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Linda Pilagas, investor and Realty 411 Magazine publisher, is Matt’s special guest on the show today. Beginning with just a modest loan from a friend, plus a little seller financing, Linda and her husband developed a 24-unit portfolio spanning five states. Fortunately she timed the market well and managed to cash out before the 2008 crash. Now Linda is taking her profits from before the crash and using them to capitalize on good opportunities in the present market.

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Podcast Transcript:
(Voice Over):  Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast Episode 32. Without further delay, your guru.  Sorry. Your guide to a better life through real estate investing, Matt Theriault.

Matt Theriault:  Hello and greetings from The Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast.  The podcast that will show you how to build wealth through creative real estate investing, so you’ll have the option to realistically in the next ten years or less and enjoy the good life while you are still young enough to do so.

My name is Matt Theriault. Author, full time real estate investor and family man. If this is your first time listening to the show, welcome. You’re going to want to do two things.

First, I want you to go back and listen to episode one to get the ground rules of the show to get the gist of what this is all about.

Two, I want you to download the free real estate investing course, “How to do deals no money required at free real estate investing course that come.” Free real estate investing course that come.

It’s a step-by-step course which I unveil the mystery around doing deals with no money or credit. It’s where, if you looking to get starter, this is where you start. I laid it all out for you in a step-by-step process.

I’ve got ten videos and four hours of audio, two hours of video. It’s all there and that’s yours for free. At Free Real Estate Investing Course that come. OK, on today’s show, I’m joined by an exceptional human being and accomplished real estate investor.

She’s becoming a really good friend and she’s actually establishing herself as one of the centers, the focal point, and the epicenter of the California Real Estate Investing networks. She’s the publisher of a phenomenal real estate investing magazine. She hosts frequent networking and educational events all up and down the coast.

I mean, it reaches from San Diego to Washington. Her message and her mission are moving east. So, you definitely want to keep your eyes and ears open for today’s guest, Mrs., Linda Pilagas. Thank you for joining us on Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast.

Linda Pilagas: Thank you so much.

Matt Theriault: Awesome, really happy to have you here. You know, we’ve known each other for awhile and seen each other out in real estate investing community. I learned a lot about you recently that I really didn’t know that you really an accomplished real estate investor.

Linda: Yeah. No.

Matt: Yeah, definitely. We got, we have a lot of very successful real estate investors on this show, that, you know, this is just, they are, that’s all they do. They live, breath, eat and sleep that. I know you have a life outside of real estate investing as well.

Linda: Yeah. Right.

Matt: I wanted you to come on the show because as, I mean, as impressive as your accomplishments are, and as attractive and nice looking as your portfolio is.

I think it’s what most people that an average person or slightly, yeah, the average person, I guess, the way I want to put it, that to what they should aspire to.

To where they can really create that financial freedom and have the light, the time to do what they want and when they want to do and with whom they want to do it.

You’re certainly just a walking example of that. Can you just kind of tell me? Yeah. Can you just kind of tell me how you got started? Let’s start there.

Linda: Yeah. Thank you. Sure, no problem. Well, I got started at age twenty four when we purchased our first home in West Los Angeles in Culver City. I came across a deal that I, that I just absolutely had to have I stumbled upon a home that I really loved.

It was a total fixer-upper. Nobody wanted it because it was in such bad shape. At the time I was in college and my husband was the only one working, I only worked part-time.

I was in college and wrapping up my degree in journalism, and we didn’t have any money. So we came up with the, an idea that, let’s try, you know, raise the money, come up with money within our peers and friends.

What we’ll do is, we knew the house was a deal, priced really well, so we said, let’s go ahead and get a loan from people we know for the down payment. We could put them on the note and pay them monthly, and then in a few years, in five years, we refinance them out and pay them the cash plus all these time they are going to be making in the interest on their money, much more than what the banks were paying after time, so we found one of my husband’s family members to loan the money to get in the property.

