Epic Real Estate Investing, Matt discusses these topics:

  • More success stories from
  • How you can drink a beer (or coffee) with Matt while getting your real estate questions answered
  • The role of the internet in your real estate investing
  • Where to get cheap, easy, and effective lead capture pages for your real estate business quickly! (
  • Matt’s 5 most effective methods for attracting all cash buyers and motivated sellers to your lead capture pages
  • 5 lead capture page marketing tips from Jason Van Orden of
  • And a lot more!

Here’s to your success!


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Podcast Transcript:
(Voice Over):  Broadcasting from Theriault Studios in Glendale, California, it’s time for Epic Real Estate Investing with Matt Theriault.

Matt Theriault:  Yeah.  Hello.  Hello and welcome to another episode of Epic Real Estate Investing.  And this is the place where I show people how to get out of the rat race using real estate.

And it begins with a simple shift in mindset.  I talk about this every single week and I’m going to keep talking about it until you actually get it.  It’s a shift in mindset, a shift in focus.  Just simply stop.  It’s very simple.

Stop focusing on creating piles of cash.  Stop focusing on the money.  Stop focusing on the making a bunch of money.  And start focusing; I want you to refocus on creating streams of income, multiple streams of income if you can.

That’s just what we like to call here in the real estate world “cash flow.” I know so many of you are Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” fans, and that’s the difference between the rich and the poor.

The poor focus on making money.  The rich focus on creating streams of income.  They focus on passive income.  They focus on cash flow.  And you know I created my financial freedom in less than four years.

I haven’t at this for a very long time.  In fact, I went for the first 20 adult years of my life totally, you know, focused on the old traditional ways of going to school and getting a good job and you know it’s yeah.

I always have this entrepreneurial spirit but even when I wasn’t entrepreneur. I was really focused on making money.

I mean I’m still an entrepreneur but when I had my previous businesses, I was very much into that S quadrant, the Self Employed quadrant.  And although I was my own boss, I was still exchanging time for dollars.

That’s a prison.  It’s a life sentence there if you don’t shift your focus.  Okay?  And I was fortunate enough to cross paths with someone that showed me the difference.  And they showed me how to do it.

And that’s all anybody really needs; they just need to be shown how.  So that’s a great deal of the reason why I’m here is to show you how.  And I created a free course for you to show you exactly how I got started.

And exactly how I would get started if I had to do it all over again today.  And you can access that free course at

It’s yours for free.  It’s whole and complete.  There are no strings attached from A to Z. There you go to get you started to making some money right away.  Okay.  So there you go.

Now I’ve got to begin this way by acknowledging those that are taking action and getting paid for their actions.  So big ups to both Curtis More and Adam Stoker of which are out there totally crushing it.

They are finding deals and they are putting them under contract.  And they both found buyers for their respective deals this week by borrowing my private all cash buyers list.  So congrats to you two.  Keep it up.

Oh, and Brad Webber again (who) successfully wholesaled two properties this week, two this week to that same list.  And you know I’m not going to put Brad’s total business out there but let’s just say, you know, he’s got five figures in his pocket this week from selling properties to that list so if you’d like to add my private all cash buyers list to your toolbox of exit strategies.

And please know that my list is available only to you.  Only to my podcast listeners.  I don’t share this with the entire Internet of completely blocked access to the search engines from even accessing the websites.

So you can’t even find the website in the search engines so that’s intentional.  I mean this is by invitation only.  Just for you.  So if you’d like to add my private all cash buyers list to your toolbox of exit strategies, simple.  Just go to and you get all the details on how to do that there.

All right. Now let’s see, before I get started. I got a great show for you today but I have one more announcement.  You know, there’s something new that I want to try and this is going to be on a first come, first served basis.

I’ll accommodate as many of you as I possibly can.  I’m making available to you all that want to participate available to everybody. This is my new segment called “Beer with Matt.”  Beer with Matt.

Got a ring to it, right?  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  You see as the popularity of this podcast continues to grow, it grows and grows and grows.  And by the way, we just hit a single day download record last week.

So thank you so much for your support. I do this podcast only for you.  And so you know, it feels real good over here knowing that you are soaking up this information and you’re putting it to use.  So as the popularity of this podcast is growing, I am getting more and more request to take me out to lunch, to take me out to dinner so you can pick my brain.

Now you know, awhile back, you know, several episodes back, I mentioned I was easily bribed with beer and hot wings.  Little did I know, so many of you would actually take me up on that offer.  No regrets though.

I mean I’ve enjoyed every drink.  Of course.  And I’ve enjoyed every bite but I didn’t realize how much I enjoy meeting and getting to know you.  Getting to know, I mean I’ve gotten to know you. I’ve gotten to know your significant other.

It’s been awesome. It’s been a pleasure.  Nothing but.  And I’ve had some amazing conversations. I mean so amazing that I wished I had been recording them.  So to be, to be sure not miss any opportunity like that again.

If you happen to be in Los Angeles and you want to take me out for a beer and wings, here’s how it’s going to go down.  You’ll come to my new studio where you can bring the beer here and the wings.

And we will order them out if you can’t find them.  There are a couple good places really close by.  We will go ahead and order.  I’ll bring the beer.  We will pop it into the studio.

We will put on the headphones and we will cozy up to the microphone, and then we will record our conversation while we throw back a few.  How does that sound?  It seems like a good idea as of right now.

I mean we will see how it goes.  So if you want to sign up, send me an email to [email protected].  Just send me an email to matt, m-a-t-t, [email protected] and just put Beer with Matt in the subject line and then we will see if we can coordinate our schedules.

Oh and I only got one condition.  You need to bring a list of questions.  Okay?  Because we can’t have a lot of dead time in the air.  So you need to bring a list of questions.  You can ask me anything you want but just come prepared.  Okay?

I’d say the limit is 10 questions.  I’ll just put a limit at 10.  There’s the rule.  Ten questions max.  Bring ten questions. And ask me specifically about your real estate business.  Be selfish about it.  Ask about your business and your specific situation.

