Epic Lead Generation for Real Estate Investors

Lead generation for real estate investors is a struggle for many, and that doesn’t exclude my students. The only difference is, they have an expert’s advice leading them straight to amazing results.

Epic Lead Generation for Real Estate Investors

If you don’t know, my name is Matt Theriault. I’m the founder of Epic Real Estate, where I’ve helped hundreds of people quit their jobs and become successful real estate investors.

Justin’s Struggle

One of those people is Justin, a newer student from Bend, Oregon. He’s accomplished some tremendous results in a very short amount of time.

Despite that, he used to struggle with earning CONSISTENT income. Some months would be amazing, but there was no guarantee that he could pull the same numbers the following month. He had difficulty predicting his cash flow, which naturally put a strain on all aspects of his life.

To solve this, I helped Justin come up with a three-part solution that revolved around one thing: lead generation.

Lead Generation for Real Estate Investors

Lead generation for real estate investors is one of the most important parts of their business. Having a clean and consistent lead generation setup in your business is, as Justin put it, “the difference between a roller coaster and a rocket ship.”

Epic Lead Generation for Real Estate Investors

Justin wanted two things: to run deals in a repeatable fashion and meet his financial goals. Here’s how we did it:

  1. We put together a structured plan. He has a process in place for evaluating properties and at least 4-6 weeks of marketing set up at a time.
  2. A CRM (customer relationship management) is invaluable for lead generation for real estate investors. As Justin said, “When someone contacts us, they’re captured. They’re in our system. We’ve got the people doing the follow-ups. We’re consistently calling and my phone’s been buzzing all day with follow-ups.”
  3. For future transactions, Justin will rely on the processes set up in step #1. He can repeat those processes while reaping the leads generated by step #2, closing the gaps between deals. Plus, as he said, “Now I’ll be able to teach it to the next person so I can keep it rolling and not have to do everything.”

Where Is He Now?

Justin has three closed transactions with a few more on contract. He has leads coming in from multiple sources. His follow-up system is in place. He’s got a booked calendar of appointments. His processes are in place and he is totally organized, with a plan of what to do if he gets stuck.

Epic Lead Generation for Real Estate Investors

Lead generation for real estate investors is important, no doubt about it. If you’re having trouble with consistency yourself, it may be wise to enlist some help.

I say “help” instead of “a coach” because our REI Ace program isn’t really a coaching program (although it does include coaching). It’s more of a systems and tools program that empowers investors to spend their time where it’s most valuable and let automation and delegation do the rest. We also provide support for any problem you might run into – like Justin’s, for example – and we’ll give you a detailed plan of action to solve it.

If you’re interested overcoming your biggest real estate investing struggles like Justin did, go to REIAce.com to schedule a call with one of my top REI Ace development strategists.

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