Then, but unfortunately, we still didn’t qualify because the bank turned us down. So, we needed a second loan. So, thank God our agent was well versed in deal making because she told the seller of the property and the seller was a gentleman that had inherited the property.

They didn’t have any emotional tie to the property at all. It was a probated, have been on the market long time because it was a fixer-upper. So essentially, we were one of only people that made an offer.

So the agent said, “Hey, how about if you carry a portion of the notes because it will only qualify for this amount, they won’t qualify the full amount but if you carry a second, then it will qualify for the notes.” He agreed to do that and that’s how we got into our first deal in West Los Angeles with zero money out of our own pockets.

Creative, total creative deal creating and they say can’t be done in California, which is not true. We did it in one of the most sought after areas of Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey adjacent Culver City.

Matt: Right, Right. There’s a saying that “Those that say can’t be done are being bested by people who are doing it.”

Linda: Right, Right. So, exactly and then we refinance some out of the property in five years. By then, I was, you know, out working and working for some so my husband was making more money so we were able to qualify for a larger, you know, a larger financing.  So what we did was we refinanced them out and we also took more money out and we bought our first rental.

That’s how we did it.  We utilized our appreciation. We utilized equity to purchase property and then after that rental had appreciated, we did the same thing with the rental.  Then you know we sold a single-family property that which was a rental.  We sold that and then we did a 1031 exchange into a 4 unit property.

So, which was a multi-family, more cash flow, so basically that’s how we got started and we would wait for appreciation and refinance properties, pull money out but do it in a conservative fashion so you’re not overleverage. Not to say we never got overleverage. You know, we’ve also experienced with any growth of either a portfolio or a company.

You use leverage in order to grow but it has to be done conservatively and intelligently to sustain that leverage and the growth. Otherwise, you can put your portfolio at risk or business or whatever it is you use for leverage.

Matt: So, you waited for appreciation and took the money out and purchased another property?

Linda: More properties. Yes, I got to a point where I couldn’t buy in California because the properties were appreciating at a high rate that I started venturing out outside my state. How did I find out about that concept? Through a seminar and an event in Marina Del Rey and that’s why I love during events and going through events and going to seminars.

I will admit I am a seminar junkie and I produced one too. That’s why I do it because I learn so much about real estate and about financial intelligence and events like this. I found about the concept of real estate investing in the seminar put on by Lisa Vanders in Marina Del Rey. I purchased right after that seminar.

Within 4 months, we have purchased outside of our state. First in Arizona, we purchased two multi-family properties there. After that, we just continued to also start investing out of the state. I am a local investor and a real estate investor.

My last deal, I cursed, 7 months ago in Santa Barbara County because we’ve moved. We bought a great deal. It was probate. It was on the market one day before it had 3 offers because it was listed at such a low price. It was $299 which is what condos go for.

I mean, this is like the price of a condo instead of a 3 – bedroom – 2 – bathroom. It had 3 offers within the first day and we came in a very strong offer. They took it and we got a great deal. Everybody that I tell in this area that we paid for the house, they were like, “What?”

Recently, we brought in a broker to get a BPO, Broker Price Opinion, and they said that we could lift our house for 410. We did, of course, paint it. We did a lot of work. We spent a lot of money, well, not a lot of money but we spent a good deal of money.

We did the landscaping, painting, we put mahogany doors. We really, liked, did it up but we made our money plus a lot of profit if we ever decide to sell it.

Matt: Awesome.

Linda: Yeah, I’m currently an escrow on another deal in West LA, trying to purchase a duplex. My goal is to have one unit rented and another one I’m going to utilize for business when I go to the city.

That one I am proud of, Matt, because it’s my first private money deal. Yeah, I actually got private money. I’m not going through a bank like I normally would. I’m doing a private deal with an investor I find at our event in New Port beach. The one you went to, remember?

Matt: Right, Right.

Linda: Yeah, I found a private money person at one of our events. That’s how I’m getting it.

