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Would you invest in real estate a lot more often if you no longer had to be concerned about your lack of credit or money? If that wasn’t an issue, would there be anything to stop you from growing your own little (or giant) real estate empire?

Matt is now sharing the secret of how to get all the money for investing that you could ever need. After today’s episode, lack of cash will never be a roadblock anymore! Download “How to Do Deals: No Money Required,” Matt’s real estate investing course, for free at https://FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com.


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Podcast Transcript

(Voice Over):  Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast Episode 12.  You’re about to meet a man that can show you how he took control of his life and financial future and how you can do the same.  He’s never been on TV.  He’s not a millionaire.  He doesn’t know Donald Trump.  He is a full time real estate investor, newly discovered author, and family man.  He does not report to a boss.

He creates his own schedule and takes his family on a few vacations every year.  He got started investing in real estate with almost no money and a really crummy credit score.  And he’s going to show you exactly how he did it and how he continues to do it.  You will have to work.

You will have to be responsible.  However, laying the beach, sipping fruity drinks is a reasonable goal.  Without further delay, your guru.  Sorry.  Your guide to a better life, the real estate investor, Matt Theriault.

Matt Theriault:  Hello.  And greetings from The Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast.  The podcast that will show you how to create wealth through conventional and creative real estate investing so you’ll have the option to realistically retire in the next 10 years or less.  And enjoy the good life while you’re still young enough to do so.

My name is Matt Theriault, author, full time real estate investor and family man.  If this is your first time listening to the show.  You want to do two things.  One, go back and listen to episode one.  Episode one is going to give you the gist of what the show is about and why it’s here.

I mean everything that we discussed is going to make a lot more sense if you do that.  And two, download the free real estate investing course on how to deals, no money required.  And you can get at freerealestateinvesitngcourse.com.

It’s a step-by-step course of which I reveal everything that I do, everything that I say, everything that I use including the documents and contracts.  Everything that you are going to need to invest in real estate using no money or credit.  And that’s yours for free at freerealestateinvestingcourse.com.

Okay.  Great to be back.  I just got back from a long Las Vegas stay. A little business, a little fun, actually a whole lot of fun. I’ll share you soon what the business was about.  At this point, I don’t want to lose focus.  Up to this point we’ve learned how to find deals and refer them other investors and earn a bird and dog fee.  We’ve learned how to put our property under contract and assign to another investor and enter into a wholesale fee.

And the next level now of generating cash would be actually purchasing the property and reselling it.  Or purchase the property fix it and resell it. I mean those are the four fastest paths to cash.  Find and refer, secure and assign, buy and sell, and buy fix and sell.  Very simple.

Some of you maybe thinking easier said than done.  Right?  (laughs)  Well when I first got started, that’s what I was thinking at least but just like anything whether it’s tying your shoe, learning to drive a stick shift, or hitting a golf ball.  I mean once you commit some time to learn, it becomes easy.

If you do it long enough, it becomes second nature almost.  Well maybe hitting a golf ball isn’t such a good example.  Making cash in real estate investing isn’t as difficult as that but you get the picture.

So this brings us to the final stage of the Epic approach.  We started with the E. E stands for evaluate and decide.  P stands for present and get consent.  I stands for investigate and negotiate.  The final stage the C coming with the cash and close.

Now this is typically everybody’s favourite step meaning most people’s question is where do I find the money to do my deals.  I mean this is the burning question most people have and they want me to answer that right in the beginning.

Now although I really my money to do my deals. I typically do need money.  It’s just not my money.  With that in mind, money can come in many variations.  For example, you likely heard the expression; “you make money when you buy real estate.”  Okay?  You make your money when buy real estate.  You get paid when you sell it but you make your money when you buy it.

And what that means is you make your money by finding good deals.  And you can make even more money by effectively negotiating those deals or creating good deals.  And the more experience you accumulate, the wiser you’re going to get, the better your deals will get.

Specifically, I mean if you can negotiate a $10,000 maintenance credit during escrow under one of your deals.  That’s $10,000.  You don’t need to go find.  That’s $10,000.  You just created out of thin air.  Now, if you can help on motivated seller achieves their goals without money.  I mean that’s a whole lot of money that you don’t need to go find.  Right?  I mean you just created a whole house out of thin air.

You know, in a nutshell, all of the cash in the deal.  It’s up for grabs.  So it’s up to you to get your share before you close.  And you do much of that through negotiating and creative deals structuring of which we are going to cover in great detail in many, many episodes to come.  But right now, I want to focus on negotiating. It can be a very underestimated skill in this biz.  It means many investors underestimate the actual cash value of this skill.

