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Once upon a time, it was always the big that won out over the small. But in today’s world, it’s now the fast that beats the slow. Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s investing in real estate or pursuing an important goal, you can’t waste too much time getting ready to get ready. If you do, you’ll just get pushed aside and left behind.

In modern society, you have to dream fast, think fast, decide fast, and act fast if you aim to succeed. As soon as you accept that, there is only one thing you have to do that will totally transform your financial future.

On today’s episode, Matt welcomes a coaching client who wisely chose to do that “one thing.” And, in just his first couple months as a real estate investor, he has bought a pair of investment properties that are cash flowing a 16% cash-on-cash return.

Now coming into his 3rd month in his career as an investor, he has begun a marketing campaign, people are calling, he’s talking deals with sellers, analyzing properties, submitting offers, and an unstoppable momentum is in full effect.

He is destined for great success, and it’s all because he did that “one thing” that you need to get a jumpstart in real estate investing. Listen in, and learn all about it!


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Podcast Transcript:
(Voice Over):  Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast Episode 36. Without further delay, your guru.  Sorry. Your guide to a better life, the real estate investor, Matt Theriault.

Matt Theriault:  Hello.  Greetings from The Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast.  The podcast that will show you how to build wealth through creative real estate investing.

That’s what we will discuss today and for a long time to come so you’ll have the option to realistically retire in the next 10 years or less.  And enjoy the good life while you’re still young enough to do so.

You know, we’re all blessed with a very small amount of time here on Earth. No one should be doing anything that they don’t want to do while you’re here.

That will live life to the fullest. That’s what real estate investing is.  They will mean to do and that’s what I want to give to you.

I want give you all of the information I got in my head that allowed me to create that type of independence for myself. I want to give that to you. That’s what the show is all about.

My name is Matt Theriault, author, full time real estate investor and family man.  If this is your first time listening to the show.  Welcome. I’m so glad that you’re here.  You’re going to want to do two things.

First, go back and listen to episode one for the ground rules of the show.  Two, download the Free Real Estate Investing Course – How to Do Deals, No Money Required.

You can get that for free at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com.  It’s a step-by-step course of where I unveil the mystery around doing deals with no money or credit.

You see, I’ve built my entire business, my entire real estate portfolio has been built on 12 specific strategies of how to invest in real estate using none of my own money (and) none of my own credit, if only I have credit [laughs].

So I don’t have that option even if I did. This real estate investing course gives you the first two strategies that I use, that I got started using.  They are the two easiest strategies also so I’m giving that to you for free at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com.

Yeah.  It’s been a couple of weeks now.  Right? I think I was lying a little bit but it’s great to be back.  I just got back from Memphis. All is well there in the South in case you’re wondering. I love that.

I have so much fun when I go there. It hardly seems like it’s work.  I just love the people. I love the environment. I love the recreation and the fun and the extra curricular activities. You know, I even managed to squeeze in some work in between all of that.

I went out there to see my 14-unit building for the first time since the rehab project, since the rehab had been completed. I got to say, I was very pleased. My team did an awesome job. I’ve got 100% occupancy. I just received my second [inaudible 02:38] so it appears that all has come together as planned. Awesome.

We did take some few unexpected detours but hey, that’s just real estate. It happens. It happens in every single deal.  If you think it’s not going to happen then, you know, this isn’t for you.

A little bit delusional there because stuff does goes wrong with real estate. It goes wrong every single time. That’s why we have escrow by the way. Escrow is really the problem solving. Period.

It’s where you overcome the challenges but most of my challenges, they came after I own the property. A lot of things that I took for granted, that I, you know, I probably should’ve known better.

I took some people’s word on a few things. I probably should’ve verified that information, but nonetheless if you buy right and you’re prepared for those types of things and you got those types of safety nets in place like I’ve always put in place, you know, all is well.

The end result is really just what counts and everything ended up just perfectly. Okay?

Just the road getting there wasn’t so perfect but it ended up perfectly.  I’m going to go ahead. I’m going to post before and after pictures. I’ll post the numbers as well.  As soon as I get the chance, I know I’ve been promising that.

I’ve been wanting to, I’m going to do it, and I’ve just been procrastinating a little bit. It’s somewhat of a daunting task to pull all that information together but I’m going to do that for you so –.  It’s probably even better now that it’s all complete.

You get a whole picture of what happened. Also I was in Memphis, I checked up on some of the turn key properties that I’ve recently wholesale. Again, my team did an awesome job. I was very pleased.  I was happy. My clients were happy.

You know, that’s really the goal at the end of the day.  I actually did something that I had never done before. I took my clients to Memphis with me to show him the operation and showed him everything worked and show to him what, you know, I put together and how it started and how it’s grown.