And if you don’t drink, no worries. I drink even more Starbucks than I do beer so we can do Coffee with Matt if you like, if you don’t like beer.  Cool? All right. We will see.  Send me an email to [email protected] with Beer with Matt on the headlines.  And we will give it a go.

All righty?  Okay so last episode was a little different, we don’t discuss the Internet much here.  You know, our guest, Jeff Coga, had tons of success on the Internet.  And he shared with us loads of sophisticated Internet strategy with you.

I mean that was like cutting edge stuff.  That’s what Jeff is doing right now in today’s market.  And I guarantee you you’re not going to see that on any online course.  Jeff is a total whiz with this stuff.

And if you missed it, you can go back and listen to Episode 61 with Jeff Coga but I warned you.  Your head might just explode.  I think mine almost did just listening to him.

So what I’d like to do on this episode is regress a little bit and discuss the most basic of Internet lead generation for your real estate business. And then on next episode, I’m looking for a guest.

I haven’t found the person. I got a couple people of mine but I’m going to bring a guest on that to kind of bridge the gap between the basics that we’re going to discuss today and the wild and crazy awesome stuff that Jeff talked about last episode.

Sounds like a deal?  Cool.  All right now.  Before we get into some tools and tactics, I just want to make sure that I put the Internet into perspective.  The Internet is indeed the future if it’s not the present.  Right?

It’s been in the present. It’s been here for a while.  I mean it’s where all the eyeballs are these days.  And according to the National Association of Realtors, more than 90% of all real estate searches begin online.  90%.  Wow.

That’s basically all of them.  Right? I mean all of them.  So if you don’t have an Internet presence for your real estate investing business, you could be invisible to 90% of the buyers and the sellers out there.

You know?  And you don’t want to be invisible to 90% of the buyers and sellers especially if you’re going to treat this like a business.

And now having said that though this is still and always will be a people business.  You heard me say that before.  Every piece of real estate you ever buy or sell is going to be from or to another person.

That’s not going to change so the face-to-face interaction is 100% way to go.  That’s not going to change.  So don’t take the Internet tips as a replacement or substitute for dealing with people.

Okay?  I mean you’re going to go broke if you do.  That I promise.  The Internet, it’s more like this.  You know, imagine you’re going on tour.  Let’s use Operation Desert Storm as an example.  As it say, close and personal reference to myself.

Remember when desert storms started, we watched nightly. The massive air raid campaigns that flew over Kuwait.  The US was just bombing and bombing, night after night after night.  You know, the Air Force just pounded Kuwait with bombs.

And after months of that, then and only then did we send in the ground forces to close the deal so to speak.  And I want you to look at any Internet strategies that you might employ whether that’s what Jeff was talking about last episode.

The simple stuff that we’re going to talk about today.  The simple and easy stuff that we can do today or even the more complex stuff that I’m going to share with you a little bit later in the upcoming episode.

I want you to look at those Internet strategies as the air strike.  It’s there to soften up the enemy not the people that you do business with are your enemies.  It might not have been 100% spot on analogy but you get the picture.

Your Internet strategies are there to soften up the let’s say the transaction, to soften up the transaction so that your ground troops, the ground troops that would be you, you can go in more easily close the sale.

It’s not such a tough sale.  Makes sense?  So in a nutshell, the Internet is a supplement to your marketing efforts. It’s a replacement for, I should say, it’s not a replacement, it’s not a replacement for all of your efforts.  Okay?

And I know there is stuff out there for sale that says, hey.  Never talk to another person. Never leave the couch.  Just click the button and you can wholesale the properties.

You know what? I don’t know anybody that’s doing it. I know a whole lot of real estate investors. And they all generate their leads and conduct their business the best way that there is.  That is face-to-face, people-to-people.

Okay?  So this is a supplement to your marketing efforts.  It’s support. That’s it.  I mean this business is still up to you dealing face-to-face or voice-to-voice over the phone with people.

Okay?  There, I said my piece.  I’m here to help you close more deals. That’s why I’m here.  I want you to become a more successful real estate investor but I’ll be remiss if I didn’t consistently set your expectations appropriately.

I got to keep going back and let you know how this business really works.  All right?  How this really works.  The Internet, it’s not a silver bullet.  I promise you.  Okay?  So let’s get into it.

If you want to use the Internet to generate real estate leads, you need a way to capture the lead’s information.  You want to build a list.  I mean this is where your future business is going to come from.  Your business is going to be this list.  And you’ll be able to build a list just like the one that I have.

The one that Brad and Nick and Adam and Curtis and Kurt and the other Brad that they’re all using to close their deals right now just in the last few weeks.  And you know, and in as much as I enjoyed doing business with them, I don’t want them to be dependent on my list.

I want them to build their own.  I mean they can use my list as much as they want and so can you but I don’t want them to have and I don’t want you to have any single point of failure in their business, in your business.

I want you to build your own list also.  You know, if for some reason I decided tomorrow that I want to retire or podcast no longer existed or the Internet somehow disappeared or I just felt like I didn’t want to talk to anybody anymore. I’m just going to go do my business on my own.

If anything happens to me tomorrow, God forbid even I get hit by a truck or something even, you know, anyone dependent on my list would be flat out of luck.  Right?  So I want them and I want you, I want you to build your own list while you use mine.

You can use mine and make some money right now but I want you to build your list so you have, you can make money into the future with or without me.  Makes sense?  Okay. Good.

So there are two types of leads that you’re going to want to generate. You want to attract motivated sellers.  We talk about them all the time.  People that need to sell and you want to attract all cash buyers.

People that buy a lot of property and they can close fast, your all cash buyers.  So to do that, you’ll have to send two different messages into your marketplace of which means you should have probably two different Internet locations to send them or destinations rather.

You want all of your marketing materials to, and all of your marketing efforts and strategies and techniques to point to these locations.  And we’re going to call these Internet destinations, you’ve probably heard of them called landing pages.  You might have heard of them referred to as “squeeze pages” or “lead capture pages.”