I mean most understand the intrinsic value. They know that they need to be good negotiators. But rarely do they stop to really analyse the cash value.  You know, I remember several years ago.  I mean, gosh, it might have even been 20 years ago at least probably.

And I purchased an audio program on negotiating.  I think it was by Roger Dawson.  I remember just before I made the purchase. I read a little promotional sticker on the cover and it read, “If the one tip on audio tape number 8 doesn’t alone pay for this audio program.  We will refund 100% of your money.”  Now I thought that was a pretty bold statement.

In fact that statement was so bold.  It’s probably what pushed me over the edge to drop my $39.99 for that program.  And that even seems kind of funny right now because I spend that a couple of time a week on books and audio books and e-books but back then $39.99 for an audio program.  That was a price to seriously consider.

Anyway, I jumped right to audiotape number 8 to hear what that one thing was.  I’ll share it with you as it works almost 100% of the time.  In fact, I think this past weekend in Vegas was the first time that I can remember it not working.  But anyway it works like this.  The next time you check in a hotel as you’re at the counter.

The clerk is logging into their computer, looking for your reservation.  Slightly lean over the counter, look to your left.  Look to your right.  As if to be really concern that nobody is listening like it’s a secret between you and the clerk.  Like this is a secret between two close friends.  And here’s what I want you to say, “this is a really special night.  Is there anything special you can do for me?”

That’s it.  Just say that.  This is a really special night.  Is there anything special that you can do for me?  Just ask the question.  You would be surprised.  No.  You will be surprised because you’re going to do it. You’ll be surprised on what that will routinely get you.

I mean that has gotten me discounts off my room.  It’s got me free nights stays.  It’s got me free dinners.  It’s got me free show tickets.  All of which individually amounted up to much more than that $39.99 that I paid for the program.  That one question continues to pay its dividends 20+ years later.

That’s what I mean by that negotiating has actual cash value.  I mean I can’t even remember what else was on that negotiating audio program but that one thing that pays me over and over and over.  It has real tangible cash value.

Now the last time I used it before this last trip to Vegas.  I was in Phoenix, Arizona.  I just went through my regular routine.  This is a really special night.  Is there anything special that you can do for me?  I got my room upgraded from a $129-night room of which I got on PriceLine.com for only $50.  I love PriceLine.com, by the way.

But I got that standard upgraded to a Luxury Suite and when I got to the room.  There was a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries, a bottle of champagne on ice, and a note from the desk clerk telling me to enjoy my stay and to let her know if there was anything else that she can do for me.

I mean over a 3-night stay.  That one question paid out at least $700 on that trip.  That one question on that trip had $700 of cash value.  You know, over the last two decades that question has paid no less than $20,000.  I know it’s no less than $20,000.  So I ask would that audio program have been a good investment at say $2,000?  Sure. I mean it would have paid out 1000% over 20 years.  What investment can say that?

I mean the stock market sure can’t.  Right?  I mean the Dow Jones closed today at 11,500 points.  Guess where the Dow Jones was 10 years ago today?  Yep.  11,500 points.

Okay.  Where was I going on this?  Oh yeah.  In your real estate investing, don’t underestimate or ignore the cash value on your negotiating skills.  I mean in real estate, the same type of questions that work when checking in to hotels will pay you much more than two decades of room upgrades.  I promise you that.

So don’t ignore the cash value of negotiating in your negotiating skills.  You get to the point where you can make money with just about every question that you ask.  Here’s one (that’s) real estate specific. Here’s one that will pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars of your real estate investing career but it only pay you that if you use it.

When a seller tells you how much they want for their property.  For example, last month a seller told me he wanted $200,000 for his property of which you know that wasn’t really a bad deal but all I did was acknowledged his price and then I asked him, so what’s your bottom line?  That’s not complicated.  Is it?  You can say that, what’s your bottom line?

That was all that I said and response to him asking for $200,000 for his property.  And he immediately came back with, “I can’t take a penny less than a $185,000.”  That one question used one time on one deal paid me $15,000.  He came down on his price $15,000 just by asking the question.  I didn’t do anything else.  I just asked.  I mean that’s essentially a $15,000-tip I just gave you.

And that’s a few only. Use it once.  You now owned that tip free and clear.  No one can ever take it away from you and you can use it as many times as you want.  It can pay you over and over and over.  It has real cash value.

I mean sometimes the sellers they don’t budge.  That’s okay.  No big deal.  I’m just saying ask.  Ask because more than 50% of the time they will concede a dollar amount or a cash value.  But you have to ask to get that concession.