I just showed him all the working pieces that are involved and, you know, uhmm, putting together a turnkey real estate investing operation.

And he also happens to be in Epic Pro Academy member. He also recently purchased a couple of investment properties there in Memphis of his own so we were out there together for a multiple purposes.

I guess you could say. We were killing several birds with one stone so to speak. I actually have him on the phone. I’m not going to, uh, tell too much of a story. I’m going to let him share his story.

I’m going to let him to share his experience out there in Memphis. Also his experience overall as far as budding real estate investor. I mean just two months in the game.  He’s already produced some really great results.

You know, it just goes to show him.  If you want to get started investing in real estate and you want to produce fast results. There’s one thing that you got to do.

There’s just one thing that you go to do. You’ve heard me say it before, but if right now you have absolutely no idea what I am going to say. [laughs]

Maybe you do, but you got to do one thing. You got to move at the speed of instruction. Don’t waste time getting ready to get ready.

That paralysis by analysis thing. It’ll kill you every time.  Just move at the speed of instruction. If that’s really one biggest things that I harp on with my coaching clients, I mean when you learn something.  Go do it. Go do it.  Do it as soon as you learn it.

I mean to get going fast, you must simply just, you got to travel of faith in this business. You got to travel to travel of faith in this business. You got to travel of faith really in anything new that you’re taking on.

You got to travel with faith. You got to travel with faith. You got to travel as far as you can see .  When you get there, I promise you.  I swear to you. You will see further.

My guest today is really the epitome of that.  I mean after a coaching session or after watching of the lessons in the Academy, he, I said, just go do it.  He goes and does it.  Then sure enough.  24 to 48 hours later, he says, I did it. Now what?

And we’ve done enough of  that I did that. Now what?  I did it.  Now what? I did it. Now what? That is actually making progress. He’s producing great results.

I mean he is already has two cash flowing properties to his name. And he’s implementing his marketing. The marketing is out.  He is going out there. He’s put systems in place even.

So he’s not even doing the marketing anymore. He’s phone is ringing. He’s talking to sellers. He’s analyzing deals. He’s submitting offers. And it’s no wonder that he is getting results.

I mean if you just focus on those activities that I just named there. You performed them consistently. I mean if you did marketing and you got your phone to ring and you talk to sellers. I mean you actually talked to them.

And you actually analyzed deals. Then you actually submit offers. There’s the biggie. That’s where a lot of people break down in their whole process .They get –. They do their marketing. They get their phone ringing.

They might even talk to sellers but they never actually submit the offer.  They never actually submit it.  He’s submitting offers. It’s not wonder that he’s getting results.

I mean if you just focused on those and you perform those activities consistently.  You just let the numbers play out. Just do it long enough to let the numbers play out.  You will do deals.

You’re going to do lots of deals.  It’s going to start off slow in the beginning.  It always does.  It starts off slow but, you know, when you get a 60 days in. You get a 120 days in. A lot of activities you did right now won’t even start to produce any sort of fruit until maybe 90 days, 120 days from now.

But once you are, if you are doing it consistently, you know, you get six months down the road.  All of a sudden, all these activity is building on top of each other.

And it’s compiling. All of a sudden, you are doing deals, a lot of deals. That’s how it works.  Okay?

So on the phone, I am joined today by Mr. Kevin Cook. Kevin, welcome to the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast.

Kevin Cook:  Thanks, Matt.  Glad to be here.

Matt:  Yeah. I’m glad that you are here too.  You know, I kind of led in and told everybody a little bit about you and why we’re having this conversation today but in your words, tell me about yourself and your background and what you do for a living, stuff like that.

Kevin:  Well let’s see.  I mean I’m 40 something years old.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  I’ve been in the film and entertainment business.  I think it was when I was 18.  I kind of followed my father’s footsteps.  It’s a business.  I worked on set in production.

Uhmm, basically putting a lot of hours at work.  I leave for work usually about 5, 530 in the morning.  I am on set until probably 7 or 8 o’clock at night.

Matt:  Uh hmm.  Those were, those were heavy hours.

Kevin:  Yeah.  Yeah.  It does need a whole lot of time especially when you have a family as well.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  You know?  I am fortunate to get home and see my kids before they go to bed.

Matt:  Right.

Kevin:  Most nights but on some nights I’m not so –.

Matt: Got it.

Kevin:  It’s the long hours, but it’s exciting in the same thing for us.  You know, we do a lot fun and exciting things.

Matt:  Uh hmm.  Uh hmm. And you’ve been doing that since you were 18?

