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Join us for this special edition of Epic Real Estate Investing, where Matt is discussing one of his latest projects and looking for some potential wholesaling apprentices who would like to work and learn with him. Matt will select and train the best candidates for the position, giving them a chance to see the wholesaling business from a unique angle. Think you’d like to work with Matt?


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Podcast Transcript:
(Voice Over):  Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast Episode 31. Without further delay, your guru.  Sorry. Your guide to a better life, the real estate investor, Matt Theriault.

Matt Theriault:  Hello.  Greetings from The Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast.  Today I’ve got a very special episode for you.  There will be no teaching today.  There will be no instruction.  There will be no how to.  There will be no ra ra or inspiration or motivational speeches.

Today is all about doing.  And this maybe exactly what you’ve been looking for.  And maybe you want nothing to do with it but this is where this podcast can truly make a difference for you and your investing pursuits.

You see or I got started in this real estate investing game by wholesaling properties. I was pretty successful right away. I was successful because I had a really great offer to promote.

You see I had access to a small portfolio of cash flowing properties that had some pretty cool perks attached to them.  What those perks did is they allowed me to really stand out above all the other wholesalers in my area.

What they allowed me to do was build a reputation for having good deals.  And I mean they offer was so good that a newbie just like me at that time was able to wholesale just over 25 properties in three months of which paid me $15000 per property.

It was a really good start for my real estate investing.  And since I’ve wholesaled many more properties but nearly at that type of volume in such a short period of time and certainly not so easily.

I mean simply put, I had a great offer.  That was advantage. I mean I met the right person at the right time, of which is what so much of real estate investing is really about.  Right?   Timing.  And since then, I’ve been waiting for some more timing to work on my favor like that.

I mean I’ve been waiting for another unique offer to promote just like the one I had then. I’ve been searching, kept my eyes and ears open, wide open.  And I haven’t found anything close.  I mean every once in a while I see a compelling offer but it’s typically accompanied by some fine print that seems to reduce that compelling offer to something not so compelling.

So it’s been a long a while, it’s been a long time and nothing is really come along so what I did is I created my own compelling offer. I created my own amazing, irresistible offer. That offer is guaranteed cash flow.

Guaranteed cash flow.  And I mean guaranteed in the most literal sense of the word.  Guaranteed cash flow.  Just out of, it’s not a perfect to me as that’s something investors are always asking you for, for some reason.

Whether we’re working together on a partnership on a property, on a joint venture, or it’s a money situation or whatever the pride of money situation, whatever it maybe.  If we’re working in conjunction together, people always ask for a guarantee. I’ve never quite understood that. I mean my answers are always the same.

It’s sometimes it varies in verbiage but it’s always something to the effect, are you crazy? There are no guarantees in real estate. It’s called investing for reason but you know it gave me an idea.

I mean I’ve been asked for a guarantee so many times that I started to think, well, how can I give people a guarantee? I mean if I could, I think I could do a whole lot more businesses.  That’s what everyone wants.

Well after a long drive up the coast, I’ve drawn some ideas around with my business partner.  We figured it out.  And we put the team in place to fulfill on that guarantee.  It’s been a few months in the works but we got it together.

So that’s the offer, guaranteed cash flow.  Guaranteed cash flow for our investors in their first year of ownership of our turn key properties so they can create some stability and they can sleep better at night.

But we didn’t stop there, we want them to see really, really well so what we did is we added free tenant placement, free property management for the first year, and we will even rehab the property for our clients so it’ll be almost as good as new when they take over.

And we will guarantee the rehab for a year also. So that offer, the offer is in place. And it is up and running and it’s available. Now the reason I am sharing this with you is because one of the biggest barriers for people getting involved in real estate investing is that they think that think they lack the capital to do so.

So I spent a great deal of time going over different strategies to invest with little to no money. I mean that’s how I do it, that’s how I got started and it’s how I continue to do it. And I can certainly show just about anyone how to do that as well.

And I’ll continue to do so but having said that, I do understand it is easier to play this game when you have some money.  So for that reason, I’m always looking for real estate related methods for my community members over at Epic Professionals to earn some extra money.

If they can do something real estate related making, gather a little bit of knowledge and earn some money while they learn, everybody grows in that type of situation.  That’s what I’m always looking for. I am always trying to create that or whether I’m partnering with somebody to create that for my members or whatever it maybe.

So I’ve, I do that because rather investing in elaborate marketing campaigns and infomercials and advertising, I leave the majority of our company awareness campaign up to The Epic Pro community members.

I mean if I do my job right by providing valuable, difference-making information, the right word will spread. That means the reputation just kind of takes care of itself. You know word of mouth marketing is the most powerful form of marketing so I thought why not harness and embrace its power and give the money I would’ve spent on marketing to the Epic Pro community so they could put more of what they’re learning into action.

I mean it just seems like a win-win situation and good business so that’s what I’ve been doing for a while.  Rather than keeping it just within the Epic Pro community, I mean you’re my community as well so I’m sharing this latest opportunity with you.

So if you like this guaranteed cash flow opportunity to jump-start your real estate investing career, very similar offer that I had when I started mine.  You can start earning some decent money while you are learning how to do this.

It pays $2,000 per property just for referring a client to us that makes an investment on one of our properties. That’s per property so if you want to take that own, if you want some more information you can go to EpicProIncome.com.  You can get the details there.

EpicProIncome.com.  You’ll just submit your information and on the next page, I’ll provide you with all the materials you need to get started and a quick 10-minute training to show you exactly how I was able to wholesale these 25 properties in three months.

I mean it’s just three simple little things that you need to understand. Once you got those in place, it does happen quite easily. You actually want to know you have such a huge advantage over me. I mean this offer is far better than what I had to work with and these properties pay more too so that’s an advantage as well.

You know if you’re sitting wondering what is the angel? What’s the catch? I understand. I mean we spend so much time on the Internet that there’s someone always got an angle.

Someone always got a promise and then they always, they catch you with something.  They jump off from behind the bushes and say, “here, buy this.” Or you know we’re on the podcast and sometimes podcast have that nature as well.

There is no catch.  There is no angle here. There’s nothing to buy.  I’m committed to you getting involved in the game and making some money while you’re doing it.

There is no punch line at the end of the presentation.  You’re not going to be asked to buy any marketing materials or pay a membership or administration fee or click on an affiliate link.  Nothing like that. There’s no fine print.

It’s merely the type of opportunity I’ve been making available to my community over the last two years.  Now I’m sharing one with you.  And actually I think this is my best one yet so it’s good timing.

Now if you’re a potential customer for one of these cash flow properties. I’m not going to leave you out.  I could take advantage of this time as well.

If you’re a potential customer and you might want to purchase one of these properties, you can get the details at EpicProCashflow.com. EpicProCashflow.com.  And if you want to help me wholesale these properties, you can your details at EpicProIncome.com.  EpicProIncome.com.

If you’re a potential client, EpicProCashFlow.com.  If you’re potential wholesaler, EpicProIncome.com.  If you want to do both, hey that’s allowed too.  If you absolutely have no interest in anything that I’ve discussed today, that’s okay with me too.

So I’ll just see you in the next episode when we resume normal programming.  That’s all I’ve got for you today.  To your success, I am Matt Theriault.

(Voice Over):  Thank you for spending this time with Matt Theriault and the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast.  When you have time, stop by iTunes to leave your comments and let us know what you think of this show.

And if you haven’t done so already, get started investing today by visiting FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com to access Matt’s free course on how to deals, no money required.  Until next time. To your success, to your success, to your success.

[End of Transcript]