Ask every time.  It’s really important that you do it every time.  I mean every time.  And start practicing on everything outside of real estate as well.  Just get in the habit of asking.  And here’s what important.

I want you to ask when you got nothing to lose.  I want you to ask when there’s no pressure.  I want you to ask when you don’t even need to concession because if you wait to ask questions like that only when you need the concession.  It’s not going to work very well or at all.

Sellers can smell desperation a mile away.  So practice asking those types of questions.  Those simple questions every word that you go.  So when you find yourself in a position where you need that concession to make the deal work.  It’s going to come out very natural like you asked it for a thousand times before because you will have.  Right?

And you’ll find you will get the concession a much more greater percentage of the time.  You’ll get to the point where you can make money with just about every question that you ask. And you’ll make money with every little nugget you get from the feedback and from the experience of each transaction is going to give you.

You’ll get better and better with time.  Your skills will increasingly sharpen.  And you’ll going to come to see how intuitive in the society that rewards the skilled individual.

So practice.  That’s how you develop a skill if you practice it and negotiating is no different.  It’s a skill so practice it.  Okay.  So I spent some time on that because it’s one place you can find the money if not all of it.

In your negotiating and the creativity that your experience brings.  And from this episode forward, that’s where most of the subject matter on the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast is going to lie.  Either on how to find good deals or how to create good deals.  So now, what if you’ve negotiated as much as you possibly could in the deal and you still need money?  Where do you find it?

Well, if you don’t have it yourself and you don’t know anybody that does.  You’ll have to refer to your buyers’ list.  Or you can call it your investors’ list also.  As there maybe some money partners there as well as buyers.

But for the sake of ease, I’ll just refer to that list as your buyers’ list.  Now if you have a good buyers’ list, you’ll never have to worry about finding the money.  Ever.  You got that?  If you have a good buyers’ list, you’ll never have to worry about the money.  Ever.

And so I ask you if you never had to worry about finding the money, how many real estate deals would you do?  Probably as many as you could.  Right?  I mean that’s what I hear that’s stops people the most is that they don’t have the money or the credit to invest in real estate.

But if you have an awesome buyers’ list, you don’t need money or credit.  So essentially, the possibilities are endless.  Yes?  S how do you create an awesome buyers’ list?  It’s really, really simple.  And I think many of you are going to be surprised by how simple that it is.

And not because there is a super secret place where all the buyers hang out.  It’s just that nobody probably broken it down for you like this before.  And depending on how you look at it, half empty or half full.  It’s going likely to determine how you will proceed from here.

I mean either you are going to be very disappointed with how to build your buyers’ list. You’ll likely move on continuing your search for the elusive silver bullet secret to investing in real estate.  Or you’re going get super excited and just start crushing it.

So let me know now.  I mean either you’re a half empty person or a half-full person.  That irony here is that this is probably the easiest part of real estate investing.  Yet, it’s the one thing that’s seemingly stops everybody.

Okay.  So first, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need a giant list of buyers.  Although with these strategies I’m going to share with you, you’ll easily create a big buyers’ list but you don’t need a big a list.

In fact, really, a half dozen of buyers or less is all that you’re going to need.  I mean in 4 to 6 buyers that hardly constitute a list.  Doesn’t it?  The buyers’ list is a big myth.  Actually, let me clarify. You do need a big list if you’re not good at finding and/or creating deal.

That’s why I’ve focused so much on showing you how to properly find good deals and turn them into better ones because if you get good deals.  You don’t need to find the money.  The money finds you.  Did you get that?

If you’ve got good deals, you don’t need to find the money. The money finds you and you’re going to hear me say that a lot.  I mean if you find good deals, you don’t need to find the money.  The money finds you.

You only need a big buyers’ list if you’re finding crummy deals or even so-so deals. You’re hoping to find the sucker in your list that’s going to take it off your hands.  So there.  Ta-da! (laughs)

That’s how you find the money.   First, find a good deal.  When you have a good deal, the money finds you every time.  If it doesn’t, you don’t have a good deal.  And if you’re not finding good deals then you need to practice, drill, and rehearse.

On the first three steps of the Epic approach, pay no attention to finding the money. You’re not ready for that step yet.  You have no business introducing money into your real estate transactions unless you were actually finding good deals first.

So I’m saying don’t put the cart before the horse.  For example, if I asked you right now to wire me $100,000 so I can go find us a deal.  How many of you would jet down right now and wire me the funds?  I mean nobody in the right mind would do that.

If you would, don’t.  Sit back down.  You’re smarter than that.  I mean it’s really pretty amazing how easily people give their money to other people to invest with nothing more than a maybe.

