Elevator Pitch for Real Estate Investors – Audio Business Card | 365

Elevator Pitch for Real Estate Investors – Audio Business Card | 365

elevator pitch

Today on Financial Freedom Friday, Matt shares the one tool he used to build his entire turnkey business without a single dime spent on marketing: the audio business card. Get the formula to create your own elevator pitch and learn how use it to attract your ideal customers everywhere you go.

elevator pitch

What You Will Learn About the Elevator Pitch and Audio Business Cards for Real Estate Investors:

  • What to say when you introduce yourself in front of a crowd
  • How to make the most of networking events
  • How to attract your ideal customers everywhere you go
  • Specific examples of audio business cards you can use for inspiration (or just steal for yourself)
  • How to never be mistaken for a real estate agent again (and stop losing opportunities because of it)
  • The secret formula to create your own audio business card
  • How to get random strangers interested in your services
  • How Matt created an entire turnkey business with zero marketing dollars

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Matt Theriault: What we’re talking about today is the audio business card.

Speaker 1: It’s time for Financial Freedom Friday with Matt Theriault.

Matt: When you’re talking to people, ’cause you gotta talk to people, it’s a people business, right? So when you’re talking to people and people ask you what you do for a living or, at the moment, you’re at a networking event and you have that opportunity to stand up and tell people your name, where you’re from and what you do or if you’re at a REA meeting and you’re beginning your haves and wants section, you’re up there with your property flyer and you’re gonna share with the audience, you want an audio business card. You want to be able to say something that’s going to attract the right people to you. Whoever you’re looking for most at the time, who do you need most? So here’s the formula and when someone says, “What do yo do for a living?” Don’t say real estate. I’m in real estate, everyone’s gonna think you’re a realtor and you’re not.

And everyone’s gonna think, they’re gonna assume they know what you do and they don’t, right? So there’s your formula. I, action verb, target market, benefit so they can benefit. All right, so, I, right, pretty simple, that’s you. Then action verb, this part here. This could be show, train, help, those are all examples of action verbs. Okay. Consult could be another one. So what’s your target market? So who are you looking for? ‘Cause you are trying to introduce yourself in a way that you’re going to attract the person that you are looking for, whose gonna impact your business the most at that time? So it could be buyers. It could be sellers. It could be lenders. Right? Could be, I don’t know, lawyers. Could be anybody. The one I used a lot when I was building Cash Flow Savvy business was busy professionals. So let’s come up with a name of your target market, who you’re looking for.

Now, next, is the benefit that you’re going to provide. I’ll go with mine. I show busy professionals, would be how to create passive income. Okay, so that’s the first benefit and in this next benefit right here, is the benefit of this benefit. So it could be I show busy professionals how to create passive income so they can spend more time with their family or I show busy professionals how to create passive income so they don’t have to work so hard or I show busy professionals how to create cash flow through real estate so they can accelerate their time to retirement. Okay? So as you’re building these don’t make them too wordy and don’t use too big words. Kind of think about 8th, 9th grade english max, okay. Try to keep it really, really simple because these things can get out of hand and get really long and big and then all of a sudden you sound very contrived.

You wanna speak these in the way that you talk everyday. And so what I’m do is I’ll go ahead and I’ll put some different examples just below this video, a bunch of different examples so you can pull from those and use as inspiration or just steal the ones that you have there and use them for yourself, that’s up to you. But this is just the formula. So next time someone wants to ask you what do you do? Yeah, I help people in foreclosure get out of foreclosure and preserve their credit score. That could be a good one, right? So you saw all elements there or I help family law attorneys liquidate their client’s assets so they can get paid more frequently or get paid sooner. All right, so if you were trying to get to an attorney, that would attract an attorney. And you’ll say that to everybody ’cause you never know who you’re talking to.

If you go to, say, some sort of industry function, for any industry, you go to an industry for dentists, they say, “Well, what do you do?” “Well, I work with dentists and show them how to accelerate their time to retirement much sooner than they’re going about it already so they don’t have to be concerned at night with money.” That was a little long but you’re getting the picture, we can scrape that, bring that down. And what you’re gonna want is you want multiples of these at the ready and you wanna practice them. They gotta come off naturally, okay? And that comes off naturally after you practice them and so now you know, hey, I’m looking for buyers right now so now my audio business card is gonna be all about buyers. Or I’m looking for sellers so my audio business card’s gonna be all about sellers right now.

Or I got enough deals, what I need is private money so I’m gonna show people with 401Ks how to double their return and beat Wall Street so they can get to retirement quicker. Something like that or they can have a more enjoyable retirement or they don’t have to downgrade their lifestyle while they’re in retirement. See, those are all the benefits of the benefits and you just kind of make a list of those and go ahead and pick out your two, three favorite ones and practice and then here’s the next step, you have to actually use it to work. Okay? This is how I built me whole business, my whole turn key business without spending one dime on marketing, was going out and talking to people and when I introduce myself that’s how I did it. All right so now you have the key to the kingdom so to speak. Take care.

Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.