All of which are correct. They’re all just different names for the same thing.  Now with these squeeze pages, you can get as simple or as complex as you want.  I mean there really are no limits to the lead generating machine that you can build online.

And we’re going to get into that but I want to start at square one.  So if you don’t have one, you’re going to need a squeeze page. Okay?  Actually I think you’re going to need two because you want to build two different types of lists.

You want to, and each squeeze page is going to be responsible for one list.  You’re going to send your motivated sellers to one and you’ll need to send one to or send your all cash buyers to a different one.

You’re going to be building two lists so you’ll need two separate squeeze pages that have different messages.  One for motivated sellers, one for all cash buyers.

Now if this is already sounding daunting or overwhelming like I don’t know what messages to do or I don’t know what are squeeze pages still. I don’t know how to get on the Internet.

Anything like that going through your head, I understand. I’ve been there.  It wasn’t too long ago either.  So as you heard me briefly mention a few episodes back, I created a very easy and affordable solution for you.

In fact, it is the easiest.  It’s the most affordable.  It’s the quickest access to the Internet.  It’s just as effective as any solution available. I did my research.  I made sure of that. I made sure that I could say that with confidence on the air.

Everything is included. I did all for you so you don’t have to, so you can focus on your real estate. I’ve included everything that you need to get up and running fast, professionally designed squeeze pages.  They’re already designed.

I created, the ability to connect to your forms of which we will give you more information on that.  You get your free domain name.

You get web hosting and you get your visitor tracking.  All in just three simple steps.  That’s how simple it is.  If you can count to three, you can do this.

We provided multiple buyer pages, multiple seller pages for you to choose from, so you can select from these different designs, and you can be up and running in minutes.  This is truly a turnkey system making it as easy as possible to have your own professionally designed squeeze pages.  All right?

And this is created by real estate investors, not Internet marketing gurus.  In fact, they were created by yours truly.  These Epic Real Estate squeeze pages and the entire system that drives them was developed by myself and other real estate investors.

In fact, they are the very pages that I use to build my own two lists including the buyers list that bought the properties for Brad, Adam, and Curtis this week.  So I know it works and I know what doesn’t work when it comes to capturing leads online, real leads online.

And I built the system for maximum conversions.  And I put a person in place actually, a real person to handle the support to help you.  So if you get stuck, a real person will be in touch to help you through the process.

And he’s an absolute night owl.  He works, I think, 23 hours a day.  He’s readily available.  If it gets too much for this person, I’m going to hire another person.  And here’s why.  I don’t want you to be distracted from your real estate investing efforts.

I mean a squeeze page is a tool that’s suppose to work for you.  It’s not for you to work on it.  Makes sense?  So I put someone in place to help you through the process if you need it.

I mean the system is so simple. I doubt you will need any help but if you do, help is there.  And you can get all the details if it sounds like something you can do, you can go to

Okay?  And if you already have squeeze page set up, awesome! You’re all set.  I just have to get everybody to caught up. I mean you probably already know what you’re doing and you don’t need this.

However, if you have yet to add the Internet to your marketing efforts, that’s who this message is for.  This is the easiest, fastest, and the most affordable place to start.

And I can say that, I can say that like I said with confidence.  I did the research.  I know what’s out there and it’s all just too expensive or too confusing so I made this affordable, easy, and quick to set up.

So if this sound likes something for you, go to  Okay now that we got all of that away.  Now that everybody is on the same level playing field, right?

Everybody has a squeeze page.  I’m going to go over to some of the most effective strategies that I use to attract motivated sellers and build my all cash buyers list.  Okay?

So after you have your squeeze page, the next thing you will need is a catchy headliner two or three or four or five.  You’re going to want to post these everywhere that you possibly can that will attract either a motivated seller or all cash buyers.

And what I found is that different headlines work differently in different markets, in different venues, and on different mediums, so get use to hearing this.  You’ll need to be constantly testing your headlines.

You know to this day, the most sophisticated and experienced and the oldest advertising agencies in the world are always testing.  Okay?  So you will need to be always testing yourself.

So get use to hearing that but, for example, I’ll give you a few that or so you have an idea where to start.  Here are some headlines that would attract motivated sellers.  And you’ve probably seen most of these anyway.  It’s probably not going to be groundbreaking news for you.

But for example, to attract motivated sellers, the headline might say, “We buy ugly houses.”  You’ve seen all over the place.  In fact, I think there’s a whole franchise called Ugly Houses. Right?

The other one is called, “Get all cash for your house, any house, any condition” or “All cash paid for your house, any house, any condition.”  That’s another headline.

Or something like this, “You’ve seen this before.  Sure.  Stop foreclosure today. Short sale, no problem.”  Anything like that. That’s going to get motivated sellers to call that are going to peak their interest.  And here are some headlines you may see that or yeah you might see these around.  And you might want to use these that will attract all cash buyers.

Okay?  Buy wholesale properties 20% to 40% below market. That’s an example.  Get discount properties 50% to 60% on the dollar.  That’s another headline.  Or, “Investor quits.  Unloading inventories at a discount.  Call now.”  Those are all headlines.

Okay.  And you can see that, that’s why you need two different pages, two different squeeze pages because that’s going to send you’re constantly communicating two different messages depending on who you’re looking for.

Now once you have the headlines you want to roll with or the tag lines that you want to roll with, you know, where are you going to put them? Right? So I’m going to share with you the five most effective places that I posted my headlines.  And most of them were really cheap if they weren’t free altogether.

And what I did was I leveraged places where I was spending money already.  For example, your business card, if you have a business card, you should have your headline depending on whether you are looking for motivated sellers or all cash buyers.

I always have two sets of business cards.  One for sellers, one for buyers depending on who I was looking for at that time.  I put my headline on my business card and then I put my domain name underneath the tagline.

So I could pull people from offline to my online squeeze pages.  Okay?  So your business card, make sure that your headline and your domain name is on your business card.

Number two, place your tagline and domain name on all of your property flyers.  Now these are the flyers that you hand out at your REIA meetings.  What?  What’s a REIA meeting?