Kevin:  Yeah. Actually even before that because I followed my father. I used to go to work with him on film sets when, you know, the time I was 12 years old. I think I actually got my first film credit when I was 15.  Yeah. Really like that being in the movie.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  But it was, you know, it was exciting and was kind of what led me to get into the business.

Matt:  Right.

Kevin:  Yeah.

Matt:  So do you get to schmooze with celebrities and stuff?

Kevin:  Yeah. You know, that’s kind of the benefit.  Uhmm, you get to meet a lot of famous people. You just realize most of them are just people just like you.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  You become, you become jaded just in the sense that, you know, when you work with them long time especially on TV series that they’re just normal people.

Most of them.  You’re just usually surprised by one or two how they think their, uh, you know, better than maybe the rest of us.

Matt: [laughs] I know what you wanted to say but that’s okay.

Kevin:  [laughs]  I’m trying to become politically correct. You’ll never know who’s listening.

Matt:  Got it. Got it.  There’s no room for being politically correct on this show so speak freely. [laughs]

Kevin:  All right. Good.  All right.

Matt:  Very good. So what are you actually do on the set?

Kevin:  I am in charge of the camera dolly. The camera is dolly is basically the camera’s – operator on the show that sits on a dolly.

The dolly basically a four-wheel instrument where the camera operator sits on.  You can –.  It has a hydraulic lift that goes up and down.  You roll it around to follow the actors with.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  We also work with cranes and other different kinds of machinery to create camera movements within the show.

So whenever you are watching that movie you’re watching or TV show or commercial, you see the camera’s moving.  Usually I am the guy behind there moving it.

Matt:  Got it. Got it. Okay. Yeah. They need somebody for everything to make that happen. Don’t they?

Kevin:  Yeah.  You just never know. It’s one of those jobs that you just kind of fall into because there’s no –.  You don’t go to school for it. There’s no training for it.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  Just one of those kind of who you know and you just go and say, hey.  What’s that guy doing over there? You go over and you ask him. You just start doing it.  The next thing you know, you’re doing it.

Matt:  Got it.  Got it.  Wow. I was going to say, sounds like you come from a life that’s, you know, very far and moved from real estate but then (in) some respects, that’s kind of how you get involved in real estate as well.  What was it about real estate that initially attracted you?

Kevin:  Well I think the first thing you thought is like you said, it’s a lot different than what I am doing now.  It, it’s a lot different in the sense that it seems like there’s little more freedom, you know, where –.

When I report to work, I have to report to a studio and I have to be there at a certain time. I have to be there until –.

They tell me I can’t, you know, I can’t go home. If I don’t like it, they can replace me tomorrow.  It’s no job security within it whatsoever.

There’s nobody out there finding me work. I have to find my own work.  I just kind of like the idea of a trying something different thing.

I’ve been in this business my whole life. It seems like there’s a lot of freedom within real estate.  It seems that there’s a lot of different directions you can go.  And I just kind of like the idea of having that freedom.

Matt:  Got it. Got it. So how long have you been considering it? How long have you been thinking about it?

Kevin:  Well, uh, let’s see. I started reading books probably the end of the 90s, late 90s. I started reading books on it. You know? I would say at first it was just kind of interested in it, but never have taken it seriously.  It was just something that I like to read about.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  But as the years have gone on, you know, at that time  I had a family.  I’ve had kids and more responsibilities. I wanted more freedom to spend with them.

There’s just grown on me and at the same time I haven’t seen anything a way in, I guess. I haven’t seen anything to where I can apply into my life until recently.

Matt:  Uh hmm.  What else? That’s going to be my next question.  What do you think is really gotten in your way and prevented you from getting started until now?

Kevin: Well, you know, like a lot of people. You kind of build your life out to around the money that you make.

Then it kind of got into a position where, you know, like anytime you change careers, anytime you get involved in anything else, you kind of have to take a step back. At that time, my wife wasn’t working. She is also in the entertainment business.

When we had our kids, our goal was for her to be able to stay home with the kids. But we were just getting by on my salary for the year.  So it didn’t really leave me any room for change.

Matt:  Uh hmm

Kevin:  As the time goes on, our kids have gotten older now.  They’re 11 and 9.  My wife is going back to work and so it’s kind of enabled me a little bit more freedom.

I’ve also been lucky in the sense lucky/–. It got to a point where I had to stay because I’ve done TV shows where the show was discontinued to go on.

You know, a lot of times in the film business, you do movies. You do a two- to three-month project. You have time in between.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  I’ve been working, I’ve been on two TV shows now. I’m on NCIS: Los Angeles now. I have done three years on that. Before that, I worked on the show, ER, for 8 years to where I was working 10 months a year.

I had two months, you know, summer vacation in between so it’s always kind of lock in and when you’re in a good show in the film business, you keep it.

Matt: Uh hmm.