Matt: That’s awesome. Well you did private money in the first deal, right?

Linda: I did do private money but, you know, because it wasn’t really, it was someone we knew. Of course we didn’t know the seller. So yeah, you’re right.

We have used private money before with a stranger but this is what’s really neat because I just kind of put it out there and I got what I needed which is a long attraction which is what I really believed in.

Matt: I think, that, you know, I’m not surprised that those types of things happen to you because it’s something we talked about here in the show and I preach in the academy. It’s a people business and you got to be out among the people.

When you are out among the people, opportunities just show up. You are everywhere. I’m not surprised that all these opportunities show up for you.

Linda: Oh yeah, it reliant. Now I’m at a point where I have people that I have developed relationship with that want to do deal with me at a personal level.

That’s such an honor that have people say, “Linda, I trust you. I want to do a deal with you. I want you to be my partner and I’m willing to put my money on the line.”

I mean to have that, that’s such a compliment for me and a source of pride. That’s something I definitely want to start doing as well in the future is doing deal with people that I developed relationship with.

Matt: Cool. So let’s back up a little bit. I know that in the last few years, you had a little bit of foresight of what was coming down just because you run in with that circle. You probably have some good information.

You bite by choice. You chose to downsize your portfolio but tell me how big your portfolio actually got before you made the decision to downsize it.

Linda: Sure, well, we started selling a few properties in 2007 when I could foresee that things were not going to get pretty. So, at that time we owned 24 units in 5 states and we also have 3 single-family properties. So, yeah, we built a nice, large portfolio by, it was just my husband and I.

I’m really proud of building that because it was something that we did as a team and no partnership or anything. It was just us and it was great but for one person to run everything, it was tough. It left little time for anything else.

I was basically just doing full time real estate. I didn’t have the publication in 2006 at the height of when I was overseeing everything.

Then in 2007, I started the magazine and I realized I needed more time for that as well. I could see that things were economically were not getting better.

In fact, I was starting to get really nervous. I mean, for a few nights, I actually had sleepless nights. That’s how you know that, “Okay, you know what, there’s a lot of stress in my life, there’s a lot of pressure”. I had a few sleepless nights and my husband was like, “What’s going on?! Why are you so nervous?”

I’m like, “I just felt nervous, and I felt like we were a little overleverage”. I certainly was having stress trying to keep up with everything.

You know, all the time it took and also I started examining our portfolio. I felt like we weren’t diversifying enough as well. I do believe in having a diversified portfolio which will balance your portfolio out.

So, I just made the decision that, “You know what, I’m going to sell a few properties off and we’re going to increase cash reserves and we’re going to also be able to take advantage of deals that are going to be coming our way because I could tell that things were not going to get any better.”

We were able to sell properties at a profit. A few times we broke even but we got back our capital so we were able to make intelligent choices in our portfolio actually got much better. Now, we were able to take advantage of deals that are truly really great deals and are available.

Matt: Awesome, that’s fantastic. So you had good timing, I’m happy for you.

Linda: Thank you, Thank you.

Matt: You know, speaking of diversification and you mentioned that you started venturing out of state. I really think there’s some bad advice out there and you hear it all the time.

They say, “If you can’t drive to your property, you shouldn’t buy it”. I think that’s just, there’s so much opportunity missed there.

Linda: I agree.

Matt: What would your advice be to people that adhere to that advice and heard that before and now live by it. I mean, what would be your advice to those people, what would be your tips to investing out of state?

Linda: Well, I like to say, you know, because I live so long by LAX, I mean, Marina Del Rey is literally like 15 minutes from LAX, 10 minutes from LAX. Yes, well I say that I didn’t get nervous going out of state. No, a part of me was nervous because I’m like, “Wait a minute, and how is this going to work? What’s going to happen? What if I get in trouble?”