Now if I told you that I have a property valued at $200,000.  I have that property under contract. And all I need is a $100,000 to close the deal.  And if you were to wire a $100,000 to escrow of which they’ll record it as a first trust deed when we closed on the property for your security and comfort.

I’ll split the equity with you in the next 7 days of which on the very conservative sight is going to net of about $30,000.  That would be a 30% return on your investment in just 7 days.

You’ll realize I don’t have any idea of what that will be “ginormous.”  But would you be more likely me those funds?  I might actually find a few of you.

If not several of you out there listening to me right now to compete for this deal and wire me the funds.  What I really need at least of a 100 buyers or I even need a list of 10 buyers for that matter.

What I need 10 buyers to find a $100,000?  No.  It would be a piece of cake to find the money for that deal. That’s what I mean if you know how to find good deals, and if you know how to create good deals.

You don’t need to worry about finding the money.  The money will find you.  That’s why I teach you how to find and create good deals first.  That’s what makes a good real estate investor.

If you get good at finding good deals, the money finds you. Is it really that easy?  Yes.  (laughs)  It is.  Don’t try to make this business more difficult than it is.  I mean it’s already difficult but don’t try to make it more difficult.

Don’t over think.  Don’t overcomplicate it.  Being a good real estate investor is about finding and creating good deals.  It’s not about putting properties under contract.  Looking for a sucker that bails you out.

That’s why so many investors just don’t make it or even worse, they think that finding the money or the credit.  They think that’s the hard part.  And because they think that’s the hard part, they never even take the first part in finding a deal.

Finding and creating the deal is the hard part meaning that’s where you want to focus on developing your skill.  It has nothing to do with finding the money.  The greater your skill in finding good deals, the easier that the money is going to find you.  It’s almost counter-intuitive.  Isn’t it?

How do you develop that skill?  You practice and you practice and you practice.  Repetition is the mother of skill.  It’s your skill that will eliminate your competition.  Actually by just dedicating a moderate amount of time to refining your skills.  You’ll quickly find there isn’t that much competition out there. So what do you practice?

Well you practice your lead generation.  You got to get good at that.  You practice writing offers.  You got to get at that.  You practice your negotiating and getting your offers accepted.  You got to get at that.  When you get good on all of that, you won’t have to practice finding the money.  The money will find you.

I say that over and over and over again. I’m going to continue to do so because as soon as I show you how to build a big buyers list of which I’m going to do right now.  So don’t worry.  I’m still going to show you how to build the big buyers’ list.

But as I show you how to do that, you’ll forget all about this.  You’ll forget all about finding deals and the money will find you.  I mean over the last 4 years or so, that has been my experience at least when people ask me for assistance.

That goes when one year and right out the other.  You know it as I’m thinking about this; I’m on so many investors buyers list.  I mean these investors they call themselves as wholesalers.  That’s what investors. They sell to other investors but every deal they send me.  It’s just a few points under retail.

I mean if I were to buy their deals, most of the time closing cost alone will put me right there at retail.  They’re not investors.  They’re not wholesalers.  They are retailers.  They are delusional.  I mean this is such a pet peeve of mine if you haven’t been able to sense that.

I mean it does nothing but waste everybody’s time.  Don’t be that investor.  Those investors don’t get their email open.  Those investors don’t get their phone calls returned.  They’re wasting their time and wasting everybody’s time that they are dealing with.

My emails always get opened.  I’m not bragging about that but why do they get open?  Because I’ve developed a reputation for finding good deals.  I have respect for people’s time.  I mean if you’re on my email list about 3 weeks ago, you might have remembered I sent out an email looking for a buyer or private money lender on a specific property of which I had a few days to close or the bank was going to foreclose on that property.  I sent it out to all of my list.  I even sent out to this podcast list because I needed to serious buyer with the ability to act fast.  I needed them fast.

I mean I needed a buyer within a really couple of hours.  And within a minute of sending out that email, I had 3 responses.  I sold the property to the person could close the fastest.

Over the next few days, my phone just didn’t stop ringing.  Everyone wanted that deal.  Why?  Because it was a good deal.  It was actually a great deal.  I mean the money found me in minutes.

And an ancillary benefit that that email created is strengthened my reputation for finding good deals to a bunch people that I have never sent a deal to before.  I mean do you think my next emails going to get opened?  You bet.  That’s actually a strategy that I’m going to share in just a minute.

My point is I have a reputation for finding good deals.  You must develop that reputation also.  When you have that reputation, you are a real estate investor.  And people will stand in line from miles to give you their money.