Kevin:  Just kind of how it is. You get to city work. You don’t have to travel. It’s just kind of how it is.

Matt:  Right.  Right. I mean that’s pretty much –. I mean even though you have a different type of business that you’re in. It’s very much a similar story that, you know, most of America is in.

You know, you get to a point where you start acquiring debt. You start to get used to a lifestyle.  You know, you’re kind of trapped and unable to make that leap.

Kevin:  Right.

Matt:  Right?

Kevin:  Yeah. That’s pretty much what happened. I guess the only part of it for us where we’re actually really fortunate is has been with our timing.  My wife and I both have our own rental property but it was back when we were younger in our 20s.

We had bought it separately. We worked together at that point. Each of us was able to sell the properties we owned before we had kids then used that money to buy a house in Southern California where we are.

Matt:  Got it.  Got it.  So the, you know, when you are in the movie business, you don’t need a job if you get a good gig especially a long-standing gig.

What was it that happened that led you to make your decision right now to like, okay. I ‘m going to do it right now?

Kevin:  Well just looking at the future. I’m, where I work, if you work with all kinds of people, you work with people in their 20s all the way up to their 60s.  My job is, you know, it’s a typical job.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  It’s mostly done on the film set or — . I mean besides having to be there for 12 to 14 hours a day and stand a lot and just focus. It’s as you get older, it’s harder.

I probably didn’t think about it much when I was in my 20s or 30s because I was younger. It didn’t really affect me.  As I get older, I start coming home. My back starts hurting more.

My feet start hurting.  I look a lot at the older guys I worked with. Like I said I had worked with guys who were in their 50s and 60s. I just see that we’re in tear on them.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  Physically, it’s becoming harder.  It’s also, it’s a young man’s business where it, the older you get, the harder it is to find work. I see the writing on the wall. One thing that I was, I’ve been kind of good is looking ahead and seeing what’s coming.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  And trying to make decisions before it’s too late.  This seems like the right time and the right opportunity to find something.

You know? I’m a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, that just kind of spoke to me when I first listened to the audio book and it –. It just kind of was what, I guess that woke me up.

Matt:  Got it. Got it.  You have woke up, uhh, just about anyone that’s ever read that book I think.  So you did make a decision, it was obvious because when, you know, we met, it was just like one action after another.

You took massive action. You jumped all in. You became a member of the Academy,  You became a coaching client of mine. I mean this is something that you are taking very seriously. Isn’t it?

Kevin:  You know, probably the most serious thing I’ve taken outside of, you know, getting married and initially starting in the film industry.

It maybe even more so because like I said, I fell into the film business. It wasn’t something I was seeking out. I fell into it.

With this, I knew, I’ve been looking for something. I just have this conversation with my wife the other day. I knew I’ve been looking for something and like other people, you’re looking for something but you don’t really know what you’re looking for.

I don’t know if it’s the same with other people, but for me when I see something and I know that’s what I want, I mean, it’s clear to me.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  And this kind of what spoke to me. This is where I kind of have an, okay. This is it.  This is the thing I’ve been looking for.

Matt:  Got it. Got it. That’s definitely obvious that’s who you are.  So what has been your experience as far as inside of the Academy?  What do you like best about it?

Kevin:  Uhh, I’d say, man, I would say all the information. I mean it is just overwhelming how much information is there. I don’t claim to be the quickest learner or the, you know, the sharpest tool in the shed.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  So I, I mean, I probably watch, I wouldn’t say I’ve watched every video 5 to 10 times but I’ve, but I’ll watch a video, I’ll watch it and then I’m on the next video.  I’d say, wait a minute.

I’ll go back to the last video. There’s just so much information and so much knowledge. It’s hard, you know, to not to get overwhelmed by it, but at the same time, it’s great because you never get bored by it.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  I love that part. I love that there’s so much to learn.

Matt:  Awesome.  Well so what about the Academy has probably made the biggest difference for you?

Kevin:  Uhh, let’s see.  Uhmm, I’m not sure by what you mean by that.

Matt:  Well, are there any, have you come across any epiphanies or nay busted myths or, you know, anything that’s information that you’re like, oh, a-ha!

That’s how you do it. Okay. I mean anything like that, just like kind of turning points or revelations.

Kevin:  Oh man.  There’s just so much. [laughs] I can’t even point to one.  You know, I just completed know this when it comes to real estate.

I didn’t understand the, you know, three quarters or maybe more of what people were saying when they talk real estate, you know, I, you know, fairly understood what escrow meant.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  I just, I thought I needed some –. I didn’t know anything.  And to be able, for me, the exciting part is now when I have conversations with people or when I hear people talking, I can kind of understand what they’re saying.