I mean, I’m not going to say I was not nervous. You are nervous but you know what, Matt, I would tell myself, “Linda, you’re only a plane ride away”, which is true! Living so close to LAX, it was easy for me to hop on the plane and go anywhere around the country I wanted within the short, you know, I mean, literally, I could say, “I want to go there!” and go because LAX was right there. So, that’s what my mind said. I’m only a plane ride away.

To tell you the truth, Matt, I have multi-family properties close to me. Especially when I live in the west but now I’m in Santa Barbara County but I’m going back to the west side.

I’m in escrow now, there, around there, I do have multi-family properties and I don’t even see them, Matt. I mean, I haven’t, I mean, I drove by my multi-family unit maybe like, seven months ago. You know, I have a property manager. I decided that I didn’t really want to manage it anymore so I gave it to someone else because I’m so busy.

I managed that property for a long, long time. I don’t have a reason to really go and see it. What I’m getting at is, if your property is managed correctly and well, you’re totally fine. You’re going to be great.

The thing and the trick is to deal with companies and people, again it goes back to relationships. To deal with people that you know are going to take good care of your properties. In the beginning when I started investing real estate, I would go annually to view my properties.

I would just know that I’m going to make a trip out of it; I’m going to have fun, see my property, and see my property manager. I made it something fun and something enjoyable and I just would know that I’m going to incur a $500 expense or whatever, to go see my property every year.

You just think that and know that but if you invest in an area you like, you do a good investment, you’re going to want to go see your property if you choose to. But, I haven’t chose, I haven’t seen my property out of state in many years now because I have full confidence in my property managers.

Matt: Right, that’s really where it is. I mean, I got 35 units in Illinois and I have never even been to that town before.

Linda:  Wow.

Matt: I made an investment in the property management.  That’s really is where I think the secret to investing out of state and not necessarily on investing in the market but investing in the property manager.

Linda:  Correct.

Matt:  Absolutely.  Yeah.  The horror stories that you hear just from people that do that.  Of course you’re going to have a bad experience with the property as mismanaged.  That’s supposed to produce for you and if you have bad management, it’s not going to produce.

Linda: Correct.

Matt: And, uh, you know, I’m going to knock on wood here real quick because I have yet, I don’t own anything in California.  Everything I have is out of state. I have yet to have a loser. I’m going to knock again.

Linda: (laughing)

Matt:  And, but, uh, I just love out of state just because here in California I mean you need something so much money to play the game here.

Linda:  Right.

Matt:  And maybe it’s not so much money but you can play the game elsewhere with a whole lot less and get great returns.

Linda:  Absolutely.  When I started investing out of state in 2005, you know, because I just really believe in it and knew it was a right thing for me and for my family in order for us to get more money, cash flow better.

And truthfully, Matt the diversification, and again I’m so big on diversification.  As we know California is an earthquake place.  It’s an earthquake state.  Most people, this is something that a lot of people don’t realize, most people in California don’t have earthquake insurance.

Because of the high, high cost of earthquake insurance, most company or most people don’t have that so the thing is for me for diversification, I like having properties out of state because it diversifies me. I know that it’s something that’s going to happen.  Not all of my eggs are in one basket.

Matt:  Right.  Right. Awesome. It’s certainly working for you.  So you’ve pulled in 2007ish, you’ve pulled out, you’ve sold some properties.  You pulled out some capital.

And now it sounds like you’re back actively in the game, we always like to get into a lot of how to and tips in interviews as we can. So how do you find most of you r deals, what are your best sources for deals?

Linda:  Well, certainly wholesalers are excellent source.  You know, I’ve also gotten deals from birddogs but I was just talking to someone else today about it because they told me how did you find your great deals that you just found?

Because I just found an excellent deal on Santa Barbara County. I found an excellent deal in West LA and I apply all of my, you know research the same way even when I go out of state, first of all, I go into the local MLS that they have.

Those people don’t know this but you could pretty much get into any MLs around the country.  You may not be able to see the private remarks and the inside information that agents in that MLS or in that area see but nevertheless you will be able to tap in as a guest to most MLS around the country so you can start doing your research.