Finding the money will never be a problem.  Okay.  So what if you’re starting from scratch and you don’t have one buyer in your database?  No problem.

We all have to start from scratch at some point.  Now with the advent of the Internet, the great news is that creating a buyers list probably never been easier.  As with looking from motivated sellers, you can either hunt for them or you can fish for them.

The same is true for looking for your buyers and just as I don’t like to hunt for sellers.  I don’t like to hunt for buyers either.  Both work.  I would just rather fish for them.  The difference here however is if you have to hunt for your buyers like I just mentioned.  You probably don’t have good deals to offer.

Remember this, you are the person who has something that buyers want.  Dangle the bait just like you would in a lake.  And just as fish end up on your hook.

Buyers will end up in your database.  The cool thing about the Internet is that you can actually automate the fishing.  It means you don’t have to sit in the boat under the hot sun out on the lake all day.

Personally, I’d rather be in the water jet skiing all day.  When I’m done, my fish dinner is waiting for me on deck.  Maybe you like sitting under the hot sun.  That’s a 100% okay with me if that’s what you like to do.  But I’d rather be partaking in the activities and not just sitting under the hot sun waiting for the fish to bite.

I’d rather come out of the water and have all my fish right there on the deck waiting for me.  Hopefully you’re getting that analogy.  I took it a little far maybe.  Now, before we get into the how of creating a buyers list.  Let’s look at the categories of typical buyers to get more perspective on their mindsets and how you’ll fish for it.  I mean how you market to find them.

First, you have rehabbers.  These are investors looking to fix and flip property for quick turn profits.  Your bait is equity.

Second, you have landlords. These are investors looking for buy and hold for cash loan on long-term equity growth.  Your bait here is cash flow or return on investment or ROI.

Third, you have wholesalers.  They’ll be looking to either buy or put an option on your contract to hopefully flip the paper to another buyer who’s willing to pay more.  Your bait here is also equity, deep equity however.

Fourth, lease options and buyers.  These are people who likely can’t qualify for a loan of their own but want to be homeowners as opposed to renters.  Your bait here is easy to buy.  I mean a good slogan for your marketing might be, “seller financing no banks involved.  Everybody qualifies.”  That would be a good slogan that would represent easy and that’s what I mean by easy being your bait.

And fifth and finally, you have retail buyers.  These are end buyers who most likely obtained a mortgage to purchase a property for their own housing needs or a very traditional or conventional purchase.

Your bait here is going to be your curve appeal, your nice kitchen, and nice bathrooms.  And you want to price that below your competitors or the comparable active listings in the area.  All of that combined would be your bait.

Now by understanding each buyer’s mindset, you’ll be better equipped to market to his or her interest.  Do they want quick cash?  Long-term wealth?  Tax deductions? A place to call home?  Whatever it may be.  It could be an umber of things.

I mean just make sure property evaluation is important in the sense that if you know your price points for your buyers looking to flip themselves or for your buyers looking to hold for cash flow or for your buyers looking to buy their dream home.

You will be buy your properties right in the beginning of which will enable you to exit your properties the quickest and easiest resulting to quick cash.  Okay?  Does that make sense?

If you evaluate properly, knowing who your end buyer is.  You’re going to buy better.  Remember what I said earlier, you make your money when you buy.  So you have good evaluation because you know who your buyer is.

So you buy better.  What that does is that it allows you to turn the property quicker or to exit the property the fastest resulting in quick cash.

And your quickest cash is going to come from your all-cash buyers.  I mean sure you can entertain buyers all types with all types of resources.  But your business will run the easiest with all-cash buyers.

Personally, I love all-cash buyers.  I didn’t use to care that much because it really never mattered to me that much whether I got cash from a buyer or the bank paid it through financing. I mean the cash was the cash.

Money is the money.  Dollar is not the same but with the current lending environment, I’m not too excited about my excess strategies being determined by some bank’s guidelines or policies.  So I like all-cash buyers right now.

I mean cash is king as the old saying.  And today, it probably couldn’t be anymore true.  You see, in a volatile market like most of the countries currently experiencing meaning there are lots of discussions going on right now that the discussions and debates on whether we’re at the bottom of the market or not.

Are the banks going to cut loose their inventory?  How is unemployment going to affect the market?  What is the US dollar going to do?  There are lots of speculations.  There’s lots of uncertainty.  None of which you can control.

So focus on me.  Assuring you as much as if not more than the price you’re selling for.  That’s hwy cash-buyers rock right now.  Remember, a fast nickel more times than not beats a slow dime in this business especially in this current volatile market conditions.