I picked up, picking up on it and I can join the conversation and, you know, I guess that’s part of, that’s exciting to me to just be learning and, you know, I feel like once you’ve been doing your job.

Even a job like mine where you’ve been doing it for 25 years even though like we always say, there’s something new everyday.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  It’s not really is new as something else, you know, jumping into real estate is really is just so much, so much new everyday.

Matt:  Uh hmm.  Uh hmm.  Yeah.  That never stops actually.   There’s so many times that, you know, every transaction, there’s a handful of invaluable lessons that you’ll want definitely want to remember for the next time. That never stops so that’s what you’re going to get to look forward to the future.

Kevin:  That’s great.  It’s exciting.

Matt:   It is.  It is. It’s a fun business.  How has the coaching helped you?

Kevin:  The coaching has been great. The coaching has been, you know, like I said, I’m not the quickest of learners and so, as much information as you have on your site, there’s still stuff that were on just kind of scratch me in my head going, okay.

You know, it’s maybe because it’s not phrased a certain way and maybe it, I haven’t at that time.  It’s so great for me to be able to contact you just send you an email in between, you know, coaching or write down notes then we speak just to go, okay.

Now watch this video, can you go on a little more detail about what you said here? Can you explain this a little more thoroughly?  You know.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  It’s just, it’s awesome. It’s, you know, my wife, you know, she’s into it. She was kind of like well, you already signed up all the classes, why are you going to get out of the coaching? You’re not getting out of the classes.

You know, once I told her, you know, that I am just getting so much more out of it. She’s totally behind it.

Matt:  Awesome. Awesome.  That’s good for you. Good to hear.  So this has been your journey now a couple of months.

Kevin:  Uh hmm.

Matt:  What have you accomplished this far? What can you look back and look that you’re proud of and what can you speak of right now?

Well, you know, first and foremost, I’ve purchased two properties using Cash Flow Savvy.  They’re about two properties in Memphis.

Kevin:  I got a chance to go back and visit that with you last week. You know, it’s that, I couldn’t say more how easy, you know, how easy it was going through the process.

It was, you know, it’s easy as it can possibly get buying a property.  You know, we just, as soon as we mentioned that we want to do it, we spoke with you and your team.  You sent us the information.

We put money in escrow and we got property reports on the properties.  We submitted some offers.

I don’t think we got the 1st offer but I think we got the 3rd offer and the 4th offer accepted.  Initially we were only going to go with one but we were excited and realized quickly that we could purchase two.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  So we decided to go with all of these and the whole thing, I mean, was very painless. I think we started at the beginning of May and I think we have the first offer.

We had everything accepted maybe in a week or two.  We closed escrow on the, I think, May 18th on the first one. Four days later, on the 22nd for the second property.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  So that part is exciting because as much as I wanted the education and I wanted to work with you, I just had this knowing within me that I need rental property especially after getting my taxes done in the last couple of years and just getting killed on taxes.

I really, really wouldn’t have been able to focus as much on the Academy if I still didn’t have property. I would be so eager to, you know, they’re probably, I would’ve rushed through and possibly made some mistakes so now having two properties in my back pocket.

I’ve actually been able to relax and really dig in deep into the Academy and really just try to absorb all the information.

Matt:  Uh hmm.  Uh hmm.  You know, you mentioned that we, you joined me on a trip to Memphis this past week to go and look at your properties. We haven’t discuss much about what you got out of it.

I mean we were in conversation the whole time, but now that you’ve been back home for a week.  You’ve been able to reflect.  What was your experience? What did you learn?  You know, was it worth it?

Kevin:  Well, it’s kind of like what you said, it’s one thing to read things and learn about things and read things on the Internet and read things on your webpage.

But when you actually get out there and do it, it’s a whole another thing. I think watching you go through the process and speaking with property managers and speaking with realtors and looking at properties, it really kind of sinks in.

It really kind of feels real. You kind of, I got to see how you apply what you teach and how you use it and when you use it.  I thought that was, it’s really valuable.

Like so for me when I go out there, it will give me the confidence because I got to see how it’s actually done.

Because , like what I said, it’s one thing to read about it but until you actually see it happen. It’s definitely, it’s a little nerve wrecking.

Matt: Uh hmm.

Kevin:  So yeah.

Matt:  Uh hmm.  What do you think were the two or three big things that you walked away with from that trip that will, you know, just make the future that much easier for you?

Kevin:  Uhh, just, number one I would say the property manager, property management. I really got to see how important your team is, the property management, as far as having a realtor especially when you’re purchasing out of state because you’re not able to meet with people regularly. You know, you get to go out of state. Who knows?