You can see what prices are going for in a particular zip code. You know you can start finding people that you can call and say, hey is this a good area?

You know what’s one of the best rental areas in your area?  In your city?  I’m trained as a journalist.  For journalists, it’s all about the research.  In investing, it’s all about research.

It’s about asking questions, calling people, tapping into the MLS, getting to know your areas. Which are the best areas? Which are the areas to stay out of?  What are prices going for in those particular areas?

Once you know that, you can spot a deal.  And then when I’m looking at the way I see how much my two deals in California, I was looking in the MLS every single day, multiple times a day.

I also have connections with realtors that you and I ran in.  I also put the word out to wholesalers and creative real estate investors that, you know whose job is to find creative deals.

So I just completely put the word out there in many different ways and I actively did my own research and I actively looked for my own deals.

Matt:  Uh huh.

Linda: And you know utilizing the LoopNet, the MLS, there’s so much information out there on the Internet that you can literally spend your whole day looking for deals in the areas you want to find a deal in.

Matt:  Right.

Linda:  You know, but it’s relationship business.  It’s important not to sit in front of the computer but to actually build relationships with people that are specializing in the areas you want to tap into.

Matt:  Right.  So real quick if you were to say land in Lexington, Kentucky.  You wanted to start investigating that market.  What is the right thing that you do when you go in and you start to find their MLS?

Linda:  Okay. Well if I were to land in, you said, Lexington?

Matt:  Yes.

Linda:  Okay.  If I were to land in Lexington.

Matt: Arbitrary.

Linda:  Okay. (laughing) That’s great though because I have no connections in Lexington, Kentucky but what I would do, I land there. The first thing I would do is yes, go into the MLS.  Type in Lexington MLS.

Matt:  Okay. So just a basic Google search?

Linda:  Yeah.  Basic Google search.  Type into it and a lot of times if you can’t find the actual official MLS website, you can number two, build a relationship with the local professional that you can get access to the MLS to.

I’m not saying the professional site. I’m saying the guest house because most realtors will allow guest searches for you know the people they’re working with.  So you know, get into the local MLS, build relationships, and also attend your local REA in the area.

You know, I would recommend going to REAs, going to cash flow groups, clubs, people that get together that are of like minds and love real estate and whose mission is to get deals and start building relationships that way too.

And you’ll get to know your local wholesalers, your local birddogs, your local, you know, heavy hitters that have access to make bank deals, even before they hit the market because that’s really how to get the deals even before they hit, you know, the market, before they hit the MLS.

That’s not to say there are no deals in MLS.  There are a lot of deals in the MLS but, you know, the extra special deals tend to be under the radar.

Matt:  Yes.  Right. You know I’ve got a question for you because there is just, there is no mystery around it to me as to why you are a successful real estate investor and you continue to find deals because it is a people’s business and that’s 100% of my deals come from now.

I was going to say 95%.  When you go to these clubs and you go to network, there are typically two types of people out there.  There are the talkers and there are the walkers.  And I know you interact with a lot of people and, you know, a lot of investors.

People that want to be investors. People that are investors.  People that used to be investors, whatever it maybe. Do you have anything that you look forward or anything that a, let’s say, a detector that would separate say, the players from the people that are just kind of pretending or just kind of trying to figure their way around?

Linda:  Well that’s a really good question. And I do come across all types of people. I mean I come across people who want to get in the business and you know may not have money or credit.

And then I also meet, you know, very wealthy investors who are totally immersed in the game so first of all, on a personal level, I like to know that every person is unique and can offer me something.

And, you know, everyone has something special to share so I really like to listen to people because you can learn from everybody.  You don’t have to just learn from truly successful people.

There are a lot of people that are getting into the game that has so much fire and so much knowledge. They just need a break.  You know, they just need a helping hand. And you know what, I’ve been in that situation. I do not come from a wealthy family.

