How to Guarantee Your Success! | EREI 4

How to Guarantee Your Success! | EREI 4

We all know that there aren’t any guarantees in life. But if you take the right actions diligently over time, you can create a desired result. On today’s show, Matt explains what those “right” actions are when it comes to successful real estate investing, and how your success is guaranteed if you perform them in a particular way.

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Podcast Transcript:
(Voice Over): Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast episode four. You’re about to meet a man that can show you how he took control of his life and financial future and how you can do the same. He’s never been on TV. He’s not a millionaire. He doesn’t know Donald Trump. He is a full time real estate investor, newly discovered author, and family man. He does not report to a boss.

He creates his own schedule and takes his family on a few vacations every year. He got started investing in real estate with almost no money and a really crummy credit score. And he’s going to show you exactly how he did it and how he continues to do it. You will have to work.

You will have to be responsible. However, laying the beach, sipping fruity drinks is a reasonable goal. Without further delay, your guru. Sorry. Your guide to a better life, the real estate investing, Matt Theriault.

Matt Theriault: Hello. And greetings from The Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast. The podcast that will show you how to create wealth through conventional and creative real estate investing so you’ll have the option to realistically retire in the next 10 years or less. And enjoy the good life while you’re still young enough to do so.

My name is Matt Theriault, author, full time real estate investor and family man. If this is your first time listening to the show. You want to do two things. One, go back and listen to episode one. Episode one is going to give you the gist of what the show is about and why it’s here.

I mean everything that we discussed is going to make a lot more sense if you do that. And two, download the free real estate investing course on how to deals, no money required. And you can get at

It’s a step-by-step course of which I reveal everything that I do, everything that I say, everything that I use including the documents and contracts. Everything that you are going to need to invest in real estate using no money or credit. And that’s yours for free at

So did you do your homework? If not, go back and listen to episode three please. You’ve made a commitment to move it to speed of instruction. If you have done your homework though, you’re ready for what’s next. If you didn’t know, we live in a world today where there’s more information available than has even been.

There’s actually more technology to deliver that information than has even been. Meaning information is readily available to who ever wants it. Yet, people are still looking for the answer to higher achievement whether it’s getting in shape or whether it’s financial freedom or the perfect relationship or how to successfully invest in real estate.

This presents an issue. An epiphany for some people you see. Contrary to popular belief, knowledge is not power. It is potential power. Information, it must delivered in the right environment with the correct association for it to be effective. Action it must be taken for it to be truly powerful.

Knowledge without action only represents potential not results, not power. That’s obvious for most. Right? We covered that last episode. Knowledge must be backed by action for the power of the knowledge to manifest. But it must backed by the right action of which must be encompassed in a philosophy.

And that philosophy is comparable to the same philosophy that results when somebody working to improve their health or getting in shape or lose some weight. Here’s what I mean. If you were to start your get healthy plan today. You decided that you’re going to lose some weight. And you’re going to do that by spending thirty minutes on the treadmill everyday.
Now, would you expect to be healthier? Or lose any weight after the first thirty minutes? After just the first day? Of course not. Would you expect to be healthier after a week of consistently hitting the treadmill thirty minutes a day? Probably not. At least not of any significance.
With this example though you are completely aware that it will take this consistent action over time to produce a healthier you. For you to actually start dropping weight of any significance. You will have to do the right activity like getting on the treadmill thirty minutes a day. And you’ll have to do it consistently like 4 to 6 days a week. And you’ll have to do it long enough.
For at least a month before you get any noticeable results, likely two to three months to reach any sort of satisfaction. And depending on from where you’re starting and how healthy you want to become or how much weight you want to lose. It could take six months to a year to hit your healthy goal.
Conversely, the same is true if you miss a day in the treadmill. Would you expect to be less healthy in a day? Will you have put back on the 10 pounds you lost over the last four weeks? I mean by missing the treadmill just one day, would you gain all of that weight back?

Again, no. Of course not. You see, as the decision to get on the treadmill everyday will produce a healthier you over time. The decision not to get on the treadmill everyday will produce a less healthy you. But it’s over time that either scenario results will happen.

