Mastermind Groups, Jason Medley, and Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki | EREI 142


Mastermind Groups Jason Medley and Rich Dads Robert KiyosakiOn today’s episode, Matt interviews Jason Medley, the man who founded his personal mastermind group. Short sales, flipping, hard money lending, transactional funding, and mortgage brokering are some of the many sides of the real estate business that Jason has had a hand in, and now he adds masterminding to the list. Listen as Jason and Matt talk about the importance of determining your environment and taking part in a mastermind-like group.




What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Matt holds the mastermind groups and Grub and Grow Rich events; and
  • What to expect if you attend.
  • How the new generation of real estate educators is different from the old school gurus.
  • How Jason got started in real estate.
  • What a mastermind is; and
  • What a mastermind is not.
  • Why Jason decided to start Collective Genius.
  • How the mastermind has significantly impacted his life.
  • The big tip Jason has for all listeners of the show.
  • Why he switched from pull marketing to push marketing.
  • The book that Jason encourages all listeners to go read.
  • The importance of setting personal boundaries in cooperation with financial goals.
  • Why most financial gurus peddle a middle-class mentality to their followers; and
  • The types of habits that are fueled by that mindset.
  • Why intelligence occurs when you choose the 3rd side of the coin.
  • What Kiyosaki’s opinion about going to school is.
  • The simple statement made in Rich Dad, Poor Dad that enraged a large portion of the public; and
  • How he was vindicated in 2007.
  • Why Kiyosaki thinks people should be exiting the stock market, even though it’s at an all-time high.
  • How he suggests that people prepare for a potential collapse; and
  • How learning from the past can teach you to get wealthy in a downfall.
  • Where Kiyosaki gets his own financial education from.
  • How he got inspired to teach.
  • The way he uses debt and taxes differently than the poor and middle class.



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