So focus on all cash buyers.  Create a special place for them in your database like I mentioned earlier.  You don’t need a bunch of them.  Okay? A handful of real buyers will do.

And how do you know that you have a real buyer?  Well, they buy.  How do you find them?  Glad you asked.  Here are my two primary methods.  First and foremost, I like networking.  I attend networking events.  I attend investing clubs.  It’s not the most efficient but it is the most effective.

Okay?  It is not the most efficient.  It takes some time but it is the most effective.  Also, I let everyone that I come in contact with know what I do.  And I recommend that you do the same.  And I also recommend that you don’t tell them that you’re an investor.

Most people don’t know what that actually means in layman’s terms. Sometimes when you tell someone that you’re an investor, you’ll see their eyes go over and they’’ zone out.

You don’t want that.  You’re a best served to speak in plain and simple English.  And when asked what you do.  I mean you can keep it simple as I buy and sell houses at a discount.  When you say that to a real buyer, I mean they’re going to give you their information. They’re going to give you their business card without you having to ask for it.

Now my next preferred method is online marketing.  Most, when I say most I’m speaking of probably 80+ percent of all buyers are perusing the Internet for deals.  So just make sense to fish where the fish are.  Right?  I mean 80+ percent of them, in fact.

And how do you fish for them?  Well, you’re going to need a web presence that obviously come in the form of a website.  Now there are two different types of websites that I found to be effective in drawing in buyers to pulling them in.  The first is a landing page or squeeze page as it is sometimes referred.  What it is that it’s a single page website designed to squeeze the visitors information from them.

And you can view them example of one of my squeeze pages at LAWholesaleRealEstate.com.  You’ll notice there that it doesn’t have to be that pretty.  In fact, they can be downright ugly and it still works.  But that page at LAWholesalerRealEstate.com, it works really well for me.  Feel free to copy it.  I don’t promote as much as my buyers’ list is big enough meaning I have my 5 buyers that I take a majority of my deals to.

So I don’t spend a lot of time marketing for buyers anymore.  You know, once you find your top few buyers.  You won’t have to either.  And remember, what is the secret to finding good buyers.  It’s finding good deals first.  If you have good deals, those good buyers will find you.

The second type of website that’s effective in drawing in buyers is a blog.  Actually, you’ll probably eventually need both.  And you’re going want a landing page or squeeze page to capture your buyers’ information.  You’re going need the blog to showcase your deals.

As your business grows so would your blog and so would your community of buyers.  Now setting up your landing page and blog can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it.

I’m going to give you a few options so you’ll going to get a pen and paper handy to write down some websites.  But here’s a warning.  Here’s your warning though.

Your Internet presence is going to be an intergroup part of your real estate business.  The warning about that is you can invest as much time in your online presence and your online marketing as you do your investing business so be careful.

Before you begin, decide which business you want to be in.  I mean, do you want to be in real estate business?  Or the website design and marketing business?  I mean if you try to do both, two things are likely to happen.  First, you’re going to lose out on a whole lot of sleep and pretty much everything else in your life is likely going to suffer as well.

As you just not going to have time for anything else.  And second, you’ll probably go broke and you’ll probably end up quitting.  As these two activities can be extreme time stealers.

They’re time stealers in a very unique way that you can easily fool yourself into thinking that you’re working, of which you are but you’re just not getting paid for the work that you’re doing.  I mean it’s very easy inside of real estate investing and websites or Internet marketing to confuse activity with productivity.  Okay?

So you’ve been warned.  I seriously be remised if I didn’t warn you.  Okay.  So if you decided that you want to be in the real estate investing business.  I highly recommend you outsource or delegate all of your Internet stuff.  So here are some options.  You can have everything completely done for you.  I mean literally, it can be turnkey.

Your website’s squeeze page automated marketing, auto-responders; everything can be done for you.  I mean you can be up in a couple of hours.  That’s solution number 1.  That simple solution cab e found at EpicRealEstateWebsites.comEpicRealEstateWebsites.com.

That’s a one-time fee of $297.  And I don’t know what your financial situation right now.  Maybe that’s expensive.  Maybe that’s a drop in the buck.  I don’t know.  But in hindsight, that’s an absolute steal.

If I had known all of the work and the effort and the time I would have put in my Internet marketing and my website, I would have opted for that every single time knowing what I know now.  And that’s it.  EpicRealEstateWebsites.com.

And that’s not any relation there to EpicRealEstateInvesting.com.  It is my domain name however that forwards to that actual site.  And if you’re wondering why do that?  It’s because new websites and services, they come and go all the time.  When I stumble across something better, I can easily change the forwarding.  So that’s why I do that.