In fact, we lived pretty much in poverty.  And someone gave me a break.  And sometimes, you know, people do need that extra encouragement or that extra help. It’s important to give back when you can and also it’s important to, you know, things that you’re so above that no one can teach you or no one can help you.

I think everyone has something special to share so it’s important to try and treat everyone with respect and also to listen to them because they could give you a tip or technique that could really open your eyes and can lead to something absolutely wonderful and very prosperous.

But, you know, you don’t have to be wealthy and prestigious to have great ideas. So its, you know, that’s just something that I believe and I like to really give everybody the benefit of the doubt and really listen to what they have to say because even if you’re mingling with people that don’t really that much experience. They maybe the connection and the lead to your next deal. You don’t know.

Matt:  Right.

Linda:  They may have a neighbor that’s, you know, losing their home. They may know of, you know, an elderly person that just, you know, died and they inherited the property and nobody wants it. I mean that could be a connection.

Matt:  Sure.  Sure.  What would you say to someone that would be going to these types of events and the realtor clubs and the stuff that you put on and the meet up groups?

Linda:  Yeah.

Matt: And you’re looking at to make a connection and they’re like, okay. I get it I’m listening to you.  It’s relationships. I’m going out to build relationship. What’s the best approach do you think for a brand new person to go on and start creating those relationships?

Linda:  I would say definitely, you know, be, for me, I think it’s being who you aspire to be and be that person today. If you want to be a successful investor, you have to be that right now even if you’re not so always be presentable.

Go there and look like you mean business.  Have the business card.  Dress appropriately.  Bring some marketing information if they allow that information to be disseminated because a lot of clubs do have booze at the back where people, guests, and members of the club can put information out so definitely be prepared.

Be prepared to network and know what your goal is. If your goal is to meet people who want to deals with you, if you know, when you introduce yourself, don’t be afraid to put that out there to let people know.

Say, you know, I’m here.  This is what I’m doing. I’m interested in finding a deal.  Hey, do you know anyone that you think is interested in an opportunity like this. Like I said, be professional. Dress the part, walk the walk and act like you mean business.

If you do that, if you present yourself in a successful manner, in an intelligent way and you’re there with the mission of doing business, you will attract wise-minded people. You know, you will attract the people and the deals you go after.

Matt: Right, awesome, awesome. Tell me about the, for those that don’t know that you have a very popular real estate investing magazine, Realty 411, that gets distributed around. Is that just West Coast right now?

Linda: No, actually we ship it to real estate proved cash flow carbs around the country. We also do joint sponsors of a lot of events around the country where we are a media sponsor.

We’ll let, you know, people know about the event in exchange we’ll have the magazine shipped to them in no pass amount at coast events as well. We’re also available in high traffic areas and one of the places that carry our publication is Whole Foods Market which is a really high end grocer.

Matt: Oh nice.

Linda: Yeah, we’re also available at some private country clubs. As well as high traffic areas and, like, Rivets, CBS, places like that. Of course we are completely free and also digital.

Not only are we on our website that we have multiple websites plus we are on about 16 public domain websites. So, the publication really gets out there on the internet as well.

We’re one of the only free real estate investing magazines out there that are fully accessible at no cost. So, you know, we really get out there and we believe in free resources, free education. We really want to reach investors.

Let them know about the people that we do business with because we believe in them, such as you. We do business with you and, you know, we really just try to and let people know about the benefits of real estate because real estate has personally, on a personal level, changed my life and my family’s life.

I’m really blessed and, like I said, I didn’t come from money and I didn’t have that silver spoon in my mouth. I did create the life that I have. My wealth came from real estate.

You know, I was able to pay my home off in LA by age 39 which I think is a great accomplishment. I did it all through buying and selling real estate.

By 39, I’m not only was able to pay my home off in LA, but I had other properties that were free and clear. So, I mean, I’m living the real estate dream.

That’s why I do this because I know it can be done. Even if you start, you know, from very little or nothing, you can create a life of abundance and security through real estate investing.