I don’t know the next time I’ll head back to Memphis is, but getting to meet the team out there. It was, I really have a good feeling because whenever you go into a venture, young people would ask me questions like what do you know?  You haven’t seen anything. You know this.

Getting to go out there and seeing it firsthand just makes it real. Getting to speak with the people who are actually going to be taking care of my property, and getting to see the property itself.

I mean it makes it all real. I come home now and I have no doubts about what’s going on out there. I feel like I’m in good hands.

Matt:  Uh hmm. Awesome.

Kevin:  And yeah, I’m ready to move on to the next deal.

Matt:  Perfect.

Kevin:  [laughs]

Matt:  And, you know, speaking of when you saw the properties because, I mean, you did extend to me a great deal of faith and trust.

We didn’t know each other very well. I mean other than just the Academy and a couple of emails and some phone calls and our coaching experience.

Kevin:  Uh hmm.

Matt:  You know, what was your impression the first time you actually saw the properties in? I mean what were you thinking? What were you expecting? Then did it meet your expectations?

Kevin:  You know, honestly it met and exceeded. You sent me –.  As soon as we, you know, decided that we wanted to send an offer to the property, you sent me like a 15-page report on each property.

It was filled with, you know, detailed photos and had detailed specs on everything. So I had a pretty good idea on what the properties were.  You know, between the photos and everything, I felt like I have been there before already.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  But when , you know, you get there –.  It seems, it felt like I’d been there before so I guess that’s what I wanted to say.

Matt:  Right.

Kevin:  I, uh, I, it did exceeded. I get to see it with the repairs because only repair work is before any work is done on the properties, but I was excited.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  I’m really excited. The properties looked great. The repair work was great.

Matt:  Cool.

Kevin:  I couldn’t say more about it.

Matt:  Cool.  Yeah. Yeah. On that question might have come off on someone who’s listening right now that might have been a self serving question or, you know, a shameless plug or promotion of what I was leading you down to what I wanted you to say but that’s not what I’m trying to do at all.

What was I’m trying to point out was just how important a team is.  You talked about it several times. You know you got to meet the property manager.  You got to meet the contractor.

You got meet the realtor. You got to meet their staff, their support staff.  You know, it’s just so important in real estate investing whether that’s local real estate investing or out of state investing.

The team is everything, I mean, you could go and Google the top 10 cash flowing markets in the country, and if you don’t have a management team, they’re not going to cash flow for you.  You know?

It’s just, I had to do much do diligence in the team as possible. In fact, I do as much do diligence in my teams as I do the actual properties. I was asking that question because I just wanted to, I was actually asking to see if I did my job properly.

I mean they’re performing for me but I wanted to get someone else’s impression from the outside so that’s why I asked you that question. So thank you for sharing that because as you saw, it was pretty easy. It was pretty seamless. You know?

Kevin:  Yeah. It really was. It was definitely a well-oiled machine definitely. Your people are great.  I can’t say enough good things about him.

It made me feel like I was, you know, an important client not just another person or another, you know, another guy coming in from California.  You know, not another number. It felt like I, you know, like I was part of the team or they were part of my team.

Matt:  Awesome.  Awesome.  Thank you for saying that.

Kevin:  Sure.

Matt:  So okay, you got two properties behind you.  You’ve got some cash flow coming in.  What’s next?  What real estate activities are you doing right now? Or what are your day-to-day activities right now? What are you looking for?

Kevin:  Well I’m trying to get my business up and running. I have been besides studying I’ve been trying to set up or should I say, I have been setting up. You know, landing pages and I’ve been giving yellow letters.

I’ve actually sent out and mail some yellow letters.  I’ve been, you know, advertising on classified ads and you know, doing all the things that you’ve been teaching. I’ve, you know, I did my sample of the yellow letters. I got some responses. I had some interesting phone calls.

Matt: Uh hmm.

Kevin:  But, you know, I’m to the point where I want more. You know, I’m very motivated right now so I decided I’m going to go with one of the yellow letter companies because I want to start getting some movement for sure.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  You know?  I’m still in that unknown phase. You know, you talk about the money, where the money will come from and stuff like that. I haven’t get to that point yet where I’ve actually needed to find the money.

That’s what I am looking forward to. I’m looking forward now to landing my first deal so I can start learning about that part.

Like I’ll start learning where do I need the money? Where do I get the money in? How’s it going to work? You know, like I said, it’s part of the exciting part for me is to move on to the next phase now.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  And start working on that.

Matt:  Awesome.  Awesome.  I mean there’s really no doubt in my mind that you’re going to experience that either because you are moving at the speed of instructions as we’d like to say.

You’re just doing it. You saw how it worked. You know, you’re trusting the system.  There’s no doubt in my mind that if you keep up with the activities, you’re going to get the results.