I hope that wasn’t you that just said that.  A REIA meeting is your Real Estate Investors Association’s meetings.  You need to attend these.  And if you’ve never been to one, go ahead and hit Google.

Type in “real estate investors association meeting” and then follow up with your city and find the closest one to you and put it in your calendar. I want you to start attending consistently.

And at these meetings, you are going to have the opportunity to interact and mingle with other investors, people that are buying and selling property.  And you are going to see a lot of flyers, property flyers being handed out.

And these property flyers have a picture of the property pretty typically and some information.  And when you are doing this yourself, I want you to have your tagline and your domain name on your property flyer.  Make it big and prominent.  Okay?

You want to be building your list.  Or what if you don’t have a property to advertise?  Perfect.  The next Real Estate Investor Association meeting that you would attend, what I want you to do is look for other people that do have flyers and borrow theirs.

And here’s what I mean, ask them if you should find a buyers for their property, will they help you out and pay you a commission or pay you a referral fee.  Okay?  It happens all the time.  It’s how I got started.

If you don’t have a property, try selling somebody else’s.  You might make $200, $400, I don’t know, $1,000 depending on your market, depending on the relationship that you create, depending on the deal that you negotiate.

But there’s no excuse if you don’t have a property.  You got to have this information on a property.  I think this is one of the more credible places to put it because it shows that you are representing a property so you’re in the game.

Then it shows that you do have access to more properties. I mean just for example if you had a picture of the property that was for sale, three-bedroom, two-bath, whatever it maybe, a nice pretty picture, all the details, and you have the price on there.

And then at the bottom you said, get access to all of my properties at such and Or get access to all of my discount properties 50% to 60% on the dollar at such and

That should be on all of your properties flyers.  Okay?  That’s number two.  Number three, I want you to put your headline and your domain name on your email signature, underneath your email.

If you can actually put a live link there and if you sent it, you know, I pay cash for houses, any house, any condition, then you have your domain name there.  You know, it’s not going to be, I wouldn’t bank your business on this but you got to have your message everywhere.

You got to be everywhere.  You never know where it’s going to come from.  Okay?  SO it’s number three.  Make sure it’s in your email signature.  Number four, I want you to put your headline and your domain name in your classified ads. Both your online ads and your offline ads.

I want you to add every possibility, every chance you can get.  Either you’re dropping a phone number and/or a domain name.  You’re driving people online.  You’re giving them the opportunity to give you your information.

You’re giving them the opportunity to be a part of your list.  And inside the free course,  show you how to just set up those classified ads.  Okay?  So that’s both online and offline.  Don’t forget your offline efforts to create online leads.

Number five, I want you to post your headline and domain name regularly.  You put it in your Facebook status update.  You put it in your tweets.  Whatever social network that you’re involved with, you want to use it.

You don’t want to, now this is kind of tricky here in social networking because a lot of it, it is for just friends and talking smack.  Whatever you want to say.  Sharing your latest quote or sharing your pictures of your family vacation.

Whatever that may be so you want to use this sparingly.  You want to isolate your friends and your follows and your connections but that’s another place to use it. Okay?  Let me. For example, your status update said, I just paid. I just paid half price for this property over here.

You can get one too on this list.  Or yeah. You can get access to more properties like this. Click this blah, blah,

Anything like that. I’m just thinking off the top my mind.  But hopefully you’re getting the picture.  Okay?  So those are all the methods that I’ve used to generate real estate leads to my own landing pages.

And you know before we conclude today’s show, I called the guys that got me started with my online businesses where I learned so many tricks of the trade and all I did was simply enroll in their Academy. I followed the steps and here I am today with two very successful online businesses in addition to my real estate business.

So it’s needless to say that they do know what they’re doing.  And coincidently they both have real estate investing background so I thought that was nice to have them on. I decided to just ask to join us to share with you five additional tips to drive motivated sellers and all cash buyer traffic to your landing pages.

And of course I’m speaking of none other than Internet marketing experts over at Internet Business Mastery, Jason and Jeremy.  From what I understand, Jeremy wasn’t able to make it so he might chime in a little bit halfway through the show. Maybe or maybe not but hopefully he does.

But we got Jason here so Jason, welcome to the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast.

Jason:  Hey there, Matt. Pleasure to be here.

Matt:  Cool.  I’m super excited that you guys are here or you are here.  Hopefully Jeremy will be able to tune in as we make our way through this.

You know I was never really sure if it was going to make much sense for you to come on this show but we do happen to be in the middle of a three-episode series of generating real estate leads online. So if there was going to be an occasion, I think this would be it.

Jason:  Now is it, yeah, awesome.  I’m glad it worked out.

Matt:  Yep.  Definitely.  How are things going over, uh, at the Internet Business Mastery podcast?

Jason:  Oh exciting as usual. We just, you know, getting out, getting the word out, creating new entrepreneurs, and encouraging people to live a life of their own choosing, to bring more freedom and fulfillment into their lives.  So it’s always a lot of fun.

Matt:  Awesome. I hear, congratulations.  You just passed 300 episodes or is it 200?

Jason:  Yeah. A lot of benchmarks we just hit milestones.  We got, let’s see, 200 episodes that we just hit.

Matt:  200.

Jason:  Plus we are in the fifth year of our Academy training just hit the fifth anniversary for that.  And we are coming up, let’s see, what’s the date?  Oh man, the date actually past so we’re recording this on August 19th.

I quit my job August 15th of 2003 so that was a big milestone that we just passed so that would be ten years since I quit my job.  And we’re coming up on September on the 8th year anniversary of Internet Business Mastery.

So a lot of, right around this time here, August, September, we just happen to be hitting all these milestones at once so it’s really cool to think back.  It’s like everything that and I have no idea back when I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad where this path is going to take me.  It’s pretty amazing to think back over the last, you know, ten plus years.

Matt:  Right. Gosh all the planets are aligning this month, huh?

Jason:  Yeah.  It’s crazy.

Matt:  That’s awesome.  You know, before you start it if you can just like kind of share a little bit of what you are doing just before you embarked on a world of Internet marketing and how you and Jeremy have met?