Matt: Awesome, awesome. Is that how the magazine actually got started, just your passion for it?

Linda: Yes, it was my passion and also my passion of marketing. I absolutely love business and marketing. When I started the magazine, I was actually selling real estate full time and also was overseeing my portfolio.

That was, those were my full time jobs. I was overseeing my personal portfolio and also selling real estate full time. My niche was selling properties out of state to California investors because I started buying out of state. People thought that I was doing well.

They were really curious about it. They were like, “Linda, are you, everything’s working out OK out of state?” and I’m like, “Yeah, everything’s great. I’m getting my checks and the properties are fine and I’m fully occupied.”

They became really curious and then they started asking for my help. They were like, “Can you refer me, you know, to the broker you worked with out there. Can you help me buy a property out of state?” So I started selling real estate out of state. Two California investors.

After I tapped into my sphere of influence, I realized that I had to do some marketing. You know reach more investors who were interested in the properties that I was offering.

So, because of my journalism background, I’ve been in media since I was in high school and also have a degree Journalism.

I’ve owned publication before, so I said, “You know what, I’m going to start maybe like a little news letter or a little magazine.” In that way I can promote the properties and have some real estate information.

So that’s basically how I started it. I tapped into my sphere again and I told everybody I knew that I was starting a magazine. I was able to come up with the advertising revenue to pay for the, even the very first issue I did.

Matt: Awesome. Awesome.

Linda:  Yeah.  My first issue had like three full pages ads of my company so now I don’t even have ads to that company anymore because I’m so, you know, busy and also my advertisers take up all of my space which is okay.

Matt:  Uh huh.  Right.  Right, that’s a good issue to have. You know, a lot of magazines out there would love to trade places with you.

Linda: (laughing)

Matt:  Definitely.  So I know you host, this is how I know you used from the many events that you’ve hosted in connection with the magazine.  First of all, if someone would check out your magazine where would they go?

Linda:  Sure.  They can go to realty411guide.com.  That’s our main website.  That’s Realty411Guide.com.

Matt: Guide.com.  G-u-i-d-e?

Linda: Yeah.

Matt:  Guide.  Okay. Got it.

Linda:  I also recommend they do a goggle search and just type in “realty 411” or type in “real estate wealth.”  We’re going to come up.  We have a lot of information.  We’re all over the Internet.

Matt:  Awesome.  Awesome. Definitely.  And then I know you do a lot of events affiliated with the magazine. I know you have something come up here and Cinco de May in San Diego.

Linda:  Yes.

Matt:  If someone want to attend that or is interested in that, what can they expect in that event?

Linda:  Sure.  That event, we’re really excited about it because we’re going to have vendors not only locally but also from out of the state coming to that event.

We’re also going to have real clubs at the events so you will get to meet the directors of some of the local clubs in the area.

Then we have a full day of education.  We are going to have different speakers. They’re going to be talking about investment, opportunities, and they’re just going to be giving their knowledge, tips, and expertise about real estate whether you want to invest locally or out of state.

We’re going to talk about hard money. What that is?  We’re going to talk about wholesaling.  We’re just going to talk about an array of real estate niches and then in addition to that, I’m bringing in a social media expert because social media is so important in real estate.

Also for investors, I mean investors can really tap into social media to sell their deals, to find people who work in the areas they want to reach and do deals in.

So we’re going to be bringing in a social media expert to tell us what is the best way of marketing or company or business or deals, how to do it, and some tips on how to really get out there.

And right now our social media outreach is close to 30,000 so we’re doing really good out there. We’re really connected in all these different types of platforms and even things that people don’t even think about like Yelp, and also like Script In, Plankso.

I mean we’re all over the place and we really utilize social media.  I’m bringing one of our experts to give our guests advice on how they too can really get out there.

Matt:  Awesome.  Awesome.  Is that a free event or people have to pay to attend?