Kevin:  Well thanks, Matt. I appreciate it, you know.  It’s nice to have, you know, a mentor or to have someone to, you know, kind of bounce off, you know, and kind of guide me along and keep me within inside the lines.

You know, like I said I’m motivated. I want to move but I just, it’s good to know that you’re moving in the right direction.

Matt:  Uh hmm. Indeed. I mean, I don’t think any of us would have made it if there’s at least one person or even a group of people to direct us in the right way.

I certainly have a large of people that help me out so it’s awesome you’re getting that same experience.  What do you see now, Kevin, in your future for real estate investing?

Kevin:  I, I, [laughs] want to go big, Matt.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  I want to go big. I want to, I want to be a real estate investor. I want to do this full time. I mean to the point where I’m ready to make the jump.  You know, me and my wife have been discussion about that.

Up to a point whether you are in or you’re out, you’re either, like you said, you are either a full time real estate investor or you’re a part-time real estate investor.

I don’t want to be a part time investor. I don’t have time to be a part time investor.  You know, like what I said, in my job, you’re either full time or no time.

There’s no part time in the film industry. So I am looking at it right now, I’m making a transition to possibly becoming full time real estate investor.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  So, you know, that’s what excites me right now is what, uh, is what motivating me.

Matt:  Cool.   Cool.  That’s awesome.  You know, you mentioned your wife a few times. I wanted to ask you a question. It’s made me think one of the most common questions I get or the most common challenges that people share with me is that the lack of support from their friends and family, their associates, and most specifically I’ve seen, you know, the spouse can really be the dream killer.

I mean they want the best for themselves and wan the best for their family. They want the best for you, the spouse, but, you know, that they really can, you know, it can interfere if you guys are on the same page financially, on the same page with your ambitions.

How has that been with you since you decided, you know, a couple of months ago? You made this all out commitment to take this on.

Kevin:  Well, it’s been a little tough. These times like you said you have to be on the same page. You have to understand what, you know, obviously we know we’re both working for the same goal.

We’re both working for the same things. Like what I said, both of us in the film business.  We both work  lot of hours. In fact, we have a full time nanny because we both work a lot of hours.

And if I had to take time off from the film business to real estate, that means she’s going to have pick up the flack in that area until we get up and running.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin: And with her job and her working, she doesn’t have obviously the same amount of time to research and learn from the Academy. You see where this is going, you know, she kind of has to take a leap of faith with me as I have with you.

So there is a little bit of that and, you know, I have to explain it to her. She obviously has to be going to believe what I am saying and believe in me.

You know, fortunately for me, I am in that situation. I can certainly see how it could cause a lot of problems especially if you are in a situation where we have, you know, kids now who are, you know, our kids are just as busy as we are.

We don’t have a lot of free time. We don’t have a lot of excess money to play with. That, you know, it’s kind of you either have to decide that you’re going to go for it or you’re not going to go for it.  You’re going to sit back and keep your life the same way.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  And fortunately for me, my wife, she’s learned to go with me and so that motivates me.

Also, you know, puts it on me that you know what? If I’m going to do this, I’m going to make it work because she just want to take this leap of faith with me.

Matt:  Uh hmm.  Uh hmm.  Right. Right.  That’s good. Rochelle is awesome. I can see how she is a great support for you. You know, you just kind of move around.  You’re moving comfortably.

You know, you’re, I can tell you have, you’re a little bit nervous about what the future holds or there’s a little uncertainty there, but you’ve also got the support.

You’ve seen what you’ve done so far as work than, you know, if you just keep doing like I say. You do the right activity. You do them consistently.

You do them long enough. You can’t help but succeed. It’s guaranteed so that’s what the future lies for you in my opinion.  Just keep doing what you’re doing.

Kevin: Well, thanks. I’m, like I said, I’m very excited, Matt.  You know, (I’m) very motivated so –. I look it at this way. If it doesn’t work for me, it’s not going to be because of lack for effort.

Matt:  Uh hmm.

Kevin:  And if it don’t work for me then I, you know, I don’t know what the problem is because I’m willing to do what it takes to make it work.  And, you know, I believe in the system so –.

Matt:  Awesome.  Awesome.  Cool.  So Kevin, would you be open to say coming back in a few months then, you know, let’s speak more about your progress and what’s to come about?  Would you be open to that?

Kevin:  Yeah.  Absolutely.

Matt:  Okay.

Kevin:  Hopefully I’ll have a lot to speak about when I come back next time.

Matt:  Yeah, you will if I have anything to do with it.  [laughs]

Kevin:  [laughs]  Oh, you will.

Matt:  Definitely.