Another way to put it is you’ll have to plant your seeds in order to reap the harvest. Again, I know that’s obvious but what’s not so obvious to most is there is a germination in the cultivation process that has to take place. It takes time. You have to plant the seeds. You have to fertilize the seeds. You have to water the seeds. You can do this every single day like clock. You’ll still have to wait for the seeds to germinate and grow.

It takes time. Real estate investing is just like that. Creating wealth in any field or any industry is just like that. There are no exemptions. And if you search high and low and you’re actually able to find an instance of which was not true.

Winning lottery is excluded by the way but if you’re able to find one instance of which this wasn’t true. It would be an exemption. An exemption would only prove the rule. So don’t waste your time trying to find exemptions. Creating wealth takes time.

Generating a consistent profit through real estate investing takes time. Now, I realize I’m taking a big risk in revealing this because nobody wants to purchase. Let along spend their time listening to a free podcast promoting a “get rich slow over time” program.

Although the word “slow” is a relatively term as we’ve discussed on episode one. Your options or the alternatives they’re much slower seven times slower in fact. But what I mean is just look at the billions of dollars spent every year on the “get rich quick and easy” programs.

Perhaps, you’ve purchased one or two or three (laughing). If so, how did that work? I suppose the fact that you’re listening right now is an answer enough. Don’t sweat though.

I’ve been there and done that too. You’re not alone. If they weren’t, we would have a society of rich people. Wouldn’t we? But we don’t have a society of rich people. Do we? As we discussed in episode one, 95% of Americans reach the age of 65 either dead or dead broke.

It’s unfortunate because it actually is easy to get rich. They don’t know how. They’re being led down to the wrong path. It is actually easy to get rich.

But there really is nothing quick about it. And although it’s easy to do the activities that will get you rich, the trap, the underestimated, and tragically more frequently overlooked trap. It’s easy not to do them too.

Here’s what I mean, it’s easy to get on the treadmill for 30 minutes and that’s also easy not to. It’s easy not to particularly when you rationalize within yourself that it’s just one day. I mean what is one day of skipping the treadmill. What is it going to hurt? Whether you get on the treadmill today or not?

Nothing is going to happen in the moment. So it’s easy to believe your decision today to run or not to run is insignificant. But don’t be fooled. Your decision is significant. It’s the little simple decisions. The simple little discipline that carried out over time that produces a compounding effect of which results and success.

Here’s your philosophy. Every decision matters. Either your decisions, they’re compounding up or they’re compounding down. That’s the philosophy of which I’m speaking that’s going to have back your actions that will produce your success. And it’s that philosophy that’s literally the secret to success. Not just real estate investing success but any success.

And this power it’s always working. Every decision you make including the very next decision you make as you’re listening to me is either compounding up or it’s compounding down. It’s always working. Every single decision you make matters.

And that’s what I meant when I said; it’s one thing to decide to be a millionaire real estate investor today. It’s another thing entirely to get up everyday and make the decision again. And then throughout the day to make those small decisions to do the right activities like getting on the treadmill that will get you there.

Our decisions are either working for us or they’re working against us. The good news is you actually get to choose which way it will go. You get to choose how it’s going to end up. So why not choose success? I mean if it’s just as easy to get on the treadmill then it’s to decide not to get on the treadmill. Choose to get on it.

You see we’re going to master the daily disciplines that produce a successful millionaire real estate investor. And it works just like our treadmill metaphor. It maybe a little unfamiliar at first or even uncomfortable but those who choose discomfort first end up comfortable.

Conversely, the opposite is true. Those who choose a life of comfort first will undoubtedly end up uncomfortable. I mean that’s what most people do. That’s not my opinion. That’s what the statistics reveal.

That’s the exact path that 95% of Americans are taking because they choose a life of comfort first. They’re hitting age 65 uncomfortable. Isn’t that a shame? What if you were taught this philosophy?

The philosophy that every decision matters. What if you’re taught this philosophy your senior year in high school? Would your life have turned out a little differently?

I know mine would have but I know now because I know and more importantly because I apply my knowledge, my education, backed by this philosophy. My success is guaranteed. And if I ignore, if I ignore that philosophy I know success is fleeting.

It will never be mine. So you’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone. You are going to have to get on that treadmill everyday especially in the beginning. Okay. So enough metaphorically speaking.