Jason: Yes.  You know I just mentioned Rich Dad, Poor Dad, that was a big turning point for me after a good like year of realizing that I was not happy in the life that I had.

I was hidden at snooze button three, four times every morning, having Sunday dread every, you know, at the end of every weekend going, uh, I got to go back to work.

Not feeling like my time was my own.  It was Rich Dad, Poor Dad that opened my eyes to this like, hey, you know what?

There’s other possibilities you deserve and can design a lifestyle that you want and there are ways to bring that about by learning more about your financial IQ as he calls it.

And also being a business owner or being an investor, that’s the place that you need to be. So I knew I needed to get out of the Employee quadrant as he calls it.

And I’ve gone more of the business owners just as you said for a while I was in real estate investing for various reasons just because of what fulfills me.  I’ve kind of gone down to some, you know, a little bit of a different route but that is where Jeremy and I met.

We were in a Real Estate Investors Club together, kind of have an association there in Salt Lake city, Utah.  And I just happen to be the president at that time of that club when I was up and speaking about how I started to get into making courses about marketing for investors, real estate investors.

And, you know, a little light bulb went off his head like I want to find out a little bit more about this creating courses, information, marketing online, marketing world.  And we connected and ever since we kind of kept in touch and now we are business partners of eight years.

Matt:  Awesome.

Jason:  Yeah. That came together really, really nicely.

Matt:  Awesome.  Cool.  All right. Yeah so today, you know, I made the official announcement as I was sharing with you offline of my new service, Epic Real Estate Websites.

And in celebration of that new service, I’d ask you to kindly put together five traffic driving tips on how to get motivated sellers and all cash buyers to landing pages.  So thank you for doing that by the way.  I appreciate it.

Jason:  Absolutely.

Matt:  Cool so let’s get started.  I can’t wait to hear your words of wisdom.  I’m going to be taking notes as we go over this.

Jason:  Okay.

Matt:  Should we cover them in any specific order? Or you know I’ll just let you do it.

Jason:  Yeah. I mean I kind of put this together in a bit of a process.  And actually it doesn’t start out specifically with traffic but it’s very, very important to have the right foundation when you are trying to attract traffic in particularly, you know, build a list.

And I’m glad to hear that you are talking about this importance of building the list, having a landing page. You drive people to because it really is the key for any business like the equity in your business, the big piece of equity that you have is the relationship with the list of people that you can readily contact at any time and generate income from those leads. Right?

So the number one thing you got to think about, and I see people make this mistake over and over and over again is being very, very, very specific about the audience that you’re trying to reach out to and build that list of.

So who is that you’re trying to attract to that landing page?  And you know it goes even further.  People might be going, oh okay.  I’m a real estate investor so it’s buyers and sellers.  It’s like okay.

That’s a good start but I would encourage people to even niche down a couple more levels than that in what they’re trying to do with the particular landing page.

You know, if someone hits a landing page, they’re just like, hey.  You’re looking into buying a house.  Well you know that could be all kinds of different buyers but, you know, it’s very specific mindset.

Say somebody is out there looking to buy a short sale and get it at a good deal or maybe an investor who’s looking to buy and flip a, you know, in rehab and flip a property. So get a little more specific on what kind of buyer or what kind of seller?

You know, hey, I want to specifically find sellers who have these trashed houses and they’ve been in it for years and years and years.  And they’re upside down and so they just need to liquidate this thing and try to get out from under it.

You know, because then what you want to do is you want to have such a connection when somebody hits that landing page of what I call the conversation already going on in their mind.  So that means things like what is the pain that they’re feeling.

So let’s just use the example of somebody who is headed for foreclosure.  They’re in two or three months of default.  What are they facing?  Well they’re stressed out of their mind about potentially having foreclosure on their credit.

They’re wondering about, you know, maybe feeling shameful of, like what if my neighbors find out that all this time I’ve been behind. And you know when I leave the neighborhood, they’re going, oh I always thought they were such, you know, responsible people. You know all these pains are coming out of their minds.

Matt: Right.

Jason:  And you got to speak directly to those and then think about well, what is the result that they want?  Well the result that they want is not to lose their shirts financially, not to end up with the bankruptcy, not to end up with that big Fright there in their credit saying, “You are foreclosed now and for the next seven to ten years.  Nobody is going to trust you.

Matt:  Right.

Jason:  And you know if you can say, hey, you know what?  I know what you’re feeling.  I know what you’re going through. I’ve got these solutions and ways that I can, you know, help you sell your house.  I negotiate with the banks such that we can solve that pain and get you the result that you want.

And you’re speaking to that like there’s such a connection that somebody is going to be like, yes, absolutely.  Here’s my email.  Help me by all means.  Answer my questions I have and kind of start walking me down this path.

And so being that specific with the audience versus like general like, hey, do you have a house to sell?  Well I can buy them with cash.  Like okay, that’s part of the compelling message but if you can niche down another one or two levels, that landing page and your advertising or your traffic generation.

Whether you’re paying for traffic or, you know, doing content marketing, which I’ll talk a bit about is going to be so much powerful when you get very specific about that, that particular market and audience that you are trying to attract.

So that would be tip number one that I would give is what’s the pain that they’re feeling and what’s the result that they want?  And let’s go a couple niches down further than just buyer or seller.

Matt:  Got it.  So yeah.  It’s really specific. And I went almost, I mean I’m almost hearing a congruency in your marketing so if you find them from the advertising.  You want to have the same message on the landing page.

Jason:  Absolutely.  Right. Right.  Yeah.  Totally.

Matt:  I don’t want to be confusing.

Jason:  You know helping someone with foreclosure and short sale, make sure that the landing page talks about the same things that’s what they’re expecting in that conversation that’s congruent.  That’s a great point. Perfect.  Perfect.

Matt:  Okay.  Cool. Cool.

Jason:  All right.  So tip number two is, you know, the best way to attract people online and to get their attention is to create such immense value for them that they can’t help but, you know, end up finding you and magnetically come towards you and say, oh my gosh! Like I got to have what it is you’re offering.