Linda:  No.  It’s absolutely free.  Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. We are making it accessible for everybody. It is on May 5th in San Diego at the Double Tree by Hilton in San Diego on 1515 Hotel Circle.

Matt:  Okay.  Perfect.  And registration.

Linda:  Yeah.  They should register and the best way to find out of all these events is to go to our website, the backslash, the page is realty411guide.com/events.

You will see the different events. You will see the different events that we have going on so just go to our website and, you know, click on events.  You’ll get the calendar.

Matt:  Awesome.  Awesome.

Linda:  Yeah ‘because we’re going to Phoenix, Arizona.  We just got back from San Jose, Silicon Valley.  We’re going to Washington, Seattle, Washington.  We’re going to be doing a lot of things.

Matt:  Fantastic.  Awesome.  I’m glad to hear that it’s growing for you.  That’s great.

Linda:  Thank you, Matt.  Thank you.

Matt:  You bet.  I will certainly see you on May 5th.  I will be down there. I will be in Cinco de May with you.

Linda:  All right.

Matt:  And you know it’s been an absolute pleasure.  You’re inspiring.

Linda:  Thank you, Matt.

Matt:  You’re a wealth of information.

Linda:  Thank you.  So are you.

Matt:  Oh, thanks.

Linda:  Thank you.

Matt:  Thanks.  So I don’t know is there anything I didn’t ask you that you think I should’ve?  Anything else that you have to offer?

Linda:  Well, I just want to offer, you know, some inspiration that’s what really my mission is, is to inspire people and all we feel like, oh it’s never going to happen for me. I mean personally I have goals too. I have even bigger goals in what I am and what I have.

So I know what it’s like sometimes we get discouraged but just know that work hard, getting out there, do business the right way, be honest and be ethical.  And you know, build strong relationships with people based on respect and things will happen for you.

I mean if you really put out good energy, you’re going to get more business and more deals than you can even imagine.

Matt:  I can totally concur with that. Absolutely.  Awesome.  Well thanks a lot, Lin. I know you’re busy.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to sit in with us here in the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast.

Linda:  Thank you.

Matt:  And you know certainly if something comes up and I ask you back, would you be open to it?

Linda:  Oh, absolutely.

Matt:  Okay.

Linda:  Absolutely.  Thank you for having me.  It’s such a pleasure.

Matt:  You bet.  You bet.  Have an awesome day. I will see you on May 5th.

Linda:  I can’t wait.

Matt:  I know. Me neither.  Take care.

Linda:  Okay.  Bye bye.

Matt: Bye.  Okay.  If you want to download the latest edition of Linda’s magazine, Realty 411.  Go to realty411guide.com.  You can download that magazine there for free.  It’s a really good magazine. I recommend. I think you can get all of the back issues there as well.

If you happen to be in San Diego on Cinco de May or inclined to travel out to network and work with a great community of investors, look out for me.  I’m going to be out there so if you see me, just come up and say hi.  I’d love to chat.  I’d love to meet you in person.

All the details on Linda’s Expo in San Diego in Cinco de May, they’re on her site, Realty411Guide.com under the Events navigation or .com/events.

Okay.  That’s all I’ve got for you today.  Until next time. As a very wise person once said, the vision must be followed by the venture.  It’s not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the stairs.  To your success.  I’m Matt Theriault.  Living the dream.


Hi Matt!  I just want to take a moment just to explain how much I learned in your Academy over the last couple of weeks. I mean I got invested in real estate for quite some time now but didn’t realize how much information I still did not know.

Just the other day, I began to implement some of the concepts of negotiation for less than 4. I was actually to get the seller to give me the terms that I wanted. Now I am actually excited about real estate all over again.  Thanks a million.

(Voice Over):  Thank you for spending this time with Matt Theriault and the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast.  When you have time, stop by iTunes to leave your comments and let us know what you think of this show.

And if you haven’t done so already, get started investing today by visiting FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com to access Matt’s free course on how to deals, no money required.  Until next time. To your success, to your success, to your success.

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