What are the activities inside of real estate investing that will produce a financially free you? The activities over time that will guarantee your success. All right. You’re going to have to review your goals on a daily basis.

You must stay in touch with why you want to be a millionaire real estate investor. You must commit to daily self-framing. And whether that’s real estate education or personal development, you must do it daily.

Remember, it’s easy to review your goals. It’s easy to read a chapter from your favourite personal development book but it’s also easy not to. And your decisions there are always compounding up or they’re compounding down. You will especially in the beginning have to do some direct mail.

You’ll have to do some advertising. You’re going to have to start generating leads. You’re going to have to contact people whether that’s dialling the phone, knocking on doors, attending networking or real estate investor groups.

And you’ll have to set some appointments with the people you meet. You will actually have to show up and attend those appointments as well. I know it sounds obvious but you would be surprised. You’ll have to analyse deals. You’ll have to analyse property. You’ll have to write and present offers. You’ll have to get your offers accepted.

Again, another obvious one but you would be surprised. You’ll have to open escrow. You’ll have to close escrow. You’ll have to do it over again until you reach your number. That’s why knowing your number is so important so you know when to stop. Or at the very least, slow down. So you can start tending to your vacationing. You start tending to your jet skis and your fruity drinks.

I know this is hard to follow on a podcast. If you’re in a position to, you’re probably scribbling notes as fast as you can. No worries though. If you haven’t done so already, go and get access to the free real estate investing course that I mentioned at the top of the show the course you can find that, of which you will see a list of all the right activities.

The right activities performed consistently over time that is going to guarantee your success. And you’ll also see a video of how I track my consistency. And how my success is guaranteed, how I always know that my success is guaranteed, how I know I’m on the right track.

And I’ve got to tell you when you know and understand how your success is guaranteed. Life is not so stressful. You come home at the end of the day a little bit more relaxed. And at the very, very least you sleep a whole lot better.

You see that activities that I mentioned, those activities compounded over time, they guarantee my success and they will guarantee your success too.

I mean if we both get on that treadmill everyday. Are we not both going to become healthier? Is there any chance that I get healthy and lose weight and you don’t? Of course not. We are both going to get healthier.

We are both going to lose that weight. The same activities performed in a certain way over time will produce the same result.

And it’s because of this philosophy, the philosophy that every decision matters, the small daily disciplines compounding over time. It’s because of that that your success is guaranteed.

I hope this is making sense to you. I mean for additional reading on this philosophy of success if I haven’t done a great job at explaining it. I recommend reading “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olsen or “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. They’re both essentially the same book. You’ll get the gist from both those.

But they’re that important. If I haven’t connected with you, just know that this is so important that you need to connect with it so maybe that information from another source will work better for you.

I’ll put links to these in the shown up. Not only are these two books and this philosophy or the perfect companion books for this real estate investing course. They’re the perfect companion books for any field or any industry of which you are striving for higher achievement. It’s that important. It applies to everywhere. It’s universal.

Okay. So the foundation is laid. If you’ve got your number, meaning you know what you want and why you want it. And you understand how every decision you make is either compounding up or compounding down. We are ready to move forward and start doing some deals.

Do yourself a favour though. Sit with what we have gone over up to this point. Really let sink in. I mean it’s that important to your success. Do that and I’ll see you next episode where we will get to the how tos to finding deals.

I mean when it comes to lead generation. The quality is in the quantity. I’ll show you how I’ve become a lead generation machine. As always, how you can too. I know. I know. This is the step that you’ve been waiting for but please don’t underestimate what we have gone over up to this point.

We covered the most significant and impactful topics to you being a successful millionaire real estate investor. The most significant and impactful topics that there are. If you understand that, the rest is easy.

So until next time. And as a very wise man once said, “the only difference between you and the man that has what you want is the size of his dream and time.” To your success, I am Matt Theriault. Living the dream.

(Voice Over): Thank you for spending this time with Matt Theriault and the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast. When you have time, stop by iTunes to leave your comments and let us know what you think of this show. And if you haven’t done so already, get started investing today by visiting to access Matt’s free course on how to deals, no money required. Until next time. To your success, to your success, to your success.

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Matt Theriault

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