And this goes back, you know, to understanding that pain and the result that they want but being very specifically. Well what is the solution that you offer them?  So using the short sale example, well, the solution that you offer them is let’s keep the foreclosure off your record.

We might be even to avoid you going into bankruptcy.  We can get your house, you know, negotiate with the bank and get your house sold without you having to, you know, having to go to auction and things like that.

So like putting that, can you imagine if you put that solution out there, I mean assuming you actually know how to make good on that, that, you know, the huge weight that might start going like wow, okay.  Maybe there’s some hope here.

And so creating that, that’s a huge amount of value.  Well obviously, immediately that starts bringing up questions in their minds.  Like somebody is going to go, well this might be too good to be true.

So your landing page, your advertising and any initial content or teasers that you get people in order to build that relationship of trust with them.  And these two, and here’s what you need to do.

You need to answer the question of what do they need to believe and to be aware of in order to buy in to the solution that you are offering.  So if you are offering this, finding this guy’s solution of, hey, I can pay cash for your dilapidated house or I can keep that foreclosure off of your credit record.

Immediately when one of those questions are going to come in mind, okay. Well how does this work?  Like you know, am I going to get, you know, okay so are you going to negotiate to the banks on my behalf?  Who are we selling to?

And you just need to start outlining that process and the great thing is you can use that as a teaser going look, you know, give them little bits of that.

Like I would recommend on a landing page having, you know, a bit of a messaging or maybe even a video or something kind of giving, you know, connecting and empathizing with the pain that they’re feeling then go, hey, give me your email.

I’m going to immediately send you this free e-book or this free report or this free checklist that’s going to walk you through exactly how this process works.  You might even actually specifically tell them.

Like here’s what you do.  In fact, you know what?  You could go do this yourself if you want, but I guarantee most people would be like, no. I have no idea.

I’m having a stressed out mind.  Here you help me with it.  But by just having freely offer that value, that’s some people you start that relationship of trust where people start going from being afraid of everyone.

Everyone is out to get me now that I’m now in distress with my house to like well maybe there’s actually somebody here who understands what I’m going through and has, you know, my best interest in mind as well.

And so you got to create that value and make that clear right up front in your advertising by saying things like hey, I’ve got this free report that’s going to show you how to keep the foreclosure off your record or I got this free report that’s going to show you how to sell your 50-year old dilapidated house.  Or I’ve got this free you know.

Matt: Uh hmm.

Jason:  And that’s what you attract them with.  That’s how you earn the trust right away. And that’s how you get their email on the landing page by offering that value.  So that’s tip number two, create the value.

Matt:  Cool.

Jason:  All right.  Tip number three, which, you know, I’m sure you already hit it at home, is not to, you know, go for the sell too early.  Getting people to like, let’s say you do something like a classified ad or a Facebook ad or a Google Ad words ad.

You know, right thing you’re not going to be like, hey, you know, contact me.  And you know, give me permission to talk to the bank and we’ll get you know, like those steps need to happen after some trust is being earned.

So things like, hey, give me a release to talk to the bank on your behalf or even do a, you know, a quick, you know, titling the house over to me so I can do some things with it.  Like, you know, you can’t go for those calls to action too early on.

Matt: Right.

Jason:  At first, it needs to be about earning their trust and just getting that email.  If you can get that email well then you can kind of take in down the guard and path those other steps of hey, I need you to sign this or sign that.  Or I need you to give me access to your credit report.

I mean these are scary things for someone. Right?  So going for that sale too early is going to break that trust.  There’s a really good analogy that I’ve heard marketers use.

If you think of, you know, as the buyer or seller, this person that you are trying to reach as being a scared little mouse.  They’re not quite sure like where to go to buy their house for them or they’re not quite sure about how to sell their house.

You can either, and every step you take along the way, everything from the copy in your ad to what it says on your landing page to that first email that you sent them and the first phone call with them, you’re either showing your whiskers.  Meaning you’re the cat and that’s going to scare them away more.

Or you are showing them cheese, which is going to bring them towards you and go, yes! Okay.  Yeah.  I’m getting a little closer to the cheese.  Now I’m taking a little nibble. And okay.  Yeah.  I want more of that.

And so always be thinking of, okay.  At each step of this traffic driving process, at each thing that somebody has to do:  Clicking on the ad, landing on the page, filling out their email, hitting send, responding to that first email, calling me.  Are you giving them enough cheese to lead them forward from step to step to step?

Matt:  Right.

Jason:  And you do that by speaking in an empathetic way that shows you understand what it is that they’re trying to do, that you understand that pain, and helping them understand to be aware of that solution, and believe the right things in order to buy in to your solution.

And every point, it’s an exchange.  An exchange for their time and exchange for their email, in exchange for their trust, in exchange for all the other possibilities of what they can go out there and do to solve their situation.

You know, it might seem easier to go hire a lawyer and declare bankruptcy and say whatever.  And call it good.

Matt: Right.

Jason: And you got to make ends that you are the most trustworthy cheese like solution in front of them so they come towards you.  So that’s tip number three, don’t sell too early.

Show them the cheese and just capture the email first and then you can start building that trust as you go.  And that’s what the landing page is all about is getting that email.

Matt:  Awesome.  Awesome.  So really the online presence on the landing pages is essentially just an extension of your own people skills.

Jason:  Absolutely. Yeah.  Which any real estate investor needs to have because at some point you are talking to people on the phone or you’re deal making or you’re, you know, exchanging or going to the bank or knocking on doors.  Right?

Like you got to so yeah, it’s just exactly.  It’s an extension of those same people on networking skills at you are already using as an investor.

Matt:  Perfect.  Love it.

Jason:  All right.  The fourth tip is to create consistent and valuable content for your audience so this goes a little bit beyond the landing page and what do they get from you after they land on the landing page.

We’ve talked, kind of mentioned how you have to build up this relationship of trust.  It’s not like right away they’re going to be like, okay.  Here you go.  Where do I got to sign?  What do I got to do?  Just save me.

