Getting More Offers Accepted | EREI 151

Getting More Offers Accepted | EREI 151

Getting More Offers AcceptedEpic Real Estate podcast listeners have been challenged to take on the goal of getting at least one offer rejected every day — and the results have been spectacular! Today Matt is going to help you get better results on the offers you’re currently making by giving you a simple but important tool. Matt will conclude the episode by telling you all about his own system for submitting and following up on his offers to sellers.




What You’ll Learn:

  • Where you want to spend the majority of your time in your business.
  • The important tool that may cause you to miss out on opportunities.
  • How to submit your offers; and
  • Some ideas on how to add to your presentation.
  • Exactly how Matt’s team submits offers.
  • The difference between a 3-option letter of intent and a purchase agreement;
  • What the 3-option letter of intent is.
  • How you are able to ethically back out of your letter of intent.
  • How the price/terms tradeoff works.
  • Why you always want to present your offer in writing.
  • Why what the seller wants for their property isn’t very important.
  • The mystery of the 4th option.
  • How to access the 3-option letter of intent.



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Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.