Now if you want the majority of the work for you but you still want a little input into design and functionality, I recently started using a service at BlogToTheMax.com.  BlogToTheMax.com.

And although I have total control over how my blogs appear in work.  The service does the majority of that tedious set-up work for me.  I mean it’s pretty much my goal to place now and it’s time for me to set up a new blog.  It’s for free for the first 3 days and then I think it’s just $9.95 a month for your hosting after that, of which you have to pay regardless of which solution that you choose.  There’s no way of getting around the hosting.

And there’s some upgrade available through the service as well but if you have some basic computer knowledge, you should be able to get everything with their basic service of $9.95 a month.  That’s at BlogToTheMax.com.

Now there is an additional service that you are going to buy.  That’s your database manager man.  There are ton of choices out there.  I have not tried them all.  I can only let you know what I use and that’s AWebber.com.  It’s an additional $19.95 a month.

Funny that it costs more than the website itself but it integrates seamlessly with the blogs at BlogToTheMax.com.  And BlogToTheMax.com has great customer support, should you get stuck.  Okay?

So option number three: I would recommend EpicDatabase.com sponsored by Operius.  I mentioned this service a few episodes back with regard to marketing from motivated sellers.  But the service will work just as well with marketing to buyers.

In fact, my landing page at LaWholesaleRealEstate.com was created through EpicDatabase.com.  This page works great for me and capturing buyer information.  You can subscribe to their service free for the first 14 days I think.  It might be 30 days then just $14.95 a month thereafter.

So there are options for you.  Most expensive but the least amount of time on your part all the way down the least expensive but more of a time investment on your part.  It’s up to you how you proceed.  We are all different.

Speaking of which, if you are the control freak type and there is nothing with that, by the way.  Because in the beginning of my business, I was somewhat of a control freak.  Or if you’re not necessarily a control freak but you want to learn everything there is to possibly know about Internet marketing.

You want to do it all yourself because I don’t know maybe you decided to become an Internet market, real estate investor.  If you think can manage both, I’m not going to stand in you way.  It’s up to you.  You can do what you want to do.  And if that’s the situation for you. You can go to InternetBusinessFromAtoZ.comInternetBusinessFromAtoZ.com.

That’s where I learned everything that I know about Internet business and Internet marketing.  It’s not real estate specific however.  You will have to connect the dots with your real estate investing business but it is a comprehensive, all-inclusive, Internet business education.  You can find that on InternetBusinessFromAtoZ.com.

Now I know that’s a lot of information.  It’s probably not the easiest to follow along by simply to n audio.  Right now, I am currently working on the final video offered at FreeREalEstateInvestingCourse.com of which I’ll have visuals of everything that I had shared with you.

But in the meantime I’ll go ahead and list all of these resources for your convenience in the show notes if you didn’t have the chance to write those down.  You can find those at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com.  Click on podcast and go to episode 12.  It will be on the show notes on Episode 12 at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com.

Okay.  So now you’ve got your website and landing page up. Right?  Your presence on the Internet is now established.  So the big question now is how do you get people to see your landing page and blog?  Well there’s two ways that you can get web traffic.

You can get either for free or you can pay for it.  Again, I recommend that you hire this work out to a marketing specialist that which you can find in abundance for relatively low cost at either Elance.com or Odesk.com.  You can even find the right people to set up your whole web presence there too.

To get started right away, I’d place ads on FreeClassifiedAds site.  It’s like Craigslist that page, eBay classifieds, Ododdle.com.  Those are four that I use regularly.  Place those ads two or three on each site.  Be sure to mix up your ads a bit.  Don’t post the same thing every single time.  And those ads might say something like “Cash Buyers Wanted for Wholesale Properties. 60 to 70 cents on the dollar. Click here for more information.”

Then you will go ahead and insert a link to either your blog or your landing page.  And if you do that for a month or so regularly two to three a week per site, you’ll have buyers list.  When you get the next deal, all you have to do is to send out an email with the deal’s details.  If it’s a good deal, you’ll know right away.  If it’s not a good deal, you will know right away as well.

Now, in the very beginning I recommend doing something like this.  I touched on it briefly a little earlier.  This strategy is going to bring you real buyers right to the surface and it’s going to bring them to you fast.  So once you find that first sweet deal, offer it on those classified ads sites I mentioned.  Then blast it out to your lists as well.  Promote that property like there’s no tomorrow and promote it at your cost.  Right?  Just a slight and I mean a very slight market.  Yep.  No profit for you on this one.

Why?  Because when you advertise that property to every investor and potential property buyer on the planet.  You will quickly stand out from all of the others in the crowd trying to be “wholesalers.”  You’re going to get a tons of attraction for your future deals from sacrificing your profits on the first one.