I mean there might be occasionally the person that is desperate that easy but most people they don’t know.  And there you’re getting into very sensitive parts of their lives and by creating, you know, when somebody gives you that email.

By first sending them maybe a few videos or maybe sending them that eBook or that free report that pdf report, by maybe, or whether maybe it’s some blog post or some text content right in the emails.

Whatever works best for you. What you want to do is ask yourself, okay, what are the questions that these people in these situation are always going to ask?

And so if you go with that short sale situation, somebody who’s in distress, headed for foreclosure behind three or four, you know, they’re one, they have tons of questions about their different options and bankruptcy.

And why should I consider maybe negotiating with the bank and what does it mean to negotiate with the bank, and, you know, what exactly, what information are you going to need and how was this going to keep me from going to auction?

Am I going to get any of my equity out of the house or is that gone? You know, just like answering those questions one at a time through simple, you know, one email answers one question, or one blog post answers one question, or one video.

You see, videos are great if you take the time and have the ability to do it because they get to see your face and connect with you even before you’re on the phone with them or before.

And so that’s doing two things: earning trust before you’re having to spend time on the phone with them; and it’s also weeding out people who are not the ideal prospects for you and saving you a heck a lot of time as an investor as well.

So just sit down and say what are the five to ten questions that someone always ask me in this situation.  And what are the handful of questions that they should ask but they don’t know that they should ask them.  Because they don’t know what they don’t know about it.

And then, you know, start creating a piece of content for every one of those questions.  And that’s how you create that free report or eBook that they get when they sign up on the landing page.

Or that’s how they, that’s how you build out say an email sequence that automatically goes out to them when they sign up for your or on your lead generating page.  That’s how that trust and relationship gets built up as well is through that kind of content.

So be that again be that friend that trust. Think of yourself as a trusted adviser, answers questions, creates value, and do it through this regular and consistent content that even if it takes, you know, a couple of weeks of sending this content out to them.

And then they’re finally picking up the phone and calling you.  You know, that’s okay. That’s the process that needs to happen in order to earn somebody’s trust.

Matt: Got it.  Super.  Super.  Number five.

Jason:  All right.  And number five, this just comes down to, you know, get traffic quickly. You can do pay traffic.  And the nice thing with real estate investors is you stand to make a good amount of money.

And so you can afford to put money upfront to getting the lead. And you have to, here’s the very first thing is you have to know what every lead is worth to you.  So for every person that fills out that box on that landing page or let’s even back up more, for every person that lands on the landing page, you know, for certain, let’s say thousand people that you get to your landing page.

Some percentage of them are going to sign up for the email list. And some percentage of those people are actually going to open the emails and proceed to the sequence.

And some percentage of those are actually going to get to the point of let’s say calling you or responding to the emails and asking or maybe giving you their phone number and their name and other information to follow up with them.

And then some percentages all the way until you get down to say one lead that does convert into a deal.  And so you need to know, okay.  Well for every thousand people I get to my page, X number of those people end up in me closing a deal.

And on average, every deal I close is worth X dollars.  And that can, you know, range widely and, you know, sometimes it can take 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or 120 days to close a deal depending on what kind of stuff you’re working with.

But you need to know your numbers well enough so that you’re not dumping or you’re not going into the red by buying a bunch of traffic and not recouping that money quickly enough that is causing cash flow problems for your business.

So the best of your ability know those numbers because the person who knows those numbers the best then if you know that, hey, for every thousand leads I generate I potentially make $5,000 in, you know, deals that get closed.

Well right there you know it’s like you can spend up to $5, you know, for every one of those leads, now of course you have to work in how much profit you want to get and stuff like that.

Matt:  Right.

Jason:  But that tells you like you figure out what that break even number is then you can go do things like Facebook ads.

You can go do things like buy banner ads on maybe real estate agent sites or on title sites or on, you know, whatever other sites where these people might maybe even, you know, working out deals with bankruptcy lawyers.

I mean they might go, oh well, you’re possibly stealing leads.   Well come up with some kind of deal that makes it worth their while.

You know, by no means of lawyer or I don’t know the specifics of where everybody lives or where you got to make sure you’re sticking to whatever, you know, professional, you know, ethical things that real estate agents and lawyers and all these people have to stick to.

And make sure everything’s up and up there.  But if you know how much money you can give up in terms of buying those ads in terms of, you know, birddog fees to people who are going out and finding these leads.

Or in terms of people who are referring to you then you get started coming up with the deals and paying for ads and things and still always, always, always, always stay in the black within 30 or 60 or 90 days.  Whatever you choose for your business.

So that’s the fifth tip is you got to know your numbers.  And the reason why like focus on each of these things is because really this is the key.

After that like I mean there are some things to learn about it. I mean I can go ahead and list off five ways on how to get leads.  Well go to Facebook ads.

That’s a great way.  You can come down to very specific, you know, locality in a very specific city and even people who are married or not or male or female or certain ages.  If you know those things really well. Great!

And Google Adwords, you can buy ads that show up on certain sites as banner ads or that show up next to search.  And you can go and bid on terms like I live in Portland, Oregon.

So let’s say I’m looking for properties in Gresham, Morgan, which is one of the suburbs.  You know, I can go and bid on keywords like, you know, “Gresham buy home Gresham Oregon” type thing.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Jason:  But, you know, it’s when you have all these other ducks in a row.  That is this funnel, your landing page and your audience and the value you’re creating for them and building those system for building trust and knowing your numbers.

You know, that’s when doing those other things is easy because everything is set for you to actually cash flow the leads rather than wasting your money buying ads that then don’t convert.

Matt:  Right.

Jason:  And then you just end up frustrated and you end giving up.  So that’s why I’ve chosen specifically these five tips to help you generate leads to your landing page.

Matt:  Perfect. Perfect.  Perfect.  I love it. I mean it’s right on point, in my opinion. And it is so easy to waste money on advertising.  Isn’t it?

Jason:  Absolutely.

Matt:  Totally.