Kevin: [laughs]

Matt:  Definitely. Well, cool. I know you’re a busy guy. I know you’ve got the kids.  I appreciate you taking time out to just kind of share your experience so thank you very much.  We’ll chat soon.

Kevin: My pleasure, Matt.  My pleasure. Back to Mr. Mom duties.

Matt:  Okay.  Yeah. Actually me too. [laughs]  Take care.

Kevin:  You too.

Matt:  Bye.

Kevin:  Bye.

Matt:  Thanks again, Kevin. You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with by the way. You know, this phone call was no different. I love talking to you.  I love hanging out with you. I love building the business together. It’s been awesome.

Now since I’ve been back from Memphis and reflecting on how successful that trip was specifically on how it positively impacted Kevin. I really noticed something.

I just saw, I saw my whole business and what I’ve created through the eyes of someone that has never seen anything like that before.

And I saw, you know, my whole – and how far I’ve traveled as another part that really impacted me was to see, to watch through a novice’s eyes, to kind of just ask a lot of questions that to me, I take for granted.  They’re basic questions to me.

I realized that they’re actually not so basic for beginners so I learned a lot about myself. I learned a lot about my teaching. I learned a lot about how valuable that is to actually see something working.

I mean we can read all we want. We can listen all we want. We can, you know, watch the videos. We can attend the seminars. We can practice drill and rehearsals all we want but until you actually see it on the court. You see it in action.

I mean, it really opened up to, I think it opened Kevin’s eyes to “wow, this was, I think I can do this.” It really gave him some confidence.  What confidence does is it produces activity because as soon as you got back is activity significantly increased.

His results are increasing accordingly, but the confidence increases results. The results produce success. That success elevates the confidence again, and back around you go. That’s how it works.

So I just saw how that work, that whole dynamic in play. I got to see it right before my eyes. It was just, it made me feel really good. It was just, it was powerful too. It’s really something amazing to watch.

So what I’ve done is I’ve decided to open things up and extend an invitation to all of you. You know, as businesses picking up for me and I am back in investor mode. I got the bug again for going back to work and building my portfolio.

I am just excited to do it. As opposed to, you know, what I’ve been doing, the teaching mode. I’ve been primarily been in the teaching mode in the most of this year.

You know, I’ve spent a lot of time building the Epic Pro Academy.  I’m very proud of it but it’s done. Okay?

So now I help the Academy members through that occasionally when they contact me. I do the coaching calls but that part is done so I’m excited to get back into the game again.

I’m going to be traveling a lot more to my markets and meeting with my team to discuss the past, discuss the present, and discuss the future in the interest of constant and never ending improvement of our operations.

I was thinking, hey, if you want, why don’t you join me?  I’m going to extend that invitation to you. I mean if you want to of course.  You know, if we get enough people to go, I’ll go ahead.

I’ll foot the bill for it a tour bus and we will tour properties and we will look at the markets. We will look at some of the befores. We will look at the afters.

You know, you can meet my personal team. You can ask them a bunch of questions. Then we can all sit down together over your beverage of choice.

We can talk shop. I mean it’s what I do when I am there anyway so why not you just, you know, come in and sit down and join me.

I’ll go ahead. I’ll give you my undivided attention for an evening and answering questions that you may have around your own investing.  I’ll assist you in any way that I can.

That just sounds fun to me. I’m going to, like I said, it’s what I do there anyway. If you want to join, you’re more than welcome to. I mean if that sounds fun to you, if it’s something that you would be interested in doing, go to EpicRealEstateTour.com.

Let me know. Just let me know so I can be prepared. I mean I’m not charging anything for this. I mean you got to get that on your own dime but if you get there, you know, you got my undivided attention.

I’ve got two trips back to Memphis scheduled one in July and one in August. If you want to meet me there, go ahead and just to EpicRealEstateTour.com.

Express your interest. Then I or one of my people will be in touch to give you the dates and details then we will take it from there.

I have no idea how this is going to look like. This is just something that we thought of when we got back. We saw how it impacted Kevin. You know, we are certainly here to impact lives so if you want to attend and meet me there in Memphis in July or August.

Go to EpicRealEstateTour.com.  Just let us know that you are interested. You’re not committing to anything. You’re not be getting any weird mailing list or you’re not buying anything.

There’s nothing for sale here.  It’s just, uh, let us know that you’re interested so you know what we can put together and to what capacity.  Maybe it’s just a private, you know, couple of people who want to get around car.

We go around town and have lunch and talk real estate.   Or maybe we get 20, 40 people in a giant bus and we have a blast doing that too.  Okay?

So that’s it, EpicRealEstateTour.com. So until next time. As a very wise person once said, “coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress.  Working together is success.”

To your success, I am Matt Theriault.  Living the dream.

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