I mean it’s pretty amazing how long your list is going to be remember the one that got away and how to open your emails with great anticipation, looking for the next super deal.  Now, obviously you still have to find good deals to send to your buyers list.

But because of that first deal that you sent out, you’re future deals will get much greater consideration from your list.  If you want, it wouldn’t probably be a bad practice to sacrifice some profits every now and then like I did on that example last month that I should’ve shared with you.

Do that every once in a while to keep your buyers list high.  Do that along with everything else that I’ve covered today. And you’ll never have to worry about finding the money for your real estate transactions again.  So that’s it.

The C of our Epic approach: coming with the cash and close.  All right.  So these first 12 episodes of the Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast, I’ve dubbed them the fast start series, as they’ll walk you through a real estate transaction step-by-step.

I mean it’s the foundation for your real estate investing business.  Adhere to these first 12 episodes and you’ll build your business on solid rock.  Straightaway and chase every shiny silver bullet strategy your gimmick that passes your nose and you will be building your business on sand.  You don’t want to do that.

From this point forward, the show is going to be primarily dedicated to building on that rock solid foundation.  It’ going to be dedicated to you becoming an expert real estate investor.  And one that is never at a loss for motivated seller leads. One that know how to find and create good deals.  One that knows how to take good deals and turns them into great ones.

One that knows the difference of working in their business and working on their business.  One that owns and controls a business that works with or without your presence.  And one that has total control over their financial future.

Now in just a few weeks, I’m going to be launching the Epic Pro Academy of which we will go very deep into this.  The Epic Pro Academy is going to show you how to create long lasting wealth through real estate for you and your loved one so that you can experience true freedom while you’re still young enough to enjoy it.

That’s very much the theme of the show.  That’s so important.  I mean at least to me it is.  You know your situation better than I do but what I mean is who wants to trade 5 days a week for Saturday and Sunday weekend week out.  Who wants to trade, you know, 40 or 50 years of the best years of their lives, running a rat race just to enjoy the last 10 to 20 years of life.

I mean that’s insane to me.  It’s total insanity.  And so often we hear, get rich quick.  It’s a scam.  And often times, I suppose it can be a sheesh (laughs) that get rich slow plan isn’t too smart either.  So get rich quick and contacts that I’ll be using in the Epic Pro Academy is relative.  It’s not going to happen overnight.  I promise you that.  That’s not what I mean by quick but with a commitment on your part.  How does 3 to 5 years sound?

I mean even if you have stepped your way through.  How would 10 years sound?  10 years to financial freedom.  To me, that’s a whole lot better than that 40 to 50 year-plan.  And quite honestly, a whole lot more rational, a whole lot predictable, and a whole lot more controllable.  That’s what the Epic Pro Academy is going to make available to all that decide to participate.

In my opinion, that 10-year plan.  That’s your worst-case scenario.  I mean I’m almost done.  I’m on about year 4.  I actually really sort of goofed in my first year.  I learned a lot by goofing off though but I do regret not taking my real estate investing more seriously in the beginning.  I wish I would’ve taken my educational a little more seriously.  I wish I would’ve listened a little bit to the people that had been there before me.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I would have cut my journey to financial freedom in half.  Anyway, if you’ve already accessed your free real estate investing course, how to do deals, no money required at ReelRealEStateInvestingCourse.com.

If you already got that, there’s really nothing else for you to do.  You’ll be notified via email of the Epic Pro Academy launch.  Now if you have not accessed your free real estate investing course, you can go right now to EpicProAcademy.com to get on the advanced notice list.

I will initially be opening Epic Pro Academy up to a limited number of people at a very low introductory price.  I’m committed to making EpicProAcademy.com the most practical and effective real estate investing education and life liberating system available.

I may solicit that early members for their fee back to help me make it the best.  To show my appreciation for their participation, I will be offering a low.  I mean at very low introductory price to the Epic Pro Academy’s first members.

So if that’s of interest to you or if you want to be involved right in the beginning, be on the look out for that email notification that was launched.  You can be one of the first members.  Okay?

So that’s it for today until next time.  As a very wise person once said, “think slow. Act fast.”  To your success, I am Matt Theriault.  Living the dream.

(Voice Over):  Thank you for spending this time with Matt Theriault and the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast.  When you have time, stop by iTunes to leave your comments and let us know what you think of this show.  And if you haven’t done so already, get started investing today by visiting FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com to access Matt’s free course on how to deals, no money required.  Until next time.  To your success, to your success, to your success.

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