Jason:  And well here are things is you might once you actually once you know your numbers, you might actually want to go and hire somebody to manage your Facebook ads for you or your Adwords ads.

I mean I’ll be honest, you know, there are some complexities that can be very, very, very profitable if you know what you’re doing.  But it turns into a part-time or full-time job very quickly, you know, buying and selling, uh, in buying traffic so.

The nice thing, again, is if you know you can make $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 on the deal or cash flow X amount on every rental that you acquire well then you can start and make those decisions.

Well maybe I can go and get a firm that for a few thousand a month is handling this paid traffic for me but a few thousand I’m spending on there is bringing me back  five times that amount because of the leads that I’m getting.

But just have the baby step into that so you’re not all sudden again going into the red and just test, test, test, test, test.  You may have to invest upfront. I mean that’s one of the things I tell people.

Before you go into pay traffic, you got to willing to kind of invest and know you’ve got some money to spend because you could spend a few thousand or several thousand dollars before you can kind of crack that code of, okay.

Here’s the right messaging and here are the right kinds of people to try to advertise to such that I do stay in the black.  But once you crack that code then it’s the matter of just turning the faucet up as full as you can.

It’s like well if you know you can spend X amount to make five times X or 10X, it’s like okay, go buy all the ad inventory you can because you got this thing that’s just cash flowing like mad.  Right?

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Jason:  So, you know, if you get all these other ducks in a row, the other part is just about you know investing some money until you crack the code and turn the faucet up as big as you can, buying as much as avenue inventory as you can.  Right?

Matt:  Awesome.  Yeah. It’s really just, it’s just business, isn’t it? It’s a people business and it begins with, you know, making contact and creating the trust and building on that trust and then, you know, eventually discussing business and asking for the sale but it’s just all the same whether it’s offline or online.

Jason:  Absolutely.  Yep. Super.

Matt:  Well thanks, Jason, for putting these tips together.  I know this is a very busy time for you right now.  I know you’re getting ready to launch a new version of your own Academy. Is that right?

Jason:  That’s right.  Yeah.  The third version of our flagship course on how to  create an Internet business and, you know, from A to Zs. so.

Matt:  Yeah. I don’t know how you, you know, I don’t know how you could improve on version 2.0.

Jason:  (laughing)

Matt:  Since you’re here, you know, I might as well share, what can be expected in version 3.0?  What’s going on?

Jason:  Well so every time we make a new iteration, you know, we just learn from what our audience needs, you know, these needs, these new entrepreneurs what it is that really helps them get pass those sticking points.

And where we all are just learning more about the right way to answer their questions or just a quicker and smoother faster system for getting from point A to point B, you know, for choosing your business idea to getting that first traffic, getting your site up, and all these different things.

You know, it’s a matter of streamlining and then also because it’s just Internet and Internet marketing then because things change.  Right?

Matt:  Right.

Jason:  So we got to, we got to update some of those stuff.  That’s the technology, which is one of the exciting parts, there’s always new opportunities for marketing and things like that.

Matt:  Awesome. You know it’s not necessarily  real estate specific but I think there is certainly some gray areas that these two can overlap and work together.  I’m not sure if this will make sense for my listeners or not, but this is an audience that is immersed in the pursuit of creating passive income.

Obviously here we discussed how to do that using real estate, that’s how I’ve done it, but I’ve also created a second stream of passive income with an Internet business as a member of your Academy.  So I know version 2.0, that’s already closed right now.  You can’t access that?

Jason:  Right.  Yeah.  So 2.0 is closed to the public right now.  We still have some, you know, back door access for people to kind of sneak in at the last minute here and get that current lower price and some other special benefits before we launch Academy 3. here a little later this summer.

And so you’ve got access to that special link that people can still get in that back door access and even get some advanced content  from Academy 3.0 before it’s released to the public.

Matt:  Cool.  So I can go ahead and it’s still okay to give out my affiliate link so they can get a sneak peek on whether, you know, that Academy would be something else that they might want to pursue.

Jason:  Yeah.  Absolutely.

Matt:  Okay.  Perfect.  So my affiliate link is And can I actually join Version 2.0 or they just kind of get in the content and the pre-stuff of Version 3.0?

Jason: Say that one more time we broke up just a little bit.

Matt:  Oh sorry about that, can they actually access and join version 2.0 right now or is it just kind of pre-father for Version 3.0?

Jason:  No.  They, if they join right now, they get immediate  access to the entire curriculum of the Academy 2.0 then they get a free immediate update to Academy 3.0.

Matt:  Okay.  So they don’t have to pay additional when 3.0 is launched? If they join now?

Jason:  Yep.

Matt:  Awesome.  Cool.  Great.  Jason, it’s been an absolute pleasure.  Thanks for joining us here.  And, you know, if I see another opportunity and I invite you back, I hope you’ll come back?

Jason:  Yeah.  I’d love to.  Yeah.  It’s great.

Matt:  Perfect.

Jason:  I love talking about this stuff and I have a little fond spot in my heart for real estate investors since that was my very pursuit, my first pursuit as an entrepreneur.  It’s a lot of fun.

Matt:  Cool.  It’s, uh, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is going to send you one way or the other.  Right?

Jason:  Yeah.  Definitely.

Matt:  Super.  Okay.  So if you are need of an Internet presence for your real estate business and, you know, if you don’t have one now, it’s something that you should certainly to think about very soon.

Please go and check out the new service that I put together for you at  It’s an easier and cheaper than any other online real estate lead generation solution available.  I made sure of that before I made it available to the public.

And if you like what you’ve heard from Jason today and you want to check out how you can create even more business online or start an all new business entirely, you want to do that before they increase their price and launch 3.0, their Academy.

So to get more information about their Internet business program, go to

All righty.  If you have a question, a comment, or a concern that you like me to answer,  address here live on the show, please share them with me on Epic Real Estate Investing hotline at 1-888-891-7203. 1-888-891-7203.

Okay so until next time.  As a very wise person once said, “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.” To your success, I’m Matt Theriault.